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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The testing chamber was like a bee chrysalis, and Baylor watched as the group in front of him came out of the silvery-white chrysalis one after another, the faster ones staying inside for only six minutes, the slower ones for ten minutes.

The recruits next to him said, “Seventeen minutes, that’s the longest time so far.”

One of the former field personnel said, “The mental power level should be very high, I’m envious, I wish I could stay inside for more than ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes?” The man shook his head, “It’s like seconds in there, I’ve measured it in school before… Hey, it’s a nightmare experience, ten minutes feels like a lifetime.”

Alfonso, who was standing in the monitoring room, was more than a little surprised to see that this year’s recruits were not as clearly divided into camps as they had been in the past. The division of the military school camp would not only appear in the examination, in the barracks and even legion, and even the entire military department would have a clear division between factions.

In the past, the three major military schools and the small military schools, as well as the recruits from the field were clearly separated. But this term was not quite the same.

Instructor Alfonso turned his eyes to the black haired boy who was waiting to enter the detection chamber at the moment. A large part of the break in the military school camp should be attributed to this new recruit named Baylor. In fact, he was right.

Thanks to Baylor, at least half of the people who passed the test this year were missing, resulting in a lot of heart-to-heart among those who passed the test. And during the examination they fought against Baylor, the big BOSS, they established a deep revolutionary friendship.

So even the military students could get along with the field personnel, but they were not close to Baylor, except for Kana. Therefore, when they saw Baylor coming forward, the chatter dropped off. All eyes fell on Baylor for a moment.

“Please enter the testing bay.”

As Baylor entered the chamber, the chatter resumed.

“How long do you think he will stay in there?”

After the battle of the test, they all dared not belittle Baylor’s strength anymore, so they were much more objective when discussing this time.

“Looking at his combat strength, his mental power should also be quite powerful. Perhaps ten minutes?”

“No, no. Even if he has a strong combat ability, there are many with weak mental strength, I think about ten minutes is too long.”

Some people think these guesses were too conservative and not exciting at all! One boldly said directly, “If you ask me, he will either come out immediately or in twenty minutes!”

People near him started laughing mockingly, “Twenty minutes? You think he’s getting a massage in there?”


Kana was among this group of testers, the last group to be tested. In the silvery-white chrysalis, the data lines extended out and connected to her head and limbs, chest… She had some fear, and at this time, the device made a mechanical sound – “connection has been completed, please close your eyes, ten seconds later will start testing. Please do not force the test process. The moment you feel danger, please immediately press the button in the right hand to disengage. “

Kana saw a red button sticking out next to her, and then shoved it into her hand. Her heartbeat in the enclosed space sounded like a drumbeat, and Kana closed her eyes tightly.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, – begin.”

At first, there was just some dense itching coming from her scalp as well as the limbs, like an ant bite. Kana was instantly relieved. It didn’t seem as exaggerated as others had said.

Until gradually, those subtle sensations became strong. Her head suddenly seemed to set off a shocking wave, all kinds of memories began to tumble uncontrollably, even some of the images that even she herself had not seen. Then at a certain moment, a huge amount of energy surged out from the data line.

Kana felt as if her brain had been forcibly torn open and exposed to the blazing fire, and was being messed around with an electric drill inside. She felt like she had been thrown into a centrifuge and was being spun around at high speed.

The brain rose to the point of explosion, all the senses of touch in this moment have become extremely sharp. She felt like a sponge, all information in the environment were frantically pouring in. The cabin’s running sound was amplified dozens of times, the skin on the fibers of her clothing, she can even feel a thread on the side of her waist …

So painful… She was going crazy… It’s so noisy… It hurts so much… Her entire body was hurting… Her head was hurting too…

In that very moment, Kana suddenly understood what the ‘dangerous moment’ in that prompting phrase meant. So just as her spirit was about to collapse, she immediately slapped the button almost with a scream from her soul.

Let her out!

The storm of information energy stopped, the world returned to silence, and the data line slowly pulled away from her. Opening her eyes, the hatch opened in front of Kana, and under the dizziness, she fell out almost forward with a weak leg.

She wanted to vomit…

With the help of the robot next to her, she turned sideways to cover her mouth and dry heave to the side.

When her consciousness gradually regained clarity, Kana felt her hand was stuffed with a cup of hot drink, the sweet smell brought her back to reality.

It’s over…

She looked up and realized that her contemporaries were looking at her with astonishment. What… What’s wrong? Did she not even last five minutes?

Kana felt her heart hanging in the air until someone next to her said, “You’re amazing.”

Kana was a little confused, “Huh?”

The person said, “You actually lasted 19 minutes in there.”

“Nine… Nineteen minutes!” Kana’s eyes widened, the highest record was only seventeen minutes! She looked incredulously towards the row of testing pods and found that almost all of the twenty testing pods were empty, except for one, which was still tightly closed. She froze slightly, looked at the still closed door, and subconsciously asked, “Is that…? Is that Baylor?”

“Yeah, he’s the only one left.”

Kana looked over and saw that everyone was now staring at the still-operating, last inspection bay. Time passed, and the people waiting outside began to get anxious.

“Just now, what was the maximum time we guessed?”

Someone remembered the number that they had previously considered crazy and nearly impossible, “Twenty minutes!”

