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Translated by Anon of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kuneho & UA


At first glance, King recognized the black cat who had attacked him before. The mocking face and cold eyes were too iconic.

After being attacked by this black cat, King was very embarrassed. He even tried to make a disdainful expression. This twisted look was more ironic in the eyes of the black cat. His head turned into a human shape several times in a row. The workers who got scratched by him and hid in the corner, screamed.

King turned into a human and was very uncomfortable with his naked body. He wanted to wear the workers’ clothes but they were too dirty.

The black cat had already incapacitated those two workers, and was removing the other’s clothes. He put one uniform on by himself and threw the other one to Xie King.

The black cat got dressed. Xie King was so embarrassed to wear dirty clothes, but in the end, he put them on. He always thought that if the clothes were not clean, his body would get infested by lice.

“Oh, so picky.” The black cat sneered sarcastically.

King Xie blushed, and embarrassedly thanked: “Thank you.”

“They caught you and I saved you. We’re even.” The black cat kicked the two workers again. Xie King was angry and also kicked hard a few times with frustration.

“Mi—” There was a little black cat staggering out of the corner, crying pitifully at the black cat.

The black cat stooped and hugged the kitten: “I’m leaving. Don’t think that all humans are good people.” 

The black cat took away the little kitten that was obviously not weaned. King hesitated… He looked at the men on the ground, and then looked at the clothes on his body. In the end, he still overcame the dissatisfaction with the dirty clothes, and walked back in the direction of the community to find Xie Guanze.

When the master and pet finally met, they were shocked and said in unison, “Why are you so miserable-looking?”

Xie Guanze saw Xie King wearing a dirty overall and looking haggard. Xie King saw Xie Guanze’s face covered in bruises, red and deformed by the swelling.

 “Hey,” Xie Guanze patted his pet’s shoulder sadly, “King, we need strength training, we are too weak.”

 In order to keep the cell phone with evidence intact, Xie Guanze had a fight with the suspected person. He was afraid to run away, but now his face was almost disfigured. Xie King was almost killed by the bird-hunting workers who wanted to eat him in the stew. The miserable state both men were in made them very sad. 

After going home to treat their injuries, Xie Guanze waited for the wound on his face to heal, and then looked for an opportunity to thank the black cat. He still remembered the address after hearing it from the black dog in the restaurant –  the bad end of the Tian Sheng bridge. Deciding to use the ​trial-and-error method, Xie Guanze bought a thank you gift and went to the Tian Sheng bridge together with Xie King.

——After this attack, King Xie never changed into his bird form while outside.

Knowing that stray pets were highly vigilant and did not trust outsiders, Xie Guanze chose to go there at night. During the night, human vision would be impaired, and pets’ sense of security would be greatly increased.

There was no light in the Rotten Tail Tower on Tian Sheng bridge. It looked like a monster with a big mouth in the dark night, as if it would swallow everything that entered at any time.

After getting out of the car, Xie Guanze and Xie King carried two boxes of thank you gifts and walked into the Rotten Tail Tower.

Rotten Tail Tower was only an empty concrete shelf. The grass on the ground and the walls reached a height of half a person. The grass and the depths of the darkness were full of starry, green eyes. They watched the two cautiously and screamed and refused. Xie Guanze breathed in deeply as the pets secretly grinded their paws, waiting for an opportunity for a sneak attack.

 “I’m not malicious, I want to thank you, especially the black cat for saving King.”

Xie Guanze just walked into the door, gestured inside, and King had already dropped his thank you gift.

“It’s not much but thank you. I brought some food here. If you are allergic to milk, do not drink it as I also bought mineral water. There is also a box of chicken and ham, you can eat this.”

Dark loud “Meow–” The sound sounded with dissatisfaction.

Subconsciously, Xie Guanze understood immediately that this meow was the voice of the black cat who saved King and he smiled.

“There is also a box of frozen fish. You won’t be able to eat it for a long time in summer. You have to eat it quickly.”

Xie Guanze had never bought cat food. It was impossible to tell whether the salt of dried fish was too heavy for cats, so he simply bought frozen fish.

The cat gave a “Meow”” with satisfaction. It sounded like a comfortable and satisfying purr when a human scratched its chin and neck.

Xie Guanze put down the gifts and did not forget to remind: “You must pay attention to safety and restrain animals not to do too much harm. Human society has its rules, and beyond this, what awaits you is prison and euthanasia.”

” Woof!”

This time, there was a loud bark. Xie Guanze looked up to where the voice was came from and saw a tall and sturdy black shadow standing on the rooftop of Rotten Tail Tower. It was the big black dog.

That night was a full moon again. The moonlight was bright, shining on the body of the big black dog, mysterious and towering like the legendary dog ​​god.

Feeling Xie Guanze’s sight, the big black dog nodded at him, and Xie Guanze also nodded.

In the darkness, there were more and more small light bulbs lighting up in Rotten Tail Tower, one by one, densely packed, watching Xie Guanze from different directions.

“I will try my best to persuade the leader to set the bill, I hope you deserve my hard work.”

This sentence was for the stray pets in the dark, but also for himself.

Xie Guanze waved at the leading big black dog and turned to leave.

