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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


“You’ll know if you try.” Ewan’s fingers were still running over the skin on his neck, while his other hand was helping him press the muscles in his right arm.

Baylor thought for a moment and replied, “Sure.”

“…” Ewan’s hand stopped, wondering about his ears.

And then Baylor turned his face sideways again, without the slightest twinge on his face, with an expression that did not look like he was talking about sex, but like talking about dinner in general.

With such frank and straightforward eyes, Ewan felt some doubt that he and his lover were not talking about the same thing. Baylor’s thought process was odd and perhaps thought he was talking about training, so Baylor’s words just now were actually ‘no matter how much training he was given, he could withstand it’?

If he thought about it, it was not impossible. It was also true that Baylor didn’t seem to be very enlightened, even though he had now agreed to become his mate.

Ewan sighed inwardly and threw those adult thoughts out of his head, trying to keep a naive heart and mind free of distractions.

The next moment, he heard Baylor say, “The kissing was comfortable, I liked it. The other things, I’d like to try it too.” Those clear eyes were indeed full of honesty and desire.

The air was frozen for a second before Ewan choked on his saliva in the silence of the room, and he turned his head to cover his mouth and coughed hard several times.

Baylor looked strangely at Ewan who suddenly coughed, “What’s wrong with you?”

The coughing was easily stopped, Ewan’s expression was very complicated, and his voice was a little muffled from the coughing, “You…”

Hmm? What’s wrong with him? Baylor raised his eyebrows, not understanding why Ewan reacted so strangely, he asked, “What? You don’t like it?” 

It was clear that Ewan was the one who had stressed that he had to be thoroughly marked before he could be his mate.

Ewan was stunned again, then he lowered his head and smiled. The sound of laughter spilled out from his lips. Ewan was good-looking, so when he smiled it was even more handsome and dashing, making Baylor’s heart and soul swell.

The thick black eyelashes raised, the deep goose gray eyes were looking at Baylor’s shadow, “I like it.”

With that, he leaned down to bully him and kissed Baylor deeply. Baylor had a pure character that clearly showed his love and hate. He was outspoken about all his desires, and all his emotions were burning vigorously, never covering up and having no worries. Like a clear summer sky, no clouds, only a round of blazing sun hanging high, arrogant.

He liked him.

He likes him too much.

Although their desire was so strong that they both wanted to take everything from each other, especially Ewan, almost wanted to eat Baylor dry, but in the end his remaining sanity made him stop. With his breath hot and messy, Ewan reached out with one hand to shield his compelling eyes and one arm around Baylor, then put it between him and Baylor’s neck to calm himself down.

There was a pause of two or three seconds before he let go of Baylor, sat up from the bed, and then straightened Baylor’s clothes.

Baylor: ????

Ewan met Baylor’s eyes that had not yet receded in emotion, and his cold white skin was tinged with a flush that made his already lush features shine even brighter.

The knot in his throat rolled slightly, and Ewan’s low voice was even darker at this point, “Not now.” He looked at the confusion in Baylor’s eyes and said, “You have a competition the day after tomorrow, and now with your body in this condition, if we have sex, you won’t be able to move the day after tomorrow, not to mention tomorrow.”

Baylor: … Damn this man was sick.


Austin had a beautiful dream where he dreamed that Baylor was being stepped on by everyone while he was being held in the arms of the God of War and watching Baylor begging him for mercy. Just as he was having fun, there was a sudden knock at the door that jolted him out of his dream.

This was a high-class apartment in the city center. Austin thought it was the housekeeper, because his beautiful dream was interrupted. He did not want to get up to open the door, cold face very irritated, “It’s early in the morning, is there something wrong?”

Just after the scolding, Austin looked at the Beta suit standing in front of him and showed a slightly confused expression, “Who are you?”

The strange suit Beta politely confirmed to Austin, “Is this Mr. Austin?”


Receiving an affirmative answer, the man took out an envelope with an official seal from his briefcase and handed it to Austin.

Austin subconsciously took it, looked down, the regular envelope with intricate vines and scales insignia, and then his name written in the center, do not know why, he suddenly had a hint of ominous feeling in his heart. He looked up toward the suit Beta who did not say much, “What is this?”

“It’s a summons from the court.”

Austin’s hand shook, “What?! A summons?” His brow furrowed in a dead frown and his gaze vibrated, “What summons?”

