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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Tiger waved his hand to show that he remembered, and went on stage.

The ‘hunter’ in front of him had just beaten a 100-kilogram boxer in three minutes, but Tiger still didn’t take him seriously. He wore a silver mask, his neck was white, his body was strong and thin, and he had a youthful look. Tiger took a step forward, leaned slightly forward with his nearly 190 cm body, and said, “Hunter, right? I’ve never heard of a hunter who could kill a tiger with his bare hands.”

Ping Mo didn’t give the big man any face. “Cut the crap. I have to finish beating you.”

“Okay, that’s cool.” Tiger bumped his fists together. “Come on!”

After the girls with the signs went down, the two started to fight. Tiger was a power puncher with hooks and heavy punches. His muscles were covered with tattoos, and with the heavy punches, his muscles bulged. The pace was much slower than Ping Mo’s last fight which, by this time, had been finished already.

There was no bloodshed, no surprise win, but the stands didn’t boo as they usually did. It was fun to watch!

Hunter was amazingly fast, with phantom shifting, as he accurately dodged all Tiger’s attacks, and dodged perfectly, so that moving each millimeter of energy wasn’t wasted. Although he was dodging, he appeared to be the more comfortable of the two. He really was like a young hunter who was teasing a tiger, and very flashy. The spectators stared and held their breath. They even forgot to shout, afraid to miss such a visual feast.

Although Hunter looked young, he should be very experienced in combat, since he could predict almost all the moves Tiger made. That didn’t rely on the brain to make judgements. For such close combat, a person relied more on muscle memory, which was built through countless injuries and hours of physical combat training.

Tiger couldn’t catch him, and his brute force had nowhere to give vent to. When he thought of the boss who was watching the battle, he couldn’t help but say, “Boy! Are you going to fucking fight or not? Don’t run!”

Now that Ping Mo had basically figured out his attack pattern, he said, “Yeah. I’ve never seen anyone who is desperate for a fight.”

Tiger didn’t have time to dodge, and stumbled with a muffled grunt. However he was the king of boxing, and much more of a Tiger than in the last fight, so he steadied in time and struck hard!

Ping Mo side-stepped a small half step, then his waist suddenly twisted sharply, as flexible as if he had no bones. He twisted to an incredible angle, while his left arm, like the right side of the chest, had thin and violently tight muscles. His body’s power was concentrated in the striking left hand, while he dodged Tiger’s attack at the same time. Then, his left foot turned outward, and let out a fierce swing!

Tiger hadn’t yet recovered the force of the heavy punch, so his body was in a forward leaning state, just to reveal the kick, and this hit was straight to his ribs!

Ping Mo looked thin, but he was able to use his power to the extreme. The scene was surprisingly quiet at the moment, so the sound of breaking bones was particularly clear. He actually broke one of Tiger’s ribs with one hit!

Ping Mo didn’t give Tiger a chance to resist, and followed with a double chop!

Tiger’s huge body of more than 100 kilograms staggered and finally fell to the ground, and the arena erupted in a continuous cheer! Even the special police officers waiting to carry out the order couldn’t help but secretly scream in their hearts!

It was like a textbook four-two dial of a thousand pounds! 1 Plus it was dialed very ruthlessly. Thankfully the boxing ring was in full view of everyone. If it were in the wilderness, with no legal constraints outside the territory, the big guy would not have just fallen, but the ‘hunter’ would have directly broken his neck!

However, Tiger was still the champion of the underground. Although he broke a rib, and was hit hard in the temple, he still tried to stand up. Ping Mo grabbed his right leg and pulled it straight to his left knee before his elbow was on the ground, and with this action, he sat down and used his whole body strength against one of Tiger’s legs, and easily pinned his right leg.

“Straight leg ankle hold!” A knowledgeable spectator said the name of this move. This move, along with the crossbody and shoulder lock, was known as ‘unbreakable’ jiu-jitsu, which could effectively prevent the enemy from escaping.

Pei Yutu saw it clearly, shook his head and laughed. “How opportunistic.” Not bad for you.

