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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu was furious. “Who is this?”

Teaching Assistant Pei’s tone was the same as a wife who found her husband cheating on her, but Ping Mo didn’t care about his over-excited attitude, because Instructor Ping himself was feeling even darker. He took the paper, saw the familiar handwriting, and directly shredded the note, as he squeezed the answer out from his gritted teeth. “An enemy. “

Pei Yutu saw this, and most of his irritable mood immediately disappeared. “An enemy? Why would an enemy send you gilt roses? Isn’t this thing for lovers?”

Ping Mo said with a stern face, “He did it on purpose. He deliberately uses it to disgust me.”

In front of his comrades, subordinates, and superiors, this enemy ripped open Ping Mo’s carefully disguised facade for many years and told them that their tough captain was actually a soft omega and an uncompromising liar. Team Leader Ping had lived for more than 20 years, and his face was more important than life, but he was exposed and trampled on the spot. How could he not hate them? So why did he help him to conceal it in the first place? Who was this person?

“Do you know who this grandson is?” Pei Yutu said. “If you see him, I’ll help you take him out.” Whether it was a deliberate act of disgust, or a show of affection, he couldn’t let go of the guy who sent the roses.

Ping Mo shook his head, “I don’t know.”

At first Ping Mo thought it was Ghost Ear, but it seemed he was just the backstabber. Ghost Ear had been in the extraterritorial world for many years, and had a vast network of connections. He was now separated from the Raptors, and was just a small military instructor. How easy was it to check the clues?

“Ghost Ear escaped. The trail is broken.”

Pei Yutu asked, “Do you regret it? I mean, you took such a big risk to find Ghost Ear, you must really want to find out who sent the flowers, right? If it weren’t for saving people, you could’ve continued to interrogate Ghost Ear, maybe you could’ve asked for clues.”

“I regret it.” Ping Mo paused, but then whispered, “But then, I would do it again.”

This answer was unexpected, but also reasonable. This man wanted revenge and didn’t have a big heart, but he was also a top-notch warrior who instinctively protected the weak.

“Hey, Ping Mo….”

When Instructor Ping’s name was called he was half waiting for the next words. He looked at Pei Yutu, puzzled. “Spit it out.”1

Pei Yutu snorted out a laugh, and put big hand on Instructor Ping’s head, rubbed his short hair like he was petting a cat and said, “Why are you soooo cute?”2

Ping Mo, “???”

Instructor Ping was silent, and stayed silent. However, he still felt he was being molested, so he got up and beat up Teaching Assistant Pei. Then he felt refreshed and cleared up his depression from the roses.


On Wednesday night, after the physical training class, Instructor Ping used another tube of Therian special inhibitors and left the school alone. The underground boxing ring on Taiping Street hadn’t officially opened, but it was already crowded.

Ping Mo was standing in front of the notice board that listed the fighters who would be fighting today, with basic information and expected odds. Generally speaking, the higher the odds against, the less favored the person was.

“Dude, want to bet on anyone yet?” A strange customer struck up a conversation in a very self-effacing manner.

Ping Mo, “Hunter. The odds are good.”

The customer laughed out loud. “You don’t usually bet on boxing, do you? This is a newcomer, and look at this profile. Only 65 kg, 3and there’s no weight class for other players, so that’s not enough to manage two or two punches with the others.”

“Yeah, this guy looks like he’s just here to make up the numbers,” said a customer wearing a diamond watch. He greeted the waiter with a familiar face to place his bets; a regular customer.

There weren’t many customers yet, but 90 percent of them were betting on Tiger to win, with additional bets on how many punches he could throw to knock his opponent off the stage, and whether he would be crippled. When the waiter asked Ping Mo if he wanted to place a bet, Instructor Ping readily put his monthly allowance on himself, which caused a group of customers to laugh, “Young man, this isn’t the way to bet on a dark horse. You will lose all your money today.”

Ping Mo wasn’t the only one who bet on Hunter. The owner of the place also quietly used someone else’s name to bet on Ping Mo’s total victory.

Instructor Ping placed the bet and didn’t linger. He went straight to Leng Li’s exclusive lounge. Leng Li was extra dressed up today, wearing a big red cheongsam, which made the front and back of her body look exquisite, with a very high fork and hidden thighs. When she saw Ping Mo, she smiled happily, then asked shyly, “Ping. Does it look good?”

Instructor Ping was an omega, but his aesthetics weren’t as good as Pei Yutu, an alpha, and he was a complete, silly, straight alpha. He stared at it for several seconds before he came up with a compliment, “It looks good. It’s quite red.”

“Pfft!” One of the waitresses couldn’t hold back her laughter.

Leng Li simply sent the others out, and enjoyed scratching her head in front of Ping Mo. “I’m cheering you on. This is a special dress for you, it’s called ‘flag opening’. Red represents victory, and it’s a cheongsam. Look at the opening, is it high?”

“…” Ping Mo, “It’s already high, no need to lift it up further.”

Leng Li still didn’t give up. “Do you think my body is better than the average omega girl?”

