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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Leng Li almost lost her eyes. “Pei Yutu, what are you doing?!”

Was she crazy, or was she hallucinating? Pei Yutu was biting Ping’s glands! What were the two alphas doing here?

Unlike Leng Li’s shock, Cheng Cheng pulled out his gun and pointed it at Pei Yutu, as he shouted, “Don’t insult him!”

Pei Yutu held Ping Mo and said, “None of your business. He didn’t even say anything.”

Instructor Ping actually couldn’t say anything anymore.

His body’s Therian inhibitors had been depleted, and the air was also filled with ten times purified induction agent. As an omega, collapsing into a soft puddle wouldn’t be uncommon, not to mention he’d also suffered a flesh wound and a broken leg. At this moment, he could barely stand, and only made it to where he was by his absolutely amazing willpower. In the face of such a situation, he didn’t know what to say. He was also afraid to open his mouth, because he would let out a moan of pain, so he simply bit his lips in a cold sweat.

Pei Yutu, “If you have the guts to shoot me, do you have the ability to get him out of here?”

Now, Cheng Cheng really hesitated. He had a job to do. Ping Mo was obviously in danger of going into heat at any moment, and the place was full of hyperactive and panicked alphas. If someone hadn’t made a snap decision to temporarily mark Team Leader Ping, the consequences would have been unthinkable, but, but why was it Pei Yutu? Cheng thought as he gritted his teeth, why Pei Yutu and not himself?

Cheng Cheng’s reasoning and emotions were at war, and his trigger finger was sweating a little, but someone was one step ahead of him, and put a Z55 caliber laser gun directly against Pei Yutu’s temple.

It was Long Lang!

No one expected such a move. He appeared silently, and since Pei Yutu was holding a wounded man, and momentarily unable to move, he actually got targeted.

Cheng Cheng also reacted, but as his gun turned to Long Lang, there were suddenly more than a dozen guns pointed at him. In addition to this, there were actually a few gun muzzles pointed at Leng Li. These several people were controlled by Long Lang’s people.

“Who are you?!” Cheng Cheng asked in a deep voice, he noticed that the Z55 in Long Lang’s hand was modified. If this were the Alliance military, the person would be at least the rank of major or above with this kind of firearm. However, not only did this person have a Z55, even his men were also well-equipped, not at all like grass-roots bandits but like thieves.

Long Lang ignored him, his gaze locked on Ping Mo in Pei Yutu’s arms as he asked softly, “Are you protecting him? Even if you point a knife at me, it’s too little.”

Only then did Cheng Cheng realize that Long Lang had a shiny military dagger against his neck at some point! He had always known that his captain carried a weapon with him at all times and places, and he was very quick to pull his knife. This time, however, he had the preconception that he was injured and affected by the induction agent, so he didn’t pay attention to when he drew his knife.  Perhaps he put it against the man with a gun the same time the man put the gun against Pei Yutu.

When he thought about that, Cheng Cheng’s heart moved. That was his captain. As he himself said, whether omega or alpha, it didn’t affect his power. That military dagger’s position was tricky and precise. As long as there was a light cut, the carotid artery and trachea would be sliced and he would be killed. 

The hand holding the dagger was a bit pale because of the blood loss from the injury, which revealed an alabaster-like translucent texture. Ping Mo finally opened his mouth. His voice was a bit hoarse because of the pain, “You know me?”

The sound of the firefight between the police and the White Hole leader, Long Lang, 1 was close at hand, the guests running around in confusion and the waiters in a screaming mess. Meanwhile, Long Lang was still being held by a sharp blade, but he wasn’ affected at all. His gaze burned as he looked at Ping Mo, and his tone was actually a bit aggrieved, “You don’t remember anything?”

Ping Mo couldn’t help but look closely at that person. The person appeared to be twenty-eight or twenty-nine years old, white skin, tall, a pair of glasses on his nose bridge, and looked refined even standing in the chaos of the underground boxing ring. He also can’t hide his calm noble air, like a nobleman who entered the casino by mistake. Even the fingers that held the gun were clean and slender, not like a hand that should hold a gun, but should hold a pen instead.

A very distinctive person.

Still,  Instructor Ping was sure that he had no memory of him.

Long Lang lowered his eyelashes. His eyes fell on the military dagger at his neck. “So heartless. The last time we parted, I said I would marry you when we met again.”

This was ambiguous, and the listening Pei Yutu directly burst out, “What the fuck are you talking about?!”

Long Lang looked at him. The gentle and elegant temperament was gone, the eyes behind the lens had narrowed, and now were dangerous and mean. “Ping Mo, your vision really isn’t very good.”

Pei Yutu had a gun held to his head, but he was more cross than Long Lang. “You have bad vision, you four-eyed, white chicken! I can choke you to death with one hand!”

He even clutched the gun at his temple and twisted it with brute force!

Everything happened in a flash, Long Lang never thought the big man would be reckless to that  extent, and actually grab the gun with his bare hand. He subconsciously pulled the trigger, and  heard a “bang.” The bullet fired out of the muzzle of the gun, pierced the ceiling, and causing a shriek.

