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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Ping Mo, “…”

Pei Yutu felt the murderous aura but didn’t retreat, as he salivated. “Isn’t this a good thing? You finally grew up! Eh, eh, eh! This is outside, I told you to pay attention. Dr. Liu, can you give us specifics? What are the precautions?”

Instructor Ping took a deep breath, and told himself that this was a hospital, and that he could beat this person up when they got out of the door, before he patiently listened to the advice of the old expert.

“The actual medical advice is not complicated. It is better to have a regular sex life than any maintenance method, but I can give you a manual.” The old expert said as he flipped through a booklet.

Ping Mo took it, puzzled, and read out the name, “Alliance’s Medical Information Digest?”

The old expert, “Look at this booklet. It’s very authoritative. It’s one of the three core journals in medicine. It’s the highest honor for doctors to be able to publish papers in it. Even the evaluation for titles and doctoral graduates have to look at the papers in these journals. Anyway, it has the most cutting-edge and professional medical papers around. There’s an article called ‘Therian Omega Physiological Maturity Status and Survival Strategy Discussion’. I think it’s quite comprehensive, and it even includes the historical data analysis of the male Therian physiological functions.”

The old expert was full of professional vocabulary that confused the two of them. Pei Yutu was more direct, “Dr. Liu, can we speak in human language? Mandarin?”

The old expert laughed. “Sorry, I got excited and said too much. You don’t have to read the whole paper, just read the third page and the fifth page. There are some precautions listed for Therians after sexual maturity.”

“You should have said so earlier!” Pei Yutu happily thanked the old expert and dragged Ping Mo away.

Back home, Instructor Ping hugged the booklet and studied it. Since the number of Therians was so small, the knowledge wasn’t as commonly known as for ordinary omegas. There were even many unrealistic rumors, so this booklet was really a blessing.

Ping Mo complied and skipped the professional data and terminology that made his head spin, and only read the two pages specified by the old expert, which also explained a lot.

For example, some Therians could become beast-shaped following the safe passage of physical maturity, and after a certain amount of practice, a Therian could freely switch between human and beast-shaped. For example, how to use alpha pheromones by wrapping them around a Therian when they were being marked in order to avoid the spread of their own pheromones, and causing unnecessary embarrassment. As another example, when emotional, a Therian will have Therian characteristics appear (such as cat ears and a cat tail). This was a normal phenomenon, no need to panic!

As soon as he came home, Pei Yutu saw Instructor Ping, who was holding a book as he read, but also, from time to time, holding his phone up against the booklet to look up information. He had been sitting there all afternoon, with no intention of paying any attention to him. Pei couldn’t resist running over to remind him of his presence.

At one point, he took over washed fruit and fed it to him, and at another moment, he used newly bought cupcakes to lure him, but in the end, he found that while Instructor Ping accepted all the food he was fed, he just didn’t pay attention to him.

Teaching Assistant Pei gave up.

He sat down next to Ping Mo like a large dog, and naturally fed him a fruit juice candy, one of Instructor Ping’s favorite candies. It was strawberry flavored, two to three centimeters in diameter, and with it in his mouth with his cheeks bulged like a small hamster’s.

The more Pei Yutu looked at him, the more he liked him. Pei Yutu’s big head pressed heavily on Ping Mo’s shoulder, and his gaze fell on the booklet. He read out the text aloud in a loud voice, “The beast’s ears and tail are rich in nerve endings, and retain the beast’s acute senses. Ah, no wonder your cat’s ears are so sensitive when we make out. There is a scientific basis for it–“


“Oh fuck! It hurts! It hurts!”

At this point, the beating that had been saved at the hospital was finally put into action.

Teaching Assistant Pei was relieved by the beating, but still held his head in anger. “Ping Mo, why are you committing domestic violence again? I’m going to report you to the Alpha Protection Society!”

