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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Once the words came out, Instructor Ping and Pei Yutu both had very wonderful expressions.

Ping Mo’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot. The murderous aura almost condensed into substance, and he seemed to want to kill their POW on the spot. Slingshot was so scared that his legs were weak, and he almost knelt right then and there.

Pei Yutu was first shocked, then the corners of his mouth rose wildly, before he very righteously shoved Slingshot into the car, and thus temporarily avoided Instructor Ping’s murderous aura. With a bang, Teaching Assistant Pei shut the light bulb in the mecha vehicle before he smiled and asked, “Ping Mo, what did you just compliment me on?”

Instructor Ping twitched his cat ears unconsciously, and said in annoyance, “Nothing!”

Pei Yutu, “I heard you. You complimented me on my cuteness.”

Ping Mo, “…”

“The last time I was complimented on my cuteness was when I was in kindergarten. Since elementary school, I’ve been a problem child who has beaten everyone in the school, and the older I get, the more annoying I get.”

“…” Ping Mo looked away, “You are quite self-aware.” So he knows he’s annoying.

Pei Yutu smugly said, “Dare to praise me as cute? You’re not blind. A lover’s beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.”

“Who the hell is your lover?”

Pei Yutu said loudly, “We’ve already slept together!”

Ping Mo subconsciously glanced into the car window. Slingshot lightning-like twisted his head, and pretended he hadn’t heard anything. The veins in Instructor Ping’s forehead jumped, and the back of his neck flushed suspiciously red. He gritted his teeth, lowered his voice and said, “Pei Yutu, do you have no shame?” 

Was this the kind of thing that could be proclaimed everywhere with a loud voice?

Teaching Assistant Pei replied crisply, “No!” Then he opened his mouth, showed a mouthful of neat white teeth, and actually smiled with the flavor of sunshine and youth.

Ping Mo’s heart inexplicably missed a beat. Although this person was a little dark from too much time in the sun and had thick skin, his features were handsome, especially when he smiled. It was very infectious, as if any unhappy things could be washed away by that smile. Why was it that the more he looked at Pei Yutu, the better he looked? It couldn’t be a side effect of being completely marked, right?

Instructor Ping hadn’t taken a serious physiological hygiene class and had a half-understanding of AO’s gender knowledge, and dared not jump to conclusions. He wanted to put a dagger against the other party’s neck, and tell him clearly that he wouldn’t be responsible for him, but when he met Pei Yutu’s dark, hot eyes, he couldn’t do it. Finally, he waved the tip of his tail in annoyance and asked, “What do you mean?”

Pei Yutu grabbed Ping Mo’s hand without warning. “Let’s get married.”

Ping Mo, “…”

Even if he had never been in love, he had heard and seen lovers, and knew that confessions shouldn’t be so hasty. Even without flowers and rings, there should still be sweet words. How could anyone be so straightforward in asking for marriage? However, immediately after Pei Yutu gave a more weighty afterword than the flowers and rings, “When we return to the main planet, I will take you to meet my family, and then I will report to my superiors and ask for wedding leave, you can rest assured that I will be responsible for you–“

This was arranging the future, which was more real than flowers or honeyed words. This person was trying to give him the rest of his life. Such a big gift was something he really dared not accept.

Ping Mo swiftly pulled his hand away and looked up at Pei Yutu. “No! I mean,” Ping Mo looked away, long eyelashes lowered to hide the panic in his eyes. “I mean, I’m not the kind of omega who will fall for you, and force you to take responsibility if I’m marked. You don’t have to do that.”

Pei Yutu sighed in his heart. I know, of course. You are the kind of omega that’s too good. I have money and face, a career without any mistakes, and in the future will have power. How many ordinary omegas’ choices of spouse are so good? Unfortunately, you are not ordinary at all.

Ping Mo really wasn’t ordinary.

“I’m not saying this only because I want to take responsibility either. Ping Mo, I like you.”


‘Like’ and ‘in love’ touched Instructor Ping’s knowledge blind spot. He would rather fight with 10,000 mutant animals than answer such a question, but unfortunately now the wind and waves were calm. Even the poisonous mushrooms hadn’t released a spore. The area was completely quiet.

