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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


When Baylor’s question came out, Austin lost his voice. He was like a cannonball wet with gunpowder, and when it ignited, there was only smoke.

Baylor looked at Austin’s visibly darkened face. Yo, what’s going on? The young master still looked a little uneven. He shifted his eyes to Toynbee, who probably knew there was no point in keeping it to himself, and he looked away a little sheepishly, “It’s the general of the Ya’an Empire, Ewan.”

Baylor frowned in thought and recalled, “Oh, the head of the Sky Wolf Legion.” No wonder Toynbee had been talking about this Ewan in front of him before, so he wanted to prepare him mentally first?

Hearing Baylor’s glib answer, Austin said with contempt, “Don’t act like you don’t know who General Ewan is! How honored you are to be given to General Ewan! I know you must be very happy inside now, but let me tell you, the general won’t want you! He doesn’t want you, you will be passed on to those old men. ” He smiled grimly, as if he had already seen Baylor’s miserable appearance later.

Baylor was silent for a second, he turned his head to look at Toynbee and asked, “Why does he sound envious of me, did I hear wrong?”

Toynbee was still trapped in fear of Baylor’s anger, yet he was still a bit confused when he noticed that Baylor didn’t seem to be very angry, and then when he heard Baylor’s question, he recalled Austin’s words, and it seemed to have that kind of flavor. So, he fell silent and gave Austin a somewhat bizarre look.

So Austin was actually such a mind…

If people knew that the president’s golden child actually wanted to be gifted to someone, even if the person was the Empire’s general, he would become a laughing stock.

Baylor’s volume was not lowered at all, it was asked in front of Austin with a big smile, so Austin naturally listened to his words. His face instantly turned red, “Who envies you?! What is there to envy about a status that is being played with? Only people like you would think that others would envy you! You’re really cheap! You have no shame at all! Don’t you have any self-esteem? How dare you still be complacent about your status?” When he came to the end, he was convinced of his statement, and his words were full of disdain and contempt.

Baylor got it. He smiled faintly, and his pretty eyebrows became even more clear and beautiful. “Wasn’t it you who said that it was my honor to be given to that general? Then, since it’s my honor, of course I should be happy, and I have to thank you for reminding me that I will definitely hold the general’s thigh firmly and will never let him not want me.” He also deliberately added a few points to the word ‘firmly’.

Austin was so angry that he took a cold breath and almost didn’t catch his breath. He pointed at Baylor and his fingers shook like he had Parkinson’s, “You, you, you…”

Baylor said calmly, “Do not rush, take your time. Are you thirsty? Toynbee, pour him a glass of water.”

Toynbee: … Is he practicing yin and yang? Toynbee went up again to drag people away, but just now for Baylor, this time for Austin, he felt that if Austin stayed here any longer, he may faint directly.

This president’s youngest son, he had tried to make it so he did not offend another. Oh, it seems he had been offended very much.

“Young Master Austin, we’d better go back to rest.” Austin also felt that he could not stay here and was pulled away very smoothly. As a result, while dragging him out, as soon as the door opened, he collided with Colonel Jon outside the door.


There was just a little bit of awkwardness.

Colonel Jon thought for a moment and said, “I just got here, I didn’t hear anything.”

Toynbee and Austin: … You don’t have to talk.

Austin looked at Colonel Jon, who was standing outside, probably listening to the whole thing, and was angry and embarrassed, and his eyes got red and welled up with tears.

Toynbee had some headache and couldn’t care less about this side, he directly said hello to Colonel Jon and ran after the child.

Baylor was not surprised to see Colonel Jon outside the door, he had heard him standing outside, and heard him muttering ‘this little beauty shouldn’t take it the wrong way, the general’s thighs are not so good to hold’.

He remembered Toynbee’s admonition to himself earlier. What, was that general a tough guy?

Colonel Jon walked into the room, the only bit of embarrassment he just had was quickly forgotten by himself, and didn’t bother to think that the atmosphere might be a bit stiff now, he smiled warmly and asked, “Mr. Baylor, it’s dinner time, let me take you to the dining area. Our ship’s cooking system has cooking data of all cultures in the galaxy, so no matter where the dish is cooked, it can be done very authentically. “

Baylor sniffed, a little interested. So he nodded, “Sure.”

Since he had come into this body, he had mostly relied on nutrient solutions. Of course it wasn’t that he didn’t have any food, it was just that the food culture of planet TL7 was all about color and flavor, and it liked spices, and the food was intensely colored and tasty. This was delicious food for ordinary people, but Baylor was a sentinel. His keen five senses, in addition to making his skin sensitive to the fabric used for wearing, his tongue was also very sensitive to the sense of taste.

Especially with the passage of time, his five senses gradually returned to the level of the previous body. Probably this body was being affected by his spiritual power, gradually becoming more like a sentinel.

The food that tasted good to normal people tasted like a spilled seasoning bottle to Baylor’s mouth. But the nutrient solution had little taste, and he would be full after drinking, which was perfect for him. However, even if it was suitable, he was still a little tired of it.

And so Colonel Jon was faced with this scene –

Baylor ordered white sauce noodles. After the dish was brought up, he smelled the freshness of the topping, frowned and poured water into it, making the already bland-looking noodles even more unappetizing.

Colonel Jon glanced at his own steak and mused, “You don’t have the same taste as the people on TL7.”

Baylor nodded, “Well, I like it light.”

Of course, if one was really hungry, one can eat anything.

