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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Actually, I haven’t experienced a mental type playfield before,” Bai JunYi put his hands in his jacket pockets, his voice calm and still as gentle as ever, “I have the ability to pacify human emotions. But if I do it to release the obsession, the black flower period can’t be passed. There is no way to help each and every person to complete their obsession. Nearly ten thousand people are in this playfield, in the unlimited flow world this was simply impossible.”

Shen Si squatted down as if he did not hear Bai JunYi’s words, he reached out and pinched the flower on the ground. The pinched flower quickly turned into ashes, the broken branch grew on the trunk again and opened a new flower.

“Mr. Bai?”


“Can these flowers be treated as ordinary plants?” Shen Si pinched off another flower and the ashes fell into his hand, “Do these have any vital signs?”

Bai JunYi froze, he squatted down and placed his hand on the flower for a moment, Bai JunYi fingers fluttered. It was faint, but he did feel a bit of emotion coming through. These flowers live off the desires and obsessions of humans, and the obsessions of tens of thousands of people make them feed until they burst.

So… These flowers are alive?!

“Not ghost-like plants, but more like unintelligent demons?” Shen Si understood by looking at Bai JunYi’s expression and he nodded, “Then, Mr. Bai, let’s find a way to get rid of all these flowers rather than trying to figure out how to leave a playfield with tens of thousands of people in an hour.”

“Is it really that simple?” Bai JunYi was not optimistic, “Flames and cold will not take care of these flowers. Do we have to find the root systems one by one and kill the flowers?”

Bai JunYi put his slender fingers on his chin, and after a moment he spoke with some hesitation, “Use pesticides or herbicides?”

A little stunned, Shen Si raised his head to look at Bai JunYi, “Herbicide?”

“Ah, I’m just talking nonsense.” Bai JunYi smiled, “I was taught a lot by the owner when I was preparing to open the flower shop and was sold many kinds of herbicides.”

“Maybe we can try it.” Shen Si stood up, pushed the little girl to Bai JunYi, turned around, and went back into the house while Bai JunYi was dazed. “Mr. Bai, watch her for me while I go get something.”

Bai JunYi blankly watched Shen Si leave, a moment later he lowered his head and gazed at the little girl in his arms. The little girl was already tired of crying, her eyes were red and swollen, now she was nodding off little by little, and in a short while, she closed her eyes in Bai JunYi’s arms, still crying a little in her sleep.

Carefully relaxing his arm, Bai JunYi helplessly let out a bitter laugh.

“Can it really work? But it’s a good sign to have something to try.”

Shen Si went back to his room, he rummaged around in his bedroom and finally found a bottle of green liquid. Blowing the dust off the cap, Shen Si took the bottle and walked out the door. Bai JunYi was waiting there carefully holding the child. Since the little girl was asleep, he moved carefully and looked like he was afraid of disturbing her.

Among the three S-Rank Survivors, Bai JunYi was the best one to get along with. He used to be an elementary school teacher who also loved children and was so kind that he didn’t seem like a Survivor at all compared to those who were still aggressive.

“Is this the weed killer you were talking about?” Bai JunYi asked in a whisper, looking at the bottle in his hand.

Shen Si squatted down, he shook the liquid in the bottle, then he carefully opened the lid and poured out a little of the liquid inside. The moment the liquid fell to the ground, the flowers splashed by the liquid quickly withered, spreading outward with the liquid as a point, and kept withering into a circle of one meter in diameter.

“What?!” Bai JunYi was really shocked, he looked at Shen Si in surprise, “What’s going on?”

“I’m surprised too.” Shen Si looked at the cleared space, “During my university days, I had a wide range of interests, especially a strong desire to study plants. I once followed an agriculture professor, and when I was leaving, this professor gave me the formula of a herbicide, one that had not yet appeared on the market. At that time, I tried to improve this herbicide and finally made this. I tried to use it, and the result was that all the flowers on the balcony died after only a little sprinkling, and it didn’t feel it was right so I sorted and sealed them all.”

Bai JunYi blinked, “That means… You don’t know why it works like that either?”

“Hmm.” Shen Si looked at Bai JunYi, “Since this stuff works, can you sprinkle it all over the playfield?”

“I can do it, but there’s only this bottle, not quite enough…”

Before he could finish, Bai JunYi saw Shen Si turn around, go back into the house and carry out a box of weed killers.

Bai JunYi: … 

Do people who like plants also make a big box of homemade herbicides? 1

Bai JunYi could not help but laugh at this thought, he laughed and shook his head, then handed the child in his arms to Shen Si. The girl was handed over and she uncomfortably wrinkled her brow, and within a few moments, she opened her eyes in a daze and found herself in someone else’s arms. The little girl raised her hand to rub her eyes when a blinding light started shining.

The girl blinked, she looked to where the light was. Wearing a white shirt, Bai JunYi’s whole body was emitting golden light, two wings of light stretched out from his back, with a beauty that seemed like it was from a fairy tale.

The herbicides on the ground slowly floated up, they floated around Bai JunYi, and one could tell at a glance that all of them were controlled by Bai JunYi.

The little girl looked at him, her voice clear and childish, “Brother, are you a god?”

“No, I am not a god.” Bai JunYi answered him gently, “If there really is a god, the brother holding you is the god.”

The little girl looked at him somewhat blankly, then raised her head to look at the brother who was holding her. Shen Si’s dyed white hair was fluttering in the wind, though the roots of his hair were already black. He did not say anything, nor did he acknowledge it, but just watched in silence as Bai JunYi flew to the sky with those chemicals.

All the way to the very center, the blinding light made everyone’s eyes notice him in the air.

He stretched out his hand, a crack, the sound of breaking glass, dots of golden powder mixed with green liquid scattered in all directions in an instant as if a light rain fell on the ground.

There were still conscious people who recognized him, they pointed to the sky and shouted ‘God of Light’. Their eyes were full of surprise and a little excitement. There were religious believers who had long knelt on the ground in order to see the God of Light. They shouted the word ‘Light’, their eyes full of devotion, crying bitter tears for their True God.

The moment they came into contact with the liquid, those flowers were withering; the delicate red flowers quickly turned into ashes and ceased to grow, and the people were once again revitalized.

“God of Light!” Everyone shouted his name.

Shen Si hugged the little girl and looked to his balcony, where the sunflowers slowly fell, their petals falling to the ground, leaving only a bit of wilted yellow, and as for the rest of the flowers, except for the empty pot, the wilted plants draped over the pot, looking especially miserable.

“Brother, are you a god?” The little girl’s childish voice sounded beside Shen Si, who slowly lowered his head and locked eyes with the girl’s innocent gaze.

At this moment, everyone was shouting the word Light God, except for one little girl, who grabbed Shen Si’s sleeve and asked him with a face full of expectation if he was a god.

“I am not a god.” Shen Si patted her shoulder, “No more terrible things will happen, if you’re sleepy, then you can sleep for a while.”

The little girl beamed, she closed her eyes and rubbed hard against Shen Si’s arms.

It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t admit it, she knows anyway, this brother must be a god!

In the corner of the playfield, Jian Nian stepped on the back of a Survivor, who kept begging and crying, as he struggled to crawl out. Jian Nian’s foot was firmly pressed, the Survivor let out a blood-curdling scream, then no longer dared to move. A smell of urine wafted up and he had long been scared to the point of peeing his pants.

This was the same Survivor who brought back the playfield and hid it from the public.

Jian Nian stretched out his hand, a golden point of light with a little green liquid fell on his palm. Watching the golden light disappear, Jian Nian slightly raised his eyebrows.

“It’s really out of the ordinary.”

“As long as we can get out of this place, it doesn’t matter how we make a splash.” Xi Luo sat on the wall next to him and flipped through the language book he had brought over.

Jian Nian gave a tsk, “Kid, why are you following me here? Are you bored? Get lost.”

“No, there are so many people here, you didn’t hit lightly, and you will be blacklisted directly by the Special Unit if you hurt a person by mistake.” Xi Luo calmly turned a page of the book again, his eyes kept staring at the literary text.

“What does it have to do with you if I’m on the blacklist or not?”

“It was my Ge who asked me to come.”

Jian Nian’s voice stopped abruptly, staring at Xi Luo, and after a moment he took his foot off the Survivor, “It… It was Shen Si who told you to come? He’s worried about me?”

“No, he just thought you would drag him down with you.”

Unfortunately, Jian Nian wasn’t listening, he had his head down. Xi Luo didn’t know what he was thinking but was able to hear him murmuring in a small voice since his very good hearing allowed him to catch Jian Nian’s words loud and clear.

“He’s worried about me? I knew it, even though he treats me so badly, he still likes me! Could it be arrogance? Or he… just can’t change his attitude? Good! Hang in there a little longer, we can definitely be together again!”

Xi Luo forced himself not to give him a blank stare. He picked up a stone and threw it straight down, the stone smashed into the head of a certain Survivor who tried to escape. The Survivor twitched twice and completely passed out.

On the other hand, outside the playfield, the mental ability Survivor sent by the higher-ups finally arrived, her face was serious, and she took off her gloves directly the moment she came.

“This is the mental ability Survivor?” Xia Leyu asked Ning Yangze in a whisper.

Ning Yangze nodded, “Xu Yiyao, she is also very famous as a Survivor, she’s the only A-Rank Survivor in the mental ability department. After coming back I have never heard of her. I didn’t expect to meet here now.”

Secretly swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Xu Yiyao tried to put her hand on the outer wall of the playfield.

She was a mental ability Survivor, but for her, this ability caused her a lot of trouble; those emotions would passively flow into her mind and cause her the same damage, so she would wear special gloves to isolate as much as she could. But now, the playfield’s isolation was so strong that she had to take off her gloves to try and access the information inside.

Exhaling heavily, Xu Yiyao closed her eyes to feel the pain brought to her by the inside of the playfield. If it was a mental playfield, then the things coming from there must be all miserable.

She was ready for it!

As if her soul penetrated the wall, she finally felt the opposite side, but the next instant wild cheers directly assaulted her mind. She seemed to hear the other side shouting with the most extreme joy. Were those inside completely dominated by this playfield? Weren’t they all ordinary people? Xu Yiyao frowned hard, but she did not give up and continued to pry inside.

Just then, she abruptly snapped her eyes open and recoiled involuntarily, with incredulity on her face.

“Miss Xu?!” Ning Yangze hurriedly came over, “What’s the matter? Is something wrong?”

“No…” Xu Yiyao hurriedly shook her head, “It’s the sense of security.”


Xu Yiyao frowned and held down her temples. After pushing those annoying cheers away altogether, she suddenly felt a sense of reassurance in a pure and childlike sense. She could even hear that little girl’s heartbeat. She said: Brother must be a god!


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  1. MonkeyNote: Me too, Mr.  Bai, me too… Just don’t think about it :|


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For some reason I hope they don’t misunderstand that Bai JunYi is the ‘god’ here. XD Shen Si is the real one! And Jian Nian my dude calm down. OwO”

February 19, 2021 11:18 am

Shen si, what ingredients did you added in it ( ╹▽╹ )

February 19, 2021 11:54 am

Wow, that might even get rid of Kudzu.

February 19, 2021 2:41 pm

thamks for the chapter

February 20, 2021 1:23 am

Our Shen Si is just your ordinary… god. The security office will have to carefully analyse the herbicide and officially include it as a countermeasure against this type of playfield. 😑The guilty Survivor is very miserable 🤕now, while sorrowful ghost once again has some delusions.🤪 Thank you for the chapter!!!

April 8, 2021 5:19 am

Let’s be real, Shen Si’s mental aptitude is S-Rank even without him being a Survivor.
Good on you solving this one.

April 19, 2021 4:08 pm

if the herbicide kills all the plants so easily, wouldn’t it also kill all of the people or at least make them ill? Reminds me of the story of a town using pesticides to kill all of the mosquitos, but it moved up the food chain and killed the lizards, frogs, etc. then killed all of the cats. The town flew in new cats in the end. lol.

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Yes he must be a god if years ago he invented an herbicide that kills demon obsession flowers. Who are you Shen Si????

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SS must be a GOD. The ORDINARY KIND 🙂

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