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Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis, WagahaiFujoshi


Within Long River City, nothing was more flourishing than its main street.

On top of the street rose the largest inn in Long River City, Clear Moon Inn, which boasted the most bustling business in the main highway.

Countless mouth-watering delicacies were prepared within the five-storey-high inn.

Not only could customers on the second storey and above enjoy their tea with music, but upon opening the windows, their eyes would also be instantly greeted by the scenery of a broad river the inn was built beside of.

Situated in the first storey was a wide hall, with the capacity to hold over a hundred customers, allowing them to take a break and rest their legs.

Often, the inn would invite in a storyteller, who would tell tales of bizarre events or legends sprouting from the martial world.

Today, the storyteller narrated the incident in the icy plains, whereby both Buddhist and Daoist sects allied to eliminate the leader of the demonic cultivators, Gu XuanYan.

The story had already neared its end.

In front of the stage stood the old storyteller, his garments completely grey.

Despite having a grizzled beard, he was brimming with energy, his voice echoing within the hall.

“After Sage Liao Wu of the Buddhist cultivation launched three strikes, the Sect Leader Gu XuanYan was previously under, Li XunJi, whizzed over with his sword to get rid of that dreadful ex-disciple of his sect. Never did he expect Gu XuanYan would break through and ascend out of the blue! Due to Li XunJi’s great defeat, Gu XuanYan managed to escape yet again.”

The old storyteller stroked his beard. “As of now, no one had no clue where Gu XuanYan is.”

The crowds below clicked their tongue in wonder, some yelling out while grasping a handful of melon seeds, “Don’t tell me the Daoist sects just let Gu XuanYan off like that?”

“It can’t be helped.” The old mister drank a mouthful of tea to moisten his throat. Gu XuanYan’s whereabouts are difficult to find, let alone the fact that Green Summit’s Sect Leader, Li XunJi, exhausted half of his cultivation base during the battle with him. Besides, he has been bedridden for more than three months ever since his return from the icy plains. His Sect Leader position was even passed over to other Sect Elders. From what I see…”

He lowered his voice. “I’m afraid the flame that is his life has been snuffed out.”

Immersed in the story, the crowd sighed in sorrow.

One of them asked again, “Since this Gu XuanYan was from Green Summit and a rare prodigy, why did he become a Demonic Lord?”

After a slap, the storyteller smiled, “Now that’s a good question. Let’s start right from the beginning! Rumour had it that Gu XuanYan has a senior brother of the same sect. His surname is Qin and he was then a fine young man…”

Modulation in tone, his voice resounded throughout the hall.

To the north of Clear Moon Inn’s doors was the boundless icy plains in Northern Wilderness.

It stretched out thousands of miles away, utterly cutting off from any beings that attempt to traverse it.

At the very end of the north of the icy plains lay the far north, where even demonic cultivators rarely set foot upon.

The chilliness of the far north’s snow could pierce through bones, as though having the ability to swallow any living being whole

Rumours had it that the obtaining of the chilly ice in the far north’s cliff could prolong lifespan.

In spite of the differing opinions of it, it being a death trap in every normal person and cultivator’s eyes was an undeniable fact.

Truth be told, if anyone reached the edge of the cliff, they would have found a long river beneath it

The only thing that seemed alive in the landscape, the river flowed in the middle of the north and south, traversing between the cliff.

Massive waves reaching sky-high surged through the river into the far distance while engulfing bits and pieces of ice, the oppressive air they exuded inducing fear among any onlookers.

Actually, after flowing down a few hundred Chinese miles 1 away, the river would get calmer as it meandered through twists and turns, branching off into smaller streams.

By the time it reached between a mountain, it had already lost its raging currents, its river bed visible through its clear waters.

At the moment, the fine young man the storyteller mentioned, Zhong Yan, was sitting cross-legged by the river.

Below the sweltering hot sun hanging on the summer sky were layers upon layers of trees stacked on the mountain, its different shades of green extending as far as the eye could see.

Branches and lush leaves veiled the bright sky from the ground.

As a light breeze swept by, blades of grass and leaves in the forest began flapping to and fro.

The occasional cries of birds and deers gave the forest and even more cooling vibe.

Zhong Yan rolled up his pants and dipped his lower legs into the water before heaving a long sigh in contentment.

