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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Shen Si repeatedly read the names on it and finally confirmed that those three people were indeed: Bai JunYi, Jian Nian and Xi Luo.

He could not help but look at Xi Luo next to him. The teenager was sitting on the couch watching the news, with little expression but very focused, not at all like an S-Rank Survivor.

The original post did not allow replies, but new posts could be made. Shen Si watched as countless posts kept refreshing and finally clicked on one of the hottest posts, which was on the top and the number of pages of replies was soaring wildly, directly refreshing this year’s page view list.

[Please tell us what kind of existence these three S-Rank Survivors are?]

Shen Si sifted through the replies and the same questions, and finally came to a reply with a very high number of likes on the bottom. The owner of this reply was a B-Rank Survivor, someone who had already joined the official team and knew a little more than most people.

In his narrative, he let ordinary people understand what kind of existence the world of unlimited flow was. The world of unlimited flow was a space that could even be considered another world, and if they wanted to go out, they had to ascend nine layers of the world, and legend had it that there was a way to leave in the tenth layer. Every other month the premise was that the world would force a death game, and because the death rate was too high, they kept replenishing new people.

In other words, the longer one existed in the world, the more times they experienced the game, this time the ranking of the Survivors was according to the number of games they went through, 1-3 times was D-Rank, 3-10 times was C-Rank, 10-15 times was B-Rank, 15 times or more was A-Rank, as for S-Rank, they had survived more than 30 games.

30 games of death.


Shen Si remembered the Survivors he had seen so far, no matter Bai JunYi, Jian Nian, and even Xi Luo, all of them showed a rather calm and rational frame of mind. They did not stay to receive psychological counseling, and completely and no doubt were normal people. Perhaps this was also because their adaptability was also at S-Rank. No matter the situation, they were calm, they had clear analysis and judgment. This was their weapon to survive all the way to S-Rank.

Then Shen Si continued to scroll down, and soon he saw more information about the three S-Rank Survivors.

God of Light, a god-like figure among Survivors, once used a loophole in a game to steal the God of Light’s godhood and directly control all the beliefs of that game field. He was able to completely nullify that playfield and this deed had been spread among Survivors. It was said that this God of Light’s character was good, and he did not kill, just directly sent people to the penitentiary. Most would cry and then follow him as a believer.

Then there was the Sorrowful Ghost. Rumors about him were unusually frightening. Some people say he tore ghosts apart with his bare hands, some said he ate gods whole. His madness did not match his appearance, which made him a target for a lot of hatred. Someone once had the privilege of being in the same game as the Sorrowful Ghost, the Survivor concluded that this person should never be offended and some even had nightmares at night just thinking of him.

The last was the Dark Night Manipulator. He was also considered a legend since he was the only underaged top Survivor. He stole the powers of the second layer game boss, directly broke through the second layer’s boss and consumed his dark yang. He could now manipulate the dark creatures, like a lich. This caused him to be able to pass any game with dark creatures directly.

Shen Si paused as he turned his head to look at Xi Luo. The teenager was still watching the TV news, his black eyes reflecting images, looking quiet and well-behaved.

“Xi Luo,” Shen Si called out to him.

Xi Luo turned his head to look at Shen Si, “What?”

“You can control ghosts?”

“I could before.” Xi Luo nodded and admitted, “But after the collapse of the unlimited flow world, we lost almost everything we got in the unlimited flow world except our own power, including those ghosts and monsters. Even if my ability to control ghosts and monsters didn’t disappear, there are no ghosts in this world for me to do it with. So, I kind of lost my power.”

Shen Si thought for a moment, “In that case, the God of Light has lost the power of faith as well?”

“That is certainly true.” Xi Luo replied, “The one next door is not the God of Light, right? How could it be him?”

Shen Si did not respond, he turned off his phone and put it next to him, “What are you going to do now?”

“…Go to school.” Xi Luo pondered for a few seconds, “I was in middle school when I disappeared, I should be in senior high school this year, I was planning to try to take the high school exam directly by then, I asked Mr. Policeman, he said I was in a special situation and could do so.”

“As an S-Rank Survivor?”

Xi Luo was silent, he sat on the couch and sighed, “This is where I’m a bit torn, I’m actually not as good as the other two Survivors, they are adults and have no problem doing anything. I would not only need a guardian, I could be rejected by the school and even if I went to school, no school would take me. I’m completely lacking any high school knowledge, and it is also very difficult to learn from scratch on your own.”

Shen Si nodded, and after a moment he pointed across the room, “Want to go ask Mr. Bai? He used to be a teacher, albeit an elementary school teacher.”

“That won’t be necessary.” Xi Luo quickly declined, “The God of Light and I have repelling attributes, he is the one who purifies the harsh spirits, I am the one who manipulates them.”

“Mr. Bai is a gentle and good man.”

“Gentle and scary can totally co-exist.” Xi Luo still maintained the same point of view, “I was once in a game with him in that world. The ghosts controlled by me were half-converted by him, and they were so grateful to him that they cried while dissipating.” Xi Lou’s words paused, “…I can only make the evil ghosts cry and self-destruct, which is more frightening than one can imagine.”

