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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Changing their course was a matter not many people knew. In fact, not many people realized the change of course. Because the universe was like the sea, in which it was difficult to have a sense of direction, and the general public would not remember the original route. Only a small number of people were worried about the sudden extra trip causing any accidents.

After 107 hours of source time and after everyone on board had gone to sleep, Crusader silently stopped 400,000 kilometers around the target planet.

Major General Wellin refused the captain’s company and flew the craft alone to the planet W-125. By now the storm on planet W-125 had stopped, but it had also become more dead.

Major General Wellin went straight to the place where the signal was sent, and about six hours later, he saw the crashed craft in the middle of a blanket of snow, with the familiar Sky Wolf Legion logo on the exterior of the craft.

The boulder hanging in his heart finally eased a few points.

The black craft sped up again.

Dragon Hunter’s ears perked up as he slept beside Ewan, then raised his head and growled with a grin.

Ewan had been a light sleeper, so he immediately opened his eyes, sat up from the simple bed he had made, and with a stride, he went to the window to watch the movement outside. Then, he saw the flying machine that was flying towards them.

Although he immediately recognized the craft as belonging to the Sky Wolf Legion, he did not lower his guard. He made a silent gesture toward Dragon Hunter, then took his weapon – a combat gun found from the warehouse – and went behind the door.

Dragon Hunter was really extremely humane and immediately understood his meaning. It quickly stopped his low growl, the pair of ice blue eyes became sharp, its feet jumped lightly to a high place. This position allowed it to detect the danger first and pounce.

Outside, the craft landed smoothly, the sound of someone stepping on the snow came, and then a voice came, “General, are you in there?”

Ewan heard the voice and raised an eyebrow, it was Wellin who found him first.

Dragon Hunter glanced at Ewan, found Ewan did not respond, it also remained unmoving, just ready to ambush posture.

Wellin was ready to walk straight in, but he suddenly remembered one thing, so he first unloaded his weapon and threw it inside, then raised his hands and walked in carefully. Such sincerity made Ewan finally drop his guard, and after Wellin entered the crashed craft, Ewan stepped out from behind the cover.

Wellin heard the movement, but didn’t dare to make a move, just asked, “General?”

Ewan responded, “Yeah.”

Wellin breathed a sigh of relief, he turned around and saw Ewan, stifling his excitement and joy, he immediately gave a military salute, “Captain Wellin of Team 7 salutes the general!” 

The general really was not dead!

Ewan nodded his head to accept the salute, and then asked, “Are you alone?”

Wellin briefly reported the situation, “Yes, Admiral Von was afraid that the news of General’s death would destabilize the army, so he blocked the news and only let some of the captains lead people to scatter to find the general’s whereabouts. Now the cruiser is parked in the star field 400,000 kilometers away from here.”

“Mn.” Ewan nodded appreciatively, “You’ve done a great job.”

Wellin was praised by his idol, his face was so excited that it turned red, but then his attention was drawn to the bandages coming out of Ewan’s clothes, and he looked solemn, “General, how are your injuries? Let’s go back to the ship for treatment.”

When the two companies of troops were ambushed, it was not easy to successfully escape, not to mention that Ewan also fought with them. Ewan, at that time, although the enemy was successfully wiped out, did suffer heavy injuries, especially the chest wound that almost split his body open. The craft also suffered a devastating blow, which was why it crashed here and he fell in the snow, unconscious.

Although his alpha physique made him resistant to attack and the body’s ability to heal itself were very strong, if not for Dragon Hunter saving him at that time, letting him restore his body temperature, his situation could only let him fear for his life.

Thinking of this, Ewan turned his eyes to Dragon Hunter who was sitting high up in a crouch, and he said, “Let’s go back to the ship first.” Then he said to Dragon Hunter, “Dragon Hunter, come here.”

Wellin next to him was stunned, and then looked in the direction Ewan was looking, with a puzzled expression.

Hearing the call, the gray and white figure lightly leapt down from a height as if it weighed nothing, and then once it reached the ground, it darted to Ewan’s side and began sniffing around the strange man.

Then, Ewan frowned.

It was because he found something very strange. Wellin, such a well-trained warrior, actually showed no reaction when such a big dog rushed over, even his eyes were still drifting, as if – he simply could not see Dragon Hunter. He lowered his eyes, looked at the Dragon Hunter who was constantly sniffing around Wellin in various ways, thought about it, and tentatively said, “Wellin, Dragon Hunter is saying hello to you.”

“…” Wellin’s expression was weirdly visible to the naked eye. Wellin hesitated, but asked, “General, who were you talking to?”

Then he looked at Ewan with a worried gaze.

General wasn’t hallucinating from a head injury, was he?

Ewan looked at a worried Wellin, and then looked at Dragon Hunter, who had sat down and started to smile at himself with his tongue wagging happily, and he was silent.

The world was big, there was nothing strange. There was a savage whale that could travel freely in the universe. It seems understandable that there was a ghost dog that could draw people into dreams… Perhaps.

