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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


There were warplanes whizzing by in the gray sky –

There was no hint of laughter, and an announcement was broadcast over the somewhat depressed streets, “Today, Tower 13 announced the death toll from the Talis mission: seventy-eight civilians, five sentinels, one guide… Tower 13 has sacrificed a few in exchange for victory…”

Ewan looked up at the rusty broadcasting device, and he turned his head to look at the street full of dirty water and garbage. He was supposed to be resting in his flying machine, but instead he appeared here.

No one could have brought him here silently.

He frowned. Was it a dream? It was a very lucid dream at that.

“Yo, you’re a good-looking kid.” A greasy voice came from his side, and Ewan turned his head, only to find himself sitting next to a little boy in the corner, about seven or eight years old, so thin that he seemed to be able to see the bones under his skin. But even so, the child’s peachy eyes were amazingly bright.

It was like a diamond that had fallen in the dirt.

The man who spoke, on the other hand, was a man in his thirties, not very cleanly dressed either, but looking much healthier than the little boy, with extra fat on his face. He squatted down in front of the boy and said in a persuasive tone of ‘for your own good’, “In a place like this, people like you can’t survive, today I’m in a good mood, you have to make me happy, I’ll pick you back up and give you a hot meal.”

There were passers-by walking by and people smoking cigarettes, but they all ignored what was happening here and didn’t even give a glance.

Only one person, watching the drama from the second floor terrace, said something like, “That’s a crazy dog, and it will still be restless at home.”

Ewan frowned unhappily.

And just then the little boy spoke up, his brittle voice full of hostility, “Get lost.”

The man froze for a moment, then burst out laughing, completely ignoring the little boy, “Hahahahahaha, good, good, good, a boy with a backbone, to my liking.”

But saying that, he reached out his hand, ready to grab the little boy’s face to teach a good lesson. However, as his hand approached the boy, he was caught off guard and was bitten by the boy with a fierce bite.

“Ah!” The man shouted, he wanted to pull his hand back, but looking at the thin and small child, his bite was very hard. He threw his hand, and the boy was hanging in the air shaking, but just did not let go.

“Shit! You crazy dog! Quickly loosen your mouth! Fuck!” He grabbed the boy’s hair with his other hand and tried to pull it away, but pulling it that way only made it hurt more, so he put his left and right hands together and took the little boy’s head and slammed it against the wall, blood flowing down from the boy’s head, but he just didn’t let go of his mouth.

“Damn it! Let go! Let go!”

The man on the terrace laughed, “Told you it was a mad dog.”

Ewan, who was beside him at that moment, sulked and reached out his hand to stop the man, only to find his hand passing through the man’s body the moment he touched him.

He froze for a moment.

And in that instant, the man picked up a slate next to him, raised his hand high, and aimed it at the little boy’s head ready to hit him hard again–

A grayish-white shadow flashed, a small dog ran out of nowhere, flew up and bit the hand.

Gray and white fur, ice blue eyes, two gray round eyebrows – although still small, but Ewan recognized that this was Dragon Hunter.

Dragon Hunter was still young, but his strength was not small. He lunged as he bit, not only making the man’s hands drop the tile, but also making the man fall to the ground. But he was also heavily thrown to the ground by the man’s subconscious counterattack.

“Ah!!!” The man had no time to react to what exactly he had been attacked by, and the next second a sharp pain forced him to clutch his hand and let out a scream. His hand, which had been bitten, regained its freedom, but was also missing a piece of flesh.

The boy wobbled to his feet and spat to the side, spitting a mouthful of bloody flesh on the ground.

The man raised his head and looked at him, he saw the boy wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth with his hand, and the beautiful eyes that had attracted him were now quenched with a gut-wrenching light and determination. The little boy grinned, the blood on his forehead flowing non-stop, “Come on, uncle, let’s continue to play.”

The man clasped his hands and looked at the scene, scared, “Crazy, crazy…”

At this moment Ewan stood behind the man, crossing the man’s back to stare at the little boy.

How can one not be afraid?

As the man said, this was the gaze that only a madman would possess.

A normal person would be afraid of death, a madman would not. The madman would be determined from the beginning to die with one bite.

Ewan felt a thrill of wariness well up in his body.

This was a rare and good seedling, well-trained. The man was a good example of a powerful warrior second only to himself. The man faced such a madman-like gaze, could not control the fear inside, covering the wound, dropped a few harsh words and stumbled away.

