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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Fan? Baylor had experienced many big scenes, but this was one he had never experienced before. Super Wolf next to him simply leapt off the chair and went over to the omega, sniffing carefully.

The omega saw the empty chair suddenly shake, and was startled. But his idol was in front, it was just a chair moving so it was not a big problem! He hastily introduced himself, “I am a second year student of the United Military Academy, I watched your performance in the examination the other day and was very much inspired.” 

His face was flushed with excitement, and his eyes were staring unblinkingly at Baylor, like two light bulbs with exploding wattage. Wow, he’s really beautiful, and even more shocking to see it in person than on the air! He felt like he couldn’t breathe, “So, so, so, can I know your name?” 

At first, all the candidates in the live broadcast did not show their names, only their code names. And they had been searching all over the world for the identity of170, and almost posted a search notice! But still have not been found, which led to them still not knowing the name of 170.

Even because the military assessment was not allowed to keep files, even screenshots were not allowed, they do not even have a photo! He could only recall his idols’ glorious deeds and smiles with words!

The little fan who silently wrote the post-examination analysis paper as 170’s personal biography cried in his heart – Could there be a sadder fan in the world than this?

However, what this omega didn’t know was that the culprit who prevented them from finding Baylor’s information was sitting next to them at the moment. The information that the military general wanted to hide was a military secret, so how could some students find it casually?

The omega’s gaze was so passionate that Baylor, a man who had never flinched in front of a cannonball, shrank back slightly, and his head went blank as he replied, “Baylor.”

“Who named you?” 1The little fan was so excited that he was about to cry, “Oooooooh my idol’s name is so nice.”

Baylor: …!

This was a scene he really had never experienced before!

The little fan leapt forward and boldly asked, “I, maybe we can take a picture? And then can you sign the picture?” As the saying went, one must have a new dream, just in case it comes true!

Ewan, who was watching, frowned and was about to say no for Baylor when he saw the young man blink and then nod and say, “Oh…”

It’s done! The little fan almost couldn’t catch his breath when he took a breath.

Ewan, on the other hand, had a twitch at the corner of his mouth. “…”

When did he become such a good boy?

Or maybe it was only in front of others. 

Unknowingly, a sour feeling quietly flooded her heart, and Ewan suddenly felt that this person was a bit of an eyesore. But Baylor had agreed, and Ewan couldn’t interfere. That would make Baylor angry. Even if it’s just for a minute, it was still not a good deal.

So Ewan frowned as Baylor went to take pictures with people, obviously small tyrant king, but at the moment, he was obeying.

Feeling jealous, Ewan recalled what Toynbee had in his mind, the youth that had sighed as if in lament – “No one on that planet welcomed him”.

Baylor’s identity on TL7 was the child of the sin king, the sin king was killed, and out of humanitarianism, Baylor, his infant son, was raised in the president’s house. But because of his father’s sins, not many people wanted to be close to him.

Imagining the little Baylor being ostracized by everyone, cowering to the side, no one to love and care for him, and also being bullied…The more Ewan thought about it, the more irritated he was. He picked up a glass of water, drank a mouthful of ice water, but it did not dissipate his internal depression.

Ewan let out a deep breath.

But Baylor had now made a name for himself, and had even gained the recognition and admiration of many people, and the old situation of being alone and unsupported would not happen again. It may not be long before he had an official fan club. 

Ewan’s face suddenly sank. There should also be quite a few admirers and suitors…

There was a crunching sound of ‘pop’.

Baylor, who was writing his name squarely on the photo, and the waiting young fan turned their head to see a crack in the glass in Ewan’s hand, ice water flowing down from the man’s palm along the crack.

“The glass is of bad quality.” Under the two men’s gaze, Ewan put the glass back on the table as if nothing had happened, drew aside a napkin and wiped the water off his hands and the table without haste. Then, he raised his eyes lightly, through the mask, his eyes swept over the signed photo, in which Baylor looked blankly at the camera like a passerby who had strayed into it, and the word ‘Baylor’ was written neatly in the middle of the photo.

Not like a signature, like a registration.

“Signed, you can go now.” Ewan unceremoniously gave the eviction order.

Although the man’s tone was not heavy, it made the omega feel an eerie chill. With a chill down his back and the photo in hand, he nodded hastily, “Yes! Thank you, thank you.” He rushed to Baylor and almost bowed three times.

Baylor: … Why does it feel like you’re going to break your life?

Baylor watched the omega leave with one step and three bows, he was still in the clouds. What the hell was that guy? A fan? Why would he have fans? He wasn’t a star. And from what the man said, there seemed to be more than one?

Baylor turned back around and was about to ask Ewan about it, when he saw Ewan staring at the broken glass and the cold aura.

“… You can’t go to military school.”

Baylor froze for a moment, not understanding this train of thought, “Why?” After a pause, he asked again, “Why do I have to go to military school?”

Originally, Ewan had thought of placing Baylor in a military school, allowing him to train in the military department while studying in the military school. But now it seemed that Baylor’s test had caused a lot of controversy in the major military schools, so if Baylor went to a military school, wouldn’t he be a sheep in a tiger’s mouth?

Thinking of the group of impure students surrounding Baylor at the military school, Ewan felt a fire rise in his chest, but he remained calm and said, “No, it’s nothing.”

