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Chapter 26: the real reason; a debt collector and pioneer

Translated by Anon of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


Hearing the words of the one-eyed bit, the school gate was in an uproar.

Such great hatred posed danger to society.

Most of the people here are human beings, and subconsciously frowning when they hear such words, they are almost malicious to the one-eyed bit.

The reporters have already planned in their hearts how to magnify this accident to produce the most sensational effect and raise the harm of stray pets to a range well known to all.

The next second, Cyclops pointed to the Cyclops on his dog’s face and said, “We all say we hurt people, do you know why we hurt people? My eyes are like that because of humans, and all of our stray pets have been used by you. Humans have abused us !” 

“You, humans have brought us home. We have given you all our trust, and regarded you as our masters and family. All our lives, we bring laughter and loyalty, but have you ever returned it? What is it?”

“It is abuse! You do not take our lives seriously! It is to abandon and play around, to decide our life and death at will!”

“If you ask me why I want to attack people, in your human terms, it is the retribution, the retribution that you deserve!”

At this moment, all the stray pets have returned to their original form, with scars visible on every body.

There were old ones, new ones, and permanent ones.

Before, they were only pets and there was no way to communicate. Humans could not know their true feelings and pains. At this time, when pets have become humanoid, there was finally a way to vent.

One of the pets capable of transforming into human form has returned to the human form. On their naked body, the shocking scars have not healed. The transformation into human beings has brought a greater visual impact to the bystanders.

The sound of taking pictures was endless, zooming in and out on the wound. It would become the picture of tomorrow’s explosive news.

Xie Guanze walked across the crowd and looked at the group of stray pets with staunch eyes, like a group of pioneers who dedicated themselves to faith.

Before coming today, this group of stray pets was ready to be captured.

From the beginning, they wanted to use attention caused by the trouble to get a chance to speak in front of the media.

The noisy stray pets didn’t run. They were promptly arrested and eventually got into the police car and were taken away.

Before, when pets bit people and made trouble, the owner was responsible. This was the first time a pet person has been arrested for criminal activity, and the police were under great pressure.

At the same time, the information exchange in the Internet age was particularly fast. Various videos and news about the matter would soon be available on the Internet, with all kinds of comments.

Some netizens conspiracy theory said that the stray pets specifically selected Pet University to make trouble for the first time. They had a long-term plan and another purpose. It was definitely not as simple as making trouble. Some netizens had an “infighting” theory, claiming a talented mastermind working behind the scenes. Pets had just opened their minds, and their IQs were generally not high. How could they understand any conspiracy? Certainly, humans had ulterior motives and were attempting to use these poor stray pets to achieve tem. Some users’ causal theory was that stray pets were avenging the abuse caused by the human race and it was just the beginning. The future may also be like this. Plants will become fine, and daily necessities will become fine. As long as they are despised by human abuse, they will eventually suffer retribution.

Others were simply talking about the matter at hand, believing that this has exposed society’s insufficient attention to pet people. There were still many remaining problems. For example, if a pet person was abandoned, would the human be charged similarly to the crime of abandoning a child in human society? And when a pet person was abused, would the abuser be sentenced according to the abuse in human society? What was the difference between a pet person and a pet that cannot undergo transformation… While reading the messages, Xie Guanze has rushed towards the school hospital.

The news on the Internet had exploded, and the school hospital of the Pet University was also overcrowded.

When Xie Guanze hurried over, he heard Mr. Xia anxiously inquired about the headmaster.

“How is the injury?”

Mr. Xia was an investor in Pet University. Without him there would be the lack of funds, and Pet University would be delayed for a long time before it can be reopened.

Similarly, once something went wrong at the Pet University, he was the first to be blamed.

The first thing exposed this time was the flaws in the security of the Pet University. There were too few security guards, and the emergency measures were not rigorous enough. Once the accident happened, on-site rescue was too late.

Mr. Xia was guilty and anxious. He was always on the side of the school hospital, looking at the wounded one by one.

“It’s okay.” Principal Jinma specifically counted the school doctor’s situation and reported back, “It’s all skin trauma. Those firecrackers were originally a little damp. After the damp firecrackers were lit, they were all dumb fireworks and fire smoke. They looked powerful, but they didn’t explode.” The number of doctors in the school hospital is also insufficient. Mr. Xia originally invited some outside doctors for humans today. As a result, the large number of injured people made these doctors too busy to deal with. In the end, they had to take all the students and teachers of the medical class.

Those with serious injuries and those who lived close, naturally drove away first and went to see a doctor on their own. Most of the casualties staying on the campus hospital were treated with first aid.

Mr. Xia breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that President Jinma said it was just a skin trauma.

“It seems that they don’t understand gunpowder.”

“They don’t understand gunpowder and can’t understand poisonous snakes.” Golden Horse understands animals better than him, shaking his head and denying Mr. Xia’s claim.

“All the thrown cauliflower snakes were non-poisonous.”

Mr. Xia froze: “They were intentional?” Making trouble and not wanting to cause too serious injuries, what is the thunder and rain?

Xie Guanze, who had been standing at the door, quietly listened to the conversation between the two, and various clues in his mind began to form a complete and clear picture.

He seemed to understand what Cyclops wanted to do.

The approach seemed radical, but the intention was not as impulsive as he showed.

The conspiracy theory on the Internet might be right.

Xie Guanze took the initiative and asked, “What about those people who have been bitten?”

