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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


On such a rare weekend, the entire male alpha staff dormitory was quiet, with the instructors either staying in bed to catch up on sleep, or simply going out to have a good time and staying out all night.

Ping Mo was awakened early in the morning by the ringing of his cell phone.

The caller ID was “Hu Lei.” That person was the head teacher. A male beta, short, who apparently decided to stay in the school immediately following graduation. He had been in the Political Education Department for a few years. He’d just been promoted to the teaching team leader, and was responsible for the management of all instructors. He had good academic results, but could be very unpleasant because he wasn’t a big official, but worked in a bureaucratic atmosphere, so he had two faces.

When Ping Mo first took up his post, he used to go to the training ground to inspect and guide, or rather to instruct, and no instructor welcomed his presence.

As an instructor, Ping Mo was also annoyed with Hu Lei, and as he also had a bad night, his tone was particularly dry, “What’s up? Say it!”

Hu Lei hadn’t expected the little instructor to be so cross, so his tone was heavier, and he spoke with an official voice, “Little Instructor Ping, is this the attitude you have when talking to a leader? Come to classroom 405 for a regular meeting. The meeting will start in 20 minutes, there’s no excuse for being late!”

A regular meeting on a Saturday?

“…” Ping Mo hung up the phone immediately. “No way!”

The Raptors was Alliance’s strongest special operations team, and everyone was treated with extreme respect. Ping Mo had been a captain for many years, was one of the youngest lieutenant colonels in the Alliance, and he knew he needed to act as if this teaching team leader was his leader. He knew his information was confidential, and only his teammates and Dean Zhou knew his identity. Others simply had no way to know.

Hu Lei was a new official who wanted to have a good time as a leader. He hadn’t expected to be yelled at and hung up on just after the meeting was announced, and his face turned red with anger.

“What is the background of this Ping? Why is he so cross?” Hu Lei was pacing back and forth in his newly-assigned single office. After he analyzed the situation, he decided that Instructor Ping wasn’t a big player. So what if Dean Zhou called him to his office on his first day of reporting? Wasn’t he still just an ordinary instructor?

He was so cross, it was most likely just his bad character. Anyway, those soldiers out of the barracks…They were all unqualified and barbaric!

But in the office he played the careful game smoothly, so when faced with such a grumpy soldier, he really felt a justified bit of powerlessness. He didn’t dare to scold him since the leadership seemed to see him as a big deal…

Hu Lei felt suffocated, so he simply went out to walk around. Now, he liked to hear people call him ‘team leader’. Hu Lei put his hands behind his back, and turned around to go back to his original teaching office. At that moment, two female teachers saw him, and respectfully called him “Team Leader.”

The leader nodded his head like a leader, and then went over to them and said, “What’s this? Oh, the faculty card for Major Cheng?” Hu Lei’s eyes lit up. “He hasn’t come to collect it yet? This Major Cheng is very impressive. He hasn’t published a single paper, but he was directly parachuted in as a special researcher! Do you know what his background is?”

The female teacher quietly rolled her eyes. “We don’t know that either.”

“Come on, let’s share the news and just gossip about it.”

As Hu Lei’s words ended, the hero of the gossip actually showed up. Cheng Cheng symbolically knocked on the door that was already open. “Hello, I’m here to pick up–”

“Major Cheng!” Hu Lei snatched the staff card from the female teacher’s hand, and took a big step forward which made him look like he was standing at attention, as he gave him an extremely flattering smile that almost showed off his back teeth. “Here to pick up your staff card?”

The two female teachers, “…”

Cheng Cheng, “…Uh, yeah. Thanks.”


Lu DongWang came back to the dormitory at noon with two big black circles under his eyes, and a depressed look. Pei Yutu looked up from his busy schedule and glanced at him. “Damn what did you do last night? Overindulgence?”

Lu DongWang said bitterly, “I would like to have indulged…Forget about it. I’ll never go out with them again. Not to mention the wine, but there were no omegas! Why would I want to drink with a group of alphas? It was simply the instructors’ self-funded team building! No way, Pei. Why do you also have such heavy black eyes?”

Pei Yutu yawned and scribbled, without looking up. “Writing lesson plans.”

Lu DongWang still remembered his Brother Pei’s phrase ‘cool’, and asked, “You had to write all night to make up the word count? How much homework did Instructor Ping leave you?”

Pei Yutu shook his hand, which was a little sore from the frenzy of writing. “That’s not it. I decided to give Ping some face!”

He had originally planned to scribble nonsense, and cause Instructor Ping some trouble, but he changed his mind. Pei Yutu decided to show off his military talents, and let the extortion king see what he could do, so that he would fall under his uniform shoes and admire him to the core.

Early Monday morning, Pei Yutu slapped a thick pile of lesson plans on the desk of the team leader. Teaching Assistant Pei, who was already a fierce bandit, and was in a bad mood because he had been overloaded with work for two days in a row, didn’t look like he was handing in homework, but more like he had come to smash the room.

The team leader was scared to breathe, and in an action that was rare for his official authority, was quiet as a chicken when he accepted the plan book…Then he found a problem.

He had been worried about finding a legitimate reason to deal with Ping Mo, but he hadn’t expected someone to give him a pillow when he dozed off! Hu Lei immediately made a phone call to summon Instructor Ping directly, in the name of discussing the teaching plan.

As expected, Ping Mo had no reason to refuse him. When he arrived at the team leader’s office, Hu Lei didn’t beat around the bush and threw the lesson plan written by Pei Yutu in front of him. “Instructor Ping, I’m not the one who’s looking for you. Look at it yourself. What is this thing written by your Teaching Assistant?!”

