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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


George thought it was really unfortunate that he was assigned to such important military exams – a male Beta named Wolcott, from a small military school, and a female Beta named Kana, who was actually a field officer. And–

His gaze went to the omega standing against the wall, clutching his arm like a 3D model, still wearing the abrupt pheromone blocker around his neck.

The rumors were that the omega came through the back door. And was from the wild. If it was normal, with such a beauty around, he would be happy to take care of the beauty, but at the moment he only felt disturbed. A four person team, actually only he, the alpha was the fighting force, and had two field personnel.

So how could he win? One person towing a plane? He couldn’t expect the back door beauty omega to help him pass the test as well.

“My name is George, I’m a fifth year Marine at Mason Military Academy.” George raised his chin and looked at the rabble and said, “The test in two days is in the swampy mountains, these two days I hope you can familiarize ourselves with the map of the swampy mountains as soon as possible. When the time comes, I don’t expect you to be of any help, I just hope you try not to hold me back.”

Baylor felt that he really should not give these people a chance. He’d called him over here on purpose. He wanted to ignore the contact number, the one that was calling him all morning, only to come and hear such bullshit. Baylor stood up straight, dropped his hands, and left the small conference room with a blank face.

“Hey!” George called out behind him, but Baylor didn’t even look back.

For such a person, he did not even have a look, anyway, since he was out of the room, why not go to see what there was to eat, then go back to sleep.

Just a few steps away, he heard a sudden strange voice, “It’s you.”

Baylor stopped, turned his head to look, and saw a curly-haired male alpha. The teardrop at the corner of his eye and the pair of familiar peach blossom eyes reminded Baylor of his identity, the film emperor’s younger brother.

Looking down, he saw the badge of that uniform – Empire first military school student. Baylor remembered that Nord had mentioned before that the other was a third-year student and was said to be a genius.

Baylor’s mind couldn’t help but think of a figure. He wondered if he was as talented as Ewan.

“What’s your name?” Eric approached Baylor. He had a very affable and sunny smile, not unlike his brother. Slightly lowering his head, he looked at the blocker around Baylor’s neck, his gaze deep and tender, “You look beautiful, a little cutie like you really shouldn’t be on a battlefield like this.” He said, “Whoever put this on you really doesn’t have any pity.”

Baylor grimaced, “Another dumbass.” 

He had insulted Ewan by comparing him to this guy earlier.

Eric smiled, but not as hypocritically as Baylor’s roommate, “Did my words upset you?”

Baylor did not have the heart to continue communicating with the other, but he wrinkled his nose and gently sniffed the rosemary-scented alpha pheromone coming from the other. Was it his illusion? Although not as comfortable and calming as Ewan’s pheromone, it could barely calm his spirit. It was probably the contrast between ice and mint.


“Eric! The 1st Imperial Military Academy’s Eric!” George came out, saw people he hastily and solicitously came over, “I am very honored to participate in a military examination with you…”

Baylor gave a repulsive frown, gave up the question he wanted to ask, and that alpha pheromone disappeared when George came up a rush. The already weak feeling was washed away, as if it was an illusion, so Baylor paused for a second, then turned away.


Two days later –

“In addition to the combat uniforms you are wearing, when you get off the blimp you will be able to each be equipped with a medical kit. It will have three bottles of nutritional fluid, a contact, a firearm that has been specially treated, and an unopened melee weapon. Each group will be given a mission box with a mission badge inside.” This year’s examination chief examiner Sean held a mission badge in his hand as he faced the camera, and then his hand closed. After giving it a squeeze, the mission badge immediately shattered into two halves. “As you can see, it is very fragile, and the goal of your mission is to keep your mission badge intact to the final mission location. The location of the clues have been hidden in the assessment area. You have 72 hours to find the final mission location. No injuries to candidates’ lives are allowed during the assessment, there is a sensor at the chest of your combat suits, as long as there is a hit there, the alert light of the combat suit lights up red, it means killed, as for the rest – good luck to you.”

