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Chapter 31: Ghost Ear, It’s Been a Long Time.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Ping Mo had been undergoing harsh training with a group of future top alphas since he was eleven years old, and realized his shortcomings in strength even before he had differentiated. In order to compensate for this inherent weakness, he focused most of his efforts on weapons research, especially light weapons for special forces combat.

The rope was made of special material, and the more one struggled, the tighter the ‘fisherman’s knot’ got. 1 It was extremely difficult to break free from it. When Ping Mo tied the person up, he didn’t forget to cover Pei Yutu’s mouth, and put a layer of tape over it before locking the door as he left.

Ping Mo didn’t go to look for Ji An immediately, and instead went back to his dormitory first. He pulled a box of medicine from the depths of his locker. These weren’t ordinary inhibitors, nor M-type inhibitors, but ‘living alpha hormones.’

Ping Mo hadn’t used this medicine for a long time.

“It’s a good thing there’s still a little stock left.” Instructor Ping ripped open the keep-fresh packaging. That exposed the long-lasting refrigerant to the air, which immediately condensed into a white mist due to the temperature difference. Inside were three ampoules, three sets of disposable needles, and a syringe.

Ping Mo skillfully opened an ampoule, filled the syringe, and then withdrew the needle to inject himself intravenously in less than ten seconds. After the high concentration of live alpha hormones was injected into his veins, a violent reaction to the drug ensued.

Ping Mo could barely hold himself together, and bit his lip as he arched his back to keep his painful moans from escaping.

This kind of live hormone and the inhibitor medications were completely different. It was extremely fast-acting, and could make alpha hormones in a short period of time, but the side effects were also large. Some alpha special forces would use live hormones to improve their physical performance when carrying out difficult tasks. The effect was similar to stimulants.

If an omega used them, they could also ‘turn into an alpha’ for a short period of time, and their physical performance would also increase. However, when an omega used them the side effects were greater than for alphas. Normal people couldn’t endure the pain, not to mention if there was long-term use.

It took Ping Mo a while to get over the drug reaction. When he stood up straight again, his body was already sweating like crazy, so he washed himself off.

“The last time I used this medicine was six months ago.” Ping Mo moved his wrist joints and cervical vertebrae, and felt his body filling up with strength.

It was hard work, but worth it, as long as he could find Ghost Ear and clear his name.

When Ping Mo knocked on the door, Lu DongWang was searching for a cat teaser on a shopping site. When he opened the door, he saw a clean and fresh Instructor Ping Mo, who appeared as if he had just taken a shower. With water still dripping from his hair, it made him look whiter and more tender. Lu DongWang thought quietly, It’s a sin for an alpha to look like this. No wonder Pei likes him.

“Instructor Ping, are you looking for Pei?”

“No, I’m looking for you.”

“Yes? Please come in, please come in. The room is a bit messy, haha. Feel free to sit down first!”

“No,” Ping Mo said. “Pei Yutu and I have something to do. I don’t think we’ll be back this afternoon, so please take over a lesson for us.”

“Ahhh, you guys have something? Congratulations! I mean, no problem. It’s just one class, I’ll take care of it!”

“Thanks.” Without further pleasantries, Instructor Ping turned around and departed. He left Lu DongWang to look at his back with a lot of emotions. Two alphas, ah!

Ji An was very nervous all the way, while Ping Mo was comfortable. He was used to focusing on the most important task so he had more stable emotional control. He drove the spacecraft very steadily, with Pei Yutu’s polarized sunglasses on the bridge of his nose. It was as if he was going on a picnic, instead of going to break into a smuggling den of human traffickers.

“Instructor Ping, are you very sure?” Ji An finally pressed him, trying to gain a little confidence from the instructor.

However, he saw Instructor Ping shake his head, “No.”

Ji An, “Then, will they catch us?”

Ping Mo, “Maybe.”

Ji An gulped. “What will happen if we get caught?”

