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Chapter 27: Meow!

Translated by Heather of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


While talking to the one-eyed pit bull, Xie Guanze received quite a mental shock but when he left he received a new level of shock. 

Xie King took the phone and showed it to Xie Guanze. There was a video playing on the screen. The people in the video looked quite familiar, it was the big black dog and the black cat. 

The black dog said:  He is one of ours, I will be responsible for him and this situation.”

In the background of the  video, it seemed that there were a lot of other pets standing behind Da Hei, densely packed together. Pretty much all of Rotten Tail building was packed full of stray pets. 

Perhaps, these were all the stray pets that were involved in creating the accident.  

Da Hei decided to speak about this incident online. Maybe they wanted to use the public’s opinion to help the one-eyed pit bull’s group. 

The video was being broadcasted live and the online comments appeared non-stop. Some were cursing, others were sympathetic, and some were questioning what was happening. It was so dense that the comments pretty much covered the whole screen.

The small black cat squeezed in from the side and impatiently meowed: “Sent them slower, we just learned how to read. If you send them so quickly, we won’t be able to understand!”

The black cat turned into a human that looked to be about seventeen or eighteen years old with beautiful facial features. There was still some baby fat on his cheeks, his eyes were very round and alert and when annoyed was very cute. Combined with the pitiful appearance for his mutilated ear, people didn’t find his comment rude but rather found it cute 

Xie Guanze saw the effect that the words of the little black cat had. The comments on the screen became much shorter and simpler and all changed to “meow meow meow” “meow meow meow”.

Xie Guanze: ??? Are you guys trying to signal a cat alien?

Xie King looked at Xie Guanze profoundly: “ You humans’ ability to understand is so strong.”

It was so strong that it was weird.

Sending the comments slower meant simplifying the vocabulary to a string of meow meow meows. What sort of logic is this?!

Similarly, the little black cat was speechless and mumbled: “ You humans are so boring, imitating our language.” 

There were even more “meow meow meow” on the screen. 

King was too lazy to look at the screen and seriously looked toward Xie Guanze: “Have you found anything?”

“Yeah.” On this topic, Xie Guanze seriously touched his chin, “Da Hei really fits the leadership role well. No wonder that extremely viscous pitbull still wholeheartedly cares about Da Hei.”

“Not that.” King knitted his eyebrows and angrily pointed at the website logo on the top portion of the video, “I’m certain that they are using my phone! Do you remember, I had sent you a text message that time at that community. That’s my phone!”

The phone that was broadcasting the video was the phone that Xie Guanze had given him.

Xie Guanze suddenly realized: “Yeah, they never returned the phone to you!”

Last time when they went to that community to save the pet-abusing woman, Xie King flew up to the fourth floor. When Xie Guanze picked up his clothes, the phone slipped out of the pocket. The phone ended up being taken by Da Hei and they even sent Xie Guanze a message.

“A group of thieves, humph! Last time we went to send gifts, we completely forgot to mention this problem.”

Xie Guanze recalled: “Last time, Da Hei and the black cat were both in the room, the one-eyed pitbull was hiding outside. Perhaps he stole the phone.”

“Now the phone is in Da Hei’s hands. If you want it back, then we can call them and find Da Hei.”

“It’s okay, let’s pretend that we gave it to them.” Xie King proudly lifted his chin, revealing his beautiful neck.

“They don’t have a single phone and live at that sort of place where it’s inconvenient to do anything. If they have a phone, it will be easier to have access to news about human society.”

Xie Guanze looked at Xie King with a simile of his face and didn’t want to break Xie King’s sympathy. 

After Xie King became a teacher, he became more and more caring. His concern toward his students and to the pet’s that have become humans were not limited to the bird species. He felt a sense of responsibility for all of the pets. Perhaps, he was growing up.

Xie Guanze’s mood shifted. He felt as if he was watching his son become an adult. 

After leaving the police station, the sun had already set. The two of them took a taxi home, reconnected to the WIFi and continued to watch the live stream. 

However, the topic of the live had changed dramatically. Da Hei revealed his scare and was accusing his owner of abandoning him. 