The system spoke out. […Are you even listening to me?]

[I am.] Zhong Yan lifted his line of sight a little, sounding as slow as a snail. [The mission is complete, so you can send me back to my original world, right?]

[I’m sensing something bad from your tone.]

[Your hunch is quite accurate then; I’m not planning on going back.] 

The system appeared to have inhaled a deep breath. [Why?]

Zhong Yan’s tone was sincere. [Because I realise it’s the end of the school term when I transmigrated over. I don’t want to go back to take the linear algebra test.]

Zhong Yan’s reply rendered the system speechless.

[Just kidding.] Zhong Yan’s legs swayed in the water, his voice lazy as could be. [I promised Gu XuanYan I’ll stay by him in my entire lifetime. I can’t lie to him again this time.]

After a while of silence, the system asked. [Have you thought things through? If you aren’t leaving, every bit of information regarding you will be wiped off from your original world. No one in that world will remember you if that’s so.]

Zhong Yan raised his eyes. Among the layers of trees was a small footpath snaking into the deep forest.

At present, someone was slowly approaching him from the end of the path.

He couldn’t help but reveal a smile, his tone easing up.

[Have a bunch of people remember you, what for? It’s more than enough to constantly be in the mind of just one, even if you’re dead or alive.]

The system fell silent. After some time did its usual robotic voice sounded out.

[On account of how long we’ve worked together, I wish the both of you live to a ripe old age in bliss.]

[Does a system’s blessing come with a buff in luck?]

Although the system let out a hmph, it did not deny.

Following a ‘beep’, Zhong Yan felt his body got a little lighter, as if something had vanished.

He tried whispering out, [System] but got no reply.

A twinge of reluctance welled in his chest but he didn’t utter anything else as Gu XuanYan was by his side then.

Without shifting from his spot, he looked up at Gu XuanYan.

A sweeping glance at Zhong Yan’s legs that were soaked in the water invoked a frown from Gu XuanYan. he called out in helplessness, “Senior Brother.”

Guilt-ridden, Zhong Yan explained, “It’s just too hot. Besides, my wounds completely healed some time ago.”

Gu XuanYan sighed. “Just a bit longer then. No more after that.”

Gu XuanYan’s tone, as though a father noticing his brat was playing around with water, got the speechless Zhong Yan to relent.

He withdrew his legs and stepped onto the riverside. 

Once realising Gu XuanYan still had his brows knitted, he went over to Gu XuanYan, giving him a kiss on the forehead to please him.

Seemingly somewhat appeased, Gu XuanYan lowered his head and kissed Zhong Yan’s lips.

With a gradual hastening of breaths as the kiss drew out longer, Zhong Yan inched backwards, just to be countered by Gu XuanYan catching up on him.

Both locked their eyes with each other.

The first to blush, Zhong Yan whispered, “Let’s go home first.”

Gu XuanYan carried Zhong Yan up, his breathing deep, “Too late.”

The stretch of wild grass within the depths of the mountains barely could reach one’s lower legs, enabling anyone lying among it to be somewhat hidden.

Despite knowing no one was in the mountain except them, an insuppressible panic still coursed through Zhong Yan.

Even his voice had a slight quiver to it.

“Be a bit gentler…”

Gu XuanYan, whose lips had reached Zhong Yan’s abdomen by then, let out a chuckle, “Just that gets you like this? Well, if Senior Brother begs me in tears like last night… 

The blush on Zhong Yan’s face expanded to the edges of his ears instantly as he hollered

“I was not in tears last night! “

Gu XuanYan kept his mouth shut right away and lowered his head.

Following a kiss on Zhong Yan’s earlobe that was so reddened blood almost dripped out of it, Gu XuanYan cajoled, “All right, all right. You didn’t.”

Before Zhong Yan could chastise him for being too half-hearted with his words, his hands had already begun stretching out to Zhong Yan’s back, turning all of Zhong Yan’s rebukes into moans.

When Gu XuanYan entered, Zhong Yan couldn’t help but arched up his waist.

Zhong Yan was about to clamp his legs shut subconsciously but Gu XuanYan pressed down on his ankles and started rocking slowly.

Flushed in red all over his body just moments later, Zhong Yan circled his legs around Gu XuanYan’s hips unconsciously.