Ping Mo drove without looking at him, and said in a tone used for telling bedtime stories to children, “The worst outcomes could be that they sell you to a club and force you into prostitution, sell you to an extra-territorial, shady family as a wife, or make you a private sex slave. I’ll be easier. They’ll give me anesthetics to minimize my vital signs, and then cut out my glands, corneas, any usable internal organs, and even secondary sexual organs.”

The more Ji An listened, the whiter he became. Then he heard Ping Mo say, “We’re almost there. Get out here.”

Ji An’s legs and feet were out of control, and it took a while before he managed to pull open the car door and move both of his legs down. “Instructor Ping, I…I think…”

“Scared?” Ping Mo was finished frightening the child, so he took off the sunglasses and got out of the car. He didn’t forget to lock the door before he threw the keys into Ji An’s hand. “Take it. If you don’t want to be sold as a sex slave when those people show up later, find the opportunity to run. If you drive this car, they won’t catch you.”

Ji An held the keys and froze. “Instructor, if I run away, then what will you do? They won’t let you go!”

Ping Mo gently hooked his lips up. “No need to worry. As long as they see me in person, they won’t be able to do anything.”

As Instructor Ping said this, he also warmed up by moving his neck. His image and the general public’s impression of a top alpha didn’t match. He was only of medium height and there were no strong exaggerated muscles, but he was lean and tough. His body was as sharp and upright as a knife sheath, while his whole body emitted an aura of ‘all others are scum’ confidence and fury. For a few seconds, Ji An looked obsessed.

No wonder Zhou Li talked about Instructor Ping every day. It turned out that he was seriously so alpha!

“Let’s go. You have to drag me the rest of the way,” Ping Mo said.

Ji An nodded with a red face. “Then I have to hold you.”

When he dragged Chen Jianghao over, he had to be half-dragged and half-carried, but now doing the same maneuver, Ji An found that Ping Mo was much lighter than Chen Jianghao. Although he was light, he wasn’t skinny and bony. On the contrary, his thin muscles were soft and his skin was smooth. Especially the exposed skin on his arms and ankles. From a little scratch on the ground or grasping too hard, it left a red mark. His skin was too tender.

So much so that Ji An became more careful as he slowly carried the person to the designated place, afraid of hurting Instructor Ping.

Ji An lamented as he hugged him. Instructor Ping is such a tough person, and actually had such beautiful skin. I don’t know which omega will be lucky enough to marry him.

Ping Mo was single-mindedly pretending to be unconscious, and very dedicated to not moving, but his ears were always alert, as he tried to catch the wind around the grass.2

The group of traffickers was very alert. Ji An arrived at the designated location, and sent the pre-negotiated signal, but it still took a while for them to show up.

The ‘inspector’ was more than thirty years old, and an armed alpha. As soon as they appeared, one of them preemptively subdued Ji An. He was an unarmed omega, and couldn’t break free from the shackles, so he nervously looked at Ping Mo.

Instructor Ping Mo still had his eyes tightly closed, and a look of being dazed.

The rest of the three gathered around to check. 

“Damn, this is an alpha? He’s too damn good-looking,” the man said, while lowering his head to his neck and pressed on Ping Mo’s glands to sniff hard. “It’s an alpha, and the pheromones are quite thick. We’ll go back to do a test, but it should be superior goods.”

Another person directly pinched Ping Mo’s chin, and forced him to lift his face. “Damn, I’m burning up. This little face. He’s more powerful than that room full of omegas that I caught.”

“Hahahaha! Then you go back and fuck him. Anyway, it’s all on dry land for an alpha, and you don’t have to worry about marking devaluation.”

Ping Mo remained unresponsive. Even Ji An began to wonder if Instructor Ping had suddenly passed out, and said urgently, “You, you are perverts! Don’t touch him!”

“Kid, don’t rush. Sooner or later it will be your turn!” A few people said some more obscenities.

Someone said, “There seems to be no problem. Call the ambush buddies to come over.”

