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Translated by Anon of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
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After the things in the pet shelter were on the right track, Xie Guanze and Xie King relaxed a lot at the same time and returned to work. In comparison with the black cat, Xie King was completely obsessed with playing games