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Chapter 106: The Sound of Cheering 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


“I heard that the drug test was temporarily added?”

“Isn’t that the omega playing later? Is it because the military is suspecting him of taking drugs?”

“Of course, the temporary addition of drug tests must be due to the suspicion that someone wants to cheat, but this drug test without the General promised who dares to add, could it be that the General was also deceived by the omega, so agreed to add drug tests?”

“Then the General is too heartless.”

“Hm, it’s bad luck that we have to go along with the drug test.”

The whispers of the people not only reached Baylor’s ears, but also Kana’s. She looked at Baylor with some concern, she was familiar with Baylor’s temper, and was worried that Baylor would suddenly leave.

At the same time, she was also afraid that Baylor had really eaten forbidden drugs. If it was really found out, then Baylor would definitely be expelled from the military, no longer employed, and basically there would be no place to open the door to Baylor again. After all, Baylor had not answered the question about taking drugs because of the diversion.

Baylor was about to enter the testing room. Baylor himself looked fine. Next to Kana, his lips looked white and she felt as if her heart was about to jump out of her throat. Finally, at the last moment, she asked anxiously, “Baylor, you, will it not happen?” She asked very politely, because she was afraid that there were ears next door.

Baylor shifted his head sideways, his eyebrows raised, and snorted, “Take drugs? You’re kidding, I need to take drugs?” After saying that, he walked towards the testing room with no concern.

Kana was stunned.

The test only took five minutes, and after five minutes passed, the test screen outside immediately synchronized the results – ‘passed’. The contestants and the onlookers were a little surprised to see the results, they had expected to see a lot of action.

And Kana finally breathed a huge sigh of relief.

With the paper results in hand, Baylor casually stuffed a ball of it into his pocket, ignoring the various stares, and walked indifferently towards the competition venue. Kana was right, the drug test was indeed prepared for him, and the passersby were also right, Ewan must have agreed to the drug test, and it was even likely that Ewan advocated the addition.

He was unaware of these recent events, but Ewan could not have been unaware of them. Ewan knew about the controversy and added the drug test in direct response to the rumors. Now that Ewan had paved the way for him, then it was up to him to do the next thing.

Kana watched Baylor leave, that way was the direction of the competition venue, she had no way to follow it again, so she had to turn around and go to the audience. Anyway, the drug test went off without a hitch, and she was satisfied.

Baylor stood in the waiting area and began to move his wrists and neck.

The doctor said before intense exercise, he must do good preparation activities, Baylor always remembered.

At this time, the long-lost Colonel Jon had also taken his place in the waiting area. When he saw Baylor, he waved enthusiastically, “Baylor, long time no see. After sending you to the imperial capital, I thought I wouldn’t have the chance to see you again, but I never thought I would have the chance not only on this occasion.”

Colonel Jon still looked posh and casual, but he looked a bit haggard, apparently his best friend Nord being a spy of the Marl Galaxy hit him hard, but he was indeed happy to see an acquaintance now. When he was on the ship, he had been unhappy about Baylor’s future fate, because he thought Ewan would send Baylor away, and Baylor would fall into the hands of other nobles.  But instead of being sent away, Baylor joined the military and became one of his own colleagues, and he even managed to claim the General.

The world was unpredictable. Colonel Jon’s eyes darkened slightly when he thought of his friend who was in prison. Nord was also unpredictable.

Jon sighed in his heart and then said to Baylor in a relaxed tone, “But I’m not going to show you any mercy today, you’ve got a bad hand here, baby.”

Jon’s words weren’t unwarranted confidence, although he wasn’t currently an official mecha fighter and had produced such a monster as Ewan during the same period, the fact that he came from the 1st Imperial Military Academy and had made it to the rank of major also spoke to the excellence of his combat abilities. In fact, he was ready to take this opportunity to officially turn into a mecha fighter. 

The imperial capital’s man of the hour in front of him eyelids gently lifted, inside the gaze had been full of biting war intent, that beautiful lip-shaped mouth slightly down, Baylor rubbed his shoulders, said, “No, the one with bad luck is you. Today I will definitely win.”

Yes, that’s what he’s going to do next. Ewan had gone this far for him, and next, he was going to take the win. Shut the mouths of those who suspected him of cheating, once and for all.

Jon was slightly stunned and was about to say something, when a voice came over the radio –

“The second batch of players are asked to go to their own competition venue for preparation, as well as the audience, please leave the competition venue and take your seats in the audience, the competition will start simultaneously in ten minutes.”

Jon listened, retracted what he was about to say, and said, “I’ll see you at the game, then, baby.”

Baylor frowned slightly as he turned around and walked towards his virtual pod while dropping the words, “Don’t call me baby.”

Ewan doesn’t even call him that.

Baylor’s venue was number 17, and Kana was seated directly in front of Baylor’s field of play.

