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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


The policemen looked at the bloodstains on the ground of the third floor and then looked at Wang Feng, who was unconscious on the floor. When they heard the boy’s panicked cries for help, they all grabbed their guns at once and pointed them at Cesar and Finch. The policemen looked at them alertly and one of them shouted, “Raise your hands where I can see them!”

Finch glared at the little brat, but he still put his hands up quickly. He could slowly explain the misunderstanding, whereas resisting would get him killed, and that wasn’t worthwhile!

But when Finch looked to his side, he saw that Cesar still had one hand in his pocket and was standing there indifferently. He didn’t seem to plan on surrendering at all, and cold sweat poured down from Finch’s forehead once again.

Finch nudged him and advised in a low voice, “Hey, a wise man doesn’t fight when the odds are against him.”

Cesar glanced at Finch.

Finch was baffled by his mysterious look.

He thought, Brother, although I know you’re really powerful, no matter how powerful you are, you still can’t flaunt your superiority at will! It’s not like every single person in this world knows you! Can’t you see that the policemen are pointing their guns at us!

Finch could tell that his persuasions wouldn’t have any effect on Cesar, so he smiled good-naturedly at the police officers and said, ‘We surrender, we surrender! Don’t fire!”

At this time, Wang Tao was already under the protection of the police officers. He looked panicked and scared, and the police didn’t know what he had gone through, so the boy aroused their instinctive protectiveness and sympathy, which was why they had quickly stepped in front of him to protect him.

Thus, Wang Tao was now hiding behind the police officers, and he quietly looked at Finch with a provocative and mocking gaze.

Finch thought, 艹&*&¥#@!!

This was the first time he felt the impulse to beat up a kid!

The policemen were coming closer to them, but Cesar remained motionless. Cold sweat poured down Finch’s body, and he felt that he had been really unlucky today. Before, he couldn’t really feel any pain from the knife wound on his waist, but now, pain shot up his body like fire, and he couldn’t help but frown.

Cesar noticed this immediately and when he saw Finch’s injury, his gaze grew cold and he held Finch by the arm, about to leave. Cesar not moving was all right, but this sudden movement caused the policemen to tense up at once, and one of them shouted, “What are you doing?!”

Finch was speechless.

The situation took a turn for the worse, and the policemen were just about to subdue the suspects when a young officer suddenly squeezed over and asked solemnly, “What’s going on?”

When he walked to the very front and looked up, a brave and heroic face appeared under the brim of his hat. It was Gong YaoYing!

When Finch saw him, he was so moved he nearly started crying.

He and Officer Gong went way back; they had recently met each other on the cruise ship, and since they were old acquaintances, he should be easier to talk to, and with a little investigating, the police should be able to resolve the misunderstanding!

When Gong YaoYing saw Finch and Cesar standing there, he was stunned.

Wang Tao looked at them, pleased, ready to see the police take them away.

Finch drew a deep breath and was about to explain himself.

At this time, Gong YaoYing suddenly straightened. He quickly saluted to Cesar and said respectfully, “Sir, it turns out to be you here, you’ve really worked hard! You can leave the rest to me to deal with.”

Finch and Wang Tao were perplexed.

The other policemen were speechless.

Cesar glanced indifferently at Gong YaoYing and turned around. He grabbed Finch’s hand and began walking away without saying anything.

Finch was muddled, and he still didn’t understand how things had unfolded like this. When he saw that they were just going to leave like this, he said in disbelief, “Wait, this…”

Wang Tao also got anxious, as he had originally wanted to frame Cesar for the murder, because Cesar clearly looked like a bad guy! But unexpectedly, those policemen had just let him go without even asking him anything. Wang Tao cried, “How can you let him go, he’s the murderer that killed my mom and my dad! How can you do this——”

It probably would’ve been better if he hadn’t said anything, but now that he had, he attracted the attention of Gong YaoYing.

Gong YaoYing frowned and turned around, looking deeply at Wang Tao.

Wang Tao’s heart skipped a beat. This policeman’s gaze made him feel very uncomfortable, and there was no sympathy or pity in his expression at all. On the contrary, the policeman looked like he was probing and examining Wang Tao as if he was the criminal…

It’s not possible… It’s not possible for the police officer to know that he was lying. They hadn’t even had the time to investigate yet!

Gong YaoYing took a step forward.

Wang Tao took a step backward.

The corner of Gong YaoYing’s mouth slowly curled up, seemingly sarcastically. His tone was professional and stern as he said, “Is that so? Then why don’t you come back with me and assist us in investigating this matter. Since you said that they killed your parents, then please describe the process of the course of events of the crime in detail, where the murder weapon is, as well as their motive.”

