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Chapter 33: Cartoon Strawberry Underwear

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Your house?” Ping Mo sat up, and felt that something was wrong with the pajamas. However the thought was fleeting, as his mind felt groggy, like he had slept too long, and he hadn’t quite woken up yet. “How long have I been asleep?”

“Sixteen hours.” Pei Yutu handed over the medicine. “I think you’ll wake up soon. It’s just been brewed, so drink it while it’s hot.”

Ping Mo took the medicine, but before his lips touched the rim of the cup, he pushed it away with a grimace, “What’s this stuff?”

“The medicine prescribed by the doctor. Good medicine is useful for the sick, haven’t you heard?” Pei Yutu pulled a chair over and sat directly opposite Ping Mo. He glared at him sternly. “Drink!”

Ping Mo, “…” He didn’t know what kind of medicine this was, just that the smell of it made his tongue feel bitter, which caused every cell in his body to refuse. However, Instructor Ping’s fierce man baggage was extremely heavy, so he could never admit that he didn’t drink the medicine because he was afraid of bitterness. He put the cup on the bedside table. “I’m not sick, and don’t need to drink the medicine.”

“How are you not sick? Are the live alpha hormones just a random shot? This stuff has so many side effects that even athletes don’t use it to cheat, so you, using it as an omega, is too nonsensical!”

That kind of patronizing tone, if it was the usual time, Instructor Ping wouldn’t say anything and tell himself to understand why the flowers are so red. On the other hand, now, as he looked at Teaching Assistant Pei, his eyes were a boiled red bloodshot, his chin showed an emerging layer of new stubble, and his unkempt appearance made it clear that he had taken care of him, and Ping Mo’s temper flickered out.

Still, Ping Mo didn’t look away. “It was only a little reaction. I used this hormone when I was in the army. It’s okay.”

“Commonly used?” Pei Yutu got more angry. “Fuck, what kind of unit were you in? Allowing soldiers to use live alpha hormones is too much…”

No, the Military Ministry had been implementing strict management of the military over the years, and no team dared to tolerate the abuse of stimulants unless it was a unit on a special mission. Ping Mo’s body was so outstanding, and had been kept secret from the original troops. How many units were there with this level of secrecy? Pei Yutu inexplicably remembered when he first arrived at the AMTC, and his father made a phone call and said “I heard that your top boss was Raptor before he transferred over.”

“Ping Mo,” Pei Yutu faked a casual tone and asked, “We are so familiar with each other, but I still don’t know which unit you are from.”

However, Ping Mo’s answer was still the same as before. “Confidential.”

“Tsk, if you don’t say, then don’t say. Drink the medicine.”


Pei Yutu, “…”

Teaching Assistant Pei finally lost patience, and simply bullied him. He put the cup directly under Ping Mo’s eyes. “Will you drink it yourself, or shall I feed you?”

“Don’t you dare!” 

Pei Yutu used one hand to hold the medicine, one hand to grab the wrist of Instructor Ping, “The doctor said, you will have two or three days of the squelae. You need to rely on drugs to support your strength, so aren’t you all sore and weak now? I also put away your gun and military dagger, so now you can’t resist. You can only listen to me.”

“Pei. Yu. Tu!”

Teaching Assistant Pei squeezed himself into the bed again, and in the process pulled Instructor Ping into his arms. “I’m doing this for your own good, okay? This is all based on the doctor’s advice! The two of us have not yet settled our score. You have pushed me around for so long, tsk, but I didn’t expect you to be so heavy-handed and like to tie people up. Now, if you still refuse to obey, I will return the favor by tying you up and feeding you the medicine bit by bit!”

“…” After a silence where a pin drop could be heard, Ping Mo suddenly grabbed the cup, drained it and asked coldly, “Can you let go now?”

“…” Pei Yutu looked at the bottom of the empty cup. He knew there was no reason to hold Ping Mo any longer, so he resentfully let go, and muttered regretfully, “You really drank it.”

According to his plan, Ping Mo would have vowed not to obey, so he could tie up the disobedient instructor this way and that, and then take a sip of the medicine himself, feed him a sip, then another sip, then another sip, until the whole cup was finished.

But why was he suddenly so sensible? He drank it as soon as he said he would.

