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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu met Ping Mo’s gaze, sat up with a start and smoothly pulled the thin blanket over himself.

Ping Mo, “…”

Pei Yutu, “…”

The influence of last night’s spring dream left Pei Yutu’s mind filled with inappropriate images when he saw Instructor Ping Mo, so he couldn’t help but overreact.

To save his dignity, Teaching Assistant Pei threw the blanket away and changed to a more elegant sitting position. “What do you want from me?”

This time it was Ping Mo who was uncomfortable. Pei Yutu was wearing only an I-beam 1 undershirt and shorts. His wheat-colored muscles were smooth, his shoulders and back were broad and strong, his waist and abdomen were narrow and solid, and his body was full of pure androgyny, reminiscent of that rough, but long, kiss last night.

The instructor didn’t look away, just asked the question he had prepared, “Teaching Assistant Pei, what happened to you last night?”

If he remembered, based on their uncomfortable relationship, Pei Yutu would have taunted him directly. That was a big deal. If he didn’t remember, there was nothing wrong with the question, as it was only natural for him, as the top boss, to ask questions after all the commotion last night.

Pei Yutu didn’t answer immediately, only stared at the lips of his boss. Instructor Ping’s lips were thin, with a sense of distant and frosty rejection, but the color was red and tender like the freshly ripened fruit on the branches in August and September. He couldn’t help but want to taste. He wanted to relive last night’s kiss. To suck that lip, the touch and sweetness seemed to remain between his lips and teeth, but…Where were the bruises?

He clearly remembered that he had bitten his lips. Was it really a dream?

Ping Mo got tired of waiting and called his name, “Pei Yutu?”

Pei Yutu came back to his senses. “Well, that…that’s a pheromone disorder. It’s fine now. It’s not my susceptible period.”

Alpha’s susceptibility period lasted for quite a long time, from a week to a month. It couldn’t end in a day, and there was a pattern to it. It shouldn’t come on suddenly.

Ping Mo looked at him suspiciously. “Really?”

The drug was so powerful that this person had no memory of last night?

Pei Yutu thought Ping Mo was questioning his failure to report his susceptibility and argued at the top of his lungs, “It’s not susceptibility! Yesterday…I don’t know what’s wrong. I have to go check it out.”

Ping Mo noted that he didn’t mention anything about last night, which gradually put his mind at ease. At the same time he thought that going to get an examination was a reliable idea. He didn’t know whether the drug had side effects or not, so he very considerately patted Pei Yutu’s shoulder. “Go tomorrow. I’ll give you a holiday.”

As he moved, Pei Yutu smelled the faint scent of vetiver grass, the smell of Ping Mo’s alpha pheromones, which was like a forest washed by a rainstorm, fresh and stylish. However he didn’t care to appreciate it, and was disappointed. He thought, It really was a dream.

He heard Ping Mo add, “Find a good male hospital.”

The expression on Teaching Assistant Pei’s was ‘???’ but in his heart he was screaming Fuck! at him. Then, he glared at him. “I don’t have a hidden disease! It is normal for young adults to have occasional disorders of alpha pheromones!!!”

Instructor Ping was in a good mood, and didn’t bother with his attitude. He even smiled a little. “Put your clothes on, and watch the impact.”

Then he went out of the bedroom with his hands behind his back, and thoughtfully closed the door for him.

“…” Pei Yutu, “Why so pretentious? The whole building is alphas, what is there to see?”

That said, he still got out of bed and went to look for clothes.

Ping quickly hid the ‘incriminating evidence’ as he heard Pei Yutu’s puzzled muttering from the bedroom, “Where’s my T-shirt?”

Ping Mo paused for about half a second in collecting the pills, then continued unchanged. When Pei Yutu came out, he saw Instructor Ping seated on the couch. He looked up and met his eyes.

“That’s right. How spirited you are,” Ping Mo commented perfunctorily, then got up and strode leisurely out the door with one hand in his pocket.

Pei Yutu forgot to think about why this person was dragging his feet until now, but went to the mirror, looked at it back and forth, finally adjusted his shirt collar and gave an objective evaluation. “It’s quite handsome.”

Tch, that Surname Ping liked uniforms.

After the night of the pheromone rampage, life was back on track. Every day: drill, training, organizing tests and fighting with the students…Full and busy.

The only regret was that the cat ran away again. This time Lu DongWang accepted it well. “Maybe some cats can only be kept loose. Mimi will come back, just like last time.” However Pei Yutu…Pei Yutu was disappointed. The cat’s gray-blue eyes always reminded him of that charming dream…a cat-eared Instructor Ping.

He was carrying a G4 laser blaster gun, half the size of a human, and he was scolding the students with a grumpy face. He scolded a big alpha boy to the point of tears. “That’s enough. An alpha crying is too scary. Let him go back to the team.”

