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Chapter 32: Trial Cohabitation (////v///)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“I really don’t know Team Leader Ping! Think about it. If I had known you were Therian, I would have used an induction agent directly against you! Wouldn’t it have been more convenient and effective? Why were you so badly beaten?”

“…” Ping Mo, “That makes sense, but my medical checklist is in your lair…I’ve never even seen that stuff myself. You can’t get away with this, and an ‘I don’t know’ won’t cut it.” He slid the muzzle down Ghost Ear’s temple. “I killed my first man at fourteen. I know how to make people die, and I know how to make their lives worse than death.”

Ghost Ear felt cold sweat roll down his back. “Team Leader Ping, please allow me to think.”

At that moment, there was a sudden clamor of people outside the door of the room, Ghost Ear immediately shouted, “Get the fuck in here!”

A dozen armed alpha men rushed in, and one of them, a man covered in blood, was thrown to the ground by his companion. It was the same man who had been coerced into driving Ping Mo back to the base.

Simultaneously, Ping Mo immediately grabbed Ghost Ear by the neck and put the gun back against his temple.

The one who was thrown down shouted, “Boss, I was forced to do this! That man forced me to lure them out…”

His words stopped abruptly. The man’s reaction was half a beat slower than everyone else’s because of the blood in his eyes. Only then did he realize, as an afterthought, that the tension in the room was so high that a dozen guns were aimed at the ‘beautiful living king’. The living king, himself, had his gun pointed at their boss, Ghost Ear.

Ghost Ear was still being held hostage, but nevertheless he laughed out loud. “Team Leader Ping, you’re smart enough to make the first move, but you don’t think I’ve raised a bunch of losers after all these years in the wilds, do you?”

At this moment a dozen guns were pointed at Ping Mo. If Ping dared to pull the trigger, then, he himself was also out of luck. After all, one person couldn’t be faster than so many guns.

However, Ping Mo’s voice was steady, “It’s long enough to stall. I found you, didn’t I? So what if there are many people. I am a man of many talents, and I’m not afraid of death. You should know.”

Ghost Ear’s expression changed slightly. “You desperado!”

Ping Mo snorted silently. He was actually called a desperado by these notorious desperados? Should I be proud or offended?

Ghost Ear, “Ping Mo, if you let me go, we’ll forget about today’s matter. Why should we kill each other?”

“Cut the crap. If you want to live, tell your men to get out!” Ping Mo strangled him fiercely, as the veins showed in his strong thin white arm. Ghost Ear’s eyes protruded as he choked, and the room was full of the sound of fingers starting to pull triggers.

“If you want to shoot, just try. See if your guns are faster than my gun!” Ping Mo bellowed. The crowd quieted down again, as they all nervously raised their guns. For a moment everyone was at a standstill.

Ghost Ear barely managed to squeeze out a hoarse voice, “Nobody move! Team Leader Ping, I want to talk!”

Ping Mo let go of him. Ghost Ear took a long breath before he said, “I can’t go with you. If I tell you what you want to know, I won’t escape death. I’ll die anyway, so help me! Team Leader Ping, in terms of fighting I’m not your opponent, but I, Ghost Ear, have been in the world for so many years. I rely on my wisdom! I always leave myself a way out and room to maneuver! This house is not an ordinary house, and in addition to my men, there are also self-destructive devices. I know you aren’t afraid of death, but there are also forty-seven hostages here. Are they afraid of death? Your student is among them!”

Ping Mo stared at Ghost Ear, then looked around at the dozen heavily armed alphas in front of him, as his trigger hand sweated. If Ghost Ear would rather die than cooperate, and he led him to try and break out, what were the chances of escaping from these guns?

Instructor Ping’s mind quickly plotted a clear attack and defense map. In the nine o’clock direction there was a bunker, one o’clock direction was armed but with weakness and easy to break out. However, no matter what, he can’t avoid the bullets. There were three possible scenarios, and if it was someone else, all would result in death. However, he was different. His body’s recovery ability was amazing, so in fact, he could try.

Ghost Ear was still screaming, “If you dare force me, we’ll all be buried with you! If you don’t believe me, I can detonate a line right now to prove it to you!”