“There is no Alpha Protection Society!” Ping Mo gave him a sidelong glance, but because his cheeks were still puffed out, the visual value of his anger was greatly weakened while his cuteness was on the rise.

Pei Yutu immediately had the dangerous thought of, it’s worth a beating to tease such a cute guy and said, “That’s because they haven’t seen such a cranky omega like you. I want to shout, to turn over a new leaf, to expose your domestic violence and to form an alpha protection association!”

Ping Mo, “…” Instructor Ping’s temple twitched. “Pei Yutu, do you have itchy skin?”

“Yes!” Teaching Assistant Pei finally succeeded in attracting the attention of his Kitten Ping, and agreed in a bitchy voice, and then ‘da da da’ ran away, like a 1.9 m child. “Come and get me!”

“…” If he didn’t teach him a lesson, then his name wasn’t Ping Mo.

Instructor Ping threw aside the manual given by the old expert, then rushed at Pei Yutu. They ran from downstairs to upstairs, from the living room to the bedroom, and finally he was satisfied after he vented and let out a breath of anger. But it ended again with Teaching Assistant Pei holding him in his arms with a hard kiss on his revealed cat ear.

Then they fucked.


Meanwhile, the news of Instructor Ping’s courageous rescue had spread to the Military Ministry.

Even the retired General Dai, Pei Yutu’s own grandfather, got the news. Now, he was sitting in the office of his old friend Colonel Lu Feng, as he held a big cup of tea, and praised the junior. “What a hero. I’ve seen those things on the deserted base decades ago. They were so vicious and they were sealed for so long. However, the electronic protection network hasn’t had any problems for so many years. It’s really strange.”

Lu Feng was wrapped up tightly and looked like he was thinking of what words to say. Old General Dai was warm, but Lu Feng was cold. He tightened the cloak around him before he said, “According to the information available, it’s likely that White Hole destroyed it.”

General Dai frowned tightly. “This is a problem. As far as I know, the switch that controls the electronic protection network has several added layers of security, and they claim that the technical means can’t be broken. Unless…they had penetrated inside?”

Lu Feng suddenly coughed violently. The orderly came in, patted his back and handed him hot water. General Dai looked over, and shook his head, “How can you do this? How can you work overtime when your body is like this? Take a long leave and go get proper treatment!”

“It’s useless!” Lu Feng finally took a breath, and waved away the orderly. “It’s an old disease. No matter how many doctors I see, they do nothing. I’m only 48. I can still serve Alliance for a few more years.”

“You’re still the same as when you were young. You haven’t changed! Hey, Lu, you were called the first person in Alliance to fight alone. If it were you, would you be able to infiltrate the mutant white rat cave alone?”

Lu Feng frowned at his words. “Even when I was at my best, I wouldn’t dare to be so bold. Ping Mo is too nonsensical.”

General Dai disagreed, “This isn’t nonsense, it’s a soldier’s responsibility. Don’t look at him like a normal omega.”

“Old Dai!” Lu Feng interrupted him sternly, as his thin, withered body trembled with emotion.

Where had General Dai ever been interrupted like this? However as he looked at his former old friend’s sickly look, he sighed and reassured him, “Don’t worry. In addition to you, only a few of us old guys know his identity. We promised you, and absolutely no one will say anything. But why do you refuse to announce it? The verdict has already been decided, not to mention that he has now made a miraculous achievement. It is advantageous for him to announce that he is an omega now.”

“Advantageous?” Lu Feng sneered. “You underestimate the world’s prejudice. An omega pretending to be alpha to join the army, and also the Alliance’s proudest Raptor special forces. Even if the court martial didn’t sentence him, what would public opinion be? How will the rest of the Military Ministry look at him? This kind of thing certainly should be handled with a low profile. Not to mention, the human trafficker called Ghost Ear is dead. Since that matter is also dead without proof, if it is rashly announced, his future is ruined.”

“That’s not what you said when you dropped him off at the AMTC. What did you say then? You wanted him to learn to be an omega. But now you’re considering his future as an alpha. Isn’t that a contradiction?”

