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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


In the cruiser’s office, a live broadcast of the resource handover ceremony between the Ya’an Empire and TL7 was being shown on the screen, the first diplomatic event since the declaration of the TL7 planet’s vassalage.

Colonel Jon was half sitting on his desk, not watching the live broadcast, but said to another officer sitting next to him on the couch, “I heard that there is a lot of movement up there lately, and a lot of people have been sent out.”

The officer, named Nord, was also a colonel, and he was sipping his tea slowly at the moment.

“Besides, I thought Major General Wellin would come tomorrow to take over, why did he come early today?” Colonel Jon asked curiously, “What the hell is going on? There’s been a lot of chaos these past few days, and it feels like they’re looking for something.”

Colonel Nord, with whom he was a close friend and who worked under Major General Wellin, thought he must know something. But Colonel Nord didn’t answer, just said, “I don’t know, you just keep your skin tight these days.”

What a boring guy. Jon shrugged, looked up at the time, and stood up straight, “Oh, it’s about time, people should be here.”

“What people?”

Jon put on his military jacket, “A gift from planet TL7 to the general, supposedly a beauty.”

Nord grunted in disdain, “A waste of effort.”

“That’s what I said, so many people have given people to the general, who has the general kept?” Jon buttoned up, “Don’t they all know the general’s famous quote?” He mimicked it with a straight face, “It’s the weak that need a mate.”  After that, he returned to his playful grin, “Forget it, let them hit the wall.”

Nord frowned, “Why don’t they go on their own? Thinking of cruisers as civil aviation?”

“Anyway, we have to transport ancestral stones, this is along the way. Let’s go, pick up our ‘guest’.”

About ten minutes later, Jon saw the “guest” from afar. He froze for a second, then couldn’t help but say, “God in heaven, if the general doesn’t like him, is it possible for me to pursue him?”

Nord also froze, but hearing Jon’s words, he said with contempt, “No.” After that, he somehow changed his mind and just turned around and left.

Jon ignored him and met him with his own stride.

“Colonel Jon.” The usher beside Baylor greeted respectfully, while Baylor narrowed his eyes at the tall alpha walking toward him.

The dark gray uniform… It was the same uniform worn by the man in his dream, and although it was different in a few places, he could tell that the man was also a soldier of the Sky Wolf Legion.

“Hello, my name is Jon… little beauty… what do I call you?”


Jon smiled brightly, “Mr. Baylor, welcome to the Crusader, I am the scout squad leader of this ship, I hope we can get along well for the next half of the trip.”

At that moment, Baylor suddenly felt a line of sight, he raised his eyes and looked precisely at a window on the fifth floor.

The doll-faced young man at the window met Baylor’s gaze and froze slightly, then he frowned and asked, “Who is this man?”

The man was Major General Wellin, who had just arrived today to take over the Crusader.

The captain stepped forward and looked at the situation downstairs at the moment, although he couldn’t see the person’s face from a distance, but from the uniform of the person next to him he concluded, “It’s someone from the TL7 planetary mission.”

A long distance away, yet he could find where he was at a glance. Could it be a coincidence?

Major General Wellin saw that young man being led away, he pushed this doubt into his heart for the moment, “It would have been better not to have outsiders on the ship at this time, but forget it.” He turned around and instructed, “Keep an eye on them and don’t let them wander around the ship.”

“Yes, sir.” The captain returned to the couch and sat down, continuing the conversation from before, “How could anything happen to the general? Who can do anything about him?”

Major General Wellin left the window and he said with a sullen look, “The general was ambushed.”

The captain was not impressed, “Ambushed too…”

“Two companies of combat power, ten of them mecha, and the general only had one flying machine.” Major General Wellin sneered, “They really went to great lengths to get the general killed, those gutter maggots in the Marl Galaxy only know how to play dirty.”

The captain froze, then said incredulously, “But… How could…. General wouldn’t be so stupid as to step right into the trap, and with so many troops in the ambush, there’s no way the general wouldn’t realize it.”

Of course not.

But if there was a mole who deliberately conveyed false information, that would be a different story. But all this, Major General Wellin did not say to the captain, and did not intend to say. For one thing, it was just speculation, and for another, it was not advisable to make a big deal out of it and spook the snake.

He said, “Anyway, we must hurry to find the general, although the news of the general’s disappearance is now blocked, it will not last long. If we can’t find the general, those planets will definitely launch an attack immediately.”

The captain hesitated for a few seconds and then asked, “Have you ever thought that after so many days… Maybe the general has…”

“Impossible.” Major General Wellin said firmly, “The general can’t have died so easily, and-” he narrowed his eyes, “the fact that there has been no movement on the Marl Galaxy’s side means they don’t know if their ambush was successful or not.”

The captain said in surprise, “What do you mean…”

Major General Wellin said with hidden pride and full admiration, “When our men arrived at the ambush site, it was full of the wreckage of the ambush forces.” He said, “The two companies of troops that had ambushed them were all wiped out.”


