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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


All the new recruits who passed the exam would report to the military headquarters on this day. Only Baylor was different from the others, besides reporting to the boot camp, he had to go to one more place. The military headquarters was located on the outskirts of the imperial capital, almost outside of it. It covered a vast area, including six mountains, five lakes and one plain. But most of it was a training area and a testing area.

In addition to these areas, there were also legion garrisons throughout the Ya’an Empire, and there were planet camps in the universe dedicated to training. These were the military capital of the Ya’an Empire that could be called tyrant’s constellation. The military headquarters was a steel monstrosity like the mother ship of the universe, but it was prostrate on the ground, as if in a sound sleep.

However, in fact, it was also true. The military headquarters itself was a ship with the ability to maneuver, and if one day the imperial capital was struck by a destructive strike, it would be activated to take on the duty of evacuating the living forces or to kill the fish. After being taken by soldiers from the A section where the boot camp was located to the B section, a deeper part of the headquarters, Baylor arrived at an office.

Baylor remembered this man, who was one of the examiners in the test. The man stood up from his chair, his hair on the side of his neck, “Hello, my name is Sean and I’m your instructor.”

Baylor frowned slightly as the soldier who had brought him in withdrew and thoughtfully closed the door behind him, leaving the two of them alone in the office at once. “You’re my instructor?” Recalling what he had just heard in boot camp, he wondered, “I’m the only one?”

Sean smiled slightly as he leaned against the table, his hands in his jacket pockets, his casual look not at all like a soldier. “Yes, you’re alone.” He explained as he looked at Baylor without moving, “You’re not like the others. The rest were assigned to a uniform boot camp, and will be trained by a uniform instructor until they are assigned legion after three months. You, on the other hand, were assigned the Sky Wolf Legion, and in addition to the boot camp instructors, you have an instructor who is actually in charge of your training program – that is, me, Sean, and you can call me Mr. Sean as Ewan does.” Pointing to himself, Sean concluded, “So after your daily training routine, you’ll need to come to me for additional training – for short.” He asked, “Is there anything else that’s unclear?”

In fact, Ewan had meant to have Baylor follow him around the entire time, but Sean declined. Not that it was too much trouble for him, but there was something Sean knew he couldn’t give the man in front of him. This kid, more than the improvement of combat skills, needed something else.

And it’s not good for Baylor to be treated too special.

Baylor actually did not care too much about who his instructor was, and he was very happy with the extra training thing. But at the same time, he also noticed a message in Sean’s words. Calling Sean his teacher, as Ewan did, meant that… “Ewan is also your student?”

Sean nodded and said, “Yes, he is also my student.” After a pause, he suggested, with a slight sense of mischief, “You can call him ‘Brother’ from now on.”

Baylor was silent for a moment and refused very decisively, “No.”

What a shameful thing to say.

Sean paused, and with a serious expression he asked, “What do you usually call him?”

What kind of question was that? Baylor replied inexplicably, “Ewan, of course.”

With an unintelligible whisper, Sean suddenly shared, “Sometimes a change of name can add interest to your life, you can occasionally try it.” 

For example, brother, dear, if you want to play the workplace play can also be called General, very exciting.

Baylor raised an eyebrow in uncertainty, “What does this have to do with the fun of life?”

“Of course it does.”

Baylor pondered up. He actually often changed the name for Ewan. When he was in a bad mood, he called him ‘hello’, and when he wasn’t there, he secretly called him ‘guide’. Does this add to the fun of life? If I had to say, it seems to be a little?


After being spoon-fed some nonsense over at Sean’s place, Baylor was rushed off to be tested by Sean after lunch.

“You will do the mental strength test together in the afternoon, don’t be nervous, just do the best you can.” Thinking of Baylor’s move of not taking his body seriously during the test, Sean was not very reassured and advised, “Mental strength testing is not something you can force yourself to do, press stop immediately when you feel you can’t take it, don’t force yourself, mental strength overload will make you stupid.”

If it was someone else, there was actually no need to have such a worry. After all, people have a sense of self-preservation and will give up the moment they can’t bear it. But Baylor… I can’t say. In addition to admonishing Baylor, Sean also simply went to the supervisory area of the testing cabin himself.


Just outside the testing area, Baylor heard Kana’s voice. Turning his head, he looked at Kana running towards him, “Where have you been? I was going to ask you to join me for lunch.”

Baylor tilted his head, “What’s the point of asking me to eat with you? Are you afraid to eat alone?”

“… No.” Kana’s enthusiasm was suddenly doused, and she sighed, not quite expecting the other party to understand the feelings of a little sister eating together, so she turned to say expectantly, “The mental strength test, I hope I can pass it, and then I can do the mecha training.”