He picked up the pile of plans with a cold face, and was ready to give Hu Lei a piece of his mind. However, when he saw the handwriting on it, Ping Mo forgot his words.

It turned out that the team leader had made a rare pertinent observation. Instructor Ping himself, after looking through the pile of manuscripts, had the same evaluation. What was with this shitty handwriting??

However, Captain Ping also had a temper. Only he could scold his own soldiers, and others could not exceed the limits of his authority. If his soldiers were punished by someone other than him, this wasn’t giving Ping Mo face!

Hu Li saw Instructor Ping’s expression change a few times, before he finally and calmly put the plan book down. “Oh. What’s wrong?”

Hu Lei, “????”

Hu Lei, “It’s written like this, and you still can’t see what’s wrong?”

Ping Mo widened his eyes and said, “It’s all written as required. The content is very deep, it’s just a little scribbled. It’s not a flaw.”

Hu Lei’s voice went up, “This is called a little scribble? The old herbalists in our community write prescriptions more neatly than he does! You can’t even tell what kind of writing this is! If you have this kind of teaching attitude I, as Head Teacher, must control it!”

Ping Mo cracked his wrist with a click, lifted his long eyelashes and asked lazily, “How do you want to control it?”

In terms of stature, Ping Mo was not a heavily muscled soldier among this group of seconded soldiers. Even as an alpha, he was a bit too thin, but Hu Lei found that when the man got serious, there was an indifferent ruthlessness in his eyes. It wasn’t a bluff, more like he was used to solving problems with violence and it made people shudder.

“You, you, you soldier boy! Want to hit someone or what? I, I, I talk, to talk to you, you, you say …This is the school. No, no, not you…” Hu Lei was so scared and annoyed that he was stuttering.

By this time, several teachers had gathered outside the office to watch the fun. They suspected that the team leader was being beaten, but none of them went to stop the fight. However, Cheng Cheng, who was passing by, pushed open the door and entered.

“Team…Instructor Ping, it’s really you. I heard the sounds and came in to see.”

Before Ping Mo could say anything, Hu Lei found his backbone, grabbed Cheng Cheng and started complaining, “Major Cheng, you’re here just in time. You have to give me a statement! This Instructor Ping! I just taught him a few words, but he wants to hit me.”

The more Cheng Cheng listened, the darker his expression became. He asked in a cold voice, “Really?”

Hu Lei thought Cheng Cheng was on the same side and said, “It’s true! In this matter you must be my witness. Tomorrow I will go directly to the Dean!”

Cheng Cheng, “No need to wait for tomorrow, I’ll go directly to Dean Zhou today.”

Hu Lei did not expect Major Cheng to stand up for him to such an extent, and was flattered. “… Ah? That’s not necessary. Instructor Ping is still young, and young people are a little impulsive. There’s no need to go to the Dean.”

Cheng Cheng, “I have to ask Dean Zhou how he runs this school. How can someone like you lecture Instructor Ping? What kind of a person are you?!”


Under Hu Lei’s dumbfounded gaze, Cheng Cheng respectfully said to Ping Mo, “Instructor Ping, this kind of person is not worthy of your personal action. Please, leave this to me.”

After all, Team Leader Ping was punished by having to serve in the Alliance Military Technology University, and the investigation wasn’t over yet. To have another problem would be bad, plus there was no need to make more trouble over this unseen thing.

Cheng Cheng finished very politely, and had to dismiss the teachers gathered around. So everyone ended up regretting they missed the gossip.

Some said that Cheng Cheng had handled it correctly after he closed the door. Others said that it had been brought to Dean Zhou’s attention…In short, Hu Lei, who had not been a leader for very long, completely wilted. It was almost as if he had to manage with his tail between his legs. 

But that was all for later. What Ping Mo wanted to do now was to find his Teaching Assistant, and ask him how he wrote the lesson plan with that handwriting. Ping Mo was so angry that he went straight back to the staff dormitory, and knocked on Pei Yutu’s door. Only to find that no one was in the room.

Although Pei Yutu was a fierce man, he was unexpectedly well-liked and was now sweating it out on the basketball court with a group of instructors and students.

After dinner time, Ping Mo still hadn’t found Teaching Assistant Pei and hadn’t managed to vent his anger, but now he wasn’t only upset. The water in the male alpha staff dormitory had stopped!

He only found out when he was about to take a shower. According to the host uncle, the main master valve was out of order, and it would take a day or two to fix it. If he was in a hurry to take a shower, he could take his staff card directly to the 24-hour public bathhouse for students.

Only the staff dormitories and graduate student dormitories had their own bathrooms, while undergraduate students had to go to the public bathhouse. Ping Mo hadn’t been there but also heard that the treatment of the three sexes A, B, and O were completely different.

Among them, the omegas bathing conditions were the best. Not only did they have semi-independent cubicles, but they were also provided with a full set of free skin care kits. Who made this small number of omegas so delicate?

The worst was the male alpha bath. There were not even partitions and everyone went around completely naked. Ping Mo didn’t want to be around a group of naked alphas, but it was summer, and even going one day without a bath was uncomfortable. So he tried to think of a compromise solution.

Go to wash at midnight.

Although the bathhouse was open 24 hours a day, it was a weekday and everyone had class the next day. They all needed to wake up early, so after midnight, there should be basically no one. However, though Instructor Ping’s calculations were clear, he hadn’t expected that the person he had been looking for the entire day, Teaching Assistant Pei, would also do the same.


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Audry Gazali
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