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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu was fully dressed, but the summer clothing was light. Through the layer of clothing, Ping Mo could clearly feel his calm and strong heartbeat, and fine and strong muscles.

The tequila-scented alpha pheromones were strong and spicy, and stimulated Ping Mo from the back of his neck glands all the way to his tailbone. Even the hairs on the tip of his tail were hackled.


Ping Mo had been using inhibitors regularly since his differentiation, and had never been in close contact with an alpha who was in bonding heat. The feeling was new and exciting, and filled him with shivers, but he knew in his heart that it was also very dangerous.

He couldn’t stay any longer and must leave immediately.

However, an omega’s natural desire to submit to an alpha exploded at this moment. It was written in the genes, and it was difficult to resist. Instructor Ping bit his lip to force himself to hold up under the strong attack of alpha pheromones. He took a deep breath. His limbs barely had any strength as, elbows on the edge of the bed and knees bent, he managed to roll out of bed…

However, there was a strong force from behind him that pulled him back, accompanied by the pungent smell of tequila. Pei Yutu actually, dazedly, embraced Ping Mo!

Under the influence of the drug Teaching Assistant Pei’s mind wasn’t very clear, but his alpha instinct was still there. He grabbed Ping Mo fiercely. His hands pinched his strong, thin and flexible waist, subconsciously looking for that person and to explore his glands.

The sweet smell of omega glands.

On Ping Mo head, his fluffy cat ears shivered. His first reaction was to run, but his waist was clamped in Pei Yutu’s large hands. This person’s brute force was amazing, and as he struggled against him, Instructor Ping had an abrupt thought. It seemed that in their past physical conflicts Pei Yutu either didn’t do his best, or let him win.

But although the alpha strength was infinite, Instructor Ping’s body also wasn’t weak. His waist suddenly twisted to the side, while hands around through Pei Yutu’s upper arms, clasping the wrist, was a precise and beautiful Kimura lock starting hand style, Ping Mo, due to his omega physique was limited, but extremely good at the four two dial a thousand pounds of fighting 1. His skill was also honed through numerous close physical skirmishes. Even if his opponent was a trained practitioner, they could be easily subdued by this move.

However, the other party was not an ordinary practitioner, but a warrior who was also hardened on the battlefield and in military camp, and more importantly, he was also a top alpha in heat. The rich and dominant alpha pheromones overwhelmed him. Under their influence, Ping Mo, even if he originally overcame the shortcomings of his body strength, it was now useless because of the weakness of his body.  

This meant that Ping Mo’s counterattack seemed more like a tinder on a fire to Pei Yutu.

The person in his arms was struggling but barely moved an inch. Delicate, soft skin rubbed against him, the cat ears on his head were fluffy and glutinous as they tickled Pei’s Adam’s apple, and the air suddenly became thin. Pei Yutu’s firm chest rose and fell violently, and he instinctively wanted to bite open those glands and inject his own pheromones.

He looked for the sweet and creamy grapefruit aroma and was about to bite down, but Ping Mo happened to twist his body to protect the glands at the back of his neck at that moment, so the two ended up face-to-face.

Omega pheromones weren’t only found in the glands, but also in the blood, and Ping Mo had just bitten his own lip.

Pei Yutu, who wasn’t very clear-headed because of the effects of the drug, just nibbled on that sweet grapefruit taste.

Ping Mo, “!!!”

Teaching Assistant Pei had little kissing experience, and in the pheromone storm driven by the ‘effervescent tablets’, the action lacked gentleness. It was a brutal kiss, as he seemed to suck on the soft lips. It released more fishy sweet blood that would drive people crazy as they trembled from those sweet grapefruit scented omega pheromones.

Pure male breath came to his face and mixed with the alpha pheromones invaded his mouth. For a moment, Instructor Ping was lost and senseless, even the long tail behind him took the initiative to wrap around the other’s fine and powerful waist. However the injection of pheromones also, in fact, counted as a temporary mark.

Ping Mo had previously taken a large number of inhibitors, and at the moment he was at the end of bonding heat, so the temporary marking gave him a brief period of clarity, and made him aware that he was actively holding his teaching assistant. Surname Pei was also very involved in those savage and hot kisses, which stimulated the fragile nerve endings of Instructor Ping.

The hair on Ping Mo’s cat ears and tail simultaneously exploded, and his canine teeth ruthlessly bit down. Now the other man was in pain, and he released his mouth. At the same time, a strong wind whistling hook shot smashed against him. Together, the two were ruthless and sharp, and this sudden change caused the alpha who was in his susceptible alpha to be blind-sided.

Ping Mo took advantage of this one-thousandth of a second escape. He rolled out of bed naked, as he subconsciously used his long tail to curl around key parts, then lightning-fast, he casually pulled on a T-shirt. After he had that to cover his body, he leaped straight out of the window, and disappeared into the deep night.

Ping Mo flipped out of Pei Yutu’s dormitory room and jumped all the way to his own room. It onlly took a few minutes, but was more tiring than running 30 kilometers with weights. 2

He used the last of his strength to close the door and window. His heart was still thumping wildly, and the blood in his veins rumbled against his temples. This time, the cat ears on top of his head and the tail behind him were slow to retract, because even with the door and window closed, the alpha pheromones were still pervasive.