Ghost Ear seemed sincere, but the enemy was right in front of him. He was cautious, not even daring to touch his own bar with his extraterritorial business, so the dragon does not see the tail. 1 After today’s incident, it might be three years, or five years; he won’t return to the main planet. If he didn’t do it now, would there still be a chance later?

“Captain Ping, what will you choose? We all die together, or you raise your hand and we win together? Forty-seven lives for one of mine?”

“Threatening me with a hostage?” A few moments later, Ping Mo finally spoke in a hoarse voice. “Ghost Ear, the school has already called the police, but I still came to you alone. You should know that I’m not here to fucking rescue people, but to settle accounts with you. I think you know that, otherwise why did you even mention the guns and hostages? Because I’m an omega, the Military Ministry won’t even give me a chance to plead my case. They’re sure I’m in cahoots with you. I want you to testify! There is still a score to be settled and revenge to be taken.”


A gunshot sounded.


“Are you sure it was that direction?” Pei Yutu drove the spacecraft as fast as a battlefield mecha, so fast that the surrounding scenery was indistinguishable, and he left the police car far behind.

Ji An on the passenger side, clutched his seat belt and said aloud, “Sure, sure!” With red eyes, he asked, “Instructor Pei, Instructor Ping…will he be okay? It’s all because of me. He wouldn’t let me get involved in any risk before he went in single-handedly. They all had guns, and there were many, many people. This is all my fault! I shouldn’t have fooled Chen Jianghao in the beginning. There wouldn’t have been these things afterwards. It’s all my fault.”

Pei Yutu didn’t say a word, as his spacecraft went on a rampage, and provoked a wave of angry honking.

One driver rolled down the window of his car and cursed, “What’s so great about driving a spacecraft? You rich kids–“

Unfortunately, his words instantly drifted into the wind, while Pei Yutu’s car was already minutes away from the main road, and headed for the country road that Ji An had circled.

“Up ahead is the designated place of our appointment, further ahead I remember that Instructor Ping should have continued to the southeast-” Before the words were out of his mouth, he saw a mushroom cloud explode in the southeast, while the deafening sound of the blast also pointed out the direction for them.

Pei Yutu’s hand on the steering wheel was paralyzed for a moment and he almost ran off the road, but the quality of the spacecraft, which was “worth a house in the center of Star City,” switched to ‘autopilot’ in time.

“No. Ping’s abilities are so good.” Pei Yutu murmured. Still, he remembered how Ping Mo once gritted his teeth when he mentioned his feud with Ghost Ear. According to his character of not rubbing sand in his eyes, 2 even if it was really a deep hatred, with that temper there was nothing he couldn’t do.

Pei Yutu’s hands were shaking so much that he took a moment before he returned to manual driving mode and pressed the gas pedal hard to the floor.

You tied me up in the room, and I haven’t gotten my revenge yet, so I’m going to do to you what you did to me, tie you up and fuck you! He thought fiercely, then denied it in his mind. No, I’m lying. As long as you live, Ping Mo…Ping Mo, you will be mine.

With the benefit of the spacecraft, he soon arrived at his destination, where the original beautiful country house was almost flattened, while outside there was scorched earth. Miraculously a few large red moonflowers and purple tulips remained.

Ji An picked up a tulip as he stood on top of the scorched earth. He was about to let out a cry, but instead suddenly shouted, “Instructor Pei! Listen, there is movement!”

Pei Yutu also heard the sound of people, and it sounded like there were a lot of them. He suspected that they were the heartless traffickers, so he grabbed his weapon and rushed over to see a large group of gray-headed, refugee-like people.

One was weak, and most of them were omegas. How could they look like the vicious traffickers? Instead, when they saw the hostile, weapon-wielding Pei Yutu, they all lost their voices and cowered together in fear like quails.

“Instructor Pei?” A somewhat familiar shout rang out from the crowd. It was actually Chen Jianghao.

“Have you seen Ping Mo?” Pei Yutu could hear his voice shake a little.

Chen Jianghao looked past Pei Yutu and saw Ji An behind him. Finally, he said nothing about it and nodded. “Follow me.”