The special police officers had somehow chased everyone out of the underground boxing ring, and the entire ring was on lockdown. Some guests and waiters, boxers, heard the sound of gunfire and scattered, which quickly left a large open area near the ring.

Pei Yutu had seized the opportunity to grab the gun. As the two argued, bang bang bang a few loud, z55 bullets were fired, then he pulled Long Lang’s collar, and asked in a cold voice, “What the fuck did you say? Do you know Ping Mo?”

This man was obviously an alpha. Why did he say Ping Mo promised to marry him?

“Not only do we know each other, we even ate at the same table.” Long Lang said word by word, “and slept in the same bed!”

“FUCKING BULLSHIT!” Pei Yutu suddenly burst out, swung his fist and hit him. Long Lang was also unwilling to show weakness. He looked refined, but was extremely ruthless. His body was not less than that of a trained warrior. These two people obviously met for the first time, had only said a few words, but now fought like two life and death enemies.

Long Lang’s men intended to help, but the two were wrestling so closely that they didn’t dare shoot, afraid to hurt their prince. During their hesitation, Pei Yutu broke Long Lang’s glasses, temporarily prevailed, and swung down at him.

But this was also equivalent to selling a weak point. One of Long Lang’s men who was nearest, raised his sniper gun, but before any sound of gunfire, there was a scream. It turned out that Ping Mo reacted within a thousandth of a second and the dagger went straight into his shoulder blade!

However Ping Mo pulled on his wounds with this move, and he was gradually weakening because of the induction agent. His entire body was immediately covered in cold sweat, and a lot of the omega pheromones that he had been containing overflowed. He didn’t dare moan and tightly bit his lips, as he desperately forced himself to endure.

Both of the men stopped fighting and looked over in unison.

Pei Yutu was the first to throw away Long Lang, as he rushed over with a single bound to pick up the shaking Ping Mo.

The change happened so fast that when the men turned their guns, they heard Long Long shout, “Don’t hurt him!” Then he added, “Kill the big guy.”

The men all knew who the ‘him’ referred to, so they were afraid to shoot, and had to resort to physical combat, which gave Pei Yutu and Ping Mo the opportunity to leave.

Pei Yutu held Ping Mo tightly, as he fought with his free hand and retreated, while he also instructed Cheng Cheng, “You cover the back!”

Cheng Cheng sucked in a big breath, as he looked at the way he was holding his captain. He wanted to kill him. If it came to weapons and firearms, Ping Mo was a pro. When it comes to physical combat, Pei Yutu’s advantage as a super top alpha immediately comes to the fore.

He was tall, with Ping Mo still in his arms, he grabbed the enemy’s weapon with his bare hands. He shot several beautiful point-blank shots, piercing the knees of two opponents. After the bullets were used, he simply used the butt of the gun, and smashed it into the back of their heads.

Pei Yutu was a good fighter, and Cheng Cheng covered well. Leng Li was also not to be outdone, as she grabbed a wine bottle and smashed it on the head of an enemy who tried to attack them. The wine splashed everywhere, and the man cursed but didn’t fall to the ground. He turned his gun around.

The prince ordered them not to hurt Ping Mo, but never said not to hurt others. The big man was obviously protecting Ping Mo, so they didn’t dare to shoot him. Wouldn’t they dare to shoot such an irrelevant woman?

However, the man didn’t get to pull the trigger after all. Pei Yutu kicked him so hard that both the gun and man flew far away, then hit the carefully decorated marble walls of the boxing ring, and cracked the wall in the blink of an eye.

Leng Li was dumbfounded by Teaching Assistant Pei’s strength. Only after a long time did she manage to say, “Thank you.”

Pei Yutu, however, was too impatient to be polite with her. “Stay close to me!”

At the same time, Cheng Cheng’s headset sounded with Lu Feng’s voice. He heard the order and snapped to Long Lang. The SWAT team that had successfully captured Long Lang went back and released the blocked passage. The reinforcements had arrived!

“No!” Long Lang said, his face turned an ugly color as he suddenly let out a low curse. He looked at the reinforcements pouring in and muttered, “Those aren ‘t SWAT, they’re special forces. The old thing named Lu has ambushed us.”

“Let’s go!”

Long Lang walked away crisply, not at all attached to the battle. The additional special forces also followed him and quickly withdrew. Cheng Cheng looked at Ping Mo, but Pei Yutu didn’t wait for him to speak,and just said gruffly, “Go your way. I’ve got him.”

Cheng Cheng wanted to say something, but chose to obey orders and followed after the others.

Long Lang’s group had burst in and out, surrounded Ping Mo with weapons but hadn’t done him any real harm, as if they were just rushing into the crowd to talk to him and catch up.

However, before he could breathe a sigh of relief, Pei Yutu smelled the familiar sweet grapefruit omega pheromones that suddenly spilled into the air. Ping Mo was at the end of his rope, and couldn’t hold on any longer.