Ping Mo had to face reality and asked dryly, “Then why do you like me?”

Pei Yutu blurted out, “You’re good-looking! And–”

However, after this ‘and’, Pei Yutu didn’t say what else he was thinking. His Instructor Ping was simply too good. In addition to the most obvious good-looking, there were too many advantages to list. However, those things, such as ‘very good fighter’, and ‘very righteous’, seemed to have nothing to do with flowers and snow, and shouldn’t be said at this time to ruin the scenery.

Ping Mo didn’t wait for him to come up with the right words, and said with relief, “There are plenty of good-looking omegas.”

Pei Yutu said sharply, “No! I’ve never seen a better-looking one than you!”

Ping Mo waved his hand, very relaxed. “You complimenting me as ‘good-looking’ is as useful as ‘beautiful hands.’”

After he said that, he pulled open the vehicle door and jumped in.

Slingshot, who had been eavesdropping, hastily shrank to the other side, stuck close to the vehicle door, and kept the farthest distance from Instructor Ping.

Ping Mo wasn’t interested in abusing the POW anymore. He recalled the conversation he just had, and when he heard Pei Yutu’s ‘you’re good looking’ reason, Ping Mo wasn’t surprised and was actually relieved.

After all, between an alpha and omega, they were usually only with each other to solve physical problems, so why must feelings be involved? They were both adults.

There were so many good-looking omegas, and Pei Yutu, that face con, would move on sooner or later, so Ping Mo knew he didn’t have to worry too much, but somehow, while letting go of the big stone in his heart, Instructor Ping also felt empty, and not as happy as he had expected.

“That…Instructor Ping, your cat ears are gone.” Slingshot’s cautious reminder interrupted Ping Mo’s thoughts, and Pei Yutu, who had just sat down in the driver’s seat, turned his head and saw that the fluffy cat ears on top of Ping Mo’s head were indeed gone, and only soft black hair was left.

Ping Mo also subconsciously reached out and touched his head, and made a strange association in his heart. It seemed that his cat ears and tail disappeared when those charming thoughts disappeared.

For a moment, Ping Mo thought he could now control his cat body and human form, but then he wasn’t sure. After all, he had been living off Therian-specific inhibitors since his differentiation. Without them, his life had become a mess when he began physically maturing, so he’d never tried to control the transformation between the two forms.

Slingshot said worriedly, “Since we don’t have Instructor Ping with cat ears, what if we run into the mutant white rats again?”

“It’s just a bunch of rats. You don’t need Instructor Ping to do it.” Pei Yutu coaxed the mecha into action.

In less than two days’ time, Legacy Base had been completely transformed. The ruined metal lab frames and broken steel and concrete buildings were all gone, and greenery was all over the place. This green didn’t convey a sense of vitality, but rather a sense of slaughter and danger. Mecha vehicles were everywhere in the sprawling forest, and there were also many bodies and white bones.

Since the entire deserted base was cut off from the energy supply, except for the artificial light that still maintained basic operation, even satellite navigation couldn’t be used. Pei Yutu followed his memory as he drove towards the coalition’s large command center.

On the way, except for the white bones and corpses, they didn’t see a living person. The atmosphere in the vehicle gradually turned gloomy. Ping Mo said in a dark voice, “If something happens to my students, for this event, I will find White Hole.”

Slingshot said, “Instructor Ping, in all honesty, we didn’t attack by destroying the protective net!”

However, ever since he learned that Slingshot was suspected as Long Lang’s confidant, Ping Mo didn’t trust the man. “Don’t worry, I’ll settle the score with the culprit. Your ‘Prince.”

The suggestion was that he wouldn’t implicate those in the battle that followed orders, so the man could speak with confidence.

“Tell me about White Hole.”

Although Ping Mo and White Hole fought for many years, the Raptors were a sharp knife and 90% of their tasks were assassinations. Team Leader Ping was particularly violent and cold, and did things cleanly. He would not ask for a word of nonsense, but he also didn’t seriously collect information about White Hole.

