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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


In the ring, the two fighters were a clear contrast in size. The one nicknamed Tiger, as his name implied, had a Tiger’s back and waist, compared to the Hunter, Ping Mo, who was much thinner. As soon as the two stood there, a disappointed boo came from the stands.

“This is not interesting, the strength is too different!”

“Let’s fight! Don’t waste time! We’re waiting for the next match.”


“Sir, have you placed your bet?” A sharp-eyed waiter noticed that a customer had just come in, and went over to ask.

Pei Yutu gave the waiter a look. “Can you still bet now? What are the odds?”

“Oh, the odds on Tiger are 105 to 1. You won’t make much money, but you just came in, so it’s good luck.”

“No, I mean the other one.” Pei Yutu retrieved his checkbook, pulled a pen from the waiter’s hand and wrote a series of numbers. “On Hunter.”

“Huh? Hunter?”

“What’s that? Can’t I bet on him?” Pei Yutu’s eyes glared at the waiter, then he stared intently at the stage again.

A spectator next to him caught sight of the number Pei Yutu filled in on the check, and couldn’t help but ask, “Dude, are you here to launder money?”

“…” Pei Yutu said, “You’ll see I’m right. He’ll win.”

As he was talking, a shout erupted from the stands. When Pei Yutu looked over, Tiger was already lying on the ground, while Ping Mo was standing in place, lazily moving his muscles.

“Crap–What the fuck! Did you see that? What just happened? He knocked Tiger to the ground?” The watcher was also excited.

Pei Yutu was more excited than him. “I didn’t see it either! Don’t you talk to me.” I didn’t see my own military instructor being handsome, simply the wrong billion! 1

Pei Yutu wasn’t the only one. The whole audience was now staring at the boxing ring. Tiger was very humiliated. His sinewy arm moved to support his body, and after he was standing firm, he shouted, and punched straight towards Ping Mo’s chest. This was a force of hundreds of kilograms, and enough to break an ordinary adult alpha’s sternum, but Ping Mo’s body was extremely fast. He made lightning-like side dodge, so only the wind of the fist touched his short hair.

While he dodged the attack, Ping Mo made a sweeping kick. The angle of this leg move was very tricky and precise, but once again he put the big guy down!

This kind of match was different from ordinary boxing, since there were no restrictions on the methods of fighting. As long as no weapons were used, nothing was out of bounds. It wasn’t a point system of a few seconds, knocking a person out of the ring, or the opponent begging for mercy and admitting defeat to determine the winner. The fighters relied on this craft for a living, so naturally there was no admitting defeat, and the result was always a fight to the near death.

The bear fell to the ground at the same time. Ping Mo took advantage of the victory, and rained down with straight punches. He looked thin, but when his fist hit flesh, the force was in a ruthless and difficult position, so it actually hit the big man and didn’t leave him the ability to fight back.

It wasn’t that Tiger didn’t want to fight back, but Ping Mo predicted every step he took! He was completely crushed!

“You really can’t judge a man by his appearance! This Hunter is a tough guy. Even with such a disparity in strength, he didn’t waste any of his energy, just used it all on Tiger.”

“Of course!” Pei Yutu returned even louder, his tone proud as hell, “Awesome, right? He’s my wife!”

“???” Watchers, “What did you say???”

As they were speaking, another scream that could almost topple the roof of the house erupted from the spectators as Tiger, who weighed at least 100 kilograms 2 , was kicked out of the ring by Ping Mo!

The vast majority of the crowd had bet on Tiger’s victory, and cursed for a moment, but more were simply screaming, as the dramatic outcome of an underdog over a strong one was always a thrill for everyone. Ping Mo was wearing a mask and they were unable to see his face as he squeezed the ropes of the fence and landed on his feet with ease amidst shouts that could blow off the roof.

Although he covered his face, his body was strong and thin, his movements were dazzling with a boyish air, and he just won a crushing victory over Tiger, and thus even just coming down to the field again caused a scream.

This time, instead of cursing, the screams were mixed with words like “he is so handsome, ah, ah, ah!” which turned the bloody and violent boxing ring into a personal showcase.

“How the fuck can someone play like that?” The spectators were confused. “Dude, do you really know Hunter? Hey, where is he?”

Pei Yutu had broken through the crowd early and headed backstage along with Ping Mo.

“Excuse me, sir, no non-staff members are allowed in here.” The waiter who stopped Pei Yutu hadn’t finished his sentence before he was handed a thick pile of tips, and in the brief dizziness of being hit by money, the tall customer had already taken a big step backstage.

“Hunter! Ping–wife!” Pei Yutu chased after him while shouting at the top of his lungs. However, as everyone was still immersed in the fast and exciting encounter, the scene was so crowded that no one noticed his shout, not even Instructor Ping himself. After all, Hunter was a temporary tag given by Leng Li, and “wife” was even more inexplicable.

On the outskirts of the stands, Cheng Cheng was receiving instructions from a military communicator, and a team of armed SWAT officers were standing by.

“When will the operation start?” Cheng Cheng asked.

“In about half an hour. Listen for the command. Long Lang is one of the leaders of the White Hole, but not the big fish we want. Wait another half an hour and see if we can use him to catch the big fish,” Lu Feng’s voice came from the communicator.

The interstellar pirates’ arms smuggling, human trafficking, and even extraterritorial drug running, as led by the White Hole, was a major problem for the Alliance, and their struggle with them was protracted, but it was all the work of front-line special police and special forces.

Cheng Cheng thought, Colonel Lu Feng was personally commanding this, so in addition to that guy Long Lang, there should be other big names around.


When Pei Yutu caught up with Ping Mo, Leng Li was welcoming him in on ten-centimeter heels, and was just in time to meet him.