The airship stopped smoothly at the assessment area, which was a rolling mountainous area with a thick rain mist that filled in between the dense trees that came from the swampy area between the mountains. A total of 1,000 candidates, 250 teams in total, were randomly placed in locations around the mountainous area, which began promptly at 1 p.m. with a sharp whistle.

The internets of the major military schools and the Ministry of the Army began to simulcast the test, especially the three major military schools. One of their final assignments for each semester was to watch a military test and write a 10-page analysis of the battle, so each time a large classroom was directly vacated to broadcast the test live.

A student looked at the large classroom that had a third of the attendance at the beginning of this rare occasion, and it dawned on him, “Eric is taking this military assessment, right? I heard that the examiner also has instructor Sean, he is there for Eric, right?”

Usually it took a few more hours before people came over one by one, after all, most of the teams were lurking at the beginning of the test, not much fun.

His partner yawned, “If I’d known so many people were coming, I would have gotten someone to take notes for me, and then I’d have come later.”

“It’s 72 hours anyway. There’s always time to catch someone taking notes after that. I think Eric is going for honorary newcomer this time, right?”

“Definitely. No one should be able to beat Eric this term either. Tsk. Look at these roadies. Cut the camera directly to Eric.” Since it was a live broadcast in the large classroom, they had no way to freely choose the team footage, and could only watch which team’s channel.

The words just fell, the screen on the big screen switched to Eric’s team. Wearing a bulletproof combat uniform, Eric shed his student air, just like a real warrior. He had quickly made a deployment, currently in ‘two’ formation, two in the front to explore the road, two in the back of the high place to detect and cover, moving forward quickly.

And at this time in the low-lying mountain under the trees, George vigilantly looked around a circle, and then looked to the side, he quickly lowered his body rushed behind Wolcott, Kana and Baylor to say nervously, “In our ten o’clock direction, around a thousand  five hundred meters, there is another team. It seems they have not yet found us. ” He frowned and said with a gasp, “We’re underpowered, so we need to avoid clashes with other teams as much as possible, clear?”

Wolcott nodded in agreement, “Captain, you make a lot of sense.”

Baylor stood behind a tree, was annoyed with the combat uniform he was wearing, the fabric made him uncomfortable. At the same time, his eyes were drawn to the thing that flew around like a small fly in front of him. He suppressed his annoyance, his eyebrows fastened in a dead knot, “What the hell is this?”

George was unhappy with Baylor’s distraction and also nervous about Baylor’s behavior, “We’re in the middle of a combat meeting, what are you doing? Do you want to be found out for talking so loud?!” He muttered grumblingly, “Surely you’re here to have fun and not be serious at all.”

Kana looked at George and then at the device that was still staring at them, and she quickly spoke up and said, “Uh, Baylor, don’t look. That’s a live device, everyone has one.” Then she advised, “The captain is having a combat meeting, come and listen to it too.”

Kana had bumped into Baylor during registration earlier, and she was impressed with the pretty omega, she just didn’t expect to be assigned to a group. No matter what others said, she had a pretty good impression of Baylor. After all, when she bumped into him, he didn’t harshly blame her.

“A combat meeting?” Baylor pulled his attention back from the device that was flying around.

Kana nodded in a hurry, “Right.” Then to lighten the mood, she took the lead and said, “Since the other group hasn’t spotted us, we can go around to the front for an ambush.” 

Wolcott was from the ambush department and should be very good at setting traps. George was very dissatisfied with Kana’s unauthorized strategy, he was only a field officer, but he had no self-awareness. So he whispered in an unpleasant tone, “Didn’t you hear what I just said? That we should try to avoid conflict?” 

George stared at the movement of the team in front of him, “I know the people in this team. Two of them are students of the United Military Academy, they are not to be messed with, let’s just avoid them.” He tyrantly said, “We should collect clues first, if we are lucky we can finish the mission first, if not, we can also use the clues as leverage to cooperate with the big military school alliance.” 

