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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


A special organization was born among the Survivors. This organization was composed entirely of Survivors, and became well-known on the forum that had announced ordinary people had a 1% chance of getting the ability after entering a playfield.

At first, someone asked if they could take an ordinary person into playfield through an advanced Survivor to test if they were the 1%, followed by several posts within a few days, with the same content as before, but a special reply appeared, which mentioned the name of an organization that claimed they could help contact Survivors willing to take orders.

This organization was named: Night.

Immediately afterwards, the forum blocked this part of the post, making the name of the organization a complete blocked word, but the power of the masses was great, they secretly avoided the blocked word and had long spread the news all over.

Almost every ordinary person knew that there was an organization named Night, and if you paid a sufficient price, they would contact a Survivor who was willing to help and protect them in the playfield, so they could come back alive to test whether they were among the 1%.

“Night?” Shen Si turned his head to look at Jian Nian.

“I didn’t think they would be able to reach me.” Jian Nian smiled with arched eyebrows, “The leader of this organization is quite interesting.”

Shen Si looked at him, “I didn’t expect you to protect others as well?”

“Can’t help it, he offered too much, he told me that the target of the mission is the heir of a rich man who is especially willing to spend money.” Jian Nian put his hand under his chin, his dark eyes with a smile, “I don’t have a penny in my hand, and I have a serious heart condition, plus I don’t have a job, so I have to put up with it and make money first.”

Shen Si fished out his cell phone from his pocket, he opened the dangerous area division released by the Special Unit before, and finally determined that this was indeed not a dangerous area.

“This is not a dangerous area, there should be no playfield at all.”

“Yijiang District wasn’t a danger zone either.” Jian Nian put his hands in his pockets, still with a smile on his face.

Shen Si slapped his hand, “Another Survivor who lied for self-preservation?”

“This time it’s different, it’s a Survivor who escaped from the list of the Special Unit’s identification list.” Jian Nian smiled happily, “In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that I am an S-Rank Survivor and too well known among Survivors, I would actually be able to escape from the Special Unit’s personnel identification list entirely.”

For someone with no relatives or people who cared for them, they could disappear without anyone noticing. They would also come back without anyone knowing, as if they had long been isolated from the world; such people were not non-existent.

The Survivors were missing people, but the missing people were not all Survivors. The Special Unit could not count these people and there was nothing they could do, they weren’t omnipotent either.

He didn’t ask how this organization found out about this, nor did he ask how he knew that there was a playfield about to open here.

One couldn’t know too much, since the more you know, the more trouble will follow, and he doesn’t have that much time to worry about these idle matters.

He wanted to stay at home until the world rules were stable and then come out to work from the beginning.

“You’re really not curious.” Jian Nian sighed, the white air in his mouth exhaled from his mouth, looking like a different kind of beauty. He smiled and waved to Shen Si, not caring whether Shen Si looked at him or not, then only smiled and turned his head. On the bench behind him, the man in the elaborate suit was sitting indifferently.

Watching Jian Nian end the conversation, the man stood up, he pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, his voice colder than the wind blowing over. “Who is that man?”

“Why should I tell you?” Jian Nian smiled as he walked over, his hands in his pockets as he took a step onto the bench, his pale lips looking extraordinarily fragile.

The man looked at Jian Nian, “I never thought someone like you would be an S-Rank Survivor.”

“Someone like me? Really? So many people have said such things to me.” Jian Nian smiled and reached out his hand to pat the man’s shoulder, “How old are you? Let’s see, 23 years old? That’s the same age as me, so, as a peer, let me advise you.”

“What?” The man frowned slightly.

“Don’t be nosy.” Jian Nian put away his smile, a hint of gloom flashed in his dark eyes, “We only have a transactional relationship, you are responsible for getting the money and I am responsible for your safety, but the dominance of this relationship is in my hands, I have no problem taking you out even in the playfield.”

The man’s eyes widened, “What are you saying?”

“That’s why I said you shouldn’t meddle, as the heir to a wealthy family you should know very well that even if I did something to you, no one would say anything.”

The man shuddered a little, then frowned and subconsciously wanted to take two steps back, but Jian Nian’s hand held down his shoulder, causing him to be unable to even step back. Finally he lifted his eyebrows, “I know, after that, I’m counting on you.”

“That’s right.”

Jian Nian dropped his hand and jumped off the bench, followed by a lazy yawn, looking more and more like a seriously ill person who escaped from a hospital.

The man honestly followed behind Jian Nian, acting like nothing was wrong.

In fact, he had come this time without his father’s knowledge.

He was the heir of a wealthy man, but his father didn’t have only one son. The wealthy man didn’t like him, even if he did more and better, he wouldn’t notice, since there was one illegitimate child after another outside. Those wolf cubs eyed him, all the time eager to tear pieces of flesh from his body.

