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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


This time, many victims’ skeletons were found from the den of mutant white rats, and more than 300 survivors could be rescued, which greatly advanced the rescue process. The biggest contributor was Instructor Ping.

Pei Yutu guessed that he was thinking of the students, military instructor and military personnel who had died, and was afraid that he would take the blame on himself, so he didn’t bother. He just stayed quietly by his side and quietly held his hand when no one was looking. However, while Instructor Ping himself didn’ take the credit, the word had spread through the whole Legacy Base of his feat.

Now everyone knew that Ping Mo was a top alpha with great skills and no fear of death. Someone who broke into the rat hole by himself, and single-handedly cleared the lair of those mutant rats which saved more than 300 lives.

“Instructor Ping of the AMTC, the one who is particularly good looking, I met him at the party!”

“I’ve met with the mutant white rats, they are very aggressive, even the iron can move, it takes two or three armed alpha to kill one of them. If they are in a group, people can only run away. Instructor Ping dared to break into the nest alone! That is a great single combat ability!”


“We questioned him during the meeting, but now I’m blushing when I think about it. That little white boy is really something!”

“Are you still calling him a ‘white boy’? Watch your words. I’m convinced by people who are capable. I’ve never been convinced by anyone but Captain Pei, and I’m really convinced by Instructor Ping!”

“I’m also convinced! With such a powerful character, I wonder which unit he’s from? I’ve never heard of him before, though.”


“I envy you guys at the AMTC. You can see Instructor Ping every day. He’s really handsome. A and handsome, ah, ah! Are there many omegas who like him?”

“Of course. He’s the most popular military instructor in our school. In addition to omegas and betas, there are also alphas that like him. After all, Instructor Ping is so good-looking, you know, even though no one dares to tell him. He is particularly grumpy, and certainly couldn’t stand to have alphas masturbating about him.”

“I’ve heard that he and Teaching Assistant Pei’s relationship isn’t ordinary.”

“You girls, do not mess with a cp. Instructor Ping will find you to fix the account. They only have a good relationship. That is brotherly love.”

“Instructor Ping is bad-tempered, but to an omega, he is a gentleman. Not only students like him, there are young omega teachers that are secretly in love with him, but unfortunately-“


“Unfortunately Instructor Ping is a big straight A. He doesn’t understand anything to do with relationships. Even though he is good-looking and so likable, he’s still single.”

“It’s uncomfortable.” A clear, nice voice interjected.

“Hello, teacher!”

A few students who were gossiping with great interest were caught red-handed, and stood up with their tongues out.

The person in front of them was none other than the Alliance Officer Engineering University’s teacher, Green Tea.

“You guys take it easy,” Green Tea habitually maintained the image of a teacher in front of the students. “Anyway, since there’s nothing to do now, I’ll listen to you about Instructor Ping.”


The rescue operation went well, but because the tarmac had been damaged by mutant plants, the starship couldn’t dock, and they had to switch to a small craft to connect. Two days of work had already sent away five groups of survivors in accordance with the ‘wounded first’, ‘students first’ and ‘omegas first’ principle. On the third day, of the coalition’s ‘Grand Command’, only military instructors and the Blue troops were left except for one omega teacher, and a Prisoner of War.

The search and rescue mission was nearing its end, and the atmosphere of the evening’s protective vigil was more relaxed.

“If it goes well, we can go back tomorrow. Tonight is the last night on Legacy Base, so we can leave this hellhole!” Military Instructor Zhou fell back into his chair, and breathed a long sigh of relief.

“There should be no surprises. The life detector has shown no survivors.” Cao LingXin said.

At these words, everyone fell into silence, then someone raised a military canteen and said, “To our fallen comrades.”

“To our fallen comrades.”

“To our fallen comrades!”

The crowd raised a glass, and Pei Yutu quietly looked at Kitten Ping’s face. Before he could make out his expression, Miao Fan filled his face with a large mouthful of water, then slapped the bottle onto the table. “If only there was wine!”

Lu DongWang, “Come on, it’s a mission. If it wasn’t for Instructor Ping ending the nest of those mutant white rats, we wouldn’t even be able to drink water right now. we’d still be out there searching for help.”

“I agree, the second cup should be to Instructor Ping!” The search and rescue team members raised their water bottles.

“Eh, eh, eh, wait!” Military Instructor Zhou suddenly interrupted them. “Who said there’s no wine? You guys wait!”

A few moments later, Military Instructor Zhou returned with two unopened bottles of white wine. “Look at this!”

“Damn, dude! Where did you get it?”

