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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“!!!” Ping Mo was busy jumping to the rescue, however, when Pei Yutu spotted the cat leaping at him, his first reaction was to raise his water bottle high to dodge it, so then he was pounced on by the cat.


Pei Yutu ripped the cat off. “If you keep fooling around, I’ll kick your ass!”

Ping Mo was grabbed by the back of his furry neck by Teaching Assistant Pei and couldn’t get free, so he could only wave his paws in vain and “meow meow meow” as a warning.

Don’t drink it! Do you know what kind of drug that is?

Pei Yutu, of course, did not understand Instructor Ping’s warning. As he feared the cat would make trouble again, he simply drank the water from the bottle, and smacked his lips in disgust. The effervescent tablets were too sweet and a little greasy.

Ping Mo, “…”

The cat in his hand suddenly stopped struggling, so Pei Yutu put Ping Mo down and rubbed his fluffy round head in confusion. “What’s wrong with you?” Don’t be like Lu DongWang said, really scared because of its reaction to the stress.

Ping Mo twitched his ears, raised a pair of round gray-blue eyes, and looked at Pei Yutu without much hope. He thought, Pei is so big, I hope that the drug pill isn’t enough. I hope that drug is as harmless as possible… Anyway, nothing must happen! Otherwise, wasn’t it him who harmed him?

Pei Yutu found that his cat was more clingy than ever, as it followed him almost every step of the way. Even at dinner when Lu DongWang hand-picked the fish bones and brought the fish to his mouth, he wouldn’t even look at it. He squatted beside Pei Yutu and kept watch, which made Cat Slave Lu envious.

The change happened after nightfall.

“Crap, Brother Pei, do you have a cold and fever? How come your face is so red?” Lu DongWang asked.

Pei Yutu, who felt hot and dry, was also puzzled. He jerked a hand through his head of prickly hair, “I never catch cold.”

He was extremely healthy, and had rarely been sick since he was a child.

“… Wait, you’re not feverish, you’re susceptible!” A few moments later, Lu DongWang suddenly raised his tone and shouted strangely.

An alpha’s susceptible period was similar to an omega’s bonding heat. During the susceptible period, an alpha would unconsciously release their pheromones, and their desire for omegas reached its peak. However, their pheromones would also produce a suppression towards the same kind. Since Pei Yutu had the extremely strong physical quality of a top alpha, his pheromone pressure on other alphas was unimaginably high. Like now when Lu DongWang was nearly suppressed to his knees.

He forced himself to resist the urge to kneel down and moved to lean against the wall. “Pei… Pei… Pei. Brother Pei, I have to go. You, you, you…take care of yourself!”

Lu DongWang managed to move out of the dormitory room and slammed the door with a bang.

Pei Yutu, “…”

Lu DongWang wasn’t the only one affected, soon all the instructors and teachers in the male alpha staff dormitory went crazy.

“Who is it? Don’t you know to report in advance when the susceptible period is approaching? That’s very unprofessional!”

“It’s a good thing the male alpha staff dormitory is far away from the omegas, otherwise it would have caused them to go into heat right where they are…”

“It’s so strong, I can barely stand up. Can someone help me?”

“I can’t stand up either…”

“I heard that it’s Teaching Assistant Pei. The Emergency Mobile Combat unit, Captain Pei!”

“Damn. Is he that fierce? Pei Yutu still hasn’t blocked it. So fierce, which omega could withstand…I even have to kneel-“


The hallway was a mess. Ping Mo also wanted to run, but was caught by Pei Yutu.

The cat was fluffy and soft, and when smelled carefully there was a sweet fragrance. Sweet and delicious, with a bit of soft tartness.

“Little thing, why do you smell so good? It smells like a sweet grapefruit.”


Ping Mo panicked, this person could actually smell his pheromones? His own pheromones had been well hidden for so many years, and he obviously took inhibitors. Right now, there should be no smell whatsoever. Could it be that he was also passively in heat? But not actually. If he was honest, the surrounding, increasingly strong, tequila-scented alpha pheromones made him feel very comfortable, and even want to come over to rub a–

Pei Yutu buried his head and inhaled a large mouthful. “Beauty, you are so sweet!”

Instructor Ping instantly sobered up. His furry hackles rose, and he hurriedly looked down to examine himself. Paws and tail were there, he was still a cat.

What was wrong with this guy? What was with calling him “beauty”? He’s not even a cat!

Then Ping Mo noticed that Pei Yutu didn’t seem to be quite right, although he was holding him and sucking on his fur, his eyes were unfocused and he was looking ahead in confusion.