Instructor Ping said perfunctorily, “Okay. Now, I’m asking you a question. I just heard people betting, and they were also buying disabilities. I won’t have to accidentally kill him, right?”

Leng Li was very unwilling to be diverted from the topic, but still answered honestly, “Don’t worry Ping, this isn’t war. I know the proportions, and human life absolutely can’t be touched. This isn’t a problem. I spend a lot of money every year so that the emergency doctor, and the medical security here might be better than Alliance civil servants.”

“That’s good.” Ping Mo nodded.

“Ping, I quietly bet on you. When you win, we must go out to celebrate! Unfortunately, you can’t take on Tiger directly. You’re a newcomer and you have to fight a few times first. The guests will need to recognize you before you can fight the king, so I guess it will be a few days-“

“No,” Ping Mo interrupted her. He said carelessly, “let’s settle it in one fight tonight.”

Instructor Ping was very sensitive about his face and in front of women and omegas, he was never capable of putting down his pride, so over time he had achieved the highest level of pretense: an invisible mask.

Since his strength didn’t match the person he purported to be, there was no greasiness, only handsomeness.

Leng Li had the standard fan girl, starry eyes. “If you say you can, you can! Tiger’s first show is in the beginning. Let’s go to the box together? I’ve reserved a seat.”

Since this was the owner’s box, the location was naturally VVIP. The view was excellent, but Leng Li also kindly prepared small desserts and freshly squeezed juice for Ping Mo to eat.

Instructor Ping still wore a duck-tongue cap and a very unsmiling look. He sat there with his full aura, while the boss lady personally accompanied him. Anyone who didn’t know would have also thought this was a big guest. However the noble guest’s lip was stained with a little cream, which slightly weakened the big brother’s aura.

A deafening commotion sounded, cheers were mixed with whistles in the stands as beautiful bikini girls who held signs that read ‘Tiger vs Fang.’ appeared.

“The opening act is Tiger?” Ping Mo asked.

Leng Li pointed toward the box diagonally opposite. “Tiger’s owner is here today and wants to win the first prize.”

The lighting inside the venue wasn’t very bright, so he could only see that an older man was  sitting in the main seat of the VIP box, and that there was a row of black-clad bodyguards standing outside the box, which looked very dignified.

Tiger was a large man, he was probably as tall as Pei Yutu, except with dark skin. In the interstellar era, after several large-scale migrations and mixings, the language had been basically unified. Also, the difference between the three types of people, yellow, white and black, wasn’t very obvious, however his physical characteristics could still be seen, and were typical of the ancient Earth period black appearance. His physical fitness should also be very strong.

His opponent, Poison Fang, was also a large man, but his skin was white and his muscles were thick and hardened.

In order to be more exciting, the boxers weren’t wearing mouth guards or boxing gloves. Even the fighting style wasn’t limited to boxing. Except for not allowing the use of weapons, there were no taboos. They called it ‘boxing’ but in fact, it was closer to free combat, and the fighters on the stage signed a life and death contract. The more flesh and blood in the fight, the more excited the spectators got, and the more bets on the reward were put down, so that the pot Alliance coins were considerable.

One black and one white, the two big men went fist to fist. Tiger had a strength advantage, and with one punch to the jaw, Poison Fang’s blood was flowing from his nose and out flew a bloody tooth. A 19 year-old, half-grown child actually picked up the tooth, and inflammatory cheers issued from the stands. Some wanted to buy the tooth, other people were cursing loudly. The field was filled with a crowd of people.

Inspired by the blood and the loss of a tooth, Poison Fang howled like a storm, then threw a round of punches and actually broke the ring fence! Tiger, not to be outdone, swung back with even more vicious moves, clearly trying to regain the limelight stolen by his opponent.

The two fought hard, but Tiger finally knocked Poison Fang to the ground with a heavy punch. However, he didn’t let go, and then punched him twice in the chest.

Tiger was nearly naked, and his black skin was shiny, as he raised one hand in a victory pose. The alpha pheromones from the injured man’s blood spilled out, and mixed with the pheromones in the victor’s sweat. The bloody scene and the rich alpha pheromones stimulated every spectator’s senses. The scene was again filled with boisterous shouts of approval.

The owner, Leng Li, spat indignantly, “This Tiger, he doesn’t follow the rules at all! If he kills someone, I’ll have to take the blame! Ping, teach him a good lesson for me later, but let him go.”

“Okay.” Ping Mo’s tone was not like a promise to go fight with the king of boxers, but rather like an answer to what to eat for a midnight snack. As he said this as he licked a mouthful of cream from the cupcake.

Leng Li loved Ping’s invisible tone, and looked at him for a while before she reminded him quietly, “Ping, it’s your turn for the next game. Time to go down and get ready.”


Since Instructor Ping moved back to school, Pei Yutu felt that the big house suddenly became uncomfortable, so he followed by moving back to the faculty dormitory. However, he hadn’t succeeded in moving into Ping Mo’s room, and was still crowded with Lu DongWang.

It was said that ‘from luxury to frugality was difficult’, and Teaching Assistant Pei had gotten used to the luxury of holding the soft and slippery Instructor Ping in the big bed, so to move back to the dormitory crib, and looking at his alpha housemate, how could he not dislike it?