“The Prisoner of War’s utility room. I just found it yesterday. I don’t know which session of the skills competition left it here.”

“Zhou Han, what the fuck are you doing looking at the POW? Didn’t I say no one is allowed to care about him?” Pei Yutu’s eyes glared, and his mouth opened to curse people.

Military Instructor Zhou’s momentum immediately weakened, as he pinched the bottle of wine vainly and said, “Yesterday you were outside for the search and rescue, and he fussed a lot. He said he had a wound infection, and needed anti-inflammatory medicine. I sent him medicine. After rummaging around trying to find some, I found these two bottles of treasure.”

Pei Yutu continued to curse, but Zhou Han raised his hand. “While I also took a look at the wine, the Prisoner of War, Slingshot, is still there. Don’t worry, he was beaten by you, is unable to take care of himself, plus he’s also tied by the mutant vine so he can’t run.”

Ping Mo looked at Pei Yutu suspiciously. “Why did you beat him up?”

“He needs to be beaten up just because he looks like that. What more reason do you need?” Pei Yutu coughed lightly, “Come on, come on. Didn’t you say to toast Instructor Ping? Now that we have the wine, don’t hold back!”

Since the ‘mutant white rat lair’ battle, Instructor Ping’s status in everyone’s heart has risen sharply, and there was no one who didn’t admire him. However, the topic inevitably pulled back to the rescue, and a mention of the rat hole and the skeletons. Another sigh, Pei Yutu was afraid of his own Kitten Ping again being in the bull’s-eye, so he quickly interrupted, “Don’t talk about such a heavy topic, okay? I’m tired even if you’re not tired.”

“Yes,” Lu DongWang, as Pei Yutu’s vice-captain, habitually backed him up. “It’ll be a long night, so it’s good to talk about something light, and there’s wine. Now that the mission is over, we can have a drink. It’s fine!”

Teaching Assistant Pei was very satisfied with the cooperation of his base friend, and gave him a look of approval.

This way Kitten Ping could at least have a peaceful and relaxing night. He had been rushing along the front line to save people these two days, and was physically and mentally tired. However, after a few days of fighting side by side, the group had gotten acquainted, and once they relaxed, the topic between adult alphas easily entered NSFW territory.

After three rounds of drinks, someone said, “Actually, I still can’t forget the omega from the day the electronic protection net broke.”

“Fuck! Me too!”

“Fuck, me too.”

Pei Yutu, “…”

Teaching Assistant Pei felt that the conversation was moving in a dangerous direction, and was about to interrupt, when he heard Miao Fan ask bitchily, “Instructor Ping, why don’t you say something? What did you think of that omega?”

Ping Mo was lost in thought, and asked absentmindedly, “What omega?”

“Ah! It’s the one who is so sweet! The one who attracted almost all the alphas on the whole base! His pheromones seem to be a sweet grapefruit scent?”

Ping Mo, “…”

Pei Yutu was afraid that his military instructor would flip out and get someone killed on the spot, so he said, “Can you guys behave yourselves?”

Unfortunately, this time Lu DongWang was very bad. He’d probably drunk a lot, and had a little bit of a head. Red-faced, he said, “What serious people? Brother Pei, you also told us that the omega was sweet. That day was particularly cool, huh?”

Ping Mo, “…”

The crowd, “!!!”

Miao Fan immediately gave him an admiring look. “Leader Pei, you found that omega?”

Pei Yutu took a quick glance at Ping Mo, and thought he might be finished. Still calm on the surface, he said, “How is that possible? I was guessing.”

“Gee whiz, there’s no need to guess.” One person said with a big tongue. “I know with my butt that they must be good. After all, his pheromones are so sweet! Don’t you think so, Instructor Ping?”

Ping Mo replied with an expressionless face, “Heh.”

Pei Yutu instantly felt chills run down his spine, and decided he couldn’t stay, so he pulled Ping Mo up and left. “It’s almost time to change shifts. I’ll go call the next shift!”

“No more drinks?” Lu DongWang said with misty eyes.

However just after he asked, he was hit with a violent chestnut by Cao LingXin.

Lu DongWang glared, “What are you doing?”

Cao LingXin grabbed his glass. “You shouldn’t take one more sip! Don’t be embarrassed by your drinking capacity. Just see how Old Pei will fix you tomorrow!”

Military Instructor Cao silently lit a candle for Lu DongWang in his heart. Old Pei and Ping Mo were both alpha, but their relationship was extraordinary, and Lu DongWang actually said in front of Instructor Ping that Pei Yutu coveted other omegas, was this not adding to the chaos?

Old Pei will probably be beated up tonight.

