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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Everyone once had a moment when they felt they were the child of destiny, the center of the world. But as they grew up, they would slowly realize that they were just an ordinary person. This year’s recruits were at that age, and had basically recognized reality. Knowing that they were an ordinary person. But they suddenly discovered recently, they were not ordinary at all. Especially not ordinary.

They were part of an examination and the first to witness history.

They were part of a mental power test and were the first to witness history again…

“Thirty-four minutes, right?” They were not anxious anymore, they were basically a little numb.

So even their tone of the question has become much plainer. They even wanted to go outside and stroll back in. 🙂 The result was that there were really people who were impatient to go outside for a stroll, but as soon as they went out, they were frozen in place, “Hi, hig, pri, Your Highness the Prince!”

“The test is not over yet?” Julius asked without a frame of mind.

“Yes… Yes, there is one more, everyone else is finished.” 

Wow, His Highness was so kind, just like a classmate.

“One more?” The blond youth showed a look of recognition, “How long has he been in there?”

“Thirty-four minutes… Ah no, thirty-five!”

Julius was slightly stunned, and even he, who had a perfect score in etiquette class, couldn’t help but show a few moments of discomfort at this moment. This was just… It was too surprising. Did TL7 actually send someone like this as a gift?

“It’s been thirty-six minutes…” The person next to Kana chimed in somewhat wearily, then he said somewhat brokenly, “He’s not going to stay in there for forty minutes, is he?”

That would break the general’s record. He couldn’t be that ridiculous. However, at this moment, they were no longer afraid to make any prediction about Baylor’s performance. After all, after these two trips, they completely realize one thing – the person in the testing cabin at this moment, was beyond their knowledge.

What prediction was there to make? Don’t you think you’ve been hit in the face enough? Just when they thought Baylor was going to stay in that pod until the end of time, the detection pod suddenly stopped.

Those who were getting distracted were immediately distracted and quickly looked at the time, and the timer read 38 minutes and 15 seconds.

It’s over! He was coming out! Thank goodness! He finally couldn’t hold out and it was over! Thirty-eight minutes… Thirty-eight minutes… he’s probably going to collapse!

In the monitoring room, Sean’s brow was knitted, staring at the chamber, his heart almost in his throat. Thirty-eight minutes, more than anyone expected. So much so that no one could predict what kind of state Baylor would be coming out of. Sean even gave orders to the staff in the testing area, “Tell the medical staff to be ready, if the person comes out in a bad condition, immediately provide medical treatment.”

“Yes, instructor Sean.”

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the hatch that was about to open, and the hatch finally opened slowly after a long wait.

The omega in a military uniform stood straight inside, as if a strong pine, the pair of beautiful as if painted eyes squinted slightly because of the exposure to the light outside. He frowned and pulled down the sleeves that he had just rolled up to facilitate the connection. Then he idly stepped out and took down the military jacket hanging on the pod to put it on.

Baylor finally relented and glared at the people staring at him in annoyance, “What’s wrong with you? Am I getting a facelift for going inside? Or have you never seen a person before?”

He was creeped out by a bunch of people with eyes as wide as copper bells.

No. It’s not that he was sick. They were the ones who were sick!

The recruits were practically screaming in their minds – Something’s wrong. It was so wrong.

One of the recruits standing in front, closer to Baylor, looked Baylor up and down several times and finally couldn’t hold back his questions and asked, “Are you okay?”

Baylor: …

Baylor stared at the man in front of him and lowered his voice, his tone dangerous, “Want to fight? It’s spacious down there, let’s go down and play.”

The man quickly sucked in a breath of cold air and was scared straight back a few steps until he hit the person behind him.

At this time Sean and Alfonso had come out of the monitoring room, they walked to Baylor, Sean directly took Baylor’s hand, and then the other hand grabbed Baylor’s chin left and right to examine. He asked with concern, “Baylor, do you recognize me?”

Baylor’s mouth twitched and he took two steps backwards, he was very upset with Sean’s hand, “What are you doing? Do you think I’m stupid?”

Alfonso advised seriously, “Don’t hold on if you don’t feel well, there’s medical staff nearby, they’ll help you.”

What a bunch of psychos! Baylor’s eyebrows raised and he said inexplicably, “I don’t feel sick, why would I feel sick?”

Next to him, Kana asked cautiously, “You just spent almost forty minutes in the testing chamber, are you okay?” Her voice was full of worry.

“I’m fine.” Baylor, who had a small temper by the reaction of these people, replied firmly. Then he barely said how he felt, “It’s boring to stay in there, am I done?”

A question mark slowly rose in everyone’s head. For a moment they didn’t know how to digest this sentence. Does it make sense? It didn’t make sense. How could someone come out after staying inside for nearly forty minutes and act like nothing happened? And say they were bored inside? Even for a moment, they didn’t know which thing was more perverted and made them doubt their lives more.

Was it that Baylor actually stayed inside for almost forty minutes? Or was it that he said the mental power test was boring? They could understand that the world had jaggedness. They could not quite understand the gulf-like gap between this and the crossed world.

After all, everyone at least still lived in the same world.

Alfonso was an instructor after all, he collected his astonished expression and made a quick decision after a brief pause, “Check the detection chamber and monitoring data.”