The audience only saw the big black man covered in oily sweat, as he struggled to break free, but it didn’t help a bit, the ‘hunter’ was masked, so they couldn’t see his expression, but the person remained steadily shackled to him.

One second, two seconds, five seconds, one minute passed, and there was still no movement. The audience gradually sat down. The spectators who had previously won with Tiger began to shout loud curses, mixed with dirty words. This stimulated Tiger’s nerves. He wanted to get up, but simply could not move!

This Hunter was really fucking great! How was it possible that a young kid who looked like he was just a toddler could use so many underhanded and deadly fighting techniques so well?

“Tiger! Get up! I’ve got my money on you!”

“Tiger! Get up! Hit him!!!”

“Hunter is awesome!”

Even Tiger’s boss, Long Lang, who was far away in the VIP box, stood up, took out his cigar and stared at the ring with a dark and reproachful gaze. Wait a moment, Tiger still had a killer move that hadn’t been used! Although he didn’t know what it was, for the time being the dead horse was still a living horse.

When Tiger thought of that, he struggled to use his only hand to dig into his trouser pocket and found the small bottle that his agent had given him before going into the ring. However, he could only open it, since his body was shackled by Ping Mo, so there was no way to move the bottle. However, as soon as the cap opened, an extremely light sweet smell spread across the ring.

Ping Mo and Tiger were closest to each other, so naturally, they could tell the smell wasn’t right! Soon, the sweetness spread from the ring, expanding to all corners of the underground boxing ring.

In a matter of minutes, the whole venue was in chaos.

The first to succumb was a young male omega in a loose seat. His cheeks turned red, and he actually gasped in full view of the crowd. Black tea-scented omega pheromones immediately drifted everywhere, which attracted several alphas in the neighboring seats. The omega’s boyfriend was shocked and angry. He calmed his omega, as he scolded the surrounding alphas, “What’s so shameless about it? Have you never seen an omega’s bonding heat?”

The scolding was done, but he didn’t dare to delay, and hurriedly pulled his boyfriend away from the scene. Who could know that this was just the beginning.

The omegas in the room went into heat one after the other, and their pheromones attracted some alphas’ excitement. The scene was extraordinarily chaotic. Everywhere was filled with blushing gasps and moans. How was this still like a boxing ring? It was even more decadent than the Wind Chimes Bar next door!

The police officers waited nervously for orders, and Cheng Cheng couldn’t resist taking the initiative to connect with Colonel Lu Feng, while Pei Yutu kept his eyes on Ping Mo, ready to assist the man at any time.

Ping Mo originally thought he was safe with the inhibitors, and shouldn’ be affected, but this scent was an inducer! Plus, it was a strong inducer that had been purified at least ten times, otherwise it would not have affected so many people at once.

The alphas in the room were stimulated and became more combative in addition to their sexual impulses. Originally they just cursed Tiger alone, now the whole room was a nation of cursing. “Get up! Get up! We want to see blood!”

“Get up! Act like men! Beat him up!”

They didn’t know who they were cheering for, but the scene instantly went white hot. Ping Mo could feel Tiger’s alpha pheromones intensifying with it, very aggressively. At the same time he felt his own power was draining away.

No! His inhibitors were failing!

Tiger also felt the shackles of oppression were loosening, so he seized the moment, jerked out his leg hold and stood up!

“Hunter, you have no more strength?” Tiger moved his joints and slammed his fist over.

Ping Mo dodged. Although it was physically difficult, his reflexes of combat had become instinctive, and he rolled on the ground. The punch fell short and actually directly smashed a hole in the solid wood boxing ring!

Ping Mo gasped and stood up. His body slightly leaning forward, in a combat posture ready to attack, but only he knew that the strength was diminishing. His senses were becoming more acute, and the alpha pheromones, which hadn’t been able to affect him previously, were interfering with his brain, forcing him to go weak, and made him want to kneel, want to be soothed and want to be touched.

He suddenly began to miss those tequila-scented alpha pheromones.

Just then, as if in response to his thoughts, the familiar tequila alpha pheromones actually floated by!

Ping Mo looked at him and felt an urge to jump, to get out of the embarrassing situation, to get rid of the unbearable physical torture, to leap into the embrace of that tequila scent.


