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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Austin heard Baylor’s words and laughed coldly, thinking he was being deliberately tough-mouthed. He was acting as if he was really doing that.

Toynbee gave a slight sigh of relief, fortunately Baylor did not get angry. But the alarm in his heart was immediately sounded – of course it had already been sounded the moment he saw Austin, and now it just rang more sharply and loudly. He turned his body to the side, blocking Austin’s view of Baylor and separating the two men, and asked with a smile, “Is there something Master Austin wants here?”

If you don’t want to do anything, then go!

Austin was already disgusted with Baylor, and now he was even more disgusted with someone defending him. He reached out and fiddled with the folds of his couture clothes, stepped on the limited edition leather shoes and walked into the room, “I don’t have anything to do, I just came to take a look, after all, I didn’t see our Count Baylor at the farewell party just now.” He asked knowingly, “Baylor, how come you weren’t there? You snuck on board, like a rat in the dark.”

Baylor, of course, could not have attended the farewell party.

The TL7 planet had given the Ya’an Empire a former member of the royal family as a gift, and although it was the child of a tyrant, it was not honorable, and making a big deal out of it would only make people laugh, saying that they had used all kinds of dirty tricks to curry favor with the Ya’an Empire.

Of course, this was true.

But because it was true, they dared not expose it to the sunlight.

Toynbee knew this very well, and he felt that Austin could not stay in this room any longer, or he did not know what would come out. He stepped forward and was about to speak, “Young Master Austin…”

However, just after saying the beginning, the youth behind him suddenly spoke up.

“Meaning you were just present at the farewell party?” Baylor was still sitting cross-legged on the bed, and without Toynbee’s cover, his lazy look was even more solid.

The corners of Austin’s mouth curled up and he lifted his chin, saying in a very condescending manner, “Of course, after all, I was sent to the Ya’an Empire for exchange studies, and I am the representative of our planet TL7, so of course I was at the farewell party–“

Baylor’s eyes scanned Austin’s body and he propped his right thigh on his left knee and asked curiously, “Why didn’t you dress up properly? You’re going up there so shabbily? Aren’t you representing Planet TL7?”

Unlike his original pair of peach blossom eyes, Baylor’s eyes now droop at the end, less sharp and more harmlessly gentle. It made him look somewhat innocent when he was looking at Austin with his face propped up now.

However, Austin was not deceived by Baylor’s illusion, and he said with contempt and anger, “You! I’m wearing a high end custom! If you don’t know what you’re wearing, don’t ask for it, it’s a shame!”

Baylor raised his eyebrows, “Then it’s not the clothes, it’s the person, you’re too shabby looking.”

“Who are you calling shabby looking?”

Baylor put down the terminal and got off the bed, he propped himself up and said in a bored voice, “Do we have to have this conversation? Just look in the mirror and you’ll see who’s shabby. Do you look shabby or I look shabby? Don’t you even have any self-awareness?”

His voice was not loud, but it was very heartfelt.

Especially in Austin’s heart.

You know what he hated most was Baylor’s face. He was better than Baylor in everything, his background, his qualifications, his education, but only his face… Baylor was much better looking than him, so even if he was the son of a fallen king, just a F-class waste, there were still so many people who looked up to him.

For example – why should Baylor be able to approach General Ewan, although he was given to General Ewan, but where does Baylor get the qualification? He was a loser, if not for that face, where could he get close to such a good person!

Probably no one expected that the son of the distinguished president, now the ‘true’ prince of TL7, would be internally jealous of a plaything’s identity. But then he was conflicted. On the one hand, he despised Baylor’s present status, on the other hand, he was jealous that Baylor was to be given to that flamboyant General Ewan.

Faced with Baylor’s sarcasm, he could only curse impotently and angrily, “You, who is treated as a plaything, how can you talk to me like this?” 

He wanted to make a move, but he didn’t dare to, because he remembered the last time he was choked by this madman before he could make a move, and he didn’t have an escort next to him this time. Yes, remembering that time, he could not wait to eat Baylor alive and make him kneel in front of his face and cry in thanks!

