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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Ewan came out of the palace, went back to the military headquarters, held a meeting to listen to his captain’s report on the recent task arrangements. Watching the twilight, thinking of Baylor, he decided to pack up some unfinished work to take home, ready to finish late at night.

In fact, because of Baylor’s injury, most of his work he was taking home to deal with, so that he could take care of that omega. When he returned home, he found the youth had changed into light clothes, showing his slender, but not dry, thin legs sitting on the sofa, and then turned on his terminal air projection, concentrating on something.

Looking at Baylor’s light-colored loose T-shirt and shorts, Ewan felt slight regret. He hadn’t had a chance to look at the uniform more than once.

After petting Super Wolf, who was excited to welcome him back, Ewan approached Baylor and stood behind the couch. He looked at the aerial image, the search term on the browser was ‘S-rank alpha list’.

With a raised eyebrow, Ewan looked down at Baylor. What was he trying to do again?

Baylor simply did not care about Ewan’s intention. He was not very skilled in the use of this world’s machines, so he was like a schoolboy, with his two fingers clumsily inputting content, as well as slowly switching the page. No, the operations of elementary school students were better than his.

Usually he was as smooth as water with the sword and spear, who would have thought that when it came to technology products, he became handicapped.

Propped up on the back of the sofa, Ewan watched with interest for some time as Baylor searched from ‘S-class alpha list’ to ‘S-class alphas alive’ and just typed in the browser’s search box –‘how can I know how many S-class alpha’s there are’.

Ewan finally spoke.

“There are twenty-one S-class alpha’s still alive within the Empire.” Ewan’s voice was a bit lazy, answering the question Baylor was about to search, “There are 1418 registered S-class alphas in Alix Galaxy.” He met Baylor’s sideways glance and said, “This is confidential data, not open to the public, you can’t find it even if you change a hundred keywords.”

“Tsk.” Baylor thought about the fact that he had wasted most of the day’s work here, especially since the process of using this was not very smooth and comfortable, and he turned the terminal off with displeasure.

Throwing the terminal away and hugging Super Wolf’s head, who jumped on the sofa, Baylor said not very satisfied, “Only twenty-one, so few?”

Ewan laughed lightly, “You think S-class alphas are cabbage? Easily available?”

Twenty-one in one country was already outstanding. The remaining 1,397 in the Alix Galaxy were spread out on nearly 350 planets, with only four on a planet on average. Alix Galaxy had sixteen S-class alpha within the Crystal Swallow Federation. Also, if there were everywhere, it wouldn’t be S-class.

“Then do you know who those twenty-one S-class alpha are?” Baylor asked.

“Of course I know-” After all, S-class alpha were the equivalent to the Empire’s strategic resource, which was why Ewan was able to be familiar with the numbers. Only Ewan’s tone changed, “–but what do you want to know this for?” 

Why were you suddenly asking about S-class alpha?

Baylor thought about what Ewan had said to himself earlier, and didn’t want to know if he was interested in someone else’s pheromone. So he just said, “Curious if those S-class alpha are the same as you.” Just like that Prince, pheromone was all the same as the guide element.

After hearing Weifield say today that Ewan and the Prince were both S-class alpha, Baylor suddenly remembered Eric. Eric was an A-class alpha, and the pheromone on him was not exactly like the guide element, but it carried a few hints of the guide element.

So an idea suddenly came to his mind – perhaps the guide element he felt was not the guide element in his world at all, but the pheromone of a higher rank alpha in this world had some channeling effect on his own mental energy. He had been wondering before, this world did not have sentinels or guides, why was Ewan so special and have the guide element?

And when he thought about it, his mind suddenly opened up a lot. If this was true, then he does not have to keep relying on Ewan! If Ewan refuses the ‘deal’ between them, not willing to bite him every two months, then he could find a good  S-class alpha for abduction, and directly knock them out and take them away to a small black room!

Wouldn’t that be great?! The world suddenly became clear!

Super Wolf felt the excitement coming from Baylor, it looked up suspiciously, what good thing was the boss thinking again?

“The same as me?” Ewan patted his head scatteredly, there was plenty of confidence in his casual voice, “Don’t dream about it.” Not caring too much, he said to Baylor, “Let’s go.”

Then he watched Baylor and Super Wolf in Baylor’s arms look up at him for a moment, and the corners of his mouth lifted slightly to reveal a light smile. He said, “To celebrate you taking your first medal.” 

Celebrate? No one had celebrated anything with him yet.

Frozen for a moment, Baylor subconsciously averted his eyes and turned back, his tone pretending not to care, “I’m just an honorary newcomer, it’s not a big deal.”

If he really didn’t think it was a big deal, he wouldn’t have wanted Wellin to see it in the afternoon. Ewan looked at Baylor’s squirming face and didn’t take his words seriously. He just shifted his eyes and landed on Super Wolf who, unlike its owner, was looking at him excitedly. Then Ewan remembered that every time Super Wolf did something ‘good’, he liked to proudly show off in front of people, wanting someone to praise him.

Baylor may not even know that he and Super Wolf had the same personality. This was probably the pet-like-owner type of thing?

So he said, “There aren’t many newcomers who are going to be honored in the history books, so it’s something to celebrate.”

And that was true.

So Baylor ‘reluctantly’ looked at Ewan and agreed, “Okay, where to?”

The smile in Ewan’s eyes deepened, but when he heard Baylor’s question, he hesitated a little and asked precautiously, “It’s not a very fancy place, is that fine?”