Slingshot resigned himself to his fate, and actually talked about White Hole’s background.

The former boss was Long Li, Long Lang’s biological father, who started White Hole when he was young. After he took his seat, he spent his time getting countless siblings and countless mothers for Long Lang.

Long Lang was a ruthless character. Even in his teenage years, he understood how to eliminate the dissidents, and killed countless brothers. White Cave’s older people secretly called him vicious and that he “belonged to the cuckoo,” but Long Li’s attitude was very ambiguous. In the beginning, for punishments, he only reprimanded him, and gradually, he just turned a blind eye.

“The brothers say that the old man was deliberately training him, wanting the most ruthless and capable successor to the prince to live up to expectations, so now everyone is afraid of him. He lives a very private life, while the old man is completely different. It’s said that because the old man’s son is too much, it’s left him with a psychological shadow. But I personally heard him say that he met a particularly good omega, and they agreed to grow up together, so his eyes can no longer tolerate others. When he can come, he will take that omega back to White Hole. Instructor Ping, I guess that omega is you.”

Ping Mo, “…” He had no recollection of any engagement. He searched his heart and soul to recall what he could have to do with the Prince of White Hole.

It was Pei Yutu who burst out first. “Aren’t you tired of living with this captive? Shut up if you don’t know how to talk! Did I instruct you to tell a story?”

Even if you do tell a story, you shouldn’t glorify that pervert surnamed Long like that, and instead throw dirty water on him as promised? Slingshot looks timid and cowardly, but he’s got a lot of guts to do something like that!

When Slingshot saw Ping Mo’s expression, he hastened to apologize and said, “Actually, it’s not that hard to find the coordinates of White Hole, but it’s not possible to rely on instruments.”

At that moment, Pei Yutu suddenly shouted, “Sit tight!”

The mecha tank sped up, and through the window Ping Mo saw a dense, white field of giant mutant rats!

Slingshot howled in an inhuman voice, “They eat people!”

Pei Yutu took control of the battlefield mecha tank, and made a beautiful U-turn which plunged them into the densest area of white rats and instantly crushed them into a blur of flesh and blood. As the mecha drove away, unknown showy flowers poked their stems and leaves into the corpses of those white rats, as they greedily sucked up nutrients.

However as the rats grew in number, Slingshot shouted, “Watch out! These rats can get high on carcasses! They chewed through our mecha! We won’t last much longer! Instructor Ping, do you have any way to bring out your cat ears?”

“His ears and tail are more random than your stupid mouth! Ping Mo, you control the weapon. Although it’s just empty shells, at least it can help for a while”

Still, Instructor Ping didn’t move, and just sat in place. He closed his eyes tightly, as he tried to mobilize his emotions, but there was nothing.

“Ping Mo?”

“Pei Yutu, try releasing your pheromones!”

Pei Yutu didn’t understand at all. “What?”

Instructor Ping had no intention of talking any more nonsense, so he briskly jumped from the back row to the driver’s seat, and kissed Pei Yutu without any reason.

“Danger! Mn…!”

The alpha pheromones with their tequila scent were strong, followed by sweet omega pheromones that filled the vehicle. Instructor Ping kissed him and didn’t stop for a moment. Then he lifted the top of the mecha off and leapt out. Through the bulletproof glass of the mecha, they could see his body was athletic and slender, the military dagger in his hands sharp and, at the top of his head, the fluffy cat ears stood up, while behind him his long tail also gently waved with his movements.


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Although a baddie, poor Slingshot is really on fragile ground with these 2 😂
The Deadly Duo.
Marry him, Ping Mo, but don’t underestimate the depth of his feelings (he’s just amazingly bad at finishing the most important sentences!)
Hope the students are all ok and they’re reunited with everyone soon. Then they can concentrate on squashing Whit Hole.
Thanks for translating and editing.

September 18, 2022 4:25 pm

Thank you so much for translating and sharing❤️ I honestly love these two😍😍😍 they are too cute!!

September 20, 2022 12:46 pm

Thank You for the new chapter (。’▽’。)♡

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