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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


“Don’t move.” Someone’s voice came over the loudspeaker, “Hands in the air, no movement!”

Aimed at by the sniper rifle, Baylor could only raise his hands first, and then he saw a few people in military uniforms come out from behind the device. And at this time, the robots next to those who were digging ancestral stones also flashed red light.

He did not expect that these robots are also responsible for security duties. After they found Baylor while continuing the digging process, while quickly reporting the information to the duty room and the garrison outside.

Kana, who had been alerted and entered with the team, looked at the man who had turned around and unconsciously widened her eyes, her pupils tightening. How… How could it be Baylor! What was he doing here?


There was only one prison on this planet, and that was the underground prison for felons. The prisoners were sent here after the court martial. But today, a very special prisoner was thrown into the cell.

“Feel honored.” The interrogator, a lieutenant colonel, stood outside the cell, through a door, looking at the omega in the same uniform as himself, his voice was like the cool wind in the crypt, “the people who used to sit here are extremely important felons, if there is no other prison here, otherwise, with your status, you are not qualified to live in the prison here. “

The walls of the cell were very smooth, without a single gap, and looked like a natural piece of boulder cut from the sky. The planet was already cold, let alone this cell in the crypt, it was like an ice cellar.

Baylor wrinkled his brow, and he stated again, “I said I was just curious and went to have a look.”

The colonel sneered, “If you really want to get out of here, you’d better tell the truth as soon as possible. You went to a lot of trouble to infiltrate the military and get the status of honorary recruit, so you must be trying to get into an important position in the military. What is the purpose of going to check out the ancestral stone pit?”

“…” Baylor speechlessly turned around and simply found a place to sit down, his voice was cold, “You don’t believe me even if I tell you, then I won’t bother to tell you.”

“When it’s later, you will naturally want to talk about it.” The colonel looked at Baylor’s stubborn look at the moment, and he said sorrowfully, “Only then, you won’t be so comfortable.”

The cell door, which had been transparent, suddenly went dark, and the outside was completely invisible from the inside of the cell. Baylor looked at the door and gave an annoyed ‘tsk’.

What a blunder, I actually got caught. But…

Baylor thought about the spiritual power fluctuations he felt in the middle of the mine, his clear eyes showed a deep thoughtful expression, this trip was still worth it.

He needed to get a piece of ancestral stones to study what kind of mental energy fluctuations exist inside. And at that moment, along with a few inaudible rattling, Baylor once again turned his gaze to the door, and then saw Super Wolf walking leisurely through the wall.

It strolled up to Baylor, then dropped its head, opened its mouth and spat out a card. Immediately afterwards, it sat crouched, exhaled with its mouth open, and looked eagerly at Baylor with eyes that invited credit.


Baylor looked at the slender card the size of a small thumb, which Super Wolf carried over, except for the key was not to this cell.

The corner of his mouth tugged and he wanted to reach out and pet Super Wolf’s head, but considering the surveillance in the cell, he resisted the urge and just controlled his mouth and whispered almost ventriloquistically, “Nice job, but-” He tucked the card away with minimal movement and then hid it behind himself as he continued, “-we don’t need it for now.”

Not to the point of needing to escape yet. Baylor knew that someone would come to get him out. All he had to do was wait.

However, this thought just crossed his mind, Baylor was a dazed, beautiful brow wrinkled, he was surprised and a little uncomfortable. When did he start to trust Ewan so much? How did he know – Ewan will definitely come to pick himself up? And, surprisingly, without a hint of doubt.

Even now, he didn’t feel the need to doubt. Such a feeling was too new, a feeling Baylor had never felt for a person before. Baylor lips pursed into a straight line, he pressed his brow, leaning against the wall and clasping his hands, in a deep thought that had nothing to do with the circumstances of the moment.

This is… Good thing or bad thing?

And at this time, in the command room of the stationed place, was discussing a case of infiltration into the mine that was discovered tonight. The two regular troops stationed here belonged to Sky Wolf Legion’s fourth team and the sixth team of the blazing tiger legion.

The captain and vice-captain of both teams were checking the surveillance video near the pit, but because Baylor was intentionally avoiding the surveillance range when he approached, the images in the surveillance video were difficult to connect into a smooth route.

“He’s not a new recruit at first glance with this anti-reconnaissance ability.” Sky Wolf Legion’s fourth team vice captain Lovells said decisively.

His captain was a baby-faced female alpha with a cute name, Kiki, but she had a sophisticated style of handling things. She nodded and said, “Indeed, I just don’t know what his purpose is in approaching ancestral stones. This is a very sensitive time of year.”

The sixth team captain, Luther, just finished reading Baylor’s resume, “His information is very limited, before entering the Ministry of the military are blank, at first glance there is a problem, must be another country deliberately trying to plant into the Ministry of spies.”

However, what he didn’t know was that Baylor’s identity before entering the military was TL7’s Count, but in the TL7 citizen information database. As early as when the decision was made to give Baylor to Ewan as a gift, all the information would have been pulled out and all the permissions related to Baylor would have been transferred to Ewan, an identity that needed to be completely dependent on Ewan. The identity of a person who was completely dependent on Ewan.