Chen Jianghao has suffered a lot these days. As a result of a beating, his left leg wasn’t very good, and he was walking with a limp. The clothes on his body were also scorched black by the sooty smoke from the explosion which made him look really wretched. However, compared to the person lying on the ground in front of him, this mess was nothing.

A few omegas were around Ping Mo. They were trying to use a rag to wipe off the dirt on his face. Then they saw Pei Yutu slowly walking towards them. Although Teaching Assistant Pei’s body was clean and not bloodstained, his years of military career had hardened his fierce shell. At this moment, because of his anxiety and anger, it caused him to be even more fierce.

Scared, the omegas scattered. They were abducted once, then experienced an explosion, so they had become terrified little birds.

But Teaching Assistant Pei didn’t do anything as terrible as they expected. Instead, his voice was very soft, as if he was afraid of disturbing the man on the ground, “Ping Mo?”

Ping Mo’s eyes were tightly closed, and he didn’t respond.

“Ping Mo,” Pei Yutu’s eyes were sore, and his big hand trembled as he held it under his nostrils.

There was nothing.

“Instructor Ping!” Just then, Ji An rushed over, and when he saw Pei Yutu gently shaking his head, he threw himself on his knees in front of Ping Mo and started bawling, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault, it’s my fault!”

As he cried, Pei Yutu’s already barely held back tears couldn’t be stopped. He raised his head, trying to force himself to swallow the tears, but to no avail, even though he hadn’t cried since he could remember. It wasn’t that he’d never experienced a loss of life or death, but when the person was Ping Mo, his heart hurt like a knife was thrust into it.

“Shut. Up.”

Pei Yutu, “????”

Ji An, “????”

This “shut up” was weak, but the words were clear and powerful, and in his familiar irritable tone.

Ping Mo lifted his long eyelashes and glared at them with his beautiful gray-blue eyes. “I’m tired. I’m lying down to rest for a while, so don’t block my fresh air.” Especially Pei Yutu, who stank of sweat and was so close to him that he wanted to stop breathing.


After a moment of silence, Teaching Assistant Pei cursed forcefully, and then wrapped Ping Mo tightly into his arms without any reason. 

Ping Mo was forcefully buried in the stink of sweat. “Let go!”

He was answered with an even tighter hug. “No!”


A few minutes earlier, Ping Mo’s gun on Ghost Ear’s temple had deflected by an inch, and a point-blank shot had pierced the shoulder of one of the boys who was about to release a cold shot to save his boss. However, Captain Ping had been handling guns since he was eleven years old and was familiar with all the hot and cold weapons 3 that could be found in the army, and even in the black market, so the slightest hint of movement could not escape his eyes.

He had said the words “will not be threatened by the hostages, intend to shoot Ghost Ear”, but that was only to divert their attention. It was a technique from the Special Operations to really lead the enemy into chaos. Using that, he was able to set off the self-destruct bomb detonation, and the hostages were safely rescued.

Only, Ghost Ear took advantage of the chaos to escape.

“Really not hurt?” Pei Yutu wondered. “But you’re covered in blood! Why don’t I check you out?”

“Fuck off.” Ping Mo stopped his hands from trying to pluck away his clothes. “That’s not even my blood. I probably just scraped my skin a little. When will the police arrive?”

“Soon. Hey, speak of the devil! Do you hear the sirens?” Pei Yutu had jumped out of the car before, but now didn’t forget to urge Ping Mo, “You stay here. Don’t move, just in case you suffered any internal injuries. I’ll handle the aftermath.”

Ping Mo was now exhausted to the extreme, so he didn’t try to be strong. He closed his eyes to recuperate, but as soon as he closed his eyes, Ghost Ear came back to the scene.

“Ping Mo,” Ghost Ear said. “You should stop looking into this matter. You have annual medical examinations, right? So many medical checkups, and so many years the Military Ministry, but they didn’t know you were an omega. Think about it. You are looking for someone with great skills! Don’t check anymore. It’s better for you and me!”

In fact, after differentiation, Ping Mo had never checked his sex hormone levels. Fortunately this wasn’t a mandatory item in the medical examination, but…before differentiation?