After a few moments, another four alphas came one after another. They drove a modified car. It looked like an ordinary jeep, but also like a war mecha-car, and very practical.

“Everyone is all together so let’s go. Put that boy into the car. I will take this beautiful alpha.”

However, before his words could even be finished, the originally unconscious ‘beautiful alpha’ suddenly leapt up. Everything happened in a swift moment, they only saw the cold flash of a knife, followed by a jet of blood!

The knife was so fast and accurate that it cut the man’s artery! The arterial pressure was unimaginable, and it was impossible to stop the bleeding. The man fell down with a sound. Instructor Ping held a military dagger in his hand, his white cheeks splashed with dark red blood. His eyes were sunken, with the reflection of blood and knife, no one dared to try any intimate offense with this excessively beautiful instructor, instead they all looked at him warily.

“Fuck, go! There are so many of us, and we’re not afraid of a bird. Catch them alive!”

In the melee, Ping Mo kicked out with a hundred kilograms of force directly breaking one man’s spine. With the extra power, he had a good fighting capacity and thrust his dagger into the belly of one man, who was gripping his own dagger for dear life. His companion raised his gun to aim at Ping Mo, who dodged and used the force to do a backflip, while pulling out a dagger from his tactical boot and thrust it straight into the gunman’s heart from the back.

The dagger was also known as a bloodletting knife. It had a three-sided design, and each angle had a groove for bloodletting. It was recognized as a powerful weapon for killing people.

“This kid is really fucking poisonous! It’s too hard to catch him alive! Let’s shoot him! Just stay alive, damn it. Don’t fall into his hands!”

However, as Ping Mo stabbed with his dagger, he grabbed the man’s weapon, and before the few remaining enemies could fire, he had already taken the lead and shot down a bunch of them. The gun he grabbed was an H763, a heavy machine gun whose recoil and weight were not to be underestimated. It would be difficult for an ordinary person to carry, let alone strafe, and they would most likely be knocked back by its recoil or directly injured.

Even Ping Mo usually had light daggers, and mostly flexible cold weapons, but now with the live alpha hormone boost, he once again experienced the absolute advantage of power.


Only one last alpha was left, the one holding Ji An hostage.

Ping Mo carried the machine gun with one hand, and strode over. “Still not letting go?”

The man looked at the bloodied Ping Mo, and knew that he was the living King of Hell. He didn’t dare resist again, and swallowed hard. “I’ll release him. Please spare my life, big brother!.”

Ji An was dumbfounded. Ping Mo rubbed a hand lightly on his head. “What are you shocked about? Did you forget my words?”

Ji An, “Instructor Ping?”

“Don’t worry. This place is safe for now. Not to mention that the price of that car is worth a house in the city center, its speed can’t be matched. No others will catch up to you.”

Ji An didn’t expect Instructor Ping to be in the mood to joke with him, and said, “No. You’re hurt, Instructor.”

Ping Mo’s outer thighs were moist and stained with blood. When it wasn’t mentioned it was fine, but now the pain was getting sharper and sharper. He didn’t dare to let himself be concerned about the pain, he just told Ji An, “Cut the crap and leave!”

Then, Ping Mo carried the big alpha trafficker like a chicken to the modified car. The car started up with a bang, and spewed out exhaust. The wheels spun over the countryside dirt road, and stirred up a cloud of dust.

As he watched the car disappear from his field of vision, Ji An knew that Instructor Ping never had any intention of taking risks with him, and his throat choked up in pain. 

Ping Mo was currently sitting in the passenger seat, one hand holding a gun against the trafficker’s head, while the other hand nimbly stopped the bleeding, then grabbed all the weapons one by one, and transferred them to his body.

The G4 he found was more advanced and more expensive than the G4 used to train the students on campus.

“Ooh, good stuff.” Ping Mo commented as he held the gun in his hand, and gestured twice at the driving trafficker as a target.