“What are you doing here?” They both spoke at the same time.

The waiter behind Pei Yutu was panting. “Madam, he was walking too fast, and I couldn’t stop him.”

Leng Li was about to wave the man out, but Pei Yutu beat him to it. “Hey military instructor!”

Ping Mo still wore his mask. “You recognize me?”

Pei Yutu smiled haughtily, revealing a mouthful of neat white teeth. “I recognize you even when you’re ashes. How come you’re here playing extreme sports?” He gave Leng Li a suspicious look. “To support her?”

Leng Li gave him a blank stare, but before she could say anything, Teaching Assistant Pei was dragged away by Ping Mo. “Don’t talk nonsense here. Li Li, help me clear the room!”

He was anonymous to boxing, but his Teaching Assistant seemed to have no filter. In case he said anything that could start trouble, Leng Li was forced to open a private lounge for the two. Pei Yutu very nonchalantly shut her outside the door.

Leng Li, “…”

“How did you find me?” Ping Mo took off his mask, which was not breathable. It smothered his pale features and left him with a bit of a flushed hue. 

Pei Yutu stared at his face, and said slowly, “Followed Cheng Cheng. Did he come to you?”

“Cheng Cheng?” Ping Mo subconsciously touched his pocket before he remembered there was nowhere he could fit his cell phone in this boxing outfit.

“Don’t look for him. He seemed to have something to do, that was probably also here. Why don’t I bring him over?” Pei Yutu was very careful when he spoke. He wouldn’t let Ping Mo find Cheng Cheng. For him, this kind of thing was the natural choice.

However, at that moment, the door was knocked on and Leng Li immediately pushed opne the door. In her high-cut, red cheongsam, twisted in and straight in-between Pei Yutu and Ping Mo, to separate the two. She said, “Ping, you really are a success! Do you know how long it took to beat Tiger? Three minutes! A record breaker! The guests are still shouting, and the shareholders talked it over. We’ll arrange an overtime match between you and Tiger, how about it?”

Pei Yutu, “What champion? Ping Mo, are you playing for real?”

Instructor Ping agreed after a moment’s thought, “How much is the appearance fee?”

Leng Li quoted an astronomical figure, and then, embarrassed, she said, “After all, you are a newcomer. There is still a gap between the appearance fee and the champion, the appearance fee is not up to me alone, but for a commission, I can give you this amount!”

“That’s enough.” Ping Mo’s did the calculation in his head. With this amount, he could pay off the Therian inhibitors, and pay back Pei Yutu, and still be left with a considerable amount of money, which would nourish life for a while, so he nodded. “Right. I just bet on myself. Use my winnings to bet on me again.”

“Good, good! Then I’ll hurry up and arrange it with them.” Leng Li rolled out again like a gust of wind.

Pei Yutu pulled him back, and asked with a frown, “Ping Mo, are you very short of money?”

Instructor Ping gave an “ooh.” He felt a little ashamed to get caught by one of his own men making money from underground boxing, and said vaguely, “Not really. It’s just a little quick money. Let go, I’m going to get ready.”

“I have money!” Pei Yutu didn’t let go. “Playing for money and fighting ‘champions’ is not the same thing. Although I have not seen much of Tiger, the fighters in places like this are playing for their lives, let alone to be champions! You don’t want to challenge someone’s rice bowl with your hobby. What if something happens?”

Ping Mo was very calm, “It’s only fun when there’s danger.” He always put his head on the belt of his pants when he was on a mission, what was a boxing champion? 3

Ping Mo pulled out his hand and patted Pei Yutu’s arm, “Let’s go.”

The fight between Tiger, the champion, and Hunter, the dark horse, was more lively than any other fight of the night, and the entire grandstand was like a boiling frying pan, with bets and cheers and shouts.

Before Tiger took the field, his agent quietly stuffed a small bottle at him. Tiger was disdainful. “What dark horse? I can teach him to be a human being with my fists. I can’t use this stuff!”

The agent was busy whispering, “This is from the boss. You take it with you.”

“Why did Master Long arrange this? You don’t trust me?” The middle-aged man in the VIP room, Long Lang, 4 noticed his gaze and nodded slightly, so Tiger had to bow back and put the small bottle away, as he frowned and asked, “What is this?”

“I don’t know. Anyway, you use it.” The agent said that calmly, but his hands were sweaty.

“All right.” Tiger didn’t ask more questions in the end. “Get ready to go on the field.”

“Don’t forget. Even if you win, this small bottle must be opened!” The agent wasn’t assured, and repeated the instructions.


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Translator Notes:

  1. simply the wrong billion = he felt like he lost out on a billion dollars from that
  2. 100 kg = 220 lbs
  3. 脑袋别裤腰带 – put his head on the belt of his pants. It means often doing dangerous tasks/risking life and limb
  4. There are two Long Langs. The Prince of White Hole who is young and drinks tea, and his uncle, the Long Lang who owns Tiger and smokes cigars.


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August 28, 2022 2:51 am

I’m a bit confused… PM fought Tiger and won, yet now Tiger is being given a bottle to open and talking like he can win, as though that never happened 🤔 So there’ll be another fight between them?
Arrrr, right, I thought it was the Prince Long Lang… which I still would were it not for your Notes!
Thanks for translating and editing… and those Notes 😊

August 28, 2022 3:11 am

Sorry, read again… must have been tired because I just realised it’s another, overtime, match… durr. They are fighting again.
Also both Long Langs are there and it seems the younger covets PM and wants the older gotten rid of.
With it now… I think!

August 28, 2022 10:30 am

They scheming something =.=
Thank You for the new chapter (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡

September 2, 2022 8:05 am

Oh no. If it something that will make him susceptible and out him as an omega?

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