After Baylor passed the test and officially entered the military, Ewan applied for Baylor’s citizenship of the Ya’an Empire, making Baylor a person with autonomous rights. But this was also the equivalent of a black household re-accounting, past history was a blank.

In addition, in order to protect Baylor, Ewan had been keeping Baylor’s information strictly confidential, with him of course unable to find out Baylor’s previous information.

“Well, go investigate well, to carry out the mission of the support team side for the time being, maybe there is his partner inside, do not alarm the snake.” Kiki said. Her childish face was serious, “To know that we are still holding that person here, do not rule out the possibility of a rescue plan organized by the Marl Galaxy.”

The next day, the early morning light, because we all took turns on duty, the rest time was not the same, so except for a group within the people, not many people found Baylor’s disappearance.

After the same group could not find Baylor, they went to their superior officer to report, but they got a reply that Baylor was not feeling well and had been sent back to the home planet early.

Something was wrong. The group members, including Shiyel, knew very well, but no one dared to ask more questions. After all, it was the reply from the superior officer, who dares to question? What’s more, even if they questioned it, it wouldn’t change anything.

Except for an explanation to Baylor’s team members, the people involved were given a gag order last night. Kana was one of those asked to be silenced, not only by her, but also by the soldiers who had entered the mine together, including many of Baylor’s contemporaries.

Kana did not know what the others thought, but she definitely did not believe that Baylor was undercover. But she also knows very well that no one will believe what she says, and maybe she will be imprisoned as an accomplice, and then no one will be able to help Baylor. But, how can she help Baylor?

After a morning of worrying, finally finished the morning guard duty, Kana body tired heart more tired into the canteen, first to fill themselves with a bowl of hot soup to warm their bodies, she held the bowl in both hands, smoked the heat of the soup bowl, eyes empty.

I heard that the prison here was very scary, those locked there are vicious people, I do not know whether Baylor will be bullied, and perhaps will be beaten into submission … I have to prove Baylor’s innocence in a hurry.

Through the white mist of the hot soup, Kana’s eyes looked around blankly and helplessly, and then she was suddenly drawn to an alpha wearing a senior officer’s uniform.

That person… looked familiar…

Kana frowned and searched her memory, then she jerked up from her position and quickly ran towards that person.

Nord, who was eating, had just taken out his personal cutlery when a violent wind came from next to him. He frowned and subconsciously looked to his side and back before seeing Kana, who was rushing towards him.

Nord: ?????

“You…” As soon as Nord spoke, Kana grabbed Nord’s hand, “I remember you!”

“…” Nord drew his hand out with a cold expression, “Who are you?”

Kana said sharply, “You are the officer who accompanied Baylor to register for the military examination, you know Baylor, don’t you!”

That day in the registration hall, when Kana bumped into Baylor, this was the man standing next to her! Because she hadn’t seen many senior officers, Kana had a deep impression of this officer.

Nord heard that familiar name, and that cold eyebrow frowned slightly, “So what if I am?”

Kana felt like she saw hope. But the cafeteria was not the place to talk, and Kana, who was as anxious as a wide mouth, said, “I have something… No, it’s Baylor. Let’s talk somewhere else!”


“Aren’t you ready to tell the truth?” Early in the morning, the lieutenant colonel took Baylor, who was still asleep, to the interrogation room. 

Baylor was handcuffed to the chair with both hands, and because he was not awake, he looked coldly at the lieutenant colonel sitting across from him, “Are you deaf?” He said extremely nonchalantly, “Can’t you hear what I’ve said so many times? If you don’t believe me, don’t disturb my sleep.”

As the lieutenant colonel said, no one in this cell was a good person, and he was not surprised by Baylor’s attitude, after all, he had seen too many pricks. The lieutenant colonel sneered as he gave the order over the intercom, “Turn on the lights.”

Then the room’s wattage was so high that it could be called a barbecue machine, and the lights were shining straight at Baylor. Baylor’s eyes squinted at the light.

The colonel was sitting against the wall, out of the way of the light, and he asked mechanically, “Why did you touch the ancestral stones?”

This routine was familiar to Baylor. He had taken an interrogation class when he was in the tower for his sentinel competency training. Interrogation class.

The interrogated party and the interrogator… he had practiced both. This routine was the use of extremely bright lights to create a burning atmosphere, coupled with high wattage lights can make people hot, can make people quickly into a thirsty state, and such a direct light artificially make people’s eyes tired, so as to achieve mental exhaustion.

Then at this point the interrogator then repeats the same questions over and over again, gradually breaking down the prisoner’s psychological defenses. Under the bright light, Baylor’s cold white skin almost reflective, the clear eyes also more dazzling.

He moved his somewhat stiff neck, then his body relaxed and leaned back in the chair, posture leisurely like a nobleman’s son in the afternoon tea. Baylor lips slightly open, voice arrogant, “I’m just curious, stupid.”