“When you lived by yourself, I helped you guard your house and chase away the thieves. When you were sad, I comforted you. When you were sick, I went to the neighbours to get help  . . .   just because I bit your kid, you abandoned me? Why don’t you think about how much pain I was in when you kid threw that firecracker at me! How about I throw a firecracker at you for you to try?”

“That damn kid is not as cute as puppies. He steals money, tells lies. He even threw the money he ripped up into my crate. That year I couldn’t talk so I couldn’t clearly explain but I’ll tell you now. The $3000 you withdrew from the salary that you just earned which was to be used to buy gifts was stolen by your kid and used to play games.”

Da Hei changed back into his black dog form and said at the camera: “I know you know who I am. You also know who I’m talking about.”

After saying all of this, he felt a weight lifted off of his shoulders.

Not matter how loyal the dog, they were not stupid. After being let down and abused, they would seek vengeance. 

He knew, after saying this, that misbehaving boy would be punished. The owner will definitely feel guilty and want to bring him back. 

However, the past cannot be erased. He doesn’t need an apology but wanted to keep his dignity. 

After him, the little black cat changed back to his original form and raise his head to show his mutilated ear: “Look, we cats keep grudges better that those stupid dogs and are smarter. I ran after the first time I got hurt. Luckily I ran away quickly or I would’ve definitely lost both ears. To be honest, I detest the owner that I once had. Before he abused me, he often won’t give me food to eat. Luckily, his neighbour had some conscience and would feed me until I was full every time I went to their house. If his wife wasn’t pregnant, I wanted to stay at their house and not leave.”

Xie Guanze understood from what he said why he didn’t hate humans that much. It was because while he was being abused, he felt the care that humans could give. 

He was lucky compared to the pitbull who was abused from the very beginning.

At this moment, a long comment popped up on the screen: “Ke Bi, it’s you. I remember you. My wife has already given birth. Come to our house, we’ll take care of you!”

The little black cat smiled. He knew that those friendly neighbours wouldn’t forget his name.

The little black cat didn’t respond immediately and let another pet take his place. That night, Da Hei and his group’s broadcast denounced the wrong-doings of the abusers. A lot of pet lovers joined the live to hear the news. As the number of people increased, there were a great variety of comments and it became very lively. 

On the news, the stray pets’ live broadcast also created a large impact. When Xie Guanze went to work, his boss also brought up this situation.

For what he heard, Xie Guanze felt that this situation was bad. Perhaps, the one-eyed pit bull’s goal could truly be achieved. 

One month later, the government announced the establishment of pet shelters, especially for the pets that have been abandoned or abused. The workers at these shelters were split between human pets lovers and pets that could turn into humans. Xie Guanze heard from Xie King that the students of medical class were extremely excited about the news and all hurriedly changed their career goals to the pet shelters. 

The punishment for the one-eyed pitbull and the other pets that caused the problem was also announced. 

Perhaps their original goal might have been good but the damage and injuries they caused can’t be ignored. In the end, they still had to be punished. 

However, the punishment made the one-eyed pitbull’s fur stand on end.

Special crimes have special punishments. 

The pet shelter was split into sections by the species of the pet: dogs, cats, rodents, birds etc. The dog criminals were sent to the cats section to clean the washrooms and constantly under watch from the workers. If they caused more problems, their sentences would be increased.

The one-eyed pitbull: …

The cats saw that his fur was still standing up and after they discovered that he was serving a sentence, and started to annoy him. The oppression that they had felt from the abused before all disappeared as they started to tease him.

“Stupid dog hehe!”

“Look, the washroom has a dog cleaner!”

“I want to beat up the dog. We had a really annoying dog at our house before. Damn! I want to go get vengeance!”

They wanted to look fine, but the cats’ claws were really mean and liked to pester him in different ways.

The one-eyed pitbull looked at the humans who were laughing at him and felt like crying. 

Humans are really too evil! How am I supposed to survive! 

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Minnie ford
November 25, 2020 10:20 pm

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King is really intelligent and has a conscience… better than many humans!
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