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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Shen Si stood in front of the windowsill of the corridor. On the windowsill, there was a pot of green plants, with small pink flowers that didn’t belong to winter. Shen Si loved this pot of plants. If someone didn’t see him in the ward, they would just need to go out of the door to take a look to see him staring at the flowers carefully.

“You still like plants so much.” Jian Nian came over and stared at Shen Si, his voice tinged with nostalgia, “When you had time to run to the mountain next door, you would always dig up some strange plants and bring them back.”

Shen Si turned his head to look at Jian Nian, “You’re remembering the past?”

“Can’t I?” Jian Nian smiled, like a child who had eaten candy, looking very happy, “The Shen Si of that time is completely mine, of course I have to remember it well and must not forget it.”

Knowing that there was no use saying anything, Shen Si simply stopped paying attention to Jian Nian. In Shen Si’s opinion, Jian Nian’s obsession with him was really unnecessary, because Shen Si would never be able to get back together with him.

Shen Si was a realistic person, he was rational almost to the point of indifference, so even if he didn’t hate Jian Nian, before Jian Nian could control his behavior, Shen Si would not give him any opportunity. To others, it seemed like Shen Si didn’t care, and he would only ensure that he wouldn’t hurt others, let alone be hurt by others.

Reaching out to touch the leaves of the green plant, watching it tremble slightly, Shen Si’s attention was once again focused on the plant.

He really liked plants since childhood. When he was a child, he would stay in the mountains and constantly look at the weeds on the ground. He was proficient in caring for plants, but when he went to college, he didn’t choose to become a botanist, but became a tour guide.

The reason was not very clear, but Shen Si really liked the work of a guide.

Every time he trekked to a place, he would find something new, and every year there would be new plants and new landscapes in all seasons.

Jian Nian looked at Shen Si’s back, then carefully stretched out his hand, as if trying to touch Shen Si’s hair. Just at the moment before touching, the scene outside the building caught Jian Nian’s eye. He put his hand down and walked next to Shen Si to look outside.

In the special hospital area outside the building, a woman limped over, her body was drenched in blood, and even from this distance Jian Nian could see that she had hurt her foot, that’s why she was walking with a limp.

Shen Si glanced at Jian Nian next to him, then followed his line of sight down, and at that very moment, he and the woman downstairs locked eyes. Shen Si saw the woman laughing from a distance, and the laugh was so creepy that it gave people goose bumps in the middle of the day.


“You stay here and don’t go out.” Jian Nian closed the window, then turned to leave, “I’ll go down and check.”

Shen Si watched Jian Nian leave, and then continued to look below, where members of the Special Unit had assembled, looking cautiously at the woman, herbicide ready in their hands. He felt like he was being treated like a bird that couldn’t fly and was being targeted by hunters.

Shen Si narrowed his eyes subtly.

This feeling was quite odd.

When he was younger, he drove away all the bullies for Jian Nian, and in high school he could even fight a group of punks. It was the first time since he became a reliable guide, that Shen Si was treated like this. Even though the other party was a parasite that could manipulate others, wasn’t such a protective measure a bit too much? Or perhaps, the Special Unit treated his ability as extremely dangerous, and that’s why they protected him so much.

The plant on the windowsill was placed on the floor, and Shen Si didn’t continue to think, because there was no point in continuing to think. For most Survivors, he was indeed a weak person.

Downstairs, Ning Yangze had already arrived, and he stood at the front looking at the woman, although her face was covered with blood, he thought the woman looked familiar. It was as if he had met her before.

“Help me, Team Leader Ning!” The woman limped over, she was coughing and blood kept flowing from the corners of her mouth, “My stomach is about to burst! Help me!”

“What?” Ning Yangze frowned slightly, “What’s wrong with you?”

Unfortunately, what Ning Yangze got back was not an answer, but the woman’s screams. She fell to the ground as if she could not support herself at last, everyone present could see her belly bulging high, still writhing. The woman kept screaming, her eyes rolled back, and she was about to die.

He Xin reached out to block Ning Yangze, asking him to stay, as he walked over to check the woman’s body.

During the machine’s examination, the woman’s internal abilities were growing and breaking down rapidly, like a culmination of cellular rise and fall accelerated to the extreme.

Just then, He Xin received a call, and the moment he opened it Xia Leyu’s voice was heard. “Found her file, she is He Huiwen, just recently discharged from the special hospital area, D-Rank Survivor. Her ability is to swallow some non-human substances and spit them out within five minutes, then just now the Inspection Unit sent me a message, they said Sun Zhi sensed that the playfield about to open suddenly disappeared, we urgently investigated and then found the figure of He Huiwen.”

“What do you mean?!” He Xin looked at He Huiwen’s stomach, she was still screaming from the pain, her voice getting louder.