After a moment of silence, Lu Feng said, “Maybe I care too much and have too many worries, so I’m contradicting myself. Ping Mo is the child I brought up, I just want him to be safe and secure.”

General Dai was also moved by the words, he sighed a long sigh, “I understand your feelings, raised for so many years, he could be almost like a real son. I am an old man, he is your student, naturally, I’ll listen to you.”

Lu Feng said respectfully, “Thank you for your understanding.”

The old general waved his hand, but still wasn’t quite willing. He wanted to make another effort for his grandson’s lifelong happiness. “In fact, I agree with your previous point of view. Learning to be an omega isn’t bad. Everyone talks about equal rights. Who said omegas are inferior to alphas? Young people have dedicated their youth to the Alliance, and in the end, they have to have their own lives.”

“But Ping Mo is different,” Lu Feng flatly refused. “He is a warrior at heart. There is absolutely no way he would be subservient and endure an alpha marking him!”

Ping Mo, who had just been marked by alpha Pei, was lazily leaning on the bed, his long white leg on Pei Yutu’s thigh, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the massage provided by the other.

Ping Mo slapped away his restless paws, lifted his long, thick eyelashes and glared at him. “No touching!”

Pei Yutu smiled, as he salivated. “I’ve taken the day off from work, so I’m just idle. Let’s do it again.”

Ping Mo kicked him away, and rolled over as he pulled the thin cooling quilt over to wrap himself up. “No. I’m tired.”

Pei Yutu held his tender feet, and wouldn’t let go. “I’ll do the work if you’re tired! You just lie down, I’ll move the whole time, I promise to make you–”

“Get out of here!” Instructor Ping was annoyed. Behind him, his long tail curled up, and his face flushed a peach pink. He looked sweet and soft, like a delicious peach crisp. Pei Yutu’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he pressed him down. “Baby, just one more time!”

The tequila scented alpha pheromones were so strong that Ping Mo felt a tingle in the back of his neck glands, as Pei Yutu coaxed, “Come on, come on. Don’t you feel good?”

Yes, but, “It’s too big, and it hurts when you first come in.”

He didn’t know which of Teaching Assistant Pei’s nerves were stimulated by this comment, but he suddenly became excited and lifted the air-conditioned blanket, as he smiled like a perverted villain in a movie, and recited the shameful line, “Kitty! It’s up to you!”

“…” Ping Mo, “Pei Yutu, be fucking normal.”

“What’s wrong with me? Today I’ll show you something exciting. I’ll show you what it means to be abnormal!”

Pei Yutu was incredibly strong and Ping Mo was no match for his brute strength alone. However, even if he had a weapon he would not hurt Pei Yutu, which blackened Teaching Assistant Pei’s heart, so he began ‘bullying.’ He was emboldened and had used this trick successfully to get sex several times.

However, this time, there was a miscalculation.

The fragrant, soft, white Instructor Ping in his arms suddenly disappeared!

Pei Yutu, “?”


Pei Yutu then watched as his Ping Mo stretched out a paw. He lifted the air conditioned quilt completely, and saw a small white cat. The cat was fat and fluffy, except for the tip of the tail. It was all white, glutinous rice dumpling-like, with a pair of gray-blue round eyes that looked at Pei Yutu, as its small ears twitched.



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Kitten run away, otherwise Professor Pei will eat you! lol funny. Thanks for the chapter!!!

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I love them😍 when PM can finally control changing between a cat and a human, he can change into a cat when ever PY wants to have sex but he doesn’t😎 ncawwww cutie PM is still afraid of pain, too bad he attracted a top alpha that can do him for 24 hours without a break😂❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much for the new chapter❣️❣️ thank you so much for translating and editing 谢谢

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I really think Lu Feng needs an honest conversation with PM about everything; he assumes and makes decisions without any idea of what PM’s thoughts are.
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