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Chapter 39: Commendation

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Resist malicious and serious slander! Return my instructor!”

“Resist malicious and serious slander! Return my instructor!”

Since this team was marching around the drill ground, as they held banners, shouted slogans, and made a lot of noise, the original morning exercise formation was destroyed, and the instructors actually let everyone give way to the protest group without organizing the students to line up again.

Zhou Li walked in the front. She shouted at the top of her voice, her face was red with excitement, and her ponytail flopped with her movements. She was youthful and exciting, and added a bit of valiant heroism out of nowhere.

Ping Mo wanted to see the neat and unified slogan, so he climbed up Pei Yutu’s shoulders. Pei Yutu, afraid the little thing might fall, used a big hand to hold his plush butt, Ping Mo obediently used his paws to grasp his hand, as he stretched his neck, while his small ears shook. He found that the team was actually not only their own doing the New Weapons Academy second square-shaped formation, there were many unfamiliar faces. Actually, a surprising number.

Teaching Assistant Pei didn’t think they were all unfamiliar faces. He pinched Ping Mo’s tail and complained to him, “All of the school’s omegas are here. It’s not like their instructor was suspended. What’s it to them?”

Ping Mo slapped a paw on Teaching Assistant Pei’s head, and the soft flesh pads were so effective that they smoothed out a strand of his unruly, prickly hair.

Not to be outdone, Pei Yutu curled his fingers and snapped his fingers on Instructor Ping’s fat, fluffy butt.


How can I not see that Pei has ADHD? Why were his paws so indebted?

If it wasn’t the wrong occasion, Ping Mo really wanted to fight with this person for 300 rounds, and scratch him head to toe.

The instructors didn’t care about the students, but someone else did. Hu Lei led several teachers with a loudspeaker to scold the students. “Are you rebelling? This is morning exercise time! The school leaders have their own considerations for the retention of instructors, so is it useful for you to make a scene? Put down the banner!”

However, when he stopped, the students shouted even more neatly and loudly.

“Resist malicious and serious slander! Return my instructor!”

Hu Lei was so angry that he had a headache. “Who is malicious and slanderous? Your instructor is already a dangerous person! He’s a murderer!”

“No! He’s a hero!” Zhou Li suddenly retorted in a loud voice. The little girl’s voice was sharp and penetrating, “You are the one who had slandered!”

Once the words came out, hundreds of pairs of eyes looked at Hu Lei in unison. The head teacher was a little panicked, and a little annoyed. “What are you staring at me for? Am I not telling the truth? Every single one of you who participated in today’s march will have points deducted from your regular grades! This is outrageous! And you! Your name is Zhou Li, right? Last time I knew you weren’t a peaceful kid, an omega going to Taiping Street.”

However, before he could say anything else, his megaphone was snatched away.

Two tall alpha boys grabbed Hu Lei’s collar and shoved him hard. Hu Lei, a beta, was no match for the alpha military students, so he was pushed and stumbled to the ground, confused. Look at instructor Ping. He was also quite thin, but usually he cleans up these alphas effortlessly. How did he do it?

Hu Lei felt ashamed, pointed at the two alpha boys and said, “How dare you attack a teacher? What are your names? Which major?”

The two boys were just a little impulsive, but they were still half grown, and they were afraid of the teacher from the bottom of their hearts, so they were bluffed by Hu Lei’s stern words. They became worried for a while, and then Pei Yutu slowly opened his mouth and said with a loud voice, “Reasoning is reasoning. Don’t be rude. All of you?”

The implication was that the law does not blame the crowd, so let’s go together!

Besides, if there were many people together, Hu Lei can’t remember who was who!

The leader of the group usually had the problem of flattering the top and being arrogant. He especially treated the students badly, and his popularity was surprisingly low.

Therefore, in addition to giving to Instructor Ping, everyone also brought a bit of personal revenge, and swarmed to “reason”, and shattered the peace. Also, boxing was not the main method. Pei Yutu watched with great interest for a while, before he rushed in to save Hu Lei. The leader of the team had bruises, and looked miserable, but any student who took advantage of the chaos to beat him didn’t get caught. As soon as Pei Yutu came over, those bear children scattered.

“Geez. You too, old man. What’s the point of getting angry with kids when you’re so old?”

Hu Lei was so hurt and angry that he couldn’t speak. “Me? It’s not me! It’s them! Them!” He took a breath. “You! And you, Pei Yutu, you did that on purpose, didn’t you? And you watched me get beaten!”

Teaching Assistant Pei didn’t see him as a leader, so his eyes glared, “Don’t return the favor!” However he said innocently, “Besides, I didn’t see you get beaten up. I didn’t see anything in the chaos.”

“How could you not see it?” Hu Lei looked like he was having a heart attack.