Therian’s omega pheromones were more likely to drive alphas into a frenzy, not to mention Instructor Ping whose pheromone indicators were ridiculously high. Sweet grapefruit pheromones released like a flood. Even with a temporary marker, it was too late for him to cover the source.

The alphas who were stranded in the boxing ring all flashed their eyes towards Ping Mo.

Ping Mo’s mask had long since disappeared, but because of the pained bowing of his body, his sweaty bangs covered his face, so there was no risk of being recognized. He also looked extraordinarily weak at the moment. However, even though there was the fierce-looking Pei Yutu by his side, he was only one person. Now that there were no special police to maintain order, and many of the alphas present were too stupid not to move.

Leng Li was also stunned by this turn of events. She saw her Brother Ping was hurt, and with cheeks flushed as he sweated like crazy, but that sweat was sweet, and exuded a richer and even more attractive grapefruit fragrance.

He didn’t have even a hint of the familiar vetiver grass smell.

This time she couldn’t deceive herself and identify Ping Mo as an alpha. In addition to shock, for Leng Li, there was a trace of surprise that was mixed with a little bewilderment. She didn’t have time to breathe in the scent before Pei Yutu took off his own clothes, covered Ping Mo, and then held him in his arms. “Is there a back way out?”

Leng Li only glanced at the locust-like influx of the vast alphas, and turned around at once. “Follow me!”

She led Pei Yutu through a special staff passage. The way was unobstructed, but the exit was blocked. Leng Li turned her head to look at the alpha group trailing behind her and said urgently, “It’s locked from the outside, and I don’t know if someone is guarding it. It’s too late to negotiate with them.”

Pei Yutu kicked a stalker away and suddenly asked, “What about over there? Isn’t that door open?”

Leng Li, “Ah, that exit failed the fire safety test, so last year it was simply sealed off, and there are steel bars outside.”

“Go that way.” Pei Yutu held Ping Mo as he strode past. Instructor Ping was tightly covered by his clothes, and didn’t know what the situation was at the moment. However, Leng Li thought her eyes were playing tricks on her because she thought she saw a long fluffy tail hiding beneath the person in Pei Yutu’s arms.

Just as Leng Li just finished rubbing her eyes, she saw an even more shocking scene. Pei Yutu gently put the person down, then kicked open the steel seal.

Leng Li, “!!!”

Before she could finish marveling at Pei Yutu’s strength, Teaching Assistant Pei picked up the person again and said without looking around, “You go back.”

Leng Li wasn’t willing to let Pei Yutu leave with Ping Mo in heat, so she chased after him on her high heels. “I have to stay and take care of Ping!”

Pei Yutu was holding a big live person, but also walking as fast as he could. Leng Li actually had to run to keep up. Once in front of the spacecraft, Teaching Assistant Pei finally compromised as he pulled out the keys. The keys cut a beautiful parabola in the air before they fell into Leng Li’s arms.

“You drive. Go to the hospital.”

Kitten Ping wasn’t lightly injured, and he didn’t know how bad his leg was, so he couldn’t risk any after-effects.

In the spacecraft, Leng Li was in the driver’s seat holding the steering wheel, but she would glance in the rearview mirror from time to time. Unfortunately, Ping Mo was still wrapped tightly, but the car wasn’t ventilated, so the sweet grapefruit omega pheromones became more prominent.

A female alpha’s sensitivity to pheromones had a certain lag, so Leng Li breathing gradually had a sharp rise. She blushed and turned her head to ask, “How is Brother Ping?”

Then she saw…a pair of fluffy cat ears? Leng Li couldn’t help but stare.

She was answered by the sound of rummaging, and then a bottle of blocker was thrown over her head, and Pei Yutu said fiercely, “Drive the car properly. Turn around, and don’t be rude!”

When they got into the car, Pei Yutu gave him another temporary mark. Ping Mo drifted off to sleep. Now when he heard the movement, in his arms Instructor Ping grunted in his sleep and twisted his body uneasily. The cat’s ears on top of his head also shook.

Pei Yutu knew he was in pain and was heartbroken. He complained that this person’s fierce man baggage was too heavy, that he was never willing to give in and would rather suffer and die than lose face. So he was caught off guard when he heard an almost petulant, “Pei Yutu, I hurt.”


The author has something to say: 

Hello, your pampered military instructor is online.


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Translator Notes:

  1. G: I believe this is the older, uncle Long Lang here.


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August 29, 2022 1:43 pm

I knew it! I was sure that was that omega from the past and I was right! Now question is he really is omega or not! Whole situation was extremely dangerous (๑•﹏•)
Thank You for the new chapter ( ˘ ³˘)♥

August 29, 2022 8:48 pm

I was wondering how the author planned to get Ping Mo to sleep with his hubby. I guess it’s the same old ‘in heat and has to have sex or it won’t stop’. Cliche, but I guess it works.

August 30, 2022 2:20 am

He’s not escaped has he? 🤦‍♀️ Sounds like they got the Uncle Long Lang though.
Very close call.
Poor Cheng Cheng; harboured feelings all this time?
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