Light… That’s too light. Colonel Jon found this Baylor a bit interesting. Of course, not because he ate lightly, but because of his previous quarrel with the young master.

Looked like a flower, his palate was really old and his words were relentless. Such an interesting beauty, how could he be given to the general, such an uncomfortable person?

The more he thought about it, the more regretful he was. He couldn’t help but ask, “What you just said is true, do you really plan to follow the general?”

Baylor raised his eyebrows, “I thought you said you didn’t hear anything?”

Colonel Jon did not care, “It was all just like a show, I just listened.”

What a numbskull.

Baylor took a bite of his noodle, swallowed it, and replied casually, “Yeah.” Of course not, he was just saying it to piss off the young master and save him the trouble of coming over here all day long. Whatever he was doing at the Ya’an Empire, it didn’t matter much to him, because he didn’t plan to stay long.

When he found his spiritual body and the man who looked like a guide, and solved his questions, he would find a chance to leave. He had little affection for planet TL7 and had no intention of sacrificing himself for a planet he had just met. He did not run at the beginning, and just wanted to feel out the situation first. As for now, it was because Sky Wolf Legion was his only clue to find his spiritual body.

So it didn’t matter who they were going to give him to. Of course, he was a little angry because that guy Toynbee actually dared to lie to him. 🙂

When Colonel Jon heard Baylor’s answer, he shook his head and sincerely advised, “You’d better give up your heart, the general is a man of his word, he said he wouldn’t look for a mate, so he really won’t… I was fortunate enough to be in the same class as him, seven years of military school, and he never had a single scandal, nor did he ever get close to any omega, nor beta!”

Baylor chewed noodles in his mouth, a pair of clear eyes in the heat of the fixed look at Jon, his eyes with their own love, Jon immediately had a misunderstanding. The way he looked at himself was so affectionate.

Baylor looked at Jon with such ‘affection’, swallowed, and asked, “Were you in the same class as your general?”

Jon nodded graciously, he just knew everything at this point.

Baylor continued, “So how come you’re a colonel and he’s already a general?”

That’s not as precise as a heart attack. Jon’s love for the point of the crumbs, his mouth corner a twitch, with a deep tone said, “Little cutie, later you will know, some people and us are not the same. He is not human, he is a pervert.”

It seemed that the ethos of this Sky Wolf Legion was so democratic that soldiers were allowed to call their general a pervert.

Baylor took a sip of soup and was indifferent, “Don’t call me cutie.” It was disgusting.

Jon coughed lightly, ready to elaborate on their general’s great achievements, only to have Baylor suddenly change the subject and ask about something else, “How many people are there in the Sky Wolf Legion in total?”

Jon froze for a moment and rubbed his chin, “There are twelve detachments in total, each of which has thousands of elites, plus ordinary soldiers, there should be 100,000 people.”

Baylor frowned, 100,000 people, wasn’t that like looking for a needle in a haystack?

But, with that person’s looks, he should not be an ordinary soldier.

“What about the one who can fly a flying machine alone on a mission?”

“That would have to be a case by case analysis…” Jon felt something was wrong, he stopped talking and asked warily, “Why are you asking this?”

However, at that moment, the contact device on his wrist suddenly lit up.

It was an emergency assembly order. He immediately wiped his mouth and stood up from his position, “I have something to do. I’ll go first, if you don’t know the way back, you can ask other soldiers.”

Then he left in a hurry.

And Baylor noticed that several other officers in the dining room also stood up and left together. It seemed to be a big deal.

A big deal indeed.

The cruiser they were on, called Crusader, had actually been on a mission before, and now it was the end of the mission and needed to return to the home planet where the Ya’an Empire was located to resume orders. Because they were passing by the TL7 planet, they were ordered to bring along the precious ancestral stones tributed by TL7 and return together, which also had the meaning of escort.

Therefore, according to reason, considering the precious resources in the cargo hold, this Crusader should now go straight to the home planet without stopping to avoid any trouble on the way. But now, they have to suddenly change the established return route, to go around a big circle first to a dead star numbered W-125.

A dead star meant a planet that had been surveyed and had no established culture and no resources. Jon was the first to object when he learned of the order.

It’s a joke, running to a cold planet. Why, they can bring three tons of ancestral stones, this detour, what would they do if they met interstellar pirates or enemy forces? The first priority should be to send back the three tons of ancestral stones! His attitude was firm, but Major General Wellin, who gave the order, was also very firm.

“This is an order, the duty of a soldier is to obey, not to question.”

Jon looked to the captain standing next to him and tried to get the captain to come out and speak, but the captain shook his head at Jon.

As the captain, how could he not know the risks involved? But now it had to be done. Because just now, their ship intercepted a signal. The signal belonged to the craft that the general was flying when the connection was broken. They located the source of the signal, which was planet W-125.

Of all the teams, they were the closest.

Now that the general had finally revived, they had to go.


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Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
November 27, 2022 10:48 pm

hmm.. finally meeting up with the person who he was gifted to and his spiritual body.. how nice~ hurry to the rescue!

November 27, 2022 11:59 pm

I love Baylor! Austin gets so beautifully put down every time he tries to hurt him with his shitty mouth!
Can’t wait for Baylor to be reunited with Super Wolf and meet his General; from the synopsis, I’m hoping it will be amusing.
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 5, 2023 5:04 pm

“Don’t call me cutie”. Damn straight. Keep that demeaning sh*t to yourself.

March 30, 2023 6:46 am

It won’t take home for his needke to come to him!

Thank you for the chapter!

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