They gulped, “That’s twenty?” It was now twenty-one minutes.

At this moment everyone had already experienced the taste of that spiritual power testing, and they looked at the tightly closed testing chamber with a look of a monster.

How could someone stay in there for so long? Was this really possible?

After another minute had passed, Kana heard the person next to her murmur, “Time to come out?”

Kana looked at the testing chamber, and there was no sign of it opening. The painful experience just now still haunted her, an almost inhuman experience, bordering on torture. Thinking about Baylor’s personality, she was tinged with anxiety. It’s not possible that Baylor refused to give in and ended up refusing to press the disengagement button and was killed inside, right?

Because of nervousness, she unconsciously began to bite her nails. Obviously they were not doing the test, these people watching outside but once again feel the seconds were like years.

The staff in charge of testing in the adjacent monitoring room, as well as Alfonso and Sean, two instructors, were now watching the testing equipment with rapt attention.

Alfonso was the first to ask, “Are you sure the instruments are working correctly?”

“Yes, everything is working properly.”

There was no such thing as a broken detection chamber. Sean looked at the time on the timer: 23 minutes, 43.79 seconds. His brow furrowed, he and Kana were both worried about the same thing, that Baylor was hanging on by being tough.

The monitoring room could only see Baylor’s vitals, but a mental breakdown could not be reflected in vitals, at best, it could be seen in heart rate and blood pressure. Generally speaking, people who have a mental breakdown were bound to suffer drastic emotional changes. Heart rate and blood pressure values would spike.

So the only thing that could give Sean some peace of mind was that Baylor’s heart rate and blood pressure were still within normal limits. Wasn’t he pushing himself?

The storm of information energy in the detection chamber was not always at a constant value, but will gradually strengthen over time.

So the longer it took, the heavier the load the brain took on.

Most people could only last less than ten minutes in the detection chamber, more than ten minutes that was able to accept the mecha operation training of the crowd, more than fifteen minutes was excellent. The military’s current record was set nearly a century ago, when a doctor  stayed in the testing chamber for fifty-three minutes and forty-two seconds.

But she also had mental power that was too strong, and the load on her brain was too serious, so at the age of thirty-seven, she had died young.

Then there was Ewan, when he joined the military, he stayed in the detection chamber for forty minutes and three seconds.

It was inhuman.

That year, Sean was in there for twenty-five minutes. Sean looked down and Baylor had been in there for over twenty-five minutes. Everyone was waiting for Baylor to come out, yet twenty-five minutes had passed, and with thirty minutes about to pass –

“It’s about to be thirty minutes! Oh my God! Is this a person?!”

“Is the detection chamber broken? Or did the person faint inside?”

At this moment, in the mecha training ground downstairs –

“What is Your Highness looking at?”

Julius withdrew his gaze from upstairs and looked at the general of the military department who was walking towards him and said, “There seems to be a lot of activity upstairs.”

“It’s just the new recruits doing their mental strength tests.” Ewan said indifferently.

“But it’s an interesting class of recruits, isn’t it?” Julius smiled gently and politely, “It’s rare for me to come to the military headquarters, and since I met them today, I’d like to go and observe.”

Ewan raised his eyebrows slightly, his voice slightly deeper, “Your Highness may have to wait for another time, it’s almost over at this time.”

Julius grabbed his jacket and looked as if he was bound to go, “But it’s not over yet, that’s what makes it interesting.” After a few steps, he stopped and looked sideways at Ewan, “Does the general want to take a break?”

Ewan did not move to the monitoring room upstairs, the people inside had not yet dispersed and left. It was indeed a little long, was there something wrong? But–

The dream of the early morning came to life, Ewan looked faint and turned towards the training ground, “No, Your Highness go by yourself.”

If anything really happened, there was Mr. Sean there. It was not appropriate for him to see Baylor right now.

Julius smiled softly and continued to leave.

Ewan walked next to his ‘Black Star’, he looked up at his old companion, but his eyes were lending it to the floor-to-ceiling window upstairs on that left side.

I wonder if Baylor has finished the mental power test. I also wonder if Baylor was angry with him for leaving first. But what disturbed Ewan even more was that he had actually knotted 1the omega in his dream and finished marking Baylor completely.

That absurd dream made Ewan suddenly realize one thing, Baylor was different to him than Wellin, Weifield and Sean.

He wanted to possess Baylor.

A complete possession from body to soul.

What a terrible thought.


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Translator Notes:

  1. A “Knot” is kind of like a bulb type thing in an Alpha’s penis that swells when they are aroused and keeps them locked inside their Omega during sex to increase chances of getting the Omega pregnant, this is called “Knotting”. It is something that occurs during canine sex.


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Mu hahaha and possess him you shall😆😆😆 gosh I love this.. thank you for the update ❤️❤️

January 5, 2023 8:32 pm

Oh General! You know you want to go! This highness is getting more and more interesting (pls be a good guy!) Baylor you OP precious little shit. Can’t wait to see him blow everyone out of the water (again)! Thank you for posting!

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Ewan’s been possessed and it took a hot dream to wake him up to the fact.
Baylor doing his thing. I do love him.
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Kana is a nice surprise. A strong woman who is not a rabid b*tch.

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