“Mr. Austin will know when he looks at it. The summons has been delivered, so I will take my leave.” The man bowed politely and slightly, it was then that Austin saw a small badge on the chest of his suit, it was the same badge as on the envelope, the symbol of the Empire Court.

Only when the man left did Austin close the door and tear the envelope open sharply. A subpoena? Why would he get a subpoena? Who would dare to sue him!

Once the envelope was torn open, the summons inside fell out at once. Austin looked at the summons that fell on the floor and bent down to pick it up, but stopped when his hand was about to touch it. His pupils tightened up like needles, and he looked at the words on it, and his expression changed dramatically.

“Slander and disinformation… Insulting the military ministry… Who is it… Who is it that dares…” Austin picked up the summons sharply and looked at the plaintiff, the name on it was familiar to him, the very name of the General of the Military Department today.

The summons slipped from his hands and fell to the ground again, only this time he was no longer in the mood to pick it up, but froze in place, and after a few moments he turned around in a panic and went to his terminal.

He, he had to contact his father, yes, and his lawyer, he wasn’t defamatory, he wasn’t defamatory!!!

Baylor finally found his long-shelved terminal the night before the game, only to discover that it had been turned off without power. He charged it up, and as the virtual panel lit up in the air in front of him, for a moment he was startled out of his head by ring after ring.

The dense ringing was almost as if the system had died and fallen into an infinite loop, God knows how many messages he had received over the past few days.

The Super Wolf next to him heard this movement and curiously raised his head, the lightning wrapped in the body of the Super Wolf was closed eyes, looming. The fleece on its body had now grown a lot more, and its body had also grown a circle, apparently it does not grow at the same rate as a real falcon, but grows rapidly one day at a time, and Baylor even thinks that they may know the real species of lightning in a few days.

The dense ringing finally stopped, and Baylor looked blankly at the 100 displayed on his inbox, and suddenly had a feeling that he didn’t want to open his inbox.

I always felt that it would be a lot of trouble… Baylor clasped his hands, expressionlessly looking at the screen put out in front of him, in deep thought. Or, just don’t look at it. You can’t finish reading it anyway.

After thinking for a few seconds, Baylor decisively turned the screen off, and then tossed the still-charged terminal to the side, no matter what, when he was in the mood to watch it again. Then he lay on his side and began to watch TV, while there was a little bit of pressure for his still sore back and legs. It was a boring day, Ewan wouldn’t let him train, saying he had to prepare for the game tomorrow.

Sometimes he felt that Ewan could be a mother-in-law, and yesterday, too, to that point that he actually stopped, although he did not mean to wait, but to stop halfway was very uncomfortable, okay?

A man should go forward.

Baylor was slightly stunned, and reacted with hindsight, Ewan was an alpha, he was an omega, the deep-rooted view of male and female gender made him always forget this thing.

Baylor frowned as he remembered that the omega’s being completely marked would result in pregnancy, then stopped the TV in front of him and started searching for how an omega should use birth control.

Ewan was right, now was not the time to do that kind of thing, he had to research it first.

The next day –

To avoid disrupting normal training, the game was played after 7 p.m. while Baylor’s field was Group 17, part of the second batch, so the game started at 9 p.m.

Prior to the semifinals, mecha matches were played on virtual machines and no real mecha would be used, so the playing field was similar to an esports tournament, with a virtual machine placed at each end of the ring.

Baylor arrived at the military headquarters at eight o’clock, the first time he had returned to the military since Ewan’s susceptible period, and the first time he had appeared in front of others.

The surrounding people unconsciously look towards Baylor, because it was also considered a formal occasion, Baylor in a light training T-shirt outside he put on a military jacket, the following was also military pants and military boots, but his jacket was not very neatly worn, the collar was not buttoned, and not tied belt, another dash of freedom.

This was the person the General was chasing.

Other than that, this looked even better than on the video and photos.


“Is that article really true?”

“Now it’s blocked and invisible, the General sued the person directly, it should be fake.”

“Who knows if it’s annoying?”

Baylor had always been used to the stares of onlookers, but today he always felt that there was something strange about those stares, and the discussion of those people also made him suspicious. Baylor suddenly remembered the hundreds of messages that he had ignored, and it seemed that something had really happened.

Just as he was about to click on it, a crisp voice suddenly came from the side.