Lu DongWang was very aggrieved by this.

Pei Yutu ignored his grievances and went to Instructor Ping’s room tonight with the usual excuse to ‘talk’, but found that Ping Mo’s room was dark. With no lights on, and the door locked.

“Is he asleep?” Pei Yutu took out his instructor’s card with the intention of picking the lock on the door.

“What are you doing?!”

Pei Yutu was in the middle of stealing a chicken and a dog, 4 so he was startled by this loud shout. He turned around and saw Cheng Cheng’s face, so his voice was even louder than Cheng Cheng’s, “I haven’t asked you what you are doing yet! Coming to Ping Mo’s dormitory door In the middle of the night…What do you want?”

Cheng Cheng hadn’t expected this person to be so thick-skinned, then to be so righteous in his accusation of evil. He said with a cold face, “I will tell Instructor Ping about your breaking into his room.”

Pei Yutu looked around once, found no one around, and took Cheng Cheng’s shoulders, “Buddy, I’m not afraid of telling you. I’m not here to steal things, he’s deliberately avoiding me because he was afraid to cause me too much trouble. Have you heard that a mere acquaintance can’t break the bonds of a close relationship? You can’t compare the relationship between the two of us with yours”

Cheng Cheng, “What is your relationship?”

Pei Yutu, “We slept in the same bed. What do you think?”

Cheng Cheng almost pulled out a gun. “You’re full of fucking nonsense! How dare you make up things about Team Leader Ping-“

“Don’t be impulsive. Why would I lie to you? Since Ping Mo came to my house to recover from his injuries, our relationship has grown by leaps and bounds! You called him what, Team Leader Ping? He was your captain, so when did you two meet? At the recruitment unit? So you’ve known each other for how many years?”

Cheng Cheng knew that he had said too much, so he was no longer paying attention to him. He looked at the time, and then tapped on the door. After he confirmed that Ping Mo really wasn’t in the room, he left in a hurry, as if he had an urgent matter.

Pei Yutu looked at his back. He thought about how this man came to find Ping Mo in a hurry, and how Ping Mo was not in tonight. Something had happened, right? So, he put away his joking expression, and followed him out quietly.

Cheng Cheng’s heart was anxious. He suddenly got the order to cooperate with the police to capture a big leader of White Hole, and the location was in the underground boxing ring in Taiping Street.

The person who ran the underground boxing ring, Leng Li, was an informant of Team Leader Ping. While not many people know about that, Cheng Cheng was one of them, and he understood the rules. He couldn’t tip off Ping Mo for an informant, so Cheng Cheng did not take it to heart. However, when he learned of the urgent mission with no apparent reason, Cheng Cheng’s heart was very unsettled. He always thought that it might have something to do with Team Leader Ping. When he realized that Ping Mo wasn’t in his room, it made him even more uneasy.

Pei Yutu was afraid of Cheng Cheng finding him, so he hadn’t dared to follow too closely. If someone compared the tracking and counter-tracking, he may not be comparable to the infantry special operations team Cheng Cheng was from, but Teaching Assistant Pei’s hardware was better. The luxury spacecraft, both in speed and vision, crushed Cheng Cheng’s armament any day.

The two vehicles maintained a very big distance, but Teaching Assistant Pei still found the destination, the Ink Music Cafe.

In the underground boxing ring connected to the Ink Music Cafe, sexy girls in bikinis held up signs with the word ‘Hunter’ written on them.

Inside a VIP box in an inconspicuous position in the stands, there was a full tea set. The curls of tea and the boisterous boxing ring were opposite extremes as the young man who sat at the tea table gently sipped a cup of tea. He asked the men standing next to him, “The police are here?”

His man bent over respectfully, as if afraid of disturbing the young man’s tea, and whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry, Prince, it’s all arranged. This action, ‘killing with a knife’, will ensure that your uncle won’t walk out of here alive.” 5

“This is not called ‘killing with a knife,’” Long Lang put down his teacup and wiped his fingers carefully on a snow-white handkerchief. “It’s ‘killing two birds with one stone’. Do it in a measured way, and don’t scare my little friend.”

Pei Yutu followed Cheng Cheng into Ink, had a little trouble, but still smoothly made it to the ring. He didn’t expect to squeeze into the stands. He also hadn’t spotted Cheng Cheng, but had spotted a familiar figure on the field. Although he was wearing a mask, from that body and cute Extortion King temperament, he immediately recognized who it was.


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Translator Notes:

  1. This is a little hard to translate. What Ping Mo said: 有话放, Which is basically ‘words are released’. 
  2. He said 你为什么那么招人喜欢 but said in cutesy way replacing 喜欢with 稀罕=rare. But he’s just saying he’s very likeable. Nothing to do with rare
  3. 65 kg = 143 lbs
  4. 偷鸡摸狗 = to imitate the dog to steal the chicken. Means to steal something surreptitiously.
  5. 借刀杀人 = to borrow a knife to kill someone. Means to get someone else to do the dirty work for you


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