And the man on the terrace shook his head, “Tsk, another one who was scared away.” He then looked at the little boy, who was covered in wounds, and lamented, “What a fucking mad dog.”

The ‘mad dog’ boy, after seeing people running away, was holding the wall and ready to leave. But then he stopped before he left.

He looked at the clean creature that would not appear on this street – the little gray dog, limping towards him. It sat down in front of his feet, tilted his head up and looked at him with a few silly smiles with his tongue out.

“…” After a second of silence, the little boy said nothing and turned to continue on his way.

The gray and white dog sat there, cocked his head and looked at him, then he too stood up and stumbled after the little boy.

About ten minutes later, the boy stopped again. He looked sideways at the little guy who had been following him, he frowned and said, “I don’t have any food for you.”

Looking at the dog panting at himself ‘ha, ha’, the white tail behind his buttocks still wagging, like a fan.

The little boy’s tone was indifferent, “It’s useless for you to follow me.”

After saying that, he continued to walk towards the front, the dog also indifferently continued to follow.

‘Drip’, a drop of water fell from the gray sky, and a minute later, the rain began to ‘drizzle’ down. The boy found a broken eaves curled up and squatted down, and the dog got under the eaves with him and got down close to the boy’s body.

The sky was as bright as day, ‘boom’ a thunderclap. The little boy’s body shook a little, and the puppy’s ears perked up next to him, lifting his head and looking at the little boy next to him. The next second, it was held into the dirty arms of the little boy, a pair of hands full of wounds pressed its furry ears down.

The thunder rang out again, and the little boy clutched the puppy’s ears, his body trembling gently.

Ewan stood next to them, watching in silence.

Until the dream dissipated and he came to his senses.

He was still in the cabin of the craft, not far from the gray and white Dragon Hunter, curled itself into a circle, heard him move, it lifted its head from its body, its ice-blue eyes looked at him seriously.

Ewan did not move, Dragon Hunter stretched himself, paws against the floor to stretch his back.

Then it ran to Ewan, who was also sleeping on the floor, which was very convenient for it, and it stuck its head directly in front of Ewan’s face. Ewan reached out and touched the top of its head and the thick fur on the back of its neck.

After a moment of contemplation, he asked with a skeptical tone, “Is that your memory?”

After thinking about it, that was the only possibility.



The universe was so big that there was nothing too strange. There was a savage whale that could travel freely in the universe. It seemed understandable to have a dog that could draw people into its dreams. It was just that as far as he could remember, such a dog didn’t seem to have been recorded.

Because he was thinking, Ewan’s hand stopped, and Dragon Hunter picked at his leg reproachfully.

These days of ‘training’, his otherwise rusty petting movements had become fluent, and he patted Dragon Hunter’s head.

“Is that your owner?”


Ewan recalled the street he saw, that kind of environment, was it on a garbage planet?

At that time, the radio said the words ‘tower’, ‘sentinel’, ‘guide’. As far as he knew, there was no such civilization in the Alix constellation. Could it be a civilization in the Marl Galaxy next door? Recalling the young boy’s gaze, deep thought and interest appeared in his eyes. He wondered if the boy was still alive.


“Why are you here too?” Austin, who entered uninvited, looked at Toynbee standing in the room with a not very good expression.

Toynbee said without condescension, “It’s my duty to take care of Mr. Baylor, of course I’m here.”

The implication was to tell Austin not to mess around.

Austin’s face sank, and then his eyes fell on Baylor, who was sitting on the bed, holding the terminal.

Seeing the black barrier around Baylor’s neck, he smiled again and said mockingly, “Nice ‘neck ring’.”

Anyone could tell that Austin’s comment was not a compliment at all, but a deliberate poke at Baylor’s wounds, mocking his status as a plaything. After all, once the ‘neck ring’ was on, Baylor would no longer be able to find an alpha to mark as he wished.

Toynbee heard these words, his face also suddenly changed, he immediately looked at Baylor, ready to immediately ‘fire’.

But Baylor surprised both of them by simply saying, “Oh? I like it too.”

There was a steady happiness when he had it on. He highly recommended it.


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Loving it all!!! Thanks for the chapter!!

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So, that was Baylor’s youth? Sounds like he struggled before he became a Sentinel.
Ewan, you’ll meet him soon.
Ha, ha, Austin’s taunts didn’t work at all.
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 5, 2023 4:14 pm

Appreciate both points of view as well as the sharing of dreams.

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bahahaha gotta keep those neck clean XD

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