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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The palace of the Ya’an Empire was of the peak type, one level higher than the other, meant to approach the sky. It was obvious that human beings had developed beyond the universe, but on their own planet there was always some foolishness and ignorance to hold on to. Like the cloud island floating above the imperial capital – the cemetery in the sky.

The air in the late summer was filled with a refreshing heat, staying in the white feathered temple halfway up the mountain, silver-haired Theodore III was wrapped in the water ripple pattern black and gold gown that highlights the dignity of the emperor.

Theodore III was sitting lazily in a blue velvet chair, shaking his wine glass with his hand wearing a luxurious trigger finger, his eyes squeezed by the flesh of his cheeks like two curved moons, “How come you are so free today?”

Wellin, who called His Majesty the ‘orange cat’, sighed in a slow tone, “Recently I am always worried about the friction arising from the star field dispute, I can not eat day and sleep at night, today you have time to come, I also want to understand the military planning on this matter.”

Although he squinted, his eyes were round, trying to look at people when open like two beans. And now those beans were full of expectation, “When will you be ready to go to war?”

The elongated tone of voice was seven turns and eight turns, really – speaks better than sings.

In every sense of the word.

Ewan sat across from Theodore III, now the military was strong, including the royal family, the nobility was weak, Ewan, as the military commander, in power had been a veritable Empire’s first person. But he was still in front of Theodore III to follow the etiquette of a vassal, long legs put in order, military cap also took off and put aside, heard the words of Theodore III, he was also very restrained not to mock.

He was just a little surprised that His Majesty the Orange Cat was prepared to take the foolish words he said on TV seriously.

Ewan pondered for a moment and then replied without ambiguity, “Your Majesty, it is impossible for the Ministry of Military Affairs to immediately launch a campaign against the Marl Galaxy.”

Theodore III was instantly displeased, “Why?

“For obvious reasons, the journey is too long, and the other side also possesses great strength. If you want to officially start a war, it will require a lot of manpower and resources, and the loss is not worth it.” The matter of his own home was not yet finished, run all the way to other people’s homes to fight, he was not a fool.

“But the other side has repeatedly harassed our constellation borders, and constantly sent people to interfere with our internal affairs, as far as I know -” Theodore III narrowed his eyes, very angry, “they also tried to ambush the Secretary, the Secretary once something happens, for the Empire it would be a great disaster… Such thieves should be crushed immediately! To show my Empire majesty!”

Listening to Theodore III’s ramblings, Ewan replied carelessly, “Your Majesty, don’t worry, the military will send more troops to maintain stability in the territory.”

This means that there was still no promise to go to war.

Theodore III started chatting again.

The general sitting across from him had his back straight, seemingly listening attentively, but actually his mind was not here. Because he suddenly thought of Baylor today receiving the Medal of Honor rookie, which was also Baylor’s first merit, he should perhaps send something to celebrate?

It’s just that Baylor’s preferences were not quite the same as the norm, just like last time he took Baylor out for a stroll, didn’t Baylor just want to go to the supermarket. Maybe we should ask later… So his eyes fell, Ewan looked at the floor-to-ceiling palace, where you can’t see the ceremony hall, but you can see the heavenly cemetery in the distance.

The image of a falling scene emerged in front of her eyes. The person in the image was dressed in her most beautiful clothes, dressed exquisitely, like a falling flower, falling relentlessly from a high branch to the ground, with petals falling in all directions, spreading a sea of bright red flowers.

Theodore III looked at Ewan’s brow suddenly seized, his rambling words suddenly paused, some hesitation asked, “What do you think is wrong?”

Theodore III looked at Ewan’s eyebrows and suddenly his rambling words stopped. He finished quickly so he could go find someone.

Baylor did not know that Ewan was remembering to hurry to find him.