Ping Mo swept a glance at Pei Yutu, and shoved the blaster into the boy’s hand. “Go. Hang a brick on the muzzle, hold the gun in place for two hours and don’t move! If you lose your target again, don’t come to class!”

The boy ran away with the gun in his arms as if he had been pardoned, but Instructor Ping’s anger wasn’t yet satisfied and he turned to Pei Yutu. “Where is your training uniform? Just wearing a shirt on the training ground is quite an idea. Do you see the audience that’s come for the show?”

“…” Pei Yutu thought to himself, You said the shirt looked good. Besides, how can I attract butterflies like you do? He basically understood why Ping Mo had become increasingly irritable in recent days.

Since the last time when his pheromones stormed, he and Ping Mo had once again become popular all over the school. The reason for his own popularity was simple. His pheromones suppressed an entire building of instructors and teachers who were all top alphas. He was the absolute Super A.

Ping Mo was even better. He had remained calm in the face of the stormy pheromones, and was the only man who could possibly suppress Teaching Assistant Pei. He was the alpha of alphas, the man of men.

What’s more, the two super fierce A’s face values couldn’t be beaten, especially Instructor Pei. With his face, he could debut at any time.

The result was that during their physical training classes, there were always countless fangirls fanboys around, mostly omegas, and with the protracted, chattering whispers and occasional startled scream, Instructor Ping gradually lost patience as he became more irritable.

However, he was still a double-standard. He never got angry at the omegas, only at the alphas. Pei Yutu was very disdainful of this, as he sourly thought, That Surname Ping really didn’t waste that white face. He was so good at flirting, no wonder all the omegas and even the betas in the whole school were charmed by him.

If only this person was a soft and fragrant omega, like in the dream.

The phone rang abruptly and interrupted Teaching Assistant Pei’s thoughts.

“Instructor Ping.” Pei Yutu hung up the phone, and hooked Ping Mo’s shoulders in a friendly manner. “We don’t have time to punish students today. We just received a notice that the whole institution will have a safety meeting later.”

Ping Mo couldn’t stand this person’s hooked shoulder to shoulder approach, especially after the last temporary mark. He seemed to be more sensitive to his pheromones, so as long as Pei Yutu was close, his head and tailbone would be vaguely itchy.

“Why the sudden security meeting? Do you know what’s up?” Ping Mo broke away from Pei Yutu’s grasp on his body.

However, Pei Yutu couldn’t read his eyes, so he not only put his arm around Ping Mo’s shoulders again, but also affectionately tightened his hold. “Ah, Instructor Ping, we’re partners. Why are you always so cold?”

At first, Pei Yutu just thought Instructor Ping was a cleanliness freak, and didn’t like to touch, so he deliberately tested his suspicion. However, now he was heartily addicted to hugging.

The small frame of Instructor Ping, his narrow and thin shoulders. When he stood in front of people; sword-like, sharp and tough. However in his arms, he was unexpectedly soft.

Pei Yutu said, “Another student was lost, this time for real, and the police were called. But it’s not an omega, but an alpha male from the Command College, so they said we also count acquaintances.”

Because the two were extremely close, hot air was sprayed in Ping Mo’s ear during this speech. The corner of Instructor Ping’s forehead jumped. He executed an extremely skillful shoulder throw to break free.

“Hiss! Why are you so violent!” It was only thanks to Teaching Assistant Pei’s thick skin, the arm around Ping Mo wasn’t dislocated.

Ping Mo didn’t listen to his words, just with a black face he raised his voice and ordered, “Teaching Assistant Pei, you stay and form the team!” Then, he left with a big stride.

Pei Yutu looked at Ping Mo’s back, and knew that his clean boss was furious.

According to his character, he might also give him more work in the future, but he actually wasn’t angry. Pei was in a good mood, and was humming a melodious ditty as he went back to the team.

Ping Mo’s mood was by no means good, he had a feeling that he was going to be in heat again. He was going into bonding heat more and more frequently lately, and was also more and more sensitive to Pei Yutu’s pheromones…He could feel the ordinary inhibitors were gradually losing their effectiveness. Cheng Cheng’s application was also rejected a few days ago, so he could only go to Taiping Street again.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Also called a racer back. Here’s a pic or two.


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These two are oozing so much pheromones, whether in heat or not, I’m surprised ~anyone~ can be near them.
I can smell them in another dimension. XD
Where’s the rotten girls in that world, spreading rumors of sugar? Surely the AxA fangirls have sniffed these two out by now?

August 4, 2022 1:46 am

Another student is lost? D: The situation is suspicious!

Thank You for the new chapter (。’▽’。)♡

August 4, 2022 8:51 pm

Back to the dodgy bar no doubt.
How either of these 2 are not aware that they are a fit for each other, Alpha or not, is so amusing.
Only a matter of time …Ping Mo’s is borrowed 😏
Thanks for translating, the notes and for editing.

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