Shen Si imagined that scene, he had not experienced the unlimited flow world, so he could not really figure it out, but since he left Xi Luo with such an impression, he could probably be very scary indeed.

“The higher-ups didn’t help you find a school?”

“I refused.” Xi Luo did not seem to have much of an interest, “In the end it was difficult for others as well as me, and several of us were released only after signing the agreement.”

Shen Si looked at him, “Agreement?”

“It’s an agreement not to hurt an ordinary person. Every Survivor who comes back has to sign it.” Xi Luo’s voice was calm, “It’s only been a week, and it’s been too short to balance the issues between the ordinary people and the Survivors, that’s why the people up there are so busy. It still looks like there is more to worry about.”

Shen Si looked to the forum. In the forum, there were constantly new posts refreshed, posts mixed, some people upheld an optimistic attitude about this, other’s didn’t think it was a good idea at all.

The game of death in the world of unlimited flow, ah, every Survivor who came back could be a potential murderer, they didn’t accept these people at all, the demand that the government put these people under surveillance was fierce.

“The psychological problems are just the first step of the examination, and the three of us won’t be out until a week from now.” Xi Luo looked at the refreshed post, “Actually, these people’s concerns are not wrong.”

Shen Xi looked to Xi Luo, “The murderer part?”

“People who can go to the unlimited flow world are basically random. For there to be a few murderers is also very normal.” Xi Luo’s voice was calm, “The higher-ups can not completely control all the Survivors, even if there is 1% of Survivors not reported, they have no way to know. After all, we are counted as missing. Though missing people are not the only Survivors.”

Shen Si cocked his head, and after a moment he spoke, “…Won’t you feel unhappy?”

It was hard to come back from that place and instead of facing everyone’s tearful welcome, they were subjected to all kinds of speculation and malice instead.

“It’s not that serious.” Xi Luo lowered his head, his voice a little small, “There are still many Survivors accepted by their families ah. Many had the obsession to come back for their family, As long as their family accepted them, then there is no problem.”

Shen Si nodded, “Mn.”

The words just fell, and on the top a new post appeared with a new announcement on the treatment of the Survivor issue.

The social emergencies could not be fixed overnight, especially the return of the large number of Survivors, the quantity definitely not small, no matter how they dealt with it, it would still be very difficult. This announcement Survivor thing was to appease the masses, but also to let everyone wait a little longer, so when the time came, they would certainly give everyone a reasonable solution.

Shen Si looked at the announcement, and after a moment he glanced at Xi Luo, “Nothing else came back but you guys?”

“Hmm?” Xi Luo was stunned, “What?”

“No… I was just thinking.” Shen Si put his hand on his chin, “Isn’t it a bit excessive and an overkill to have a forum dedicated to the Survivors, or are there actually other things that will be integrated here when the time comes?”

Xi Luo slightly tilted his head, “Huh?”

At this time, the phone alarm clock rang, Shen Si glanced at the time, and surprisingly, it was already 11 o’clock at night. He had to go to work very early tomorrow, so today he must go to bed early.

Saying good night to Xi Luo, Shen Si returned to his bedroom. Looking at the closed door, Xi Luo’s dark eyes flashed several strings of symbols, after a moment he lowered his head.

“There are other things?”


Jiang Yi, 23 years old, gender: female, was an ordinary person. She was a supporter of the evolution theory, especially since her father was a Survivor, who joined a special organization after his examination. Jiang Yi was filled with curiosity about Survivors.

She asked her father several times about the unlimited flow world, but he wouldn’t tell her at all, until this afternoon, when she helped her mother deliver some documents to her father, and ended up overhearing a conversation.

“Shen Si? Let him come here to work? Are you guys overthinking it? He’s just an ordinary person and doesn’t meet our entry requirements here.”

“But this person has a relationship with three S-Rank Survivors, if he is there, he may be able to appease the three S-Rank Survivors.”

“No, I don’t agree.” The middle-aged man shook his head, “He has no obligation to do so, don’t mention this matter again!”

Jiang Yi blinked, why did she feel that this name sounded familiar… 

When she got home, Jiang Yi started frantically looking at her browser history and finally picked up the name Shen Si from the website she had just visited.

It was a tour promoted by the Survivor who came back by smashing a pothole, but before that, this tour was promoted to have the most handsome guide, and that guide’s name was… Shen Si!

“He has a relationship with three S-Rank Survivors?!” Jiang Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva, “Okay, decided!”

She clicked to sign up directly.

“Let’s check it out right away!”

Even if it was someone else, it was good to go and see a handsome guy.


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I can’t wait to see what happens! I wonder how Shen Si will react when people ask him about his relation with the three S-Rank Survivors.

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February 8, 2021 3:25 pm

Shen Si does think about the practicalities of what happened

February 8, 2021 10:31 pm

Neighbour to the first one, guardian to the second and exboyfriend to the third. Our MC’s live is about to change pretty drastically, whether he likes it or not.

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It’d be very interesting if other things from the unlimited flow world came to this one along with the Survivors! I gotta say, this novel follows the ordinary person Shen Si, but it would have been so nice to have followed one of the Survivors…

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