With that said, he turned his head with a meaningful gaze to Baylor, “Baylor, I see that Eric has some interest in you, so you can use the beauty trick to make him help us out, then we can definitely pass the test.” He still remembered the day he bumped into Baylor talking with Eric.

At this moment, Ewan, who had just entered the live streaming system and freely cut the live channel to Baylor’s team, heard these words and immediately frowned unpleasantly.

Who was Eric?

Baylor tugged at his shirt as he stepped out from behind the tree and stood next to them, looking at the team in front of him, “It seems like you can’t think of anything of value with that brain.”

“What do you mean by that?!”

Meanwhile Kana tugged at Baylor’s pant leg, “Baylor, you’re easy to spot standing like that.”

Baylor was squatting down, but he was doing side leg presses, and after doing them once from side to side, he stood up again and did waist circles with chest expansion.

Kana and the two remaining men were silent. Kana blinked and looked at the standard preparation exercise like a schoolboy and hesitantly voiced out, “Bay, Baylor, what are you doing?” 

How come she had the illusion of doing exercises at school?

“The doctor said that it is necessary to do preparatory exercises before strenuous exercise.” Unlike the serious movements, Baylor replied casually. The doctor on the ship said that he had to do all his preparatory exercises in the future, otherwise his muscles would be easily strained. He followed the doctor’s advice to the letter.

After carefully completing the preparatory exercises, Baylor flicked the dagger sheath strapped to his thigh with his hand to make sure it was secure, and then he drew his submachine gun. He clicked off the safety of the modified submachine hand. The gun did not need live ammunition inside, it could directly compress air to shoot, and would not cause substantial damage, but as long as it hit the chip at the chest, it was enough to trigger a kill signal.

George saw his action, immediately guessed Baylor’s thoughts, he stared at Baylor with wide eyes, panicked, “What do you want to do? You’re not that stupid to rush up and fight them, right?” Seeing that Baylor was just checking his equipment, he said anxiously and angrily through clenched teeth, “You’re going to get us all killed! Do you really think this is a game? It doesn’t matter if you rush out and you get killed, but they will find out where we are and our whole team will be eliminated!”

Baylor looked askance at George. From looking down, his eyes were lowered, and just in those dark eyes, they revealed a contempt as deep as an abyss. “It’s you who’s going through the motions.” His voice was clear and crisp, with a strand of out-of-this-world indifference, “There is no looking at each other on the battlefield and tacitly passing by, the other team has long since discovered us.”

Baylor’s ears twitched slightly, and his spiritually powered enhanced hearing allowed him to catch all the movement from nearly two thousand meters away, and that included the other team’s cryptic communication.

George’s pupils tightened with surprise and panic, “What? Impossible…” 

How could he know? He subconsciously looked again through the dense foliage to the front of the line, 1, 2, 3, 4… No, that’s not a person, that’s a disguise made of clothes!

And just at this time, Baylor suddenly moved. He twisted and turned his body, but instead of rushing toward the front of the group, he rushed toward the trees to the right of where they were with a swift movement. At the same time, his left hand hooked the ring at the end of the dagger to pull out the dagger, flipped it and with a reverse grip, held it in his hand. With a stomp of his toe, his body was like a bullet flying into the bushes. Using his mental power to strengthen his hearing again, the location was determined. Baylor squinted and, with his left hand on the dagger, he directly went forward with a vicious slash.


A soft sound, not as loud as the sound of a cut branch falling, the candidate hiding in the bushes ready to ambush them had been Baylor pressed to the ground, his raised dagger in the last second ruthlessly slashed through the other’s heart towards the location of the chip, his combat suit lit up red light.

“065 killed, 170 gained one point.”

From the time Baylor started to act to the time the beep sounded, it was not even 30 seconds. 065 who was killed was still staring blankly at the man riding on top of him until now, the time was too fast for him to react to what was happening. Even Baylor’s three teammates were frozen in their crouches, their brains still not finished digesting the amazing scene just now.