Ping Mo shook his head slowly but firmly at Pei Yutu, then lunged at Tiger, as he pressed against his left chest as he tripped him hard with his right leg.

He didn’t want to jump out of the ring. He didn’t want to be a coward who ran away in full view of everyone, and he didn’t want to be suspected as omega. His inhibitors hadn’t failed completely yet, and he could hold out for a few more minutes. It would take just a few minutes to completely beat the big guy in front of him into crawling!

Tiger lost his balance and his footing, then fell heavily. The stands immediately erupted in a burst of continuous screaming that could topple the roof. Everyone’s nerves were in a state of extreme excitement as pheromones flew around the arena.

Tiger, too, almost the instant he fell to the ground, got back up, shouted and threw several heavy punches. Ping Mo’s reaction speed wasn’t as fast as before, so he only dodged a few of them, before he took a blow that hurt as if his internal organs had shifted.

Pei Yutu refused to wait any longer, and turned over to the boxing ring. In the VIP box, watching the scene, Long Lang also stood up, the prince was born to the most notorious extraterritorial pirate organization, White Hole, but liked to be called elegant. He always acted politely and softly, but at this moment he stood up and nearly knocked over his tea.

Long Lang gripped the tea cup, his knuckles white, and the purple sand cup was actually pinched so hard it cracked. 2 “What’s going on? Why is the medicine still not working?”

The subordinate was so frightened that he wiped his sweat. “Prince, the induction agent has been purified more than ten times and all the omegas were affected. So a while ago, they all withdrew. The drug effect should work on him too, it’s just…” this person’s will power was amazing to be perverse.

The subordinates were also puzzled. Hunter was feeling it, so why still fight? Was he really so poor that he didn’t care if he died for a little appearance fee?

On the field, Hunter received a punch, and blood seeped from the corner of his mouth, but he still didn’t want to admit defeat and give in.

“Click.” Long Lang crushed the teacup. The fragments cut his fingers, and crimson blood seeped from his white skin. However, Long Lang raised his hand to stop the action of his men to give him a handkerchief, and let the blood flow out, while he looked at the ring and the more and more courageous Ping Mo. His eyes lit up with an almost excited light, and the corners of his mouth also hooked a little arc. “After all these years, he hasn’t changed at all. He never admits defeat.” But then he frowned. “Who is that person?”

‘That person’ who Long Lang referred to was Pei Yutu, who had climbed into the ring.

Pei Yutu climbed halfway up the ring, but Ping Mo barked back. Instructor Ping’s voice was a little hoarse from the bonding heat and pain, but it was also majestic. “Get off!”

Pei Yutu, “I’m not! Do you want to die?”

Ping Mo stopped fighting by dodging, built up his power and landed a heavy hook to Tiger’s jaw, a punch that drew blood. He gasped, “I told you to get the fuck down!”

Ping Mo staggered two steps, but didn’t fall down. He gritted his teeth and took a punch!

Pei Yutu had already slowly retreated.

At this moment, in addition to his heartache and worry, there was something else that made him realize that the Instructor Ping was not only a beautiful Therian, an omega in heat because of the pheromone disturbance, but also a warrior! He was beautiful, soft, but also tough, and ruthless. Pei Yutu stared in awe at the hissing, waving fists and the refusal to give in ‘Hunter’ and felt himself completely fall.

Since he wants to finish this fight by himself, then let him go. I am here to guard him! He wants to fight, then he will give him the bottom, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

The audience hissed and roared. The ring was fist to fist, Tiger suddenly threw a right hook, and Ping Mo’s mask was half broken by him!

The SWAT team still didn’t get the order, and the signal actually broke on Cheng Cheng’s military communicator. Someone must have done something. Could it be that White Hole’s people had spotted them? Now what should they do, rashly call the SWAT team to act in advance? Won’t that alert the snake? But if they didn’t act, could Team Leader Ping still hold up?

Under the broken mask, the right half of the face was revealed. Sweat and blood made the face unrecognizable, but the stands still let out a loud whistle.

This Hunter was actually a little beauty!