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, so he pointed at Baylor, hand trembling with rage, “If it weren’t for the sake of our planet, you wouldn’t even deserve this room, you’d be living in a warehouse with those rocks! You are not a human being, you are just like those ancestral stones, and even less than that!”

Toynbee’s heart seized up, and cried out in dismay. He didn’t think Austin would say this so openly! He should have kicked Austin out the moment he walked in the door! No! He should have locked the door in the first place! He subconsciously turned his head to look at Baylor, and saw Baylor’s eyes slightly narrowed, his expression obscure and unpredictable.

Baylor said slowly, in a long, slow tone, “A plaything? Given away? That’s a new one.”

His voice was lazy, but each word was pronounced very clearly, and it made people’s hearts skip a beat.

Austin, who had failed to get the better of Baylor twice, saw that Baylor had finally stopped looking so indifferent, and he became even more arrogant as he felt a surge of pain inside. He snickered, mocking Baylor’s ignorance, “What, you still don’t know? You’re being…”

Toynbee stopped, “That’s enough!” He didn’t care about anything else now, he went straight up and pulled Austin, his voice was full of uncontrollable anger, “Master Austin, please leave now!”

Toynbee was a beta, plus he’s a big man, so when he pulled Austin, Austin couldn’t resist. “Who the hell gave you the nerve to touch me!”

Toynbee didn’t care, he was just full of guts now, not to mention Austin, he could have pulled an officer from the Ya’an Empire out.

However, Baylor’s voice, which was so cool that it could almost slice off human flesh and blood, came, “Wait.” He was now not far behind Toynbee, Toynbee did not turn around, but could feel the youth’s chilling gaze. “Let him finish his sentence.”

The beast’s prey-like gaze, clutching his figure, as if he moved, he would immediately be choked and bitten to death on the ground. Toynbee was often told by the people around him that his sensitivity to danger was simply the best of all, and thanks to this ability, he did things smoothly, always avoiding bad things.

And at this moment, he also suddenly understood why he was obviously this youth’s supervisor, but would be submissive to the other, and even fear him.

From the day he stood outside the garden, and Baylor’s eyes on that one, his instincts realized – this young man was a predator on a hunting ground.

In Toynbee’s dazed moment, Austin has broken free from Toynbee’s hand, pushing Toynbee away. He stood in front of Baylor, said very quickly, “You want to hear, well, I tell you! You are to be sent to the Ya’an Empire, as a gift! You know what a gift is? You’ll be lucky to get the title of lover! So what, you really think you’re a member of the diplomatic corps? You don’t even think about it! With your qualifications, apart from that face you can look at, what use can you be?”

He let out his inner malice freely, and looking at Baylor’s expressionless face, he felt great inside.

Pretend, pretend to be unperturbed. He had finally won. He would see how Baylor could still have the face to fool around in front of him. Baylor should run away with his tail between his legs or beg for mercy in front of him, just like before! He laughed freely and with a bit of hypocrisy, “See, you’re not grateful and thankful to me, if I hadn’t told you, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have known what you were until you were sent to bed.”

Toynbee closed his eyes heavily as he licked his lips with difficulty, his heart beating so hard that it was about to explode. But he wasn’t afraid of his heart blowing up now. He was afraid Baylor would blow up.

Baylor’s silence seemed to him to be the calm before the storm, making it all the more frightening. And finally, Baylor ended Toynbee’s torture. His tone rose, but it was still slow. He asked, “Oh? And who are they going to give me to?”


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November 26, 2022 6:42 pm

Envious people are the worst! Thanks for the chapter!

November 27, 2022 3:49 am

Austin totally lacks class. He’s just what Baylor said; shabby.
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 5, 2023 4:53 pm

Baylor stays cool throughout. The clucking chicken in front of him doesn’t stand a chance.

March 30, 2023 6:42 am

I worry about A representing the whole planet. It seems like he would offend someone

Thank you for the chapter!

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