Ping Mo drank the medicine then tried to lift the covers and get out of bed, but a handful of juicy gummies appeared out of nowhere in front of him.

“This medicine is bitter, so eat something sweet to suppress it.” Pei Yutu said, “It’s been all ready for you for a while.”

According to Instructor Ping’s fierce man persona, in front of outsiders, he would absolutely refuse to touch any sweet food, but the medicine was so bitter that his tongue was astringent. He was silent for a moment, but finally picked a strawberry flavor, peeled off the transparent sugar paper, and put it into his mouth.

The juicy soft candy was spherical, and crystal clear. The diameter was almost two centimeters and once stuffed into his mouth, his cheeks bulged. Ping Mo’s mouth had a bitter aftertaste and, now, after eating the sugar, as his cheeks bulged, and the long eyelashes drooped slightly, he was unexpectedly well-behaved and cute. Teaching Assistant Pei’s heart melted.

He really likes strawberries, Teaching Assistant Pei thought proudly. He still remembered how kitten Ping ate that batch of mochi. His first choice then was also strawberry flavored.

The bitterness of the medicine had been dispelled by one candy. Ping Mo licked his lips, and felt that the sweet taste still remained between his lips and teeth. He glanced at the remaining candies on the bedside table without moving, but quietly memorized the brand.

Pei Yutu pretended not to notice this series of small movements, and naturally pushed another candy on him. “The doctor said you have to rest for a while. You aren’t the same as before. After the abuse of live alpha hormones, it may cause your body’s omega hormones to rebound. You can’t go to the school just in case you suddenly go into heat. Stay with me for a while.”

“How long will the rebound last?”

“That depends on the situation. Maybe three or four days, maybe ten days to half a month. Anyway, when the drug after-effects are over, that’s in three days, we need to go back to the hospital.”

Ping Mo rubbed the sugar paper and frowned. “What about school?” 

Although it was okay to disappear for a few days every now and then, ten days to half a month was too long. Not to mention the start of the military skills competition was just around the corner, and while Ping Mo said he didn’t like to take care of kids, he couldn’t help but personally keep an eye on the students, which was also a bit unrealistic.

“I’ll keep an eye on the school. You’re not in a hurry to go back, and Dean Zhou personally approved the leave slip. You’re the hero who ‘fought the bandits and saved the students.’ Now that you’re heroically wounded, the police will send you a banner.”

Ping Mo shook his head. “Forget about the banner.”

Pei Yutu, “How come? The deputy chief of police told me personally about it that day.”

Ping Mo hesitated for a moment, then slowly plucked away the sugar paper. “I thought Ghost Ear was hit a little hard that day and got killed.”

“It should be fine. You were outnumbered, and killing a trafficker or two is considered self-defense.”

“Probably over the limit,” Ping Mo said vaguely, as he held the large juicy candy, “I think I killed twelve or thirteen.”

“?” Pei Yutu nearly blurted out the word “bull” when he heard Ping Mo continue, “Maybe they’ll be disciplined instead.”

Although those traffickers weren’t enough to die for, this wasn’t a mission. Plus, Ping Mo concealed the facts and didn’t report it in the first place. Not to mention that he was now demoted in the Alliance army to ‘thinking about it.’ This discipline could be big or small.

Unless there was senior leadership intervention.

Pei Yutu pondered for a moment and said, “Don’t worry, this matter–“

Ping Mo interrupted him, “Let’s not talk about that. What about Ji An?”

“Ji An,” Pei Yutu said. “Is not doing good. I heard that Chen Jianghao’s family wants to sue him, and also asked the Alliance Military Technology University to expel him from the school. The school is also under great pressure.”

Ping Mo, “Oh.”

Pei Yutu waited for a while but didn’t wait for him to speak. He saw him swallow the second candy, then asked, “You want to plead for him?”

Ping Mo wondered, “Plead for what?”

“He may be expelled from school.” Pei Yutu added sourly, “Don’t you like those omegas? Ji An seems okay, too. When he thought you were in trouble, he cried like that.” In order to protect Ji An from the risks, Ping single-handedly broke into the traffickers’ den, and, by the way, stole his car!

Ping Mo, however, said lightly, “I should protect him, and he should be punished for his wrongdoing.”