“All the bites were also skin traumas, and they were not hit hard, and none of them hurt the bones.” Suddenly, Golden Horse said again, ” However, the rabies vaccine still needs to be administered. I don’t know if any of the stray pets carry the virus. They are queuing up to get vaccinated now.”

After all, the living conditions of stray pets were not as clean as those raised at home.

Xie Guanze thought thoughtfully: “It seems that they still know how to understand.”

“Not really.” The Eagle teacher passing by suddenly interjected, “It looks scary, I am worried that our university had a bloody incident today. It’s serious. Now there is the fastest use of alcohol disinfectant and vaccines. Some parents still want to take out food, saying that they are going to be hungry.”

Xie King came over and added: “Think about how they lined up so honestly when arrested, I suspect that they are going to rob the rice in the bureau. Oh yeah, the food on the other side of the cafeteria was actually eaten, the plates were licked and cleaned like it was washed, and I don’t know how long I was hungry. “

Xie King said to whisper here, when he knew this, the students in the cooking class almost cried.

This is the first time they have prepared a large-scale banquet collectively, or prepared for the teachers and students of the school. The result is to feed the dogs full of hearts-or stray cats and dogs, pets don’t be too irritable, roll up their sleeves and hope to catch up with the police car rashness The murderer had a meal.

But once again mentioning the fighting power of the other party, the pets wilted.

This time, they clearly saw how much their combat power had deteriorated after being raised by their families. This was the problem exposed again in this accident.

——Because of this huge gap, the principal of Golden Horse has put the pet self-defense course on the agenda, and the intensity will continue to strengthen in the future, from self-defense to combat lessons, until it can protect itself enough, and it is enough to become the real bodyguard of the owner.

When President Jinma and Mr. Xia discussed measures to check for gaps in the school, Xie King pulled Xie Guanze aside and whispered.

“By the way, the small kitchen has left you with a group of dogs with sharp noses, which is too much.”

Xie King was particularly unhappy about this matter. It was his special lunch for Xie Guanze. After being eaten by a group of stray pets like this, the angry king simply wanted to slap them in the face.

“I know.”

“Our ballroom dance can’t be done.” Xie King’s mouth deflated, that’s why he was most unhappy.

Xie Guanze smiled: Great, he solved the problem without opening his mouth, and suddenly thanked the stray pets… After the school matter was over, Xie Guanze found an opportunity to visit the temporarily detained one-eyed bit.

Because of incomplete laws, it is difficult to convict, plus a large number of human names of abusive pets confessed by stray pets such as One-eyed Bit. One-eyed Bit currently only accepts custody, does not allow bail, but allows visits.

Xie Guanze passed by alone. He was afraid that Xie King would be too impulsive so let King wait outside.

Across the iron fence window, Xie Guanze looked deeply into the eyes of Cyclops.

“Are you really here for the revenge?”

“Why are there only wounded, no dead or seriously injured?”

There are several fighting dog breeds in the troubled stray pets, in addition to the mild corn snake and highly toxic Spiders, snapping turtles with a strong bite, don’t know why those owners specifically bought such a brutal pet to go back to abuse. And these fierce things really need to strike hard, a mouth can completely bite off the human wrist.

Looking at the pet’s follow-up to the one-eyed bit later, Xie Guanze had no doubt that the one-eyed bit restrained others in advance.

“Oh, do you personally want your own human to appear dead?” One-eyed bit sneered and sneered, shrugging indifferently. “I just don’t want humans to die and thus avenge my companions.”

Xie Guanze recalled again and again. : “You didn’t take the initiative to attack pet people.”

Later, he went to the school hospital to see the injuries one by one. Except for the teacher who fired the gun, the other injured pets were only injured when they helped the owner, and once they were injured, the stray pets would turn around immediately. They left without hurting them.

So in the end, the most seriously injured pet person was the sadly urging teacher Erha.

To this end, Xie Guanze looked at the teacher Erha disregarding his image in front of the students, Lai cheated a bunch of food promises in the arms of his master, and excessively asked the principal for a month’s sick leave. He was relentlessly refused.

When Xie Guanze flashed a little, he saw the one-eyed bit contemplative for a moment, and his eyes were empty, and he didn’t know what to think of.  After a while, he slowly said:

“I don’t want them to be the next me.”

There seems to be a heavy past behind the one-eyed bit.

Xie Guanze affirmed: “You deliberately made things worse.”

“Haha.” The one-eyed bit smiled, and once again showed the smile of the winner that Xie Guanze saw.

“Dahei hopes to save the abused companions with his own strength, but I know that it is only you humans who can restrain mankind.”

“It is useless to rely on Dahei alone, and it is useless to rely on yourself alone.”

“I just wanted to make the reporter from the radio come over, so that this matter can’t be suppressed, so that the crimes of those people are told in front of everyone, so that they have nowhere to escape.”

One-eyed sat straight, arms folded, with his shoulders and head looking forward.

Xie Guanze looked at the scar over the empty eye socket. It was still very scary and shocking, making him subconsciously numb his scalp.

The one-eye stared at Xie Guanze deeply, his eyes heavy and firm: “Don’t you mean, are you planning a law that will deal with the abuse of pets? I will help you to put this law on the agenda as soon as possible.”

“We are debt collectors and pioneers. I don’t want anybody else to encounter things like we did. I hope that anyone who abuses pets will receive the same punishment as those who abuse humans.”

“Say, this time, is the value of the action worthwhile?”


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Minnie ford
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