The seafood Ewan ordered proved to be very well received by Baylor. He said with great satisfaction, “This place is good, no wonder you remembered it for so long, we can come back next time.”

Ewan had thought that the taste of this restaurant was not as desirable as he remembered either, but after hearing Baylor’s comment, he instantly changed his mind. It was an even better place than he had imagined. Ewan graciously said, “Whenever you want to come back, we’ll come back.” But wouldn’t we have to get Baylor a little camouflage later, too?

The sound of the waves never sleeps, the night was getting cooler, Baylor returned to the hover car, Super Wolf in the back curled into a ball. Ewan opened the window to look outside, the sea was relatively remote, there were no tall buildings, only the vast sky and sea, there was a sense of the vastness of the universe.

Baylor suddenly saw a pink and purple star in the sky, like a pink diamond. He asked, “Is that a fairy star?” 

Ewan peered far into the sky and nodded lightly, “Yes, we’ve seen it in the universe-“

They had passed by that dreamlike planet on their return trip on Crusader. Ewan remembered very well that it was on the way past Andromeda that Baylor was poisoned and then entered the estrus phase… He subconsciously glanced in Baylor’s direction.

The black blocker was still on his neck, but if he took it off, he could smell Baylor’s body with his own scent. Ewan was never so self-absorbed as to be obsessed with his own pheromone, but when he smelled his own pheromone on Baylor, especially when the two pheromones mingled, the once-familiar smell was suddenly like a poppy, addictive.

In a deep breath, Ewan frowned, averted his eyes, silently pressed down the evil thoughts. He’s been getting stranger and stranger lately, always thinking about messy things. Thin lips pursed into a straight line, Ewan’s eyes sunk into a deep color. This was – not right.

But those things that weren’t right obviously didn’t disappear from his mind as completely as he would have liked.

After taking Baylor for his daily treatment, Ewan returned to his room, the guest room, and began to deal with the business of the military department. In fact, after confessing his identity, Ewan could have asked for his room back, but he saw that Baylor was comfortable in that room, so he just moved his things out and moved into the guest room completely.

Originally he was indifferent to which room he was staying in.

He was busy after 1 a.m., thinking that Baylor would have to report to the military in the morning, Ewan let out a long breath, rubbed his forehead, and turned off the dense information of various star fields in the terminal, before washing up and going to bed. As the lights went out, his eyes closed, his consciousness blurred, and his sanity faded like a tidal wave –

Ewan once again returned to the Crusader’s ward, the pink and purple fairy star outside the window like the eyes of the gods, looking at the two people in the room. It was the same beginning as then, but with a different twist.

Biting the glands on the neck, Baylor’s cold-toned skin was like white jade, smoked and baked to warmth in the body heat of another person and the pheromone entangled with each other. In that hazy and gorgeous color, they kissed each other.

At the moment of deep love, the eye outside the window had a tangible image, from that eye it extended, a beautiful face gradually became complete, one that was buried in the depths of his memory, a familiar and unfamiliar face.

That person’s face pressed against the window, looking, then shed a line of blood tears. Those lips opened and closed outside the window, saying silent words. There was no sound, but the words were very clear – only seven words.

[I hope you are not like me].

The words were like a bolt of lightning tearing through the haze of colors, turning a beautiful dream into a nightmare and forcing Ewan to wake up from it immediately.

At 5:30 a.m., Super Wolf consciously began his patrol for the day. He majestically left Baylor’s bedroom through the wall and started inspecting his territory in the hallway. He actually comes out once in the middle of the night, and when he gets bored, he goes to lie down next to Baylor, and when he gets bored, he comes out for a stroll.

The dog’s life was so full and uninteresting. However, as he walked, he keenly caught the sound of water flowing. Although the soundproofing of the room was very good, no sound can escape his ears! So he went in the direction of the sound, skillfully through the wall, he leapt onto the empty bed that had dissipated even body heat, and then cocked his head to look at the lit bathroom.

This guide was up early in the morning to take a shower, so diligent. He felt that he could not lag behind, so he used his paws to smash his face like he was scrubbing and wiped his face. Wiping and wiping, his nose twitched.

There was the smell of estrus.

He brought his two paws forward to block, covering his nose.


He was still a single dog.


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Translator Notes:

  1. He actually asks “Which Bai? Which Mo?” But since I changed his name to the Anglosaxon version, this doesn’t work in context any longer, so I changed it. 百墨 (Numerous/Hundred Ink)


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January 3, 2023 5:42 pm

Oi! Ewan is a mess. Baylor is pretty much clueless. They are made for each other❤️❤️ thanks for updating ❤️❤️

January 3, 2023 7:06 pm

Ewan will really need to get a grip now!
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 3, 2023 10:25 pm

Estrus? Super Wolf is in Ewan’s room, does does mean his heat has come?

Oh my, indeed Ewan must hold on to his sanity since his object of affection is in the same house.

Baylor has like 1% of knowledge of Alphas and Omegas, he needs more schooling in this than military school.

March 10, 2023 5:43 pm

Didn’t really understand the dream. But Ewan in heat? Sounds painful for him as he always tries to stay in control.

March 23, 2023 7:53 am

Ewan is thinking of hiding his omega 😍..
But oh he is in heat

April 10, 2023 3:08 pm

Awwww super wolf is shy 🥰🥰
He so cute and sweet..

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