Baylor stopped consulting his hand, twisted his head to see Kana, who he had not seen for a long time, she was wearing a military uniform, ponytail high bundle, then squeezed through the crowd and came over, although running a little anxiously on the way here, but so many days of exercise so that her breath was not the least bit messy, she grabbed Baylor’s hand, “Finally see you! “

Baylor froze and said back to Kana’s ‘enthusiasm’, “Long time no see?”

Kana looked at the people gathered next to her at the moment, she swallowed, “Now is not the time for that, Baylor, did you, did you read my message?”

Baylor was a bit vain, but he said honestly, “Not yet.”

“I knew it.” Kana was not surprised when she grabbed Baylor and pulled him towards a less crowded area, “Baylor, come here, I want to ask you something.”

Baylor suspiciously followed and went over, while inwardly could not help but feel that it was only a few days that he had not seen Kana’s personality had become quite strong.

It’s true that this person’s character had become much stronger.

After pulling the person to the toilet outside the place, Kana looked around to see if there was no one around, she immediately asked, “Baylor, the article about you taking forbidden drugs, is it true or not?”

“…” Baylor frowned, “What are you talking about?”

“That is, there was a recent article reporting that you used General’s connections to go through the back door, saying that you took banned substances before the test to be able to overachieve and pass the test, and then General hid the drug test results for you.” Kana sharply summarized Austin’s article for Baylor, “Is it true that the article says you’re an F-class omega?”

So that was the case, no wonder those people had been discussing him just now.

F-rank omega? Baylor raised his eyebrows gently and showed a meaningful expression.

Baylor had never been too concerned about what qualifications he has, every qualification test he just casually glanced at, after all, what his own strength, what was the condition of his body, he knows very well, does not need to pass a qualification test to understand. But the combination of ‘F-class omega’ was familiar to him, and he remembered that there was a person who seemed to be particularly fond of talking about F-class omega.

Other than that, Baylor had one more thing on his mind, “My relationship with the General?”

Kana nodded, “Yes, the fact that the General is after you is now known to everyone.”

Baylor: …? Baylor clasped his hands together and frowned, “Chasing me? What’s up with that?” Did Ewan ever chase him? He was the one who asked him if he wanted to be his mate. How did it become him chasing after him?

Baylor, who was very sensitive to everything about ‘initiative’, was a little upset.

Kana didn’t understand Baylor’s real meaning, she thought Baylor was wondering how this was known, so she said, “The General said it himself, because…” Kana gave a slight pause and she thought for a few seconds and said hesitantly, “I think it’s because Baylor was jealous of your rumors with Mr. Aynor before, so he swore an oath of sovereignty online?” But chasing someone doesn’t seem to be an oath of sovereignty.

Baylor’s eyebrows almost twisted out of place, what with what, how he also rumored with Aynor, he did not just stay at home for a week, how come when he came out, he felt like missing an episode of the TV series, completely unable to follow the plot development?

And he’s even the main character in the drama.

Seeing the topic getting more and more skewed, Baylor was still digesting the news when the announcement in the corridor suddenly sounded, “Attention, the second batch of contestants will temporarily increase the pre-competition drug test, please quickly go to the testing table for testing.”

Kana heard, the military department competition selection had never temporarily increased the drug test, and at this time to do so, for what matter, for what person, it was not clear. Was the military department also suspecting Baylor? Kana got anxious, “Baylor, this is clearly aimed at you.”

Baylor nodded, “It’s directed at me.” Then he turned around and walked in the direction of the testing table while muttering irritably, “Ewan… I’ll settle accounts with him when I get back.”

Kana heard the name and froze. Ewan? Ah, it’s General’s name. I can’t believe he calls him by his first name…. The General seems to be really after Baylor… But, why did he need to settle accounts?

Kana followed with some confusion.


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I want to see Austin snap out of this. He who must be trampled! Thanks for the chapter!

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I like Baylor a lot, too 😁 A wonderful character. Thinks differently, behaves differently and says what he thinks, but takes note of situations (albeit as he understands them) too.
Ewan is too self controlled and sensible. Great for Bsylor. Not so much the reader 😉
Austin, let’s see you wriggle out of this one. I doubt your Daddy or any fancy lawyer, will be a match for Ewan.
Only worry is the truth being revealed about Baylor’s changed classification.
Thanks for the chapter.

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The general is a good man. Stopping their activity early was the right thing to do, for Baylor’s sake. He needs all of his strength and concentration for the Mecha competition

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Good for you Austin.
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