Ping Mo had two clawed paws on Pei Yutu’s shoulders, looked at Hu Lei’s angry and unlucky face, and his heart felt some pain. He also thought that Pei Yutu, that person, while he normally was rather careless and reckless, could also be cunning.

He was afraid to watch the timing before they rushed in to “save the person.” A minute earlier, Hu Lei wouldn’t suffer enough beatings, a minute later and the University students would be implicated. Now, he wasn’t lightly injured, but he also couldn’t actually see who hit him, so he could only eat it as a dumb loss. The students’ protest finally attracted the school leadership. Two deputy deans and two deans, along with several more teachers rushed over. While they  maintained order, they were saying that claims could be calmly put forward.

By this point, the number of people on the drill ground was more than the usual number of students at the morning exercise, and after a buzzing discussion, the students sent their representatives over.

Zhou Li stepped forward a little nervously, but with a clear, firm voice. “We want Instructor Ping back. He’s not a dangerous person! He’s not a dangerous person! He’s decent and kind. When I went to Taiping Street one night to play–”

Before the words left her mouth, a male teacher immediately interrupted disapprovingly, “You went to Taiping Street in the middle of the night as an omega? Would a good omega go to a place like that?”

“In this day and age, omegas can go wherever they want,” said Pei Yutu. “Zhou Li, you continue.”

Zhou Li said loudly, “I met a group of gangsters in Taiping Street, and almost got into trouble. It was Instructor Ping who saved me!”

Perhaps inspired by Zhou Li, more and more omega students came forward. “Once I went back to school after lights out time, and I was almost at the east gate, I found a stranger was following me. I was so scared then, but in the end, it was Instructor Ping who escorted me back! Instructor Ping isn’t dangerous, he is bad-tempered, but actually very gentle!”

“And I, that time I went into a bonding heat early. I didn’t bring a blocker, so it was very embarrassing. It was Instructor Ping who drove away the other alphas in the class, and took me to the school hospital. Even if he killed someone, there are no nice interstellar pirates. Human traffickers deserve to die! Why be punished for doing the right thing instead?”

“Right! Why do the right thing only to get punished? We protest!”

For a while, the protest march turned into an award ceremony organized by the federation of students touched by various caring acts, with Ping being given an endless amount of praise.

Pei Yutu looked at the young and anxious faces, and thought sourly, There were so many things I didn’t know. No wonder so many young girls and boys like him. It’s not just because he’s an omega. Why does he love to be a flower protector?

Ping Mo was used to being a protector, and believed that the greater the ability the greater the responsibility. He felt that these things were just small things, and being complimented made him a little embarrassed. Then he felt a poke on his buttocks. He was now a fluffy kitten, with thick and soft flesh. He didn’t feel very much pain, but was shocked and reflexively fried. He listened as Pei Yutu indignantly complained, “Yuck, central air conditioning!” 1

Ping Mo, “?”

And it wasn’t just the omegas who were defending their own instructor, gradually some alphas came forward as well.

“It’s true that our instructor is not very good-tempered, but he takes teaching very seriously. We learned a lot of real skills from him. Knowledge that is not in the textbooks. He really knows a lot!”

Hu Lei saw an opening. “I heard he will physically punish the students? Especially with alphas?”

Now, all the students seemed to be in agreement, “That’s not corporal punishment! He’s just tougher. Because of him, we’ve become better versions of ourselves!”

“Our instructor isn’t a bully! In terms of the ability of single combat, if he dares to call second, no one dares to call first. We just worship him!”

If one was to say that just being praised as “gentle” was a bit embarrassing, now being praised as “bullish” was a serious praise and to the point. It steadily hit the tenth ring of Instructor Pei’s ego. Ping, Extortion King, was so proud that his little ears were erect. He squatted squarely on Teaching Assistant Pei’s shoulder with his fluffy back straight, while his long tail hung from his shoulder to his back, and even his tail tip waved haughtily.

In addition to the students, a number of teachers joined the pro-Ping Mo camp. A large percentage were young omega teachers, or female beta teachers, according to Pei Yutu’s observations.

This out of the blue development far exceeded the expectations of the school leaders. Who would have thought that a small instructor would be so popular?

But under pressure, a Deputy Dean loosened up, “We have received everyone’s feedback, and this matter will be handled at our discretion. Please believe me, students, that the school won’t intentionally make things difficult for any good teacher, but we still have to wait for the results of the police department investigation.”

As soon as the Deputy Dean’s speech started, the news actually came from the police station, and it was Dean Zhou who made the announcement himself.

Dean Zhou wound up on the podium. “Students, quiet! Listen to me.”

There were two campuses in the AMTC. In addition to the main campus in Star City, there was also a foreign sub-campus. Dean Zhou was the only full time Dean, and was always running both sides, so the dragon never saw the tail. The students only saw him on major occasions such as school celebrations, graduation ceremonies and military skills competitions. Today, they actually saw him in person, so everyone was very respectful and quieted down instantly.