Ping Mo coukd only pray that the effect of the dumb pill would pass quickly, while he tore open ordinary inhibitors. Then, like he was drinking from a straw, he poured them into his mouth.

The tequila scented pheromones finally subsided at midnight, and the tormented Ping Mo, who was a few walls away, finally relaxed and fell into a deep sleep.

When he woke up again, it was noon. Ping Mo’s first reaction was to reach out and touch the top of his head and tailbone, but luckily, his ears and tail had disappeared. Ping Mo breathed a long sigh of relief, and threw himself back into bed.

Last night had been a humiliating nightmare, but now everything was real again. The familiar single dorm room, the familiar sea pine sheets, and the ability to snag his cell phone as soon as he reached for it.

Ping Mo was trying to forget the crazy ‘dream’, so he wanted something to do, and picked up his phone.

There were several unread text messages and missed calls on the phone.

Leng Li, [Ping, I got the news from the bartender of ‘that house’. Their big boss will return to the main planet in the near future, and it’s said that he is going to do an important deal.]

Leng Li, [Why not return the message? Ping you’re in closed training again? When it’s over, come and see me. Our pastry chef has developed new flavors with lots of cream. You’ll love it! cute.jpg]

Leng Li, [Ping, I saw your friend go to the Ghost Ear’s store! It looks like he’s going to smash the place.]

Ping Mo stared at the information, “big boss will return to the main planet in the near future,” and subconsciously sat up straight. He read it twice, while slowly a mixture of anticipation, loathing and excitement built up in his eyes. He replied to Leng Li with a short message, [Got it.] Then he licked his canine teeth and muttered, “Ghost Ears, we finally have a chance to settle the score.”

Instructor Ping decided to go out for some fresh air, but stopped abruptly when he passed the dressing mirror in the small living room.

Ping Mo, “…”

In the mirror, he was still wearing Pei Yutu’s T-shirt. On him, the man’s clothes were on the large side. The half sleeves were almost down to his elbows, the hem just barely covered his crotch line, while further down were two bare and slender legs.

“…” Ping Mo thought, I’m glad I didn’t walk out like that.

He took off the T-shirt, found that there was still a light smell of tequila on it, and he wanted to get rid of it. However, in broad daylight he couldn’t just throw it away, especially since there was a lot of noise in the corridor outside. He struggled with himself for a moment, then simply stuffed the T-shirt into the deepest part of his closet.

When Instructor Ping had regrouped and went out the door, he caused a series of chaotic shouts of admiration and lamentation.

“Instructor Ping you just got up? No, you didn’t left the dorm last night?”

“Crap! Instructor Ping is worthy of the top alpha. He could withstand Captain Pei’s pheromones, slept until dawn and still looks so good. He’s not affected at all!”

“Unlike me. Why, I’m running slow. I was trapped in the dormitory, had a night without sleep, and my legs are still soft.”

“Last night during Teaching Assistant Pei’s pheromone breakout, you didn’t feel it?”

“…” Ping Mo quickly understood what they were talking about. Under the premise of not endangering life and mission, Instructor Ping had always considered his face more important than what was happening inside.

It was impossible to tell the truth. He looked around the crowd of black eyes, nodded without changing his expression and said lightly, “I felt it a little, but didn’t mind too much. Why? Are his pheromones very strong?”

As expected, for a level of endurance like that, when the words fell it caused amazement, but Instructor Ping didn’t stay to receive worship. He went straight to the door of Pei Yutu’s room.

The drug seemed to have a hallucinogenic effect. Since he had no way of knowing how much Pei Yutu remembered about last night, Ping Mo was apprehensive. Finally, he made up his mind that if he remembered, then he would beat him until he lost his memory.

Pei Yutu had woken up a long time ago, but never got up. He had a particularly exciting heat dream the previous night. The dream was realistic but blurry, and it involved an extremely sexy cat-eared teenager, who…also had the face of Instructor Ping.

That was Ping Mo!!! It’s the top alpha who beats people up at the drop of a hat! The dream was overly exciting, and Pei Yutu wondered if he was having a spring dream, but it was so real. So real that it didn’t seem like a dream. He remembered his taste, remembered biting through his lips, soft and sweet…

When the bedroom door opened, the soft and sweet ‘sweet grapefruit’ from the dream walked in. His posture was strong and stern, sword-like. He nailed himself in front of the bed, dropped his long eyelashes, and looked at him with murderous anger.


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Translator Notes:

  1. The Kimura lock and this are both grappling techniques.
  2. 30 km = 18.6 miles


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August 2, 2022 3:45 pm

I was expecting Pei to be somewhat shocked but I guess he was too drugged.

August 2, 2022 11:16 pm

Anyone want to make any bets on how many more chapters it’ll be before Pei finds out the truth?

August 2, 2022 11:46 pm

At this rate, it’s not going to be long before the obvious becomes, well, obvious 😁
Luckily for Ping Mo, Pei Yutu is putting this down to a heat dream.
What about that T.shirt though; will it be one he’ll miss?
Thanks for the translation, notes and editing.

August 3, 2022 2:05 am

Thank You for the new chapter (。’▽’。)♡

PS. Should be ‘Ping Mo could* only pray’

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