When he had interrogation training, he passed with a perfect score. Let’s see who’s first to wear out their psychological defenses. The matter of interrogation had always been a psychological war between the two sides.

Three hours had passed, this lieutenant colonel had finished drinking a bottle of 900 ml of water, while the person on the opposite side who was illuminated by the strong light had not had a drop of water.

But from the state, the lieutenant colonel was more agitated.

The man being interrogated had his eyes downcast, a monk’s relaxed look. The physiological discomfort did not seem to affect the other side at all, the headlights baked as if it was not him, but someone else. Realizing that he was losing his breath, the lieutenant colonel stood up from his chair and pushed the door open to go out.

At this moment in the one-way mirror behind the observation of the fifth team leader Luther said, “He has this mental quality, and is definitely a trained professional. He must be a professional intelligence officer, and must be strictly interrogated!”

Although after a night of investigation, he has not found any signs of intelligence leaks, but such a person has gone to great lengths to infiltrate here, there must be a big conspiracy.

The man who has been interrogating… The name of the lieutenant colonel who has been interrogating Baylor was Bob, and he specialized in interrogation. The interrogation, his horse face now reveals a few deep thoughts, “‘turning on the lights’ seems to be no use on him, why not hang him up, hang for a day, look at his young look, maybe he will say something.” He said, “I don’t believe he’ll be unable to say a word, like the man in there.”

According to the League’s human rights conventions, torture cannot be used before a crime has been established, but hanging like this usually leaves no trace.

Luther pondered for a moment, nodded, “Another hour of light, can not be hanged.”

And at this time, was told not to break out of prison, Super Wolf still decided to save for a rainy day, in this crypt in the prison wandering around, wanting to feel the situation, to find a route to escape.

In order to prevent prisoners from escaping, in addition to the establishment of a number of obstacles, the route was also designed extremely complex. But Super Wolf, as a spiritual body, could pass through the wall, so it was not very difficult. But when it passed through a corridor, it suddenly found a very strange place.

There were more guards there than anywhere else, and the style of the cells looked different from others. Curious Super Wolf towards the cell that was surrounded by three layers of three layers.

The long-haired man in the cell suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were extremely beautiful dark purple, and his long seaweed-like dark hair was a very good match. For 375 days as a prisoner, the man known as the Wise One in the Marl Galaxy never spoke a word.

No matter what kind of torture he went through, he was like a stone statue, and even managed to keep a slight smile on his face, as if he was laughing at everyone. For 375 days, he did not say a word. But today, he suddenly opened his mouth and spoke a string of characters in a language that was not quite the same as the Alix Galaxy, but had some similarity in grammar because it was the descendant of ancient humans.

It was the language of the Land of Sparrows in the Marl Galaxy, and it meant…

— “The divine revelation has come.”

And through a door, Super Wolf was sniffing carefully outside.

Bob watched the clock, and after an hour, the man in the interrogation room remained indifferent, and even his posture became more relaxed — he even crossed his legs. The look leaves no doubt that this extremely lush-looking omega will next say, “Someone, serve some tea.”

I don’t want to see Baylor’s comfortable look anymore, this was an interrogation room! This was an interrogation room! Interrogation. The interrogation room has no dignity left!

Bob pushed the door open and walked in, then said directly to the soldier watching, “Hang him up.”


This was a move that Baylor was familiar with. He did not have a trace of fear in his heart, and even snickered extremely mockingly.

It turned out that no matter how many times it had developed, the result was the interrogation . The interrogation was still the same old way for everyone. However, when the soldiers were ready to do it, the fourth team leader Kiki hurriedly came, and then reprimanded the soldiers who were ready to do it, “Stop!” Immediately after that, she said, “Release this man!”

Bob was puzzled by this sudden development, he first saluted, then frowned disapprovingly, “Major General, this man has not been interrogated. How can you release him before the process is finished?”

Kiki’s high school-like doll face was full of solemnity, “Release him!” She looked at the room that at the moment was almost full of the solemnity of high school students. She looked at the room that was almost as bright as daylight at the moment, she seized the eyebrows, “You ‘turned on the lights’?” She immediately said to the soldier who came with her outside the door, “Hurry up and bring water.”

Although Bob was a lieutenant colonel, but interrogation was his field, and he was still quite strong on this piece, he was extremely reluctant to stop again, “Major General, you are not in line with the system.”

Kiki was not moved, she did not even have a hint of concern, she bottomed out and said directly, “He is innocent, of course he can be released, this matter ends here.”

She certainly did not have the strength, after all, it was not her order, but their general. And the general himself contacted and gave the order personally.

It was an extremely short and powerful order.

–Release him immediately.

There was no room for error.


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January 27, 2023 10:41 pm

Damn those guys need to be hung! They never investigated Baylor’s relationship to the others that came with him. So anxious to be heros, they are foolish. Thanks Kana!! And just who is this other prisoner? The divine revelation🤔 thanks for updating ❤️❤️

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