Dean Zhou, “I just received the news from the police department, and since everyone is very concerned about Instructor Ping, let’s take this opportunity to announce it.”

Who could believe the results came out so quickly? There were different expressions among the group. There was worry about Ping Mo, and there was also hope that he would be unlucky. Now, a pin drop could be heard on the large drill ground, as everyone held their breath and pricked up their ears.

Dean Zhou said unhurriedly, “A letter from the Star City Police Department, to the Alliance Military Technology University Instructor, Ping Mo. After learning that students were suspected of being kidnapped, because of time constraints and concern for the safety of the hostages, it was too late to call the police and call for him to break into the enemy camp alone. For providing significant help in solving the the ‘twenty-three’ large human trafficking case we hereby thank you!”

As Dean Zhou said that, he also took out a banner, which was given to Ping Mo by the city police department, with the words “Courageous and fearless. A model of the Alliance” on it.

Except for a few teachers like Hu Lei, who had a shit-eating expression, the whole drill ground erupted in cheers, especially the ‘parade’, where almost the whole school’s omega students were screaming like a support group of fresh meat, which was deafening.

Dean Zhou called for order several times before he was able to say the following, “Instructor Ping’s bravery in fighting the criminals despite risks to his own personal safety was a reflection of the military’s role and commitment! Alliance’s Military Technology University has been committed to providing talents for the Military Ministry for many years. A large proportion of our graduates will enter the army, and the rest, even if they do not become soldiers, will also engage in military-related fields of research or production. The students of AMTC have to demand from themselves the same standards of the military, and I think that this act of Instructor Ping’s has set an example for the whole university. The blood of heroes should not be shed in vain, and I propose he receive the Advanced Elements of Courage Award.”

“Previously, Instructor Ping was suspended as in addition to physical reasons for courage and injury, there were some parents who did not understand the actual situation, and mistakenly believed that Instructor Ping was dangerous and unsuitable for teaching, so they made complaints. After investigation, the school has basically grasped the source of this misunderstanding. I hope that in the future there will not be further complaints, so that the people who have done good things aren’t left in the cold. “

Although these words didn’t name anyone, Hu Lei had been listening while he sweated, trembled and waited for the school leaders to organize the removal of the students. Instead he actually received Dean Zhou’s “personal invitation.”

For the school to give him either discipline or honor, Ping Mo wasn’t very concerned, but the students to mount such a defense that could really warm a person’s heart.

The children of this age were still skinny, but they have the most unabashed feelings. They mustered up a lot of courage, risked a lot in public, with some teachers and leaders who were fighting and singing in opposition, just to do justice to their instructor. It was false to say that he wasn’t moved.

Suddenly he didn’t want to leave the campus in a hurry, so Instructor Ping leapt off of Pei Yutu’s shoulder and, at Teaching Assistant Pei’s call, dove into the bushes of the green belt without looking back, so that the tiny hairy mass disappeared in three or two seconds.

Pei Yutu, “???”

Ping Mo couldn’t say what he wanted to do. Maybe he just wanted to see these bear kids he hadn’t seen for many days.

Zhou Li, Wu Li, Gong Shang, Zhang Huanjing and Zheng Shui, all of whom were students of Instructor Ping, were gathered together at the moment, and were still chatting excitedly about what had just happened. 

“I cried with excitement when Dean Zhou announced the award for Instructor Ping!”

“Teaching Assistant Pei is nice, but he’s too aggressive. I’m so nervous to face him every day.”

“Actually, Teaching Assistant Pei is not as mean as Instructor Ping,” an alpha male interjected weakly.

“That’s for you alpha guys. We omegas all want the gentle Instructor Ping back.”

“Speaking of which, it was Teaching Assistant Pei’s good idea to protest so that Instructor Ping would come back!”

Ping Mo, who was trailing along, raised his round head. What?

Did Pei Yutu instigate the students to protest?

“Shhh!” Zhou Li hurriedly said, “Don’t tell anyone about that! We can’t mention it again or Teaching Assistant Pei will be punished.”

Everyone nodded and agreed not to say, but Ping Mo had mixed feelings. Abetting students to march. If that was discovered, it wouldn’t be a joking matter. Pei Yutu had come to the Alliance Military Technology University “gold-plated.” If he was always safe and sound, he would leave as a school officer. He had a bright future, so why risk it?

“Oh, isn’t that Mimi?” Who knew which student recognized Ping Mo. “Long time no see! Mew, mew, mew. Come over and give Sister a hug!”

However, the little ball of fur didn’t stop, just raised its round head and gave them a “meow” before it shook its fur and ran off in the opposite direction.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 中央空調 = Central air conditioning and heating system. This Internet slang term refers to a man who behaves like a casanova while claiming to be in a committed relationship.


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