What happened in that instant? How come Baylor had already killed a candidate? Was this really an Omega?

“Oh?” Sean, who was watching the live broadcast from inside the airship, raised his eyebrows unexpectedly after a moment of dazedness.

“This Omega has two strikes!” The examiner sitting next to Sean, Ensley, was still confused as to why Sean had to pick Baylor’s team’s live channel to watch, thinking that Sean was just admiring the beauty, but he didn’t expect to see such a shocking scene on Sean’s screen after just a sneak glance.

Sean gave her a blank look, “Don’t you have your own screen? Look at your own.”

Ensley was not angry, she directly turned her live screen to 170’s channel.

Then she said in shock, “How did he know there was someone there? And through the bushes, he could obviously not see them, but can attack so accurately.” She gave a puzzled glance, “Which school is this 170 from? How come I haven’t heard of them before? Sean, do you know?”

“No school.” Sean stared at the young man on screen who turned himself into a sharp blade. Baylor directly went head-on with the team and did not even blink, afraid to miss any of the other party’s movements. His eyes could not hide the elegant and noble light that was rich with excitement.

Sean said, “He’s from the field.”

The same Omega that was his indisputable student’s. Ewan had unearthed a treasure.

“199 killed, 170 gained one point.”

“240 killed, 170 gained one point.”

“089 killed, 170 gained one point.”

The candidates who were hit were all seeing ghost expressions without exception, “You… What kind of monster are you…”

Baylor took that task box from them and opened it, then stomped that glass badge with one foot. Turning his head, he said to the three who had lit up red, “Shh, dead people can’t talk.”

George and the two others came out of that hiding place. George looked at Baylor with an extremely strange gaze, his eyes were full of shock at Baylor’s combat strength, but there was also embarrassment.

An Omega actually came out ahead of him into the limelight. He felt Wolcott and Kana’s admiration for Baylor, he licked his dry lips and reluctantly blamed, “You, why don’t you follow the plan?! Do you want to get us all killed?” He lowered his voice and lectured sternly, “Do you think this is the time for you to play the hero alone? In fact, according to my strength, I can also rush out alone, but this will bring great risk to the team! Do you know that the major military schools have now allied?! If you make this move, you are declaring war on them! It will lead them to attack as a group!” The more he said, the stronger George’s voice became, and even the feigned anger became genuine as he scolded, “You’re just doing this for your own personal desire to perform, with no regard for the safety of the team!”

At this point Baylor instructed the eliminated candidates to hand over their weapons and supplies, and upon hearing this, he looked at George inexplicably, “Hmm? What the hell are you talking about?”

The three candidates who obviously couldn’t speak because they were ‘dead’ could only hand their weapons to Baylor, who picked and chose, took a pair of brass knuckles and a pocket knife. He put the pocket knife in the belt buckle next to the dagger, put the brass knuckles on his hand, and squeezed his palm to try it on for size.

Then Baylor raised an eyebrow, voice like a cold spring, “What team? This is an individual battle.”

Not bad, these brass knuckles were quite suitable.


The author has something to say: 

Baylor: This is an individual battle.

The team: ????!


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Hahahaha😁 I love Baylor. A strong, no nonsense omega. ‘Sshhh, dead people can’t talk’ 😂🤣 thank you for translating ❤️

December 23, 2022 10:47 pm

If you can keep a straight face while reading this chapter, I commend you!

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Super Wolf thinking, “this is child’s play for the boss”

December 23, 2022 10:53 pm

Arrogant Eric will be a problem, I think.
Pang of concern there from Ewan about the company Baylor has been keeping 😉
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It’s ok team, just don’t get in Baylor’s way and you’ll all be fine… you can ride his coat tails 😏
He may need a team ethic as the tests progress though.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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I love that confident attitude that Baylor has! An unstoppable Sentinel, this is General Ewan’s perfect match! Thanks for the translation!!!

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