The implicit meaning of this statement was that the detection module might be malfunctioning. Those recruits heard these words, and that broken worldview was finally repaired a little.

“Yeah, it must be the detection pod that’s broken.”

“I just said it’s the detection pod that’s broken!”

Someone took a long breath and patted their small chest, “That’s right, how could someone be perverted like that.”

“Since they need to be checked, there’s no point in keeping them waiting here.”

From the back door came a warm voice, Alfonso and Sean looked up and saw Julius standing there at some point. The recruits in the inspection area saw Julius and let out a gasp of surprise.

They didn’t expect the prince to be here, wasn’t he just down at the mecha training ground?

Baylor subconsciously looked behind Julius, but did not see Ewan. He thought Ewan would come up with him. So he looked sideways again, and saw the black mecha in the mecha training ground, fighting against two dark blue mecha, while a group of soldiers were watching and analyzing and learning.

It was an instructional battle. Baylor had heard Wellin say that Ewan, although a general officer, often instructed the soldiers in the military. Many of Wellin’s combat skills were taught by Ewan himself. He was a general who was so competent that he felt it was unnecessary.

This was not quite the same as the Baylor’s Tower leaders who always boasted of their prestige.

The young man’s gaze was not hidden, Julius faintly froze, saw that in the training ground like a shooting star combat figure, he smiled with understanding, then suggested, “General is playing instructional war, a rare opportunity, why not let them simply go to the side to learn?”


Ewan was never distracted in battle. Even in the internal guidance station, he also followed this iron rule. Put his whole body and mind on his opponent, tense his nerves, and did not miss every movement of the opponent, and then seize the breakthrough, a kill.

However, a figure suddenly entered his field of vision.

The moment he leapt behind his opponent and prepared to subdue him, it was as if he sensed something, his eyes in the cockpit raised and saw the young man standing outside the field. He was not wearing a military jacket, and his white shirt was exposed with a slightly open collar, showing the beautiful collarbone line. Because Baylor didn’t like restraints, he didn’t ever button up properly.

And next to him stood a blond, svelte young man. Julius, the Prince of the Empire, had always been praised as a gentle and polite man, an uncompromisingly modest gentleman. He slightly lowered his head, very close to Baylor, a pair of turquoise eyes looking gentle.

It was said that no one can resist falling for the gentle and watery gaze of the Crown Prince.

The black mecha’s flowing movements suddenly had a flaw, even if it was just for a moment, it had a lapse. But before anyone could react, the mistake was quickly adjusted, and then the black mecha once again launched its own attack.

The two mecha pilots on the field suddenly felt that the general’s fighting style had changed all of a sudden. Because it was a guidance station, it had been constantly directing their attacks and was meandering with them. But now it became extremely harsh, with a fierce killing aura.

Under Ewan’s offensive like this, the two dark blue mecha fell one after another almost in a flash, and what had been a back-and-forth tussle instantly turned into a one-sided crushing. The two soldiers still felt like they were in a dream when they disengaged from the mecha cockpit.

No… Didn’t they say this was an instructional battle? Why did the General get real all of a sudden? But it was the General!

They looked at the man who had also disengaged from the cockpit with reverence. Unlike their sweaty, wretched appearance, Ewan only had a little sweat on his forehead, and his breath was not even disturbed. The battle was probably just a warm-up for him.

He grabbed a towel, wiped his forehead, and then used the towel as a shield, his eyes were filled with a chill and sharpness that was almost out of control. Wiping off the sweat, Ewan watched as Julius moved closer to Baylor, whispering something next to him, while the young man gave a surprised look before looking over at the other man.

Between the slightly raised eyebrows, the widened eyes were filled with each other’s figures. The two people looking at each other were like people who came out of a painting, and standing together there was a harmony that one could not disturb.

Ewan slightly narrowed his eyes, the towel was ‘snapped’ and flung to the side of the railing, the force of the towel wrapped around the railing several times.


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January 6, 2023 4:49 pm

Oh. I’ve waited for this and I’m going to wait for more. Lemme see the Esteemed General drink venigar. Hahahaha!
I’m still craving for more Ewan x Baylor interactions though, ehe.

Thank you for the hardwork!

January 6, 2023 7:32 pm

Ewan is eating a pot full of vinegar, poor thing for the two he was training with the General. Thanks for the chapter!

January 6, 2023 9:13 pm

I just feel so much sadness from reading about Baylor’s backstory, but knowing that Ewan is doing everything he can to prevent that from happening, eases the sadness a little bit.

If I can feed off of jealousy, I’d be sticking with the General for the next few weeks to keep me full to the brim! haha!

January 7, 2023 3:14 am

Ha, ha, ha, brilliant! Baylor saunters out just before matching (or even beating) Ewan’s record…. because he was bored 😆
Ewan is being a typical Alpha, possessive of his marked (albeit not fully… yet) Omega. I don’t feel like he needs to worry, on Baylor’s account at least 😏
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 7, 2023 3:43 am

I’m thinking Ewan is a tad bit jealous 😄. When will he admit he likes Baylor….alot🤔❤️ love it, thanks for the update!

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December 4, 2023 8:27 pm

What is the point of resisting your feelings only to be jealous? Stay mad. In fact stew in your pride a little longer.

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