Anyway, the general, who believed in scientism, would rather believe that there were ghosts in the world than admit that he had a mental problem and was hallucinating.

Calm down, Ewan remembered something, he took a step and walked outside on top of the snow, then he called out, “Dragon Hunter, come here.”

Dragon Hunter immediately ran out and immediately began to roll around joyfully in the snow.

Wellin then watched as rows and rows of spirited and free footprints and rolling marks appeared on the snow, which was empty except for Ewan. His eyes widened, pupils shifted violently inside the round eyes, and then looked at Ewan who was looking at him with a deep thoughtful face.

“This, this…” He pointed at the snow and felt that the footprints on the ground were not on the snow, but on his own worldview. Half a dozen times, he only stifled a sentence, “So, General, this, there’s a thing here?”

Ewan looked at Wellin’s frightened face, and he replied with satisfaction, “A dog.” It didn’t seem like he was hallucinating. Looking at Dragon Hunter, who was already lying on his back, scattering in the snow.

Ewan finally understood why Dragon Hunter did not need to eat for so many days.

He was a ghost dog, what did he need to eat?

Ewan packed up, “Anyway, let’s go back first.”

Wellin asked mechanically, “Take it with you?”

Ewan replied without thinking, “Yeah.”

Wellin:…. …General was really not a normal person. With difficulty digesting the news that shook his world view, Wellin still carried one person and an invisible dog to depart back to the Crusader.

In the aircraft, Ewan suddenly instructed, “My return, do not leak it out.”

Wellin froze for a moment, “This is… Then Admiral Von’s side, also do not say?”

Ewan sat on the chair, he has now simply cleaned himself up, also changed into Wellin prepared a suit, he said without hesitation, “first do not say, except you and Rox, also do not disclose my identity to the ship’s people.” Rox was the captain of the Crusader.

Wellin thought for a moment, and he asked speculatively, “Is the general trying to draw out the betrayer?”

The gray and white sled dog was interested in the intact craft and was patrolling around the cabin, sniffing around. Ewan glanced at Dragon Hunter, then said, “Yes, if I return to the army at this moment, they will be on guard, but if I keep disappearing, they will assume that I have been killed, and sooner or later they will be unable to resist.”

His voice was low, his tone soothing, with a lazy carelessness, but those goose gray eyes were filled with an appalling coldness.

Wellin nodded vigorously, very angry, “Well, when the time comes, we have to kill all those rat bastards!” After saying that, he remembered one thing and said with some difficulty, “But General, there are so many people on the ship, there must be people who have seen you, it is not easy to conceal your identity.”

“Just find a mask on board.”

‘Zilla’ – a crunching sound. Two people looked in unison to the source of the sound, a pamphlet was mercilessly scratched.

Wellin was silent for a second, “General, this… This thing, no, this Dragon Hunter, what the hell is it?”

Ewan looked at the big gray and white dog paw pressing the booklet, noticing their eyes. It also looked up at them, the two points of dark eyebrows on the ice blue eyes made its expression more rich, like now, that face said ‘what for’.

Ewan was also very confused, this world had been very vast, all kinds of species, but only one had not been discovered by humans. That was the soul … Or rather, a spirit-based creature.

But Dragon Hunter seemed to fit the definition of a spiritual creature very well. It could draw people into dreams, which meant that it could have an effect on the spiritual world of people, and at the same time it had no substance, so others could not see it.

Where exactly did Dragon Hunter come from?

This back and forth took almost 20 hours.

It was already the second night on the Crusader.

And Baylor, who was asleep in the guest room, suddenly opened his eyes at some point. He got up from the bed and got out of it, still wearing his gray pajamas of soft fabric, and he went to his window and looked out at the vast starry sky with a deep frown.

This spirit wave, it must be Super Wolf, his spiritual body!

It was now in his vicinity and getting closer! He turned around, changed his clothes, completely ignoring the fact that it was 4:00 a.m. Empire time and Toynbee’s repeated advice not to run around, and resolutely opened the door to go out.

He knew very well that Super Wolf was on board at the moment!

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Black Lotus on The Halfmoon
Black Lotus on The Halfmoon
November 28, 2022 6:31 pm

Ara~ did they meet now? did he recognize his counterpart? ehem! it’s not that i’m curious or something.. it’s just, it’s gotten interesting..

November 29, 2022 1:24 am

I wonder why Ewan is able to see Super Wolf and what drew them together… is it because he was dying?
I just cannot wait for Baylor to find them 😁
I could imagine SW playing in the snow and Wellin seeing nothing but paw prints 👀
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 29, 2022 4:03 am

Which name will win

Super Wolf or Dragon Hunter?!?!

Thank you for the new chapter!!

February 12, 2023 12:58 pm

I love how the author emphasized that it was 4am empire time, b’cuz a lot of the interstellar genre often skip the time difference between planet to planet, and just assume that every planet has the exact time of day or night in another planet. or is it just me who noticed this?❤️❤️❤️❤️😁

March 30, 2023 6:49 am

I never thought that spirit animals would be able to interact with the world, and then they could show that they’re there to people who could see them

Thank you for the chapter!

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