The handsome young man stood in the middle of the auditorium wearing a brace of military uniforms, sideways, he looked at the people at the entrance of the auditorium, a pair of clear dark pupils like a vast pool of ink, he was not good at hiding his emotions, so the pool of ink easily rippled, will be his surprise to show all.

Julius was very different from Ewan, he was like his pheromone general, was an elegant and introverted orchid, elegant and gentle, obviously noble Empire Prince but not a little arrogant.

He walked into the auditorium with his entourage and met Baylor’s gaze, he smiled gently, “You look surprised.” He soothed thoughtfully, “There is no need to be overly nervous, I have heard that this class of honorary recruits is very… excellent, so I stopped by to take a look.”

The aristocrats have a special tone of voice, their cadences were long and polite, sounding complex and gorgeous, just like their usual lifestyle. The Count who molested Baylor in the embassy before, he spoke with a pretentious tone, which made Baylor want to frown. However, the Prince’s tone of voice was like a spring breeze, such as the singing of the piano strings. It really makes people feel the elegance of nobility.

“Congratulations on becoming the  honorary newcomer, I’m looking forward to your future performance in the military department.”

If it was a regular person who was given such a high evaluation by the Prince, he would be sincerely frightened. At least that’s what the Minister of Ceremony and the Ministry of Military Affairs and other people in the auditorium thought at this moment. Some of them had heard about Baylor’s performance in the examination, some of them knew nothing about it, but at the moment they all looked at the man who was waiting for the award in the auditorium, between the teenage and the youth stage, in a different light.

But Baylor was different, he was now full of the other party’s fragrant pheromone. From shock to doubt, a hundred thoughts in Baylor’s mind, reflected in those eyes, was the light of the eyes. It was like a stream of light that fell through the colored window, fascinating. He half squinted his eyes and spoke, “What is your name?”

Baylor’s arrogant and sudden question caused a moment of silence in the auditorium, the kind of silence where even the sound of breathing was stagnant. The name of the Prince of Empire was not a secret that could not be mentioned, everyone knew it. But that’s what made Baylor’s question all the more unorthodox.

The attendant was the first to react, “Rude! Watch your manners when talking to His Highness!”

Baylor raised an eyebrow. Ho, what a great official authority. What’s wrong with the Prince of this Empire, a person should not change his last name, was his name something difficult to say? How was it rude to ask for a name? If the one opposite this was not a guide, he would not care to ask it.

“Julius Theodore.” Before Baylor was ready to speak, Julius answered, and instead of finding Baylor offensive, he found it interesting to ask, “What about you, what’s your name?” He already knew it, but a formal exchange of names was the first step in establishing a relationship, wasn’t it?


“Baylor, nice to meet you.” Julius had amorous and gentle turquoise eyes, and he looked intently at Baylor in front of him, “Unfortunately, this is not the right time, but we can have a good chat in a few days. I watched your performance in the examination, and I admire you.”

The medal was a rose style golden badge, this was a custom passed down from ancient times, in the past, in order to show Empire style, the best newcomer selected should not only have excellent strength, but also superior face, so the rose badge was awarded. This was why the honorary newcomer also has another alias as the Rose Newcomer.

Wearing the badge back to the entrance of the palace, the attendant said to Baylor, “Mr. Baylor has been recognized by His Highness, he will be very successful in the future, I would like to congratulate you.”

His intention was to flatter Baylor and make a good impression on him. But he didn’t expect Baylor to raise his eyebrows and scoff at it. He said gently, “My future will be based on my strengths, not on the appreciation of others.”

At best, the guide element on the other side has something to do with him. But why was there a guide element in the Prince’s body?

Weifield received Ewan’s order, and after meeting Baylor, he asked him, “Mr. Baylor, General will come to you later, do you want to go somewhere to hang out now?”

Baylor returned to the hover car, he tossed the military cap, took off his dark gray jacket and threw it on the chair next to him, not caring about the rose insignia on the jacket. His slender, jade-glossy fingers unbuttoned the meticulously buttoned collar.