Just turning around, Xie Guanze suddenly felt a gust of wind from behind, followed by an angry dog ​​bark. King pushed him away, down to the ground, and now he was rolling vigilantly on the ground.

“Human, take your food and get out!” The pitbull, who was blind in one eye, attacked Xie Guanze fiercely with his teeth, and completely ignored Xie King who was protecting his master.

Xie King pushed Xie Guanze away, his arm was bitten by the sharp teeth of the one-eyed Pitbull, and blood started to flow. The smell of blood stimulated the dog’s fierceness. As his eyes reddened, he became more and more aggressive.

At a critical moment, the black cat and the big black dog came down one after another. 

The black cat opened his mouth and spit out words: “This is mine, why are you making decisions for me!”

One-eyed pitbull sneered: “Did you forget how you were abused by humans?”

“I did not forget.” The black cat pierced the bag that was laying on the ground with his paw, and threw a frozen fish out of it to thaw. He flicked his tail carelessly while waiting. “But I also remember the goodness of other human beings to me.”

One-eyed pitbull was still angry and dissatisfied: “Then you shouldn’t eat human charity food.” The black cat looked at the one-eyed dog with an idiot’s eyes: “I saved him. Isn’t it right to take the thank you gift? You have guts. You’ll die from hunger.”

Then, the black cat skillfully removed a box of milk, inserted the straw with his paws, and sucked the milk. They leaned against the wall, holding the milk and relaxing.

The one-eyed pitbull looked more and more furious: “You stupid cat, you have been abandoned by humans, but you still seem to see virtue in them!”

Black cat: “Slurp—“

One-eyed dog was angry, but sneered: “I despise you! ” He said, and he walked away, not looking at Xie Guanze’s gifts.

Behind him, a rustling sound rang in the grass, and Xie Guanze saw that many stray pets had followed the one-eyed dog. Their eyes were chilling, filled with a bitter hatred.

Xie Guanze realized that even though they were the same stray pets, not everyone was as sensible as the big black dog and the black cat.

In human teams, there were many differences and contradictions. In the case of stray pets, the problem was they only came together because of injury and abandonment.

The black dog’s long and furry face showed no expression and calmly he said to Xie Guanze: “You go first.”

“Let’s go.” Xie Guanze took a deep breath and touched Xie King’s bloody arm with distress, ” We have to go to the hospital.”

“It’s okay, it’s just a flesh wound.” King Xie’s voice was calm.

After this time, he understood perfectly that he was very weak…

Leaving the Rotten Tail Tower, Xie Guanze felt a cold gaze behind him. He looked back and saw the one-eyed dog standing on the second floor, looking at him indifferently.

Beside the one-eyed pitbull, there were eyes with a dark green light, watching them without blinking, just like a poisonous snake staring at his frog.

Under the calm of depression, the dark tide surged.

The big black dog couldn’t suppress the one-eyed pitbull’s hatred. One day, his hatred for humans would intensify and completely escape the control of the big black dog.

Xie Guanze had a hunch that they would see each other again…

At the end of June, the pet games just started.

As a teacher, King was the first person (pet) to know the news.

“Teachers have their own special competitions, and I’m going to participate in the flying competition.” When Xie King spoke, he stretched out his talons and thrashed on the closet, leaving sharp marks.

“During this time, I will ask the Eagle teacher to help me make up class. I can fly very high, and my claws have become more powerful! Next time I see that bird poacher, I will show him who is worse!”

Xie King fiercely clawed again and grabbed the closet to leave out a deep gully.

Xie Guanze looked up gracefully: “King, what do you think this gully looks like? Doesn’t it look like a pattern on the RMB?”

Xie King looked away guiltily: “I’m about to get paid my salary.”

“Is the kitchen cabinet also your latest masterpiece? There are a lot of claw marks on the cupboard, and I didn’t know I had a cat.”

Seeing that Xie King’s guilty bird head was already buried between his legs, Xie Guanze just changed the topic: “Yes, what is the flight competition, flying higher or faster?”

“No,” Xie King was looking left and right, just not at Xie Guanze.

“Cough, the host also needs to attend. We have fun games.”

Xie Guanze: ? ? ?

“Why would you blush at the fun games?”

King was furious and flew away with a flap of his wings: “Anyway, I signed up! You have to go, even if you don’t want to. That’s final!”

Xie Guanze: ? ? ?

He was more and more curious about what these fun games were…….


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Minnie ford
Minnie ford
November 10, 2020 1:54 pm

I feel sorry for the abandoned pets humans if you can’t take care and love your pets don’t have one. thank you kitty you saved Xie King. Thank you for the hard work much appreciated

November 10, 2020 10:17 pm

Thank you for all the hard work!

November 11, 2020 1:22 am

The stray pets group is not uniform and that will probably cause trouble. I hope this can be resolved peacefuly without hurting any of them.
Fun games…? Looking forward to it. 🤩😁 Thank you for the chapter!!!

December 9, 2020 10:58 pm

This is so sad but I also want to know how these games are gonna go lol

January 30, 2022 8:38 pm

I am just wondering what kind of abuse that the pit bull went thru until his personality is so twisted🤔🤔🤔

February 22, 2023 5:24 pm

I feel so bad for abandoned pets and hope they can feel safe. I’m excited for the competition!

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