Tiger, who also saw the situation, froze for a moment, then he laughed, “No wonder you wear a mask. Your face could really fucking hook a man. Are you sure you aren’t really an omega?”

Cheng Cheng had also squeezed to the front. He heard this, and his heart sank. If Tiger used a pheromone attack, Team Leader Ping wouldn’t be so lucky! He gritted his teeth. He no longer cared about orders. He turned around and was about to rush up, but was pulled back by a more powerful force!

“Pei Yutu?”

Pei Yutu brought the man back stiffly, “Don’t move. He doesn’t like it.”

Cheng Cheng was so anxious that his eyes were about to pop out, “What nonsense are you talking about? What’s the point of talking about liking it or not? He’s an omega. Against that kind of opponent, something will happen. Let go of me now!”

Pei Yutu, on the other hand, increased his strength, and clamped his hands around him in an iron grip. “I trust him.” Even if he really couldn’t hold on, Peo was close at hand, he was sure to rush over first, but not right now. Ping Mo can still go on.

Ping Mo staggered a step, wiped the blood from the corner of his lips, then popped up violently, knees raised, body in the air, the whole body strength in the right leg, wrapped in a strong wind as he viciously smashed a hit.


That was the back of Tiger’s neck, one of the most vulnerable positions of the human body!

Even though Tiger was strong and sturdy like a small mountain, Ping Mo’s kick was infused with 120% of his strength and the strong thin and slender calf seemed like steel as it smashed straight through, and immediately emitted a sore bone cracking sound.

Tiger finally could not support himself and fell to the ground. This time, he couldn‘t get up again. Ping Mo put one hand up and made a victory pose. The audience again sent a wave of cheers and screams.

After all this time, the final kick was the winner! It was a divine kick!

But no one knew that the right leg of ‘Hunter’ was most likely broken. It was not a divine kick, but a way to kill a thousand enemies and lose eight hundred. It was simple and effective, and he defeated his opponent before the inhibitors failed, without losing face or revealing his identity.

Ping Mo gritted his teeth and endured the pain, Pei Yutu was quick to catch him. Ping Mo wanted to struggle, but at the moment his Therian inhibitors were on the verge of failure. The dry and spicy tequila pheromones calmed his agitated emotions, and more importantly, his legs were no longer fit to walk forcibly.

At the same time, Leng Li also ran out, ready to grab Ping Mo, but saw Pei Yutu steal him first. She rolled her eyes, but knew that now was not the time to fuss. She became busy as she guided them to the lounge, but since Hunter just won the game, this kind of tragic victory excited the spectators. When he came off the stage, there were countless guests surrounding him and cheering.

At this moment, except for Ping Mo, the omega guests in the arena had almost been evacuated, but the emotions of the alpha people were still high, so this siege was more intense than usual.

Long Lang, who was in a VIP box high above, ordered in a low voice, “Restore communication, let’s fish in the water.” 3

The fish he wanted to touch was naturally Instructor Ping, who had just won a victory.

The police were all directed to one of the leaders of the White Hole, Long Lang’s uncle Long Lang, in one of the boxes, while Cheng Cheng remained in place, holding his M117 pistol hidden in his pocket, ready to fire, but with his eyes on Ping Mo.

The guests didn’t notice this turn of events, and no one noticed that a team of people took advantage of the chaos to approach Ping Mo’s direction. As chance would have it, the crowd of alphas’ pheromones mixed together and formed a concoction that broke through Ping Mo’s faltering inhibitor defense. The sweet and tangy grapefruit pheromones, enough to make alphas for dozens of miles around excited, overflowed.

Pei Yutu made an immediate decision and bit Ping Mo on the back of his neck gland when everyone failed to realize what the source was.

In the panic and chaos, no one actually noticed this detail, except for Cheng Cheng, who kept his eyes on Ping Mo, Leng Li, who was close to the guide, and Long Lang, who had just pushed his way through the crowd.


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Translator Notes:

  1. textbook example of  a big payoff using minimal effort
  2. purple sand china or Yixing china is known for being especially prized because the unglazed surface absorbs flavors which creates more complex flavors. It’s not actually purple.
  3. to fish in the water = to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain, to fish in troubled waters.


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