This matter was indeed very thought-provoking. He had been involved in the “chick project” selection. It went through blood tests and genetic sequencing to determine the sex of the children, alpha, beta, or omega, and could even accurately predict the future concentration of pheromones so as to select the top alphas for the E Group led by the Raptors, Snowy Owls, Harrier Eagles and other special forces reserves named after a series of birds of prey. This was the sharp knife of the Alliance against the interstellar pirates.

Therefore, there had long been technology to screen the gender of undifferentiated teenagers, so why had his medical report from before differentiation not long been dropped? So many Raptors, and even the E Group. Was there a mole? Who was actually collaborating with the enemy? This kind of skill was indeed not similar to Ghost Ear’s skills.

So why did that person help him to conceal his identity? Then three months ago, report him in such a high-profile way? In addition to sending Therian special inhibitors regularly, the person who helped him hide his identity never contacted him, let alone gave him any orders. No motive could be found!

“Forty-seven people were involved! Forty of them are omegas! The circumstances are particularly serious,” said the police, as they directed the paramedics to place the injured or frightened victims into ambulances or police cars.

The deputy police chief politely handed Pei Yutu a cigarette. “You’re a teacher at AMTC? So you were the one who did the right thing?”

Pei Yutu’s hand, ready to take the cigarette, stopped in mid-air, and then drew back and waved. “No more! I have a wounded person in the car, so I can’t smoke.”

“You don’t have to smoke in the car.” The policeman treated him like a hero, and was particularly enthusiastic.

“No, he can smell it,” Pei Yutu admitted freely. “There’s a lot of shit going on. By the way, I’m not a hero, the wounded man in my car is. If you don’t have anything else for me to do here, I’ll take him for a medical checkup.”

“Then come with us! We happen to be going to the city hospital.” The police officer said immediately.

“No, his body is very delicate, and he can’t take the torment. Oh yes, I have a student here, a little boy named Ji An. Please help send him back to school.” Pei Yutu said, and departed in big strides, leaving the policeman with a confused expression. He was thinking that if it was really like those victims said, that the teacher fought off 20 to 30 armed traffickers with his own strength and, unarmed, saved them from the explosion, how could he be delicate?

Moreover, if the city hospital was no good, where else could the medical skills be better? There was only that one ridiculously expensive private hospital near Star City. The police department couldn’t reimburse them for that kind of specification.

On the other side, Pei Yutu took Instructor Ping to the ‘ridiculously expensive’ private hospital with the speed of a roller coaster. He then miraculously found that although Instructor Ping was covered in blood, and his clothes were also ripped by sharp objects in several places, his body really was unharmed, and his skin wasn’t even broken.

However, although there were no external injuries, Ping Mo’s internal injuries weren’t so trivial, and the after-effects of the living alpha hormones also became apparent on the way to the hospital. The pain caused by the after-effects caused Instructor Ping’s face to be pale and covered with cold sweat. He had taken this medicine many times, and already knew how to handle the pain, so he had gritted his teeth and carried on all the way. He hadn’t expected that because he was now in a sensitive sexual maturing stage, his resistance was weaker than before, which made the after-effects more fierce than before.

The pain was immediately relieved when the doctor administered a shot of medicine, and Ping Mo passed out straight away.

When he woke up again, the pain had subsided, and Instructor Ping realized he was lying on a large, soft, comfortable bed that lacked the smell of hospital sterile water, with the circulating cold air turned on just right, his body cleaned of sticky blood and sweat, and seemingly changed into dry pajamas.

“…” Ping Mo, “Where is this?”

“My house.” Pei Yutu, dressed in a soft housecoat and carrying a cup of steaming soup said, “Get up and drink it.”


The author has something to say:

Pei Yutu: Trial cohabitation! (///v///)


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Translator Notes:

  1. 神龙见首不见尾- Basically means he’s very mysterious about his whereabouts, appearing at one moment and disappearing the next.
  2. 眼里揉不下沙子 – means someone who would never let others walk over them/ unable to ignore anything unjustified or unfair
  3. hote weapons = firearms cold weapons = traditional weapons like daggers, swords etc.


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