Their robes, partially clothed on them, were scattered by their side.

Despite flourishing with greenery, the ground beneath them still had several fragmented rocks on it.

Afraid the loose rocks would chafe Zhong Yan, Gu XuanYan pulled him into an embrace.

However, due to the current position making the thrusting even deeper, a mix of a moan and a sob escaped Zhong Yan whenever Gu XuanYan moved.

As the sounds got a bit too loud this time, a small animal nearby, perhaps a rabbit or a squirrel, scurried away out of fright, leaving a trail of ruffling grass in its wake.

Only Zhong Yan’s moans and Gu XuanYan deep panting could be heard in the area, along with the occasional watery sounds.

During the last few seconds, every bit of Zhong Yan’s body had been depleted of energy, his legs slipping down uncontrollably from Gu XuanYan’s waist.

His soft whispers of Gu XuanYan’s name over and over tickled Gu XuanYan’s heart.

As Gu XuanYan lowered his head and bit down on Zhong Yan’s shoulder, he shoved his member inside Zhong Yan.

Upon the end of their intercourse, tranquillity descended onto the mountain.

The tiny animals fleeing not too long ago began peeking out, registering all signs of activity in the forest cautiously.

The rustling of wildlife sounded out yet again amid the mountain.

A while later, Gu XuanYan started piggybacking Zhong Yan as he trekked onto the pathway again, heading upwards after reciting an incantation.

Mist slid over and enveloped the track behind them gradually, concealing their trails.

Just as before, sword riding was inaccessible in the mountain’s premise, but this wasn’t much of a concern for Gu XuanYan, who could ride the winds.

Nonetheless, he loved trekking step by step back home while piggybacking Zhong Yan.

With his head on Gu XuanYan’s shoulder, Zhong Yan forced himself awake to start a lecture despite the sleepiness creeping onto him.

“You’ve already ascended. Still, you not only didn’t head off to the ascended realm, but also have such strong desires. This isn’t a good thing.”

As if he wasn’t the one crying and moaning just then.

Instead of pissing Zhong Yan off by mentioning that, he simply answered.

“Ascension only happens because of a breakthrough in cultivation base and the detachment of worldly things. Everything will still stay the same whether I go over to the ascended realm or not. Besides, the ascended realm isn’t all that interesting.”

Zhong Yan lifted his eyelids, “Then, what’s interesting for you?”

“Carrying you back home is.”

Zhong Yan let out a light laugh, his arms circling Gu XuanYan’s neck as he started prattling nonstop.

“Let’s plant two green plum trees at the back of the house. One for the fruits and one for brewing wine.”


“The orchids in the valley blossom really well. Let’s plant some in the courtyard too when we’re free.”


“I’m going to start practising cultivation tomorrow. Supervise me then.”

Gu XuanYan answered to all of Zhong Yan’s ideas. “Anything else?”

Zhong Yan gave a groggy reply, drowsiness glueing his eyes, “Can’t think of any for now.”

Gu XuanYan chuckled, his voice tender, “No rush. We have ample time ahead.”

What a joy it was to have ample time ahead.

There was still plenty of time in their lifetime for them to tour around the country, leave footsteps in every part of the world, and spend their lives together, even till their hair paled white.

Even though the wheel of reincarnation spun and spun, never would they part.


Author’s note:

With this, the series is completed! There will be two extras; one on Junior Gu and Little Zhong, and the other on Junior Ji and Senior Liang. 

This series can be considered my first completed piece. I’ve written it just to relieve myself of stress.

Initially, I’ve only plotted up till the third or fourth chapter, but to my surprise, there’s a bunch of little cuties waiting for updates! So I braced myself, writing as I planned out the story. And finally, I got it out.

Special thanks to all my cute readers. If not for you all, this series would’ve been chucked away long ago to collect dust (and yet I have the cheek to say that here!)


But also, since I had no outline of the story and wrote as I plotted, the novel has quite a few flaws. For example, some parts of it are too fast paced, the change in events too sudden, the details not well-knitted, as well as the frequent typos… so my apologies to all of you. Thank you for forgiving that.

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Translator Notes:

  1. 500 meters or 1,640 feet

Rikko (Translator)

Loves BL and bunny rabbits.


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