Just then, Wang Tao had only said what he had said on a whim, and no matter how cold-blooded he was, he was only a thirteen-year-old kid and only killed out of impulse, so how could he consider things that thoroughly? Wang Tao was caught off guard by Gong YaoYing’s series of questions, and he said blankly, “Uh, they’re the murderers, I saw them do it…”

Gong YaoYing looked around and quickly spotted Wang Feng, who was still lying on the ground. Although he was unconscious, Gong YaoYing could tell at a glance that he wasn’t dead, so he asked, “Is that your father?”

Wang Tao flinched and nodded.

Gong YaoYing looked at him coldly and said sternly, “He’s clearly not dead, so how come you say that someone killed him?”

Wang Tao was speechless.

Gong YaoYing continued, “You said your mother was also killed by them, so where’s the body?”

Wang Tao was speechless again, and he could only think, The body disappeared…

Gong YaoYing’s eyes were ablaze as he looked Wang Tao dead in the eye. His expression was very grave, and his police uniform made Wang Tao feel very stifled.

“So you were lying? Why would you lie? What was the purpose? Please come with us now and explain yourself!”

Wang Tao panicked. How could the policeman be like this? How come he doesn’t feel sympathetic for the weak?! Even if the police were to investigate him, they should still investigate Cesar and them first. Didn’t they look more suspicious?

Wang Tao could see that he had no way out, so he said loudly and fearfully, “You can’t take me with you, I’m not of age!”

Gong YaoYing smirked suddenly. This kid understood quite a bit, and it seemed that there really was something off about him.

Of course Gong YaoYing knew that Cesar wasn’t the murderer, and although he wasn’t familiar with Finch, since Cesar was protecting him, then Gong YaoYing was pretty sure that it wasn’t Finch either. And, if he went with Cesar, then they wouldn’t have to be worried about him running off… So then why had this kid lied and said that they were the murderers, and why was he so sure about how he couldn’t be arrested because he wasn’t of age yet?

When all was said and done, the child was still immature; his story was full of flaws after just randomly questioning him a bit.

Gong YaoYing looked askance at him and said slowly, “Did I say I was going to arrest you? Since your parents were the victims, before we discover the truth, we’re responsible for protecting you, so I’m only inviting you to come with us to help the investigation. Bring him away!”

The other police officers also discovered that something was off about Wang Tao, and they all looked at him coldly. They had initially been misled by Wang Tao, but now, they also realized that Wang Tao was the actual problematic person.

As expected, their boss was very keen and perspective, and had seen that something was wrong right away!

Wang Tao looked at the policemen, who were looking at him with unkind expressions, and he felt more and more panicked and scared. Just as he was about to run away, a burly policeman placed a hand on his shoulder from behind, preventing him from moving. Wang Tao could only look on quietly with wide eyes as Cesar and Finch left.

Gong YaoYing also silently looked at them leave, and when his gaze landed on Finch’s receding back, he burned with curiosity.

His memory was very good, so he recalled that Finch was also present on the cruise ship. That time, Gong YaoYing hadn’t notice that Finch and Cesar had a special relationship. But from today, their relationship clearly wasn’t normal!

Actually, three hours ago, the police department had received the emergency call. However, when they came, they discovered that the space had folded here, so there was no way to enter the area. Thus, the abnormality had quickly been reported to their special forces department.

Gong YaoYing quickly confirmed that this was a projection event that had been caused by the collision of two planes.

In this situation, the surrounding area would become a separate, special existence in both planes and be completely isolated from the world. Anything could happen in it, and it was very hard to help from outside.

Fortunately, through their detections, they knew that this projection event wasn’t too serious.

The energy fluctuation display showed that it was of the lowest grade: the affected area was small, the time was short, and the impact was weak. Usually, nothing dangerous would happen, and it would disappear by itself, returning everything to normal.

They had been guarding outside, and when they finally had an opportunity, they entered and discovered that Cesar was here.

How was it possible for Cesar to be here?

Low-grade projection events like this happened frequently and they weren’t very dangerous, so it wasn’t worth it for Cesar to come at all, but he had even arrived here one step ahead of them. The only possibility was that it was because of Finch.

It was surprising that Cesar would actually do something so unreasonable for one person. Was it because he was scared that Finch would encounter danger…

Gong YaoYing looked at Finch in admiration!!!


Finch was pulled out the door by Cesar, but when they were downstairs, he hadn’t seen Jian FeiYu nor Bai XiaoXian, so they had probably been brought away to be interrogated. However, they were innocent, so it should probably be fine, and there was no need for Finch to worry about them.

He was still muddled as he was led into the car by Cesar, and he was still full of admiration for Gong YaoYing. He really was a keen, insightful, and skillful policeman!