It was only a mecha fight today, and there were no participants in their class other than Baylor tonight, so when Kana sat down, she saw a few contemporaries with different expressions nearby, including Shiyel. More students chose to stay in the dormitory and not watch the game because they were suspicious of Baylor after the diatribe, making it difficult for them to confront Baylor without a problem.

The students who were sitting here also had very complicated feelings, they didn’t even know why they were sitting here. Are they here to watch Baylor make a fool of himself? Not so much, they couldn’t even bear to see such a scene. And was it to cheer Baylor on? They can’t seem to do it either.

In addition to these seven or eight Baylor’s contemporaries, there were quite a few people sitting in these seats, but they were not here to cheer for Baylor either. Some were friends of Jon’s, just like the audience in front of other small venues, who came to support their friends, and many others who simply came to see a good show. They came to see what kind of person the General was pursuing, and to see where this omega, who supposedly got into the War Department by the back door, got the guts to participate in today’s competition.

Because the military competition was an Alix Galaxy event, there were also media outlets that broadcast commentary, and there were photographers and reporters in charge of broadcasting in front of each small venue, but of course they were probably more interested in getting information about General’s affair from the contestant’s mouth than the competition.

Kana looked away and suddenly felt a little bad.

Especially when she heard the voices of friends and family cheering for the players from other venues, and there were people shouting ‘Jon’s’ name.

On the other hand, the largest number of people were sitting here, but none of them were cheering for Baylor, and they were even whispering, just waiting for Baylor to make a fool of himself.

Kana clenched her fist, pursed her lips, the surrounding voices like a torrent almost drowned her. Watching Baylor’s indifferent expression as he went into the virtual cabin to start preparing, she jerked up, suppressing the timidity in her heart, shouted at the competition venue, “Baylor, go!”

This was the only voice among many that cheered for Baylor. The contemporaries looked at Kana and then looked at each other with torn expressions.

At that moment, Shiyel, who was sitting among them, suddenly stood up and shouted together with Kana, “Baylor! Come on!”

Shiyel actually suspected for a moment that Baylor did not enter the military on his own merit, and that perhaps Baylor had actually taken forbidden drugs before the test, after all, there was a black market. It was true that there were genetic potions circulating in the market that could rapidly improve combat ability in a short period of time, but he could not forget the image of Baylor falling behind in physical training, making up for the training alone or even additional training. He couldn’t convince himself that someone like that would pass the test by taking forbidden drugs.

If Baylor was really that kind of person, how could he work so hard? So he shouted again over the noise of the crowd, “I believe in you!”

Kana and Shiyel’s voices were almost non-existent in contrast to the loud cheering, but Baylor caught it clearly with his keen hearing.

Baylor closed the hatch hand slightly, looked at the two, blinked a little blankly, as if thinking for a few seconds, but he still did nothing, just quietly closed the hatch.

Standing on the closed second floor bleachers, a uniformed and erect Ewan stood by the railing, his eyes following Baylor until he closed the hatch.

Next to him stood Sean, who had a notebook and pen in hand to take notes, and then said with emotion, “Looks like Baylor has some good friends after all.” Then Sean turned to Ewan and asked, “This place is closed, but not hidden, so you’re not afraid of being seen standing here with a big grin?” 

Ewan was a general in the military and had announced his pursuit of Baylor, so he should have avoided suspicion.

Ewan raised an eyebrow without concern and said, “So what if I’m seen? I’m here as a matter of course, aren’t I?”

It was only right that he came to support his mate’s game. Not only this time, but also in the future, he would stand by Baylor’s side openly and honestly. After all, he was already Baylor’s acknowledged mate.

Sean looked at Ewan strangely and muttered in his mind in confusion. Did something good happen between them recently? Why does his student look like a child with a toy trying to fool around? If he had a tail, it would probably be up in the air. He had never seen Ewan look like this before.

But Sean still advised, “There are already rumors that Baylor is cheating on you, so it’s good for Baylor that you avoid suspicion and don’t make too much noise.”

But Ewan was unmoved, he looked at the small window on the big screen showing Baylor’s appearance in the cabin, no ripples in his voice like a needle in the sea, he said, “Teacher, I never worry about such rumors, and neither will Baylor.”

Sean was about to speak when he heard Ewan continue, “Because sooner or later, everyone will see what Baylor can do.”

Baylor’s strength would destroy all doubt. With a slight pause, Ewan lowered his eyes, full of pride and mixed with a little bitterness, “Then they will find that I am the one who is really lucky.”

And at that moment, a unified announcement came over the arena.

“3, 2, 1 – the game has officially begun!”


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can we get next chapter earlier, please? this is not a cliffhanger, it’s a mt everesthanger

March 6, 2023 5:20 am

I love the new, out in the open, confident-in-them, Ewan. He’s always believed in Baylor’s abilities and now that he believes Baylor cares for him beyond a pheromone necessity, there’s no holding back!
How could you do this to us though?… leaving us here!
Thanks for the chapter.

March 19, 2023 2:56 pm

Baylor’s mate always supports him. What more could he ask for?

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