Pei Yutu also felt he was going to get beaten up, and followed Ping Mo like a big tail, as he giggled and pleaded in a small voice, “Go back to the room and hit me again. Just not in the face, okay?”

Instructor Ping, however, surprisingly didn’t have a fit, only frowned and looked thoughtful; preoccupied. Teaching Assistant Pei panicked. Kitten Ping would usually start this domestic violence with a single move. He wasn’t considering a ‘stabbed dozens of times only to be finally ruled as minor injuries’ dangerous drama, right?

While Pei Yutu worried, a gentle voice sounded behind them. “Instructor Ping. Are you going to rest?”

It was Green Tea.

This person was the only omega who volunteered to stay on duty, because without the students, he was more free, you could hear by the pout in his voice. Of course, for flat straight A Ping Mo it was indistinguishable.

Ping Mo, “Mn. To rest.”

“I saw you guys drinking down there, so I cooked you some sobriety soup. Wait, I’m going to the kitchen to bring it over now!” Green Tea smiled softly, then didn’t give Ping Mo a chance to refuse, just finished speaking, turned around and ran off.

Pei Yutu looked at his back, and sighed, “This guy is too pretentious! Can’t he talk properly?”

Instructor Ping didn’t feel that Green Tea was acting, or rather, his mind wasn’t on him. It was just that all those alphas’ words reminded him, while he hadn’t been exposed because of pheromones, but it was still a hidden danger. Even now, everyone was so concerned about the matter, that after so long their interest was still so high.

He felt unsure of himself.

Now that there were plenty of rooms, Ping Mo insisted on sleeping in one by himself, but Pei Yutu still had the cheek to follow him over. At that moment, Green Tea also came over and knocked on the door with the sobriety soup.

The two met at the door of Instructor Ping’s room, and looked at each other wide-eyed for a moment before Pei Yutu suddenly made the first move. He grabbed the soup and said, “I’ll take care of it.”

However, Ping Mo wasn’t in sight, so Green Tea also abandoned his soft posture, crossed his arms, and stopped Teaching Assistant Pei as he said spitefully, “Why should I let you bring in the soup I worked so hard to make?”

“Hey yo, how come your voice is still normal and you don’t pretend to be whiny anymore?” Pei Yutu said. “I told you to give up on this heart. You are winking to the blind. Ping Mo simply won’t eat this.”

Teaching Assistant Pei thought smugly, It’s good to use the most straightforward way to deal with a ‘woody’ like Instructor Ping. Too bad you don’t have that feature, tsk.

Although he didn’t have that feature, every day he was around Kitten Ping, which was annoying enough. Pei Yutu felt that they should think of a way, once and for all, to let him quickly realize the reality.

“Give me the sobriety soup!” Green Tea went on tiptoe to reach it.

However, Pei Yutu lifted the soup higher, and since he was already tall, Green Tea couldn’t reach it.

After several unsuccessful attempts, Green Tea simply stood still, and whispered, “You’re the one who started this.”



The door opened and Ping Mo rushed out to see Pei Yutu standing there in a daze, while Green Tea was in a mess with a face full of soup.

“Are you okay?”

Ping Mo had barely finished asking, while Green Tea was like a swallow as it threw itself into the forest, as he clung to Instructor Ping and sobbed, “I don’t know what I did wrong. Military Instructor Pei threw the soup on me, wu, wu. I, I just want to send you a little sobriety soup.”

“…” Pei Yutu was dumbfounded. “Holy shit?”

Ping Mo gave Pei Yutu a reproachful glare. “Can you be a gentleman?”

“No, he lied. You are still not human. I have also saved your life!”

Ping Mo did not pay attention to him, as he patted Green Tea’s back, “Come in. Is it hot? I’ll find a towel for you to wipe it off.”

“Let go of him. I’ll find it for you!” Teaching Assistant Pei felt he had never suffered such a big loss in his life, and was so angry that his voice rose.

Green Tea was shaking again, as he whined and shrank into Ping Mo’s arms. “Don’t let him in. I’m…I’m scared.”

“Don’t go into his arms, you look much stronger than Ping Mo. Your drilling is particularly uncoordinated!” Pei Yutu was also unwilling to show weakness.

The two were going back and forth, and Ping Mo momentarily felt like his head was as big as a bucket, so he finally slammed the door shut and barely missed Teaching Assistant Pei’s nose.

Pei Yutu was simply angry, “Surnamed Ping, you want him, not me. Is that it?”