Was He Huiwen’s stomach filled with a playfield? But how could… Why would a D-Rank Survivor eat a playfield? And to come here for help? No, of course a normal person would not do that, what if she was controlled?

He Xin hurriedly turned over He Huiwen’s body, and at her ankle, a green branch protruded from her shoe, and the green leaves merged together as if it were a grotesque smile.


“It’s already been five minutes! If she doesn’t spit out the contents of her stomach, He Xin will die!” These were the last words He Xin heard.

Sludge-like things gushed out of He Huiwen’s mouth and nose, and they quickly flowed on the ground, penetrating into the ground, giving no chance to react at all.

Was it already too late?


The clock behind him was suspended in the air, and the second hand was receding step by step, finally stopping at 10 seconds ago, and in the next instant, Shen Si’s eyes went white, and he fell limply to the ground, in front of the flower pot he had placed on the ground.


When he opened his eyes again Shen Si found himself lying in the grass with the sound of the wind around him. He sat up from the ground and looked to the side, only then did he see someone familiar.

“Are you awake?” He Xin walked over and glanced at his watch, “Only half an hour of sleep, it’s a world away from reality, but sure enough, your abilities will increase a lot in a playfield.”

Shen Si sat up and looked around, “A playfield?”

“Yes, a playfield. Parasite used another ability holder to carry a playfield here.” He Xin sat next to Shen Si, “He Huiwen’s ability was increased for a short period of time because of the parasite, so she was able to swallow an entire playfield.”

Not knowing what He Xin was talking about, Shen Si shook his head slightly, “I don’t understand.”

Looking at Shen Si’s expression of not quite understanding the situation, He Xin patted his shoulder, “You just need to know that this time it was you who saved her.”


He Huiwen was forced to swallow a playfield, which was stored in her stomach, destroying her body second by second. The five-minute time limit could almost be considered her death, but at the last moment, and perhaps just unconsciously, Shen Si rewinded the time by ten seconds.

Since only Bai JunYi could detect the time rewind, he made He Huiwen vomit the playfield out of her stomach in advance. Although he still couldn’t avoid entering the playfield, He Huiwen’s life was saved.

Moreover, Shen Si’s ability… 

In fact, He Xin was in favor of Shen Si entering the playfield, which was a very necessary thing for both Shen Si and his ability. His control of his ability was too poor, and entering a playfield was the only evolutionary condition that He Xin had analyzed currently.

As long as Shen Si entered a playfield, he could better control the ability of time.

Now that he was being targeted by Parasite, this was a good thing.

“The good news is that not everyone was swept into the playfield, only some of them came in. The bad news is that your luck is as bad as ever, you got swept in even from inside the building.” He Xin was fiddling with his equipment on the ground, “Bai JunYi is also there, I guess the Parasite leader is also nearby.”

Shen Si looked around at the open lawn, “This is not quite the same as the playfields I remember.”

“Because the game hasn’t started yet.” He Xin’s voice was calm, “The Inspection Unit sent me the information before we came in, so we don’t know anything.”

Without looking at the playfield’s information, Shen Si looked up at the sky, and only after a few moments did he speak, “Team Leader He.”


“If my ability is upgraded to a certain level, can I make time go backwards for a long time?” Shen Si’s voice was low with a small indistinctness, as if he was thinking while trying to say, “For example, could I rewind time after entering the playfield, and then go back to the time when I didn’t enter the playfield? In that case, I would be an ordinary person who would never enter a playfield again, right?”

Surprised by Shen Si’s idea, He Xin looked at him in surprise, “Why would you think that?”

After having such an unbelievable ability like time, would people generally want to become an ordinary person who would not enter a playfield? If any Survivors heard this, they would cry and run away.

“Because I have felt that the past is something that cannot be changed, being stuck in the past is completely meaningless, but now, I have the ability to change the past.” Shen Si stood up from the ground, “This is really an amazing thing.”

“Do you want to change the past or do you want to change your luck?”

“Does it make a difference?”

He Xin thought about it, “Actually, I think there’s no difference, people’s ** 1 is endless, but you only think about reversing time to keep yourself from going into a playfield after having this ability of time. So it seems that this ability is no big deal to you. Because you are in control of your own time and don’t regret the past, which is good. It shows that you are living a contented life.”

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March 13, 2021 11:19 am

This makes me think back to the time where he said he should’ve been killed in that accident, but that’s just me. XD

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

March 13, 2021 10:18 pm

Good thing the woman survived, bad thing they’ll have to go through another playfield with unknown danger lurking inside. Let’s hope, this time, they’ll catch this parasite guy and spray him with herbicides! Eliminate this weed!
Thank you for the chapter!!!

April 16, 2021 5:13 am

Love it how Shen Si’s ability is related to his concept of the past

May 23, 2021 11:34 am

I just get the feeling that Shen Si isn’t as contented living in the present as he says and that there’s a big volcano waiting to erupt inside him…

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