“…” Could it be that this drug has a hallucinogenic effect?

Ping Mo was busy praying that the pill wouldn’t have any after-effects, when he felt his body lighten as he was picked up by Pei Yutu and carried to the bedroom.

Ping Mo, now a tiny one, was being held down by big hands, with little possibility of escape. He licked his nose nervously, and prayed that Teaching Assistant Pei would retain some sense and recognize him as a cat, not a human.

Then, he felt a tightening under his armpits. His two front paws were pinched by Pei Yutu’s big hands, and the whole cat was lifted up. His fluffy body was stretched long, and the tip of his tail waved nervously behind him. He licked his nose helplessly, while his round gray-blue eyes stared at Pei Yutu.

Teaching Assistant Pei’s head was a little dizzy, while he was very hot all over his body. He had thought that he smelled some extremely attractive, sweet grapefruit scented omega pheromones. They smelled better than any omega pheromone he had smelled in his life. Something so sweet should belong to a certain stunning beauty, but when he looked closely, the room was empty except for himself and the silly cat.

Pei Yutu was suspicious of his heat dream, then he met the eyes of the cat.

It was a pair of gray-blue eyes like the little beauty surnamed Ping. Like a deep lagoon under the night sky, or soft dew on the petals of purple mandarin flowers. 1 He was such a sharp person, but he had a pair of eyes that held infinite loveliness.

Pei Yutu momentarily remembered that person’s white body in the public bathhouse, then abruptly remembered that person’s tit-for-tat with himself from time to time, and felt restless. He gritted his teeth, and finally vented all his emotions on the kitten with the same gray-blue eyes.

Ping Mo was afraid and worried that Pei Yutu was drugged out of his mind, when he was suddenly hit by the poisonous hand of Teaching Assistant Pei, whose big hand came over in one motion and rubbed him all over.

“…!!!” Teaching Assistant Pei was so angry that he wanted to scratch people. It was the first time he saw an alpha in heat that was so…perverse!

But the stronger the tequila smell pheromones got, the more comfortable they made him feel, so he couldn’t help but want more. The two emotions fought against each other, until Ping Mo finally gave up struggling. The whole cat did as it was told and lay on his lap, its four paws faced the sky, and the fluffy white belly revealed.

Ping Mo guessed it was a side effect of the drug, because one second Teaching Assistant Pei was rubbing him, the next he was closing his eyes and cradling him in his arms in a stuffed animal position.

Ping Mo twitched his ears and felt he should take the opportunity to escape, but instinctively longed for more touch. The strong and spicy pheromone was really comfortable. He couldn’t help but curl his long tail around Pei Yutu’s arm, while his round head also greedily rubbed, but the action suddenly stopped.


Instructor Ping felt a very ominous sensation. However, his bonding heat was at least three days long, so how could it end so quickly? At the moment of his hesitation, his extremely sweet and creamy sweet grapefruit scented omega pheromone gradually spread out, followed by the scent of tequila which wrapped it up and tightly trapped it in that square inch, so not a hint leaked out.

The next second, his premonition came true. The fur ball in Pei Yutu’s arms disappeared, and was replaced by a naked human-shaped Instructor Ping. Ping Mo, still held by Teaching Assistant Pei in his former posture, his long tail had nowhere to go, so he subconsciously curled it around Pei Yutu’s strong and powerful thighs, while on the top of his head, his fluffy cat ears twitched helplessly.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Rara note: This may be a typo.The author uses 紫鸳花 ‘ziyuan hua’, but the ‘yuan’ here means mandarin duck. It may have been 紫鸢花 also ‘ziyuan hua’ but different ‘yuan’ – aka an iris flower. Gaea note: I couldn’t find a specific iris for this so I just picked one from China thats purple/blue.


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August 1, 2022 12:55 pm

Aaaaa. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

August 2, 2022 1:39 am

Being a slave to pheromones, heats and ruts…. no thank you! Poor them.
No doubt Mimi turning into Ping Mo with a cat’s tail and ears will be put down to him hallucinating or a dream…. if Ping Mo can escape… if not 😳🙈
I had a look and Mandarin Purple is the colour name of an Iris Chrysographes the petals of which are wavy and hang down; it’s a beautiful, very deep shade of purple. I found a picture but can’t attach it.
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 3, 2022 1:21 am

The situation is serious and dangerous, but I have only ‘long cat’ in my mind XD

Thank You for the new chapter (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

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