The trafficker was sweating from fear. “Dude, watch out or it will fire! I’ve said everything I can! There are forty omegas, and, not counting you, there are seven alphas all tied up in the room. There are twenty-five of us. Our boss, Ghost Ear, he’s at the temporary base.”

“…” Ping Mo asked, “So many hostages, and yet you’re staying on the main planet. Is Ghost Ear crazy?”

“It’s because of the new employer.”


Ghost Ear was still waiting for the good news in the temporary base that the last alpha had arrived. Then he would have proved his strength to his new employer, and he wouldn’t have to be at the mercy of White Hole anymore. No, with White Hole’s power, he could only hide, and survive in the cracks.

“Fuck!” When he thought about those bad things, Ghost Ear felt stifled in his heart. It was all because of that special soldier. If he hadn’t accidentally messed with him, he wouldn’t have ended up being so tightly watched by the E Group!

The prince of the White Hole took the blame for him, but he could feel that E Group wanted him dead! It was just a special forces soldier. Even if he was Therian omega, so what? The more Ghost Ear thought about it, the more he felt that he had suffered a great injustice. 

He heard a bang. The door was kicked open, and then the special forces he never wanted to see again in his life appeared in the doorway.

Ghost Ear, “!!!”

Ghost Ear hurriedly reached for his weapon, but with a point blank shot, one of his hands was left a bloody mess!

“Somebody! Where is everyone?!”

Ghost Ear shouted loudly, and was answered by the muzzle of a gun against his temple.

The muzzle was still warm and hot, and Ping Mo’s voice came in close, “Ghost Ear. Long time no see.”

“Team, team, team leader, P-Pi-Pi-Ping! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

“Talk nicely. You know I have a bad temper.” Ping Mo said coldly. “And there’s no need to howl so loudly, your men are busy right now. I’ve arranged a little fun for them, and they won’t be able to get here for a while.”

“Ping Mo,” Ghost Ear gulped. “I admit, I’m sorry for not keeping my word, but we’re all in this together.”

“Shut up! I’m not here to catch up with you.” Ping Mo said. “There are just a few little questions that I can’t seem to figure out, so I came here to ask you for advice. Just answer me, did you send those inhibitors? How do you know who I am? Why did you help me for so many years and then report me to the Military Ministry? I hate the gilt roses in your report letter.”

Ghost Ear, “It really wasn’t me, Team Leader Ping, believe me. Someone else did this! I was just unlucky enough to be the target of your mission! Team Leader Ping, I beg you, I need treatment. My hand…my hand will be ruined if I don’t take care of it!”

“Not saying yes.” Ping Mo freed a hand and pressed it violently into the gunshot wound, eliciting a howl that didn’t sound like a human voice. When Ghost Ear stopped the howling, and replaced it with a ragged gasp, Ping Mo continued, “Who is the other guy?”

Ghost Ear actually closed his eyes tightly, and looked like he was ready to die. “I don’t dare say! You can kill me!”

“…” Ping Mo, “Okay, let’s ask another way, why were my physical examination data sheets and inhibitors dosage recommendation prescriptions in your lair?”


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Translator Notes:

  1. We looked this up but there are many ‘fisherman’s knots’ out there and going more than a few clicks will take you into the BDSM world. T.T
  2. 风吹草动 – means to try and capture/spot anything suspect


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For someone who hates pain, Ping Mo was fierce with the live alpha pheromone! His enhanced abilities are also quite something. Taking Ghost Ear seemed a little too easy, though? 😬
Is the other guy that Prince of White Hole? Is he boss? (If there isn’t a ‘King’.) Hope it’s not someone Ping Mo knows & trusts.
Pei Yutu is NOT going to be happy! What will he do once free?
Looking forward to the next chapter.
Thanks for translating, the notes, and editing.

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That was handsome od you PM! Beautiful action! ᕙ(@°▽°@)ᕗ I’m quite sure who the other person is~
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