And, Finch hadn’t realized that Cesar had such a vast network; even the members of the police force knew him. Finch looked at him cautiously… he couldn’t help but be curious about who Cesar was…

But he didn’t dare to ask.

Because Cesar’s expression was very dark and he seemed to be very unhappy.

Finch had relaxed completely now, and he began to feel the throbbing pain of the injury at his waist. It was so painful his face was white, and when he thought about how he got the wound, his spirits began to lower.

So, Wang Feng inviting them over to his bistro to eat had been part of his scheme all along; all of it had just been to help Wang Tao elude suspicion. But he hadn’t thought that there would be mishaps later…

In any case, they used to be friends, but Wang Feng hadn’t been merciful at all to him.

Finch sighed softly.

Cesar was gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were white, and his lower jaw clenched tightly. He looked at Finch through the rearview mirror, his gaze dark. When Finch hadn’t replied to Cesar’s message, if he had just called him, then he wouldn’t find out that Finch was in danger this late, and he wouldn’t have come this late and let him get hurt…

He should’ve made that call earlier.

Soon, the car arrived at Cesar’s villa. He opened the rear door of the car and saw that Finch was lying on his side, his face pale. Cesar’s heart twinged, and he reached over, picking up Finch and striding through the door to his villa before gently placing Finch onto a sofa.

He used a pair of scissors to cut open Finch’s shirt, which had already been stained by his blood, and lightly wiped away the blood near the wound. When Cesar saw Finch’s wound, his expression relaxed slightly; although there had been a lot of bleeding, it was only a skin wound, so it wasn’t deep, nor was it very dangerous.

Even so, Cesar still cautiously used a disinfectant cotton swab to clean the wound. Then, he got out some medicine.

The entire time, Finch’s expression was listless, and he was biting his lip without saying anything. There was a small teardrop on his eyelashes, and he seemed to be very exhausted.

Cesar’s heart ached inexplicably. Although he wasn’t sure about the details of what Finch had gone through, seeing Finch’s attitude towards Wang Feng and his son… he was probably sad.

Cesar had already gotten used to some things, but Finch wasn’t used to them.

Cesar really didn’t want Finch to get used to them.

His Adam’s apple bobbed, and his expression was complicated. He wasn’t very good at consoling people, but at this moment, he really wanted to console someone, something he rarely felt…

At this time, Finch suddenly blinked a few times and looked at Cesar with teary eyes. He said weakly, “What medicine are you going to use on me, it won’t leave a scar, right…?”

Cesar was silent.

Finch said nervously, “I’m in the entertainment industry, and I aspire to be really famous one day! Although the wound is on my waist, I can’t get a scar, it’ll ruin my perfection…”

Cesar, who had been worried about Finch and thus had brought him into his own home, notified his private doctor, and gotten the best medicine anyone could find, so good that wasn’t even sold publicly yet, applied the medicine impassively.

Finch yelped, “Owwwww——”

The teardrop slipped off from his eyelashes.

Cesar let go and wrapped some gauze around the wound. His gaze was indifferent once more as he said dully, “Done.”

Finch wanted to cry as he thought, Do you really need to be this angry? Didn’t I just not reply to your text immediately? I really didn’t stand you up on purpose.

Finch’s heart couldn’t help but ache, and he tried to make up for it. “Um, you also saw, it’s not that I didn’t want to reply to your text, my phone lost signal… I really did want to invite you for dinner to express my gratitude!”

Cesar looked at Finch, who looked very pitiful. Cesar forced his heart to be as cold as iron! He said coolly, “Is that so? You’re just going to invite your savior to one meal and that’s it?”

Finch was stunned and then ecstatic at once; he didn’t mind Cesar’s coldness and indifference at all, because these words were too meaningful! He understood what Cesar meant! The worst thing in conflicts between lovers was lack of communication, but since Cesar had initiated this then everything could be settled with some talking! Since one meal wasn’t enough to express his gratitude, then…

Finch said earnestly, “You’re right, one meal isn’t enough, I must devote my body and heart to my savior!”

He looked at Cesar expectantly with bright eyes.

Cesar was speechless.

After an entire ten seconds, the corner of Cesar’s mouth tugged upwards.

Although the smile was very faint, Finch’s heartbeat quickened, and he was super nervous. Then, he saw Cesar’s lips part slightly as he slowly said, “I’m worth more than a hundred million…”

Finch thought, So… 

Cesar raised an eyebrow and leaned over, looking into Finch’s eyes. He laughed lightly and said, “Devote your body and heart? I’m the one who would have the short end of the stick.”

A bucket of water had been dumped over Finch, drowning out all of his hopes and dreams!

Tears spilled out of Finch’s eyes at once.

He thought, So you did actually understand that WeChat post, and you really are angry!

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