This unconventional and spontaneous behavior looked at the corner of Weifield’s eyes. How much work the general put into Baylor’s uniform before he could wear it so comfortably. He aptly suggested, “We can go back and change first.”

Baylor, who now felt free to breathe, let out a long breath and didn’t answer Weifield’s question, which turned to an unrelated matter, “Is Ewan related to your Prince of Empire?”

Weifield was struck dumb by the question and he cautiously asked, “By relationship, what is Mr. Baylor referring to?”

What kind of relationship could all be guide, Baylor was also hesitant, “… kinship?”

Weifield: ???!

“No.” Weifield replied categorically. Just kidding that there was a blood relationship with the Prince, if this spread out, would give the general trouble. To put an end to Baylor’s dangerous idea, he said emphatically, “General is an only child, his relatives are all dead inside and out, so there’s no way he’s related to the Prince!”

Baylor felt shocked, he stared at Weifield, how much revenge, so curse their boss?

“Got it, got it.” Baylor leaned back on the back of the car seat, Weifield sat across from him, at the moment the hover car started under the autopilot system, Baylor looked out the window at the steeply rising landscape. In a flash of insight, he asked, “So… Do they have anything in common with each other?”

Originally he thought there was only one guide in the world, Ewan, but this prince appeared, and the pheromone in his body was also with his familiar guide element in general, able to reconcile his own mental energy. Does that mean there might be a third, fourth guide? And there might be some pattern to it.

“Common ground…” Weifield thought left and right, “Both of them are good-looking, of course General is more handsome.”

“… Besides that?”

“Identities that are very honored, especially General, Empire’s youngest General with the God of War, once in a thousand years.”

Baylor mouth corner twitch, remembered Ewan before concealing identity in the self-aggrandizing self-selling, really what boss there was, what subordinates, “And?”

“There’s…” Weifield thought up, “Both of them are S-rank alpha.”


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January 1, 2023 5:55 pm

Hmm, perhaps due to the family connection, tho distant, may be why the guide element is present in both. I think Ewan is he best guide due to the fierceness of the way they fight well together. Ewan also has his temporary mark on Baylor😁 thank you for the update ❣️❤️

January 1, 2023 7:06 pm

This chapter makes me smile.

I really have no reason to dislike Prince Julius. It is interesting how he can see Super Wolf.

Baylor cannot understand the deal with pheromones yet, so wait patiently great General Ewan.


January 1, 2023 10:22 pm

This Prince Julius has something strange. Thanks for the chapter!!!

January 2, 2023 4:43 am

It’s bizarre that there are 2 people with pheromones that seem to highly match Baylor’s and, more importantly, that both can see Super Wolf. I wonder if it has to do with near-death experiences or something like that?
I’m sure Baylor recognises the stronger match of the 2 ~ or let Super Wolf decide (who loves Ewan ☺).
The story will unfold…
Thanks for translating and editing.

February 11, 2023 6:46 am

So S alphas are very fragrant ~

March 10, 2023 4:47 pm

The prince had amorous eyes, huh? Guess that’s a clue where the story is going.

April 1, 2023 4:03 pm

Lol Baylor is beginning his collection of S-ranked alphas (not! Ewen would kill them I think)

Thank you for the chapter!

April 26, 2023 5:59 am

I see orchids described as ‘elegant and refined’ so often. However, looking at the planting rack of various species or orchid right next to my desk… I can only say that those words don’t seem appropriate at all. Rather, the words ‘lush and voluptuous’ seem far more appropriate, with blossoms that have thick, waxy petals in hanging cascades, or extravagant spays of countless tiny blossoms. Maybe it depends on the species of orchid.

November 21, 2023 3:49 am

I’m confused now, didn’t they say that ml was the only S rank alpha? Or did I not read well enough and got a little delulu… eh its probably because they’re a S rank alpha that they got the guide element… sooooo movie emperor also known as Er8c brother is also an S rank alpha?

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