This was extremely reasonable, but also extremely ruthless.

Pei Yutu searched his expression, and couldn’t discern any clues. However he seemed to be speaking from the heart. When he thought about it, this man always appeared to put himself in the role of protector. When he saw an injustice on the road, he would immediately pull out a knife to help, but would also protect the weak omegas equally. That belonged to a soldier’s blood courage, and belonged to the strong and the core of responsibility, but it was never mixed with personal feelings.

Because of this discovery, Pei Yutu felt a little bit of joy, but also some hidden worries. He looked at the side of Ping Mo’s face, from the narrow bridge of the nose, then the tip, to the thin lips. The curve was perfect and exquisite. This person was quiet when not moving, and simply beautiful like a doll.

While he was lost in thought, he saw the ‘doll’ lift the covers and get out of bed. However, just after getting out of bed, Instructor Ping froze as he realized what was wrong with his pajamas. “Pei Yutu, did you change my clothes?”

“Huh? Yes!” Teaching Assistant Pei pulled himself out of his jumbled thoughts and agreed, “Who else could it be if not me? By the way, I also gave you a bath.”

Pei Yutu, seeing the instantly gloomy expression on Instruction Ping’s face said, “You were covered in blood! You’ve been in a coma since you came back from the hospital yesterday. Who’s going to take care of you if I don’t?”

“…” Ping Mo took a deep breath. “What about my pants?”

The pajamas were on the large side for him, with the short sleeves almost to the elbows and a hem that could only cover key areas, but further down there was nothing, it was literally ‘wind-blown farts are cool’. Just two long, straight legs, completely exposed to the moderately cold air, that were shaking and covered with goosebumps under the burning gaze of Pei Yutu.

Teaching Assistant Pei piped up. As he recalled yesterday’s bath for Instructor Ping, he secretly wiped the nosebleed, cleared his throat, said seriously, “You can still manage my pajama top, but the pants are too long, and the waist circumference also didn’t fit and fell down. The underwear also, since my size is larger-“

“Where are my clothes?” Instructor Ping interrupted him with a black face.

“Your clothes were all bloody, scratched and torn. They are impossible to wear. I threw them away for you,” Pei Yutu said. “But I bought a new set. Of course, that was after settling you in, but I didn’t dare to change them because I was afraid to wake you up, seeing how well you were sleeping.”

“Where?” Ping Mo asked succinctly.

“Actually, new clothes should be washed, otherwise it’s easy to have formaldehyde residue. Anyway, at home there are no outsiders. Can you wait for me to get them out of the washing machine?”

“Where.” The latter sentence was barely squeezed out from between the teeth, through the tempest of fury, ready to kill.

Pei Yutu said regretfully, “Wait. I will get it for you.”

This was also the first time Teaching Assistant Pei had been here. It was less than a kilometer away from the Alliance Military Technology University. It was a 35 square meter space which included a master bedroom, 1 that had a closet next door, which was empty except for two sets of medium size clothes.

Pei Yutu picked up the set of pajamas, but as soon as they were sent down, Instructor Ping closed the bedroom door with a bang, and nearly hit Teaching Assistant Pei’s upright nose.

“Fuck, what’s wrong with taking a look? So stingy.” Pei Yutu rubbed his nose. “This temper, who can deal with you except for me? Forget it. He’s just recovered from a serious illness. I’ll let it go. What else can I do but live in the house together? The future is long.”

Teaching Assistant Pei was standing tall in the doorway, and outside the door to the bedroom. After a brief fumble, Ping Mo’s voice came out, “What did you buy?”

“Is it inappropriate?” Pei Yutu asked in a loud voice through the door.

“Where the hell did you get those cartoon strawberry men’s underwear?”


Author’s Note: 

Pei Yutu: He likes strawberries! (Definitely)


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Translator Notes:

  1. 35 square meters = 377 square feet


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They killed me with those panties haha XDD Poor JA :< I know that he did wrong to save himself, but still he went through hell and tried to help…

Thank You for the new chapter ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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This chapter really made me laugh; their interaction has subtly shifted. PM’s clenched teeth and PY’s reasonable but infuriating excuses about his clothes 😆
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Many thanks for the translation, notes and editing.

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