Not a very luxurious place indeed. Especially considering General Ewan’s status. The waves were like silver scales in the clear moonlight, and the pier, which had long since outlived its usefulness, stretched out toward the sea, as if to touch the moon on the surface of the sea. And at the end of the pier was a restaurant on a ferry.

The sea breeze with the sound of waves across the deck, the late summer and early autumn night slightly cooler.

Ewan wore the half-face mask, although this place was isolated, but after all was a restaurant, in addition to Ewan and Baylor, there were also nearly twenty customers, and not all people here like Baylor, where he could walk around freely and not be recognized.

“The seafood here is very fresh. Steamed and boiled can best reflect the fresh taste. You like to eat light, so this is just right for you.”

Obviously, Baylor’s character was so open and fiery, but his taste was extremely light. Ewan found the great contradictions in Baylor interesting.

Baylor was sitting with Super Wolf next to the chair squatting. While his mental body could not eat, it would look over the side of the ship, looking out at the sea. In Baylor’s world, clean water was very scarce, and his city was also deep inland, not to mention the sea, even lakes and rivers were rarely seen. Mostly even if there were, most of it was polluted, and they could smell the sickening scent from a long way away.

Baylor and Super Wolf had never been near water. Ewan didn’t know about it, he just misplayed the wrong thing. He was just thinking about where to take Baylor when he suddenly found such a place from the depths of his own memory.

Listening to Ewan’s words, Baylor was a little surprised, “I can’t see it.”

Ewan was stunned, “What?”

“I thought you didn’t care about the food.” Baylor said. He lived with Ewan all these days, and except for the first day when he tried to embarrass Ewan into making himself a breakfast he couldn’t even remember the name of today, Ewan hardly ever put much effort into his food.

Although Ewan always told him to drink less supplements and eat more food, Ewan himself drank supplements to make ends meet quite often. This made Baylor think Ewan was very double standard.

Ewan mused, and then he said honestly, “I don’t care.”


“That’s what I think.” Ewan’s hands were clasped under his jaw as he said, “When I was a kid, I passed by here on a boat and there was a local guidebook on board that just happened to describe this restaurant, and it wasn’t that cold back then.”

“Actually, I didn’t know if it was still around before I came here.” The corners of his mouth curved in a soft, shallow curve. Ewan’s smile was always faint, like ripples on the water, not even into the eyes, but at the moment, that smile dyed his eyes, “Luckily it wasn’t a wasted trip.”

Baylor nodded, “That means it should taste good, it hasn’t gone out of business after all these years.”

Ewan was slightly stunned and dropped his hand, his body leaned back slightly and landed on the back of the chair, the somewhat aged bench made a ‘creak’, which was in perfect harmony with the sound of the waves. He raised his eyebrows slightly, surprised at Baylor’s calm response, “You don’t think I’m perfunctory? I brought you to a restaurant that I’m not even sure is still open.” 

He expected Baylor to be upset for at least a minute. After all, Baylor’s anger comes and goes quickly.

One minute later, Baylor braced his face and looked expressionlessly at the view that was so rare for him, the deep blue sea almost blending in with the night sky. “A restaurant that’s been remembered for that long is not exactly perfunctory, is it?” He casually muttered, “I’m not stupid.”

How deep must the memory be to remember the introduction that he read at that time and be able to retrieve it after such a long time? Baylor was usually a little rough around the edges, but he was no fool.

The sound of the waves boiled up, and with it the moonlight broke even more.

Ewan looked at Baylor’s eyes deeper and deeper, brow slightly wrinkled, lips tightly pursed, as if struggling to suppress something. After a few moments, he lowered his brow, fingers unconsciously squeezing and rolling his fork, “Sometimes it’s better if you’re stupid.”

Baylor sniffed and turned his head, not very happy, “What do you…”

However before the questioning words could be uttered, there was a sudden cry of surprise from the side, “It’s you!”

Ewan and Baylor have turned their heads to look, the first reaction was General Ewan’s identity was recognized. Even Super Wolf, who was on the side of the ship, turned his head to look at the omega who was exclaiming next to him.

The male omega in a suit and tuxedo walked quickly to their table, and then under the eyes of the two, his eyes glowed at Baylor, “170! I can’t believe it’s really you!”

170? What 170? Baylor froze for a moment, reacting with hindsight. Oh, isn’t 170 his number in the test?

Then the next second, the omega looked at Baylor adoringly, “I’m a fan of yours!”

Baylor looked at Ewan, who had a complicated expression, with some confusion. Fan?


The author has something to say: 

Baylor: find a good S-class alpha for abduction, knock them out and take them away to a small black room!

The young sentinel’s life has been judged at once.


Baylor will soon be taking the fan club to the military!


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January 2, 2023 6:15 pm

Omo the fan club is officially open,where do i sign?🤭🤣🤣I’m in love with Baylor🥰🥰🥰

January 2, 2023 10:31 pm

Heh heh heh..Baylor doesn’t have a clue about fans, except the electric ones😏 in his line of work, slice and dice is what matters. Thanks for the update ❤️❤️

January 2, 2023 11:19 pm

Life must have been hard and very different, both as a Sentinel and where he was from.
Funny and scary in equal measures.
Some fans really don’t know when to leave people alone.
Ewan does not have an easy time ahead 😉😏
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 3, 2023 12:55 pm

ah I read this in one day! I love this pair

January 3, 2023 5:42 pm

Another fan of Baylor!!! Thanks for the chapter!!!

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Soon to be annoying fandom? Will Baylor like the attention… Or no?

March 23, 2023 7:26 am

He became a celebrity in an instant 😊

April 10, 2023 3:04 pm

The little black room part is just so funny

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