“Woof! Woof!”

The blood on the man’s uniform had dried to black, and the shoulder patch on his shoulder symbolized the highest rank of the Ya’an Empire, the symbol of the Empire’s military wing, the general.

— He was the Empire’s general, Ewan, whose whereabouts were unknown today.

And at this moment he kicked open the iron door of the warehouse that was stuck because of the deformation, the locking parts of the door broke off and fell on the ground, the wound on his body cracked because of the force, the bandage on his chest was faintly penetrated by traces of blood. But his face did not change, not even a frown, and he went directly into the warehouse.

And behind him, he was followed by a gray and white ancient creature – the Siberian sled dog.

The lights in the warehouse had long been broken, because of the impact of the crash, all kinds of reserves were messy after having fallen in the room.

This warehouse was not big, but Ewan was a big man and he felt a little cramped, not to mention the addition of a half-human tall dog.

But the dog didn’t mind it being crowded, and also liked to squeeze in.

After all, he was super sticky and liked being close.

So, it bumped and squeezed in forcing Ewan to give it a place.

Ewan: … He looked at Dragon Hunter who began to sniff at the things scattered on the ground. He simply did not intend to bother to find it himself, and directly said, “Smell everything. Eat what you can eat.”

In the past few days, he had been drinking nutrient solution, but Dragon Hunter had no interest in it at all, and he had not seen it go out to look for food. Although Dragon Hunter did not show any hunger or sickness, and was even very lively all the time, he decided to come to the warehouse to find food for him.

Dragon Hunter didn’t eat nutrients, but he sure liked to eat meat and bones. There was no fresh meat in the warehouse, but there might be dried meat.

Ewan was blocked and couldn’t get out, so he simply stood there and waited for Dragon Hunter.

His communicator had actually been repaired. But the internal function of the communicator had been damaged, could only create a very weak signal, and the storm had not stopped, so it simply could not transmit the signal out. But it was only a matter of time before he could contact the outside world, and according to his observations, the storm was about to stop.

Looking out the window, compared to before, there is a weakening of the storm, and his pair of deep eyes narrowed.

When he went back, it would be time to clean up the rat turds in the legion.

After a glance, he just saw a bag of jerky. He raised his hand and pulled the bag of jerky from the half-inverted shelf, then tore open the package and took out a large piece of jerky from inside without stint.


For some reason, Ewan had the illusion that after he said this word, the ice-blue eyes of Dragon Hunter in front of him took on a bit of resentment.

Ewan: ?

He slightly bent down and sent the piece of meat in front of the gray and white dog’s head again.

This time it responded, it opened its mouth and took the meat into its mouth along with its hand.

Ewan, “…” He flicked the end of his eyebrow, “Want to eat me?” He chuckled, “Nice, ambitious.” Undaunted, he yanked his hand back, casually reaching for the fabric on the shelf to wipe the ‘spit’ off his hand.

“But alas, you are not strong enough.” He patted the dog’s head that was looking at him, “It’s still a bit difficult to eat me.”

Dragon Hunter’s mouth opened and spat out the jerky, then plopped down in place and his paws started digging at Ewan’s shoes.

This was his invitation to play together.

Ewan understood, he also looked at the jerky thrown aside without mercy, frowned with difficulty.

This dog was too picky, what should he do?


The cruiser officially set sail, and Toynbee, who had been delayed by business, found Baylor, who was surfing the Internet in his room – he had too much to reacquaint himself with.

“How’s it going?” Toynbee asked.

“Oh, pretty good.”

Toynbee was relieved to see that Baylor was wearing a blocker around his neck at the moment, and he was relieved that nothing seemed to have gone terribly wrong. Earlier, when he was busy at the handover ceremony, he was worried if Baylor would get mad about the blocker –

Hmm? Since when was he even a little afraid of this young man? Toynbee frowned, thinking furiously. It was probably because his fighting appearance was too deep. He was always afraid that Baylor would get mad again.

Thinking about this, he said with some headache and some concern, “There is something I forgot before, Austin is also on board, he asked Mr. President to go to the Ya’an Empire to study. Mr. President finally agreed and he happened to go with us…” He felt his head split open when he thought of the battle the two had made earlier, “… In the Ya’an Empire’s cruiser, he should also know the rules, and should not trouble you too much, but you should also pay attention to yourself, and avoid him.”

Baylor didn’t look up, “That’s not possible.”

Toynbee was anxious, “Baylor!”

Baylor said, “They’re already here.”

The next second, the door to the room was opened.


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Thanks for the chapter and hard work!!

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Baylor’s sensitivity is incredible. Thanks for the chapter!!

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We’ve got a possible mole and subterfuge already.
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Dummy dum
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It’s so cute to see Ewan worried about the husky. I wonder why Baylor’s animal is a husky?

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