It was expensive to request the organization Night to invite an S-Rank Survivor. He was going to bet this 1% chance, if he won, even his father couldn’t afford to not notice him.

But what he got was this legendary madman Jian Nian… At the beginning he envisioned it to be the God of Light.

But there was no turning back, and now he could only go on like this.


Shen Si walked towards the subway station, which was not far away, so there was no need to take a taxi. Near the park, Shen Si stopped in his tracks. At the edge of the park, a small stall attracted his attention, behind that stall sat a fortune teller, next to a large signboard with three large handwritten words.

Test of Fortune.

“Do I have too much bad luck right now?” Shen Si muttered, and after three seconds of silence Shen Si walked toward the stall.

“Oh! Hello customer, do you need your palms read or fortune told?” The fortune teller quickly curved his mouth with a silly smile, “I’m really accurate in fortune telling!”

Really… accurate?

Shen Si sat down, “You can help me calculate my luck for this period of time.”

“Ugh? Luck?” The fortune teller scratched his hair, “Not your family and career or love? I’m good at that!”

“Test my luck.” Shen Si’s voice was firm.

The fortune teller helplessly handed him the bamboo tube, “Then you draw a lottery, I’ll see what you can draw.”

Shen Si looked at the fortune teller, and then casually drew one out, but just as he did so, Shen Si frowned slightly, because the two words written on it were in two, big, red words: Great Misfortune.

“Great Misfortune?!”

The fortune teller was astonished. “I think you should go to a playfield, even though it’s only a 1% probability, you must have 100% awakening ability!”

Shen Si: … 

He had been in two playfields so far and had not awakened any abilities.

“This is really feudal superstition, I should not believe in these things.” Shen Si helplessly stood up, “Or I should go home and sleep. Anyway, this kind of lottery must be all Great Misfortune, and then you’ll make others buy some props to exorcise evil. It’s just the same as an Internet fraud.”

“Fra-fraud?!” The fortune teller stood up violently, “Hey, I’m telling you, my fortune telling is really accurate! And there’s really only one big evil in there, don’t believe me? If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you!”

The fortune teller began to dismantle the bamboo tube in his hand, pouring all the sticks on the table, then he pushed his sunglasses on his face with a proud face.

“Do not blame your bad luck on me!”

Shen Si lowered his head to look at the Great Misfortune in his hand, then he fished his wallet out of his pocket and put the money for the fortune telling on the table of the stall. Then he turned away in silence, not looking depressed or excited by it.

The fortune teller blinked as he reached out to remove his sunglasses, then packed up the items on the stall and quickly caught up with Shen Si.

“Hey, you, wait.”

Shen Si inexplicably stopped as the fortune teller sized him up and down, “I’m a little curious as to what you’re going to encounter.”


“Actually, I am a Survivor, and my ability is to tell fortunes.” The fortune teller nodded, “I feel that your luck is very bad, but somehow I feel that you are actually very lucky. This is the first time I have seen this kind of contrast, it all makes me a little curious.”

Before Shen Si could answer, loud sounds suddenly carried over, cats and dogs made ear-splitting squeals as they kept scurrying outside, making the cold afternoon even more gloomy.

“What?” The fortune teller blinked as he looked around, “Hey, I think I read about this situation in a book, what happens if you see animals in disarray?”

“Earthquake.” Shen Si reacted, he quickly ran outside, but before he could, boom, the earth started shaking. The earthquake warning sounded at the same time. During the quake, Shen Si fell directly on the ground. He felt a stabbing pain in his palm, and he hurriedly raised his hand. Shen Si saw his palm was cut and was slowly oozing blood.

The earthquake stopped, Shen Si sat up and he looked around. A bunch of illusory shadows appeared in the air, as if they were digital-like things falling from the sky, finally forming a cage. The sky quickly became dark, lightning was flashing, and in the center of the lightning blurred a human figure appeared.

“What? A playfield?!” The bamboo tube in the fortune-teller’s hand fell down, and the sticks inside scattered all over the floor, “Why is there a playfield here?!”

Shen Si sighed slowly.

Perhaps, his luck was really bad.

On the other side, Jian Nian looked around, and after a moment he took his hand out of his pocket.

“…Why was it so fast? Shen Si!”

It had only been ten minutes since Shen Si left, and according to the time, the chance that Shen Si hadn’t left yet was above 80%! Didn’t they say that the opening time of this playfield was tomorrow and the day after tomorrow?

He had to find him immediately!

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Ahhhh! The suspense! Man, I wonder if Shen Si actually gets a power. OwO

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Running outside is not the best thing to do in an earthquake unless you’re in a very weak building that is going to collapse!

Instead, drop to the ground, crawl under some cover, and hold on. If there’s no cover just protect your head while you hold still.

February 24, 2021 10:40 pm

This is going to be his third playfield and he’s going to be a ranked Survivor now. Mr. Coincidence’s power at full swing! Thank you for the chapter!!!

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