Baylor frowned slightly as he glanced out the glass window at the mecha training ground below, and he asked, “What do you mean by mental powers? You have mental powers too?” This was what he wanted to ask just now, but because Sean’s identity was special, he was afraid that the other side would see some clues, so he did not ask.

However, he was puzzled. Could it be that the people here also have spiritual power and can also strengthen their five senses like him? But they didn’t have a spiritual body…

Kana was slightly puzzled by the word ‘you’, why did Baylor say it as if they were different?

But Baylor’s thought process had always been different from that of ordinary people, so Kana didn’t particularly care. She explained, “Mental power… This word sounds quite mysterious.”

But in fact, the scientific definition was the speed of the brain and the amount of information carrying capacity, just like the core of the machine, the greater the carrying capacity could store more information, and then be able to complete high-speed calculations in an instant. Only those who have reached the B level or higher in mental power can be trained to operate the mecha. If a person with weak mental strength gets into a mecha, the information storm that rushes into the brain can damage the brain, not to mention the ability to make the mecha move.”

Kana carefully explained, “The military’s qualification levels include a rating for mental strength, but the general public’s qualification levels do not specifically test for mental strength.”

It sounded a bit like the mental power Baylor was familiar with, but not quite. Baylor thought about it carefully, and it was probably about whether he could actively use it or not, but his mental power here was more like a passive ability, but he could actively use it to strengthen his five senses. The information storm, this part was the same.

Sentinel’s would be too focused on their five senses when fighting, resulting in an inability to withdraw and enter a state of loss of control. They would lose their minds and become a monster that only knew how to attack without distinguishing between the enemy and allies.

No wonder just now Sean especially urged him not to force it.

And at this time, there were new recruits who had just finished the mental power test. They came out of that test cabin, pale, sweating, body staggering and almost fainted. And the guide robot next to them extremely skillfully handed them hot chocolate with nutrients, and then helped the person to leave.

Chocolate could help them relieve some of the mental tension. Nutrients could quickly make up for the energy expended by the brain rushing just now.

The waiting recruits looked at their miserable state with a few moments of fear in their hearts. Except for those recruits from the military academy, who had gone through this test when they were in school and acted more prepared. Just as they were waiting to do the test, there was a sudden commotion from the testing area.

“Look guys, it’s the general!”

Everyone was posted in front of the window, looking down at the mecha training ground.

Baylor sniffed and turned his head as a black gilt mecha appeared in the mecha training field, it was slightly smaller than the next mecha and looked more agile and lighter. This was the mecha in the charging position.

Ewan was wearing a training uniform, a gray T-shirt in the same color as his uniform, revealing his powerful and smooth muscles, and he was standing in front of the team, his forehead hair slicked back, revealing a cold and solemn brow. Like a cold blade that could pierce one’s soul.

Baylor fixedly looked down at Ewan, ears listening to Kana excitedly sharing, “Baylor, I tell you, General Ewan is an S-class rank, so he is also Empire’s strongest mecha combatant. His mecha is called ‘ Black Star’, it is made by the Empire’s top mecha designer so it is unique. Usually it is difficult to see, I did not expect today to actually see it…”

Kana was chattering next to him, but Baylor was thinking, Yesterday Ewan said he would come with him to the military headquarters this morning. As a result, when he woke up in the morning, Ewan had already disappeared. He also searched for the other for a while, thinking that Ewan was in some room, until a soldier came to pick him up and he realized that Ewan had left.

Ewan actually perversely did not keep his appointment and left him behind to come to the military headquarters first by himself. What was he up to?

However, it was at this moment that the test area boiled over again. It was like a pot of boiling water, and the noise was endless.

“It’s His Highness the Prince!”

“Oh my God what a day it is, I actually saw His Royal Highness and General at the same time!”

Baylor took a closer look and indeed saw the blond young man he had met once at the other end of the mecha training ground.

It may have been just a matter of following the customs of the country, but the Prince was also wearing a military uniform today, just a little different from that of the general population. The prince raised his head slightly, and it may have been Baylor’s illusion, but he felt that the prince was looking his way and was meeting his eyes.

The next second, he waved his hand at this side. Listening to the startled shouts next to him, Baylor was sure-

Hmm. It wasn’t an illusion.

The prince was indeed looking their way.

Ewan noticed Julius’ strange movement and looked upward sensitively, then realized that Julius was looking at the very place where Baylor was supposed to do the mental power test. With a slight frown, he took a closer look at the person at that window and did not see Baylor’s figure, and his frown was slightly relaxed.

Baylor was indeed not at the window at the moment, because it was his turn to do the mental power test.


The author has something to say: 

New cover! In fact, this was something I thought of before the beginning of the novel, but only today I drew it… It’s Baylor from the test! Although blocked by the words, you can not see too much.

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