However, Teaching Assistant Pei had just made a mistake, and was extra vain today. He didn’t dare to really smash the door, but only put his ear to the door and paid attention to the movements inside. The door finally opened again, and Pei Yutu almost got hit on the bridge of his nose again. 

Instructor Ping gave him a blank look, and personally sent the clean and fresh Green Tea out.

Green Tea seemed to have a reluctant expression, but still cared about his ‘soft omega’ persona, and said goodbye to Ping Mo in a supercilious manner. Pei Yutu was going to wait for Green Tea to leave, then immediately rush in to occupy Ping Mo’s half of the bed, but suddenly he turned around and followed Green Tea.

“If I’m not wrong, the throwing of arms has failed?”

Green tea was annoyed by the question. “You came all the way to see me as a joke?”

“No,” said Captain Pei. “I’ve come to tell you where you went wrong.”

When Pei Yutu snuck back into Ping Mo’s room, Instructor Ping had his back to the door/ He was holding the blanket, motionless, and seemed to already be asleep. Teaching Assistant Pei climbed into bed while still feeling unhappy. Kitten Ping was too stupid! With a few words, he was tricked by Green Tea, and he didn’t give himself a chance to explain!

The more Pei Yutu thought about it, the more angry he became. By the moonlight coming through the small window, he saw Instructor Ping’s rounded shoulders and was suddenly emboldened.

“Hiss…” Ping Mo was bitten, and rolled over angrily. “Pei Yutu, are you a fucking dog?”

“Who told you to pretend to sleep, and ignore me on purpose?” Teaching Assistant Pei said, “And just now, you didn’t believe me and even trusted an outsider.”

“Can’t you be more gentlemanly to omegas?” Ping Mo interrupted him.

Pei Yutu got even more aggravated, and simply aggravated into a size of one meter ninety child, “You-“

Ping Mo, “You what you? I’ve already apologized for you. Don’t worry, he won’t complain about you.”

Pei Yutu, “What? What complaint?”

Instructor Ping said impatiently, “He is an omega, and also on the faculty of Friends at School. Do you know the Omega Rights Protection law? Whether it’s true or not, with or without evidence, as long as there is a record of complaint, your merit rating at the end of the semester will be ruined.”

“…” Pei Yutu didn’t say anything for a long time. So what happened was, Ping Mo hadn’t been helping outsiders indiscriminately, but was looking out for him?

“In fact, I really didn’t spill the soup,” said Teaching Assistant Pei. He giggled silently for a moment before he tried to explain himself.

However, the straight man said mercilessly, “He was crying. Could that be faked?”

Pei Yutu, “…” It’s you, Pei Yutu. In your mind, who was weak and who was justified?

Teaching Assistant Pei sulked for two minutes, then suddenly hugged Ping Mo and bit him again, in three parts punishment and seven parts lust. The bite was right on the back of the neck gland.

“…” That sweet omega pheromone slowly spilled out. Ping Mo gritted his teeth and cursed, “Pei Yutu, you want to die? If I’m not getting it right–“

However, the next words were blocked by Teaching Assistant Pei himself. Pei Yutu gasped, “It won’t wear out, don’t worry.” Tonight, if someone smells your pheromones, they’ll be worn out.


The next day, the Military Ministry did send six ships to pick up all the ‘heroes’ who were still stationed there at the end of the day and bring them back to the main planet. They were going home, and the atmosphere should be more relaxed, but these heroes were too excited, as they whispered.

Ping Mo was so sleepy from being tossed around all night that his eyelids fought him, and he fell asleep right after he got on the craft. When he opened his eyes again, he saw Miao Fan’s big, gossipy face.

Ping Mo was startled, “What are you doing?”

“Instructor Ping, we’re almost there. Don’t sleep. You don’t know, I have to tell you the news. That ‘omega’ has been found!”

“What?!” Ping Mo’s heart instantly sank, and the last wisps of sleep also disappeared. Could it be that my pheromones were exposed last night? I blame that surname Pei. I was dizzy with sex, how did I agree…? He subconsciously looked to his side, but the culprit that might have caused him to be exposed had disappeared.

“You’ll never guess. That omega was far away, but close at hand!”

Ping Mo was so nervous that his palms were sweating, and his last string of sanity was just taut enough to restrain him from drawing his dagger and killing everyone in the craft.

Then he heard Miao Fan exclaim, “It’s Mr. Cheng! You didn’t expect it, did you?”

Ping Mo, “Huh?”

Miao Fan, “Oh, it’s Mr. Cheng from the Alliance Officer Engineering University, the one who cooked us a sobriety soup last night.”


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Success, safety, shifty behaviour, seduction, sex and seeking the limelight.
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