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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


He Xin, the A-Rank Survivor, and Ning Yangze’s teammate in the unlimited flow world, plus the team leader of the Inspection Unit, had a wide range of knowledge, and Ning Yangze was able to persevere in the unlimited flow world largely thanks to him.

Ning Yangze even believed that if he could be given time, He Xin could definitely become an S-Rank Survivor.

Taking the herbicide formula in, He Xin quickly found someone to test it with him. Ning Yangze pulled over a chair and sat next to Xia Leyu. The two sleepy people sat together, yawning with dark circles under their eyes.

“Now that things have almost been taken care of, when can we sleep again, Team Leader?” Xia Leyu shrugged his eyelids, looking like he was about to fall asleep.

“Just wait for the Inspection Unit to do the final testing on the data.” Ning Yangze rubbed his temples, “As long as the exact numbers are accounted for, we can immediately announce the details and release those who were quarantined at the same time. The general process has been drawn up, so hold on a little longer, if it goes well, we can get off work tonight!”

Xia Leyu stretched his back, “Finally, we can get off work!”

Just then, in a different location, in the mass isolation area, Shen Si walked out of the room with a glass of water, but before he could fill it up, a man cautiously walked out from the other side of the glass door.

Shen Si blinked as he turned to look across the room.

The man was wearing a white shirt and suit pants, so he was probably a company employee, and he still had a little dust on his clothes, it looked like he didn’t change out of his clothes since coming out of the playfield, based on his messy appearance. Slightly distressed, the man’s eyes kept glancing at the door, obviously wanting to leave.

Although they were quarantined, they were not locked up like prisoners, however, there was a certain range they could move in. The main gate was constantly guarded, and there was also a sensing device at the door. The Special Unit promised to let them go within five days, although somewhat baffling, most people were understanding.

There were also people who wanted to leave secretly, but unfortunately none of them succeeded.

“You can’t get out like this, right?” Shen Si picked up his glass of water and took a sip, his black eyes staring at the man.

At that moment, the man looked around carefully, then lunged forward, his body passing through the door like a ray of light,  and neither the sensor device was triggered nor did he alarm anyone. The man looked at his hands, and a moment later he left quickly with a face of ecstasy.


Shen Si’s water cup fell to the ground, he stared at the door and cocked his head.

“Just now, was that person a Survivor?” Shen Si commented and looked at the room behind him.

But this was a quarantine area for ordinary people, so there should be no Survivors. For example, Bai JunYi and the others were not here, but that person just now did leave through the closed glass door.

The sound of the broken glass alarmed others, a Special Unit member in charge of this area came over, looked at Shen Si standing in place, then at the broken glass on the floor. He thought for three seconds, put on a smile and said in a warm voice, “Excuse me, Sir, is there a problem?”

Shen Si calmly looked at the man, “No.”

“No?” The man’s smile became more and more sincere, “No need to hide, in fact, my job is a psychiatrist, I know that everyone in that place must have accumulated a lot of psychological pressure. If there is a desire for destruction, please don’t hide it, and tell me, I will help you.”

Shen Si shook his head, “I have no desire for destruction, I just accidentally dropped my glass of water on the floor.”

The man sighed, as if he was sorry that Shen Si didn’t tell him the truth, but Shen Si also understood why he thought so. In these three days of isolation, Shen Si met many people who broke down psychologically, most of them did irreparable wrong in the playfield, and even after counseling, when alone, they would still overwork their brains, and then break down.

The sudden appearance of violent tendencies was not uncommon even here.

“I just saw a man leave through the glass door.” Shen Si pointed to the door.

“Oh, so it was through the glass door that he left.” The man smiled and nodded, but three seconds later he put away his smile and opened his eyes wide, “What did you say?!”

He quickly ran to check the door mechanism, and finally determined that the sensor device really wasn’t triggered. He hastily went to retrieve the surveillance footage, and the person in the surveillance tentatively reached out his hand, and finally stepped through the glass door. He hastily moved, and after determining which was this person’s isolated room, he retrieved another surveillance footage. Then he determined that the person came out of his room all through the wall!

“What?” The man rushed to dial a phone number, his voice full of despair, “It’s over, we missed one.”

The Special Unit had already conducted centralized testing on the participants of the playfield to find all the people who had awakened peculiar abilities, but he did not expect that in these ordinary people who had already been tested once, there were still people who had successfully awakened and escaped afterwards.

The team leader would have to work overtime again… 

Ning Yangze, who was squatting at the door of the Inspection Unit, stood up, and fished out his cell phone from his pocket. The phone interface was glowing red; it was an emergency call from within the unit.

“Someone has called the emergency communication?” Xia Leyu followed suit and stood up, “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, but I have a hunch…” Ning Yangze pressed the ‘accept call’ button, “I have a feeling that our sleep tonight has gone down the drain.”

Just as the call was connected, the caller began his report, and Ning Yangze rubbed his temples in pain, glanced behind him at the Inspection Unit, then turned to leave.

“I will leave first, Xia Leyu, you continue to wait here. Once the result is out, immediately notify me.”

Xia Leyu nodded, “What’s going on? Team leader?”

“An ordinary person has awakened his ability and used it to run away while no one was paying attention to him.” Ning Yangze sighed helplessly, “Although I know that suddenly awakening abilities is a very unexpected thing, why can’t they just communicate with us? He just had to run out on his own.”

“Are we that unreliable?”

Ning Yangze hurriedly left, Xia Leyu looked at his back, and after a moment he sat down and opened his computer, checking the data regarding the current situation.

The person who escaped was named Tian Hua, and was an ordinary company employee. When the playfield opened, he happened to have taken leave from the company to prepare to go back home to visit his sick mother. After the playfield shattered, he was adamant on leaving and had applied for leave to the Special Unit several times. His application to leave early had been approved today.

Xia Leyu looked at the application letter permitting him to leave and sighed helplessly.

He had been very cooperative during their exchange, but he didn’t expect him to escape at this time, and he was obviously close to going back home.

With this kind of oversight, Team Leader will be lectured, right?


Tian Hua’s appearance caused a great stir, he used his powers in order to evade the Special Unit with absolutely no concern. The Special Unit didn’t even have time to stop him, he seemed to decide that the Special Unit would endanger his life, and even ran to the media to fool around after getting rid of the Special Unit.

This small oversight instantly triggered all public opinion, because regardless of the media investigation or Tian Hua’s self-reporting, he should’ve just been an ordinary person.

But this ordinary person surprisingly had special abilities, wasn’t he the same as Survivors then?!

Could it be that those brainstorming posts in the past were true, and that an ordinary person could really be the same as a Survivor?

Tian Hua gained unprecedented attention, and he became spokesperson against the Special Unit, constantly asking why this had happened. Some people even suspected this was a result of human experimentation that someone from the top ordered on how to make an ordinary person gain strange abilities to become a Survivor.

The temporarily suppressed apocalyptic theories once again stormed up.

“…I knew it.” Ning Yangze looked at the post on the internet and sat helplessly in his chair, “This is a real crisis situation.”

Xia Leyu patted Ning Yangze’s shoulder comfortingly, “Don’t worry, Team Leader, the Inspection Unit said that the results will be released tonight.”

“I’m not talking about that, what I meant is, we’ll probably need to write a report.” Ning Yangze sighed helplessly, “Speaking of which, where did Tian Hua run out from? Didn’t the sensor device go off during his escape?”

Xia Leyu shook his head, “It’s Quarantine Nr3, I’ve had someone analyze Tian Hua’s walking through walls, and I’ve also gotten some Survivors to understand the situation. He probably transformed himself into something else when he passed through the wall, similar to a ghost, so the sensor device was ineffective against him.”

“Quarantine Nr3?” Ning Yangze sat up, “Isn’t that where Shen Si is?”

“That’s right, moreover, Shen Si discovered it first.” Xia Leyu’s face lit up with a bit of interest, “I went to see the surveillance. Shen Si was getting water, and just happened to see Tian Hua leaving from where he stood. Because of the surprise, he also accidentally dropped his glass, which alarmed one of the members of our unit.”

“Such a coincidence?”

“After all, he is Mr. Coincidence.” Xia Leyu tapped away on the keyboard to input the details, “This man is simply a collection of miracles.”

Ning Yangze slightly frowned, “Can there really be so many coincidences gathered around one person in this world? I keep feeling that something is not right.”

“But there’s no doubt about it.” Xia Leyu excitedly handed Ning Yangze the information, “I heard about this incident and did a full range of inspections, including why Shen Si came out to pour water, and finally found that the logic was flawless, there was nothing wrong at all! Maybe there really are such coincidences in this world.” 

Ning Yangze spread his hands, “Okay, what time does the Inspection Unit start over there?” 

“Now.” Xia Leyu opened a certain website, which was densely packed with people; this was the official live broadcast for the announcement of the results. The Inspection Unit’s leader was standing in front, wearing a white coat and glasses, looking young and serious, and his excellent appearance made it hard to imagine that he was a stubborn and arrogant person.

He announced the content of the test in the live broadcast, including what will be obtained after surviving a playfield, what are the chances, and even analyzed what kind of people are more likely to obtain an ability.

The comment and pop-up sections were in an uproar, with countless people shocked by the news.

“After surviving a playfield, ordinary people will have a chance to get an ability, but the probability is less than 1% since presumably the unlimited flow world picks that 1%.” Ning Yangze leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, “Because in the unlimited flow world the chances of every Survivor getting an ability is 100%, that’s the deal.”

Xia Leyu nodded, “That makes sense.”

“But the way of survival will continue to change in the future, right?”

“Of course, because unexpected situations are still happening one by one, the existing world rules don’t apply to a world based on drastic changes.”

Ning Yangze opened his eyes, and he had a little smile in his eyes.

“It’s okay, I believe that there will always be rules that will adapt to this society, whether it’s a Survivor or an ordinary person, they can all live on well.”


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February 22, 2021 11:56 am

Instead of calling him Mr Coincidence, have they considered that he might be Mr Catalyst instead?

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Give some love to the special unit! Those guys are running on fumes, let them have some sleep instead of running away and causing media storm!
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Our MC has a wide-attack range of luck buff, catalyzing the people who surround him. Now whether the luck is good or bad, we won’t know yet.

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Maybe SS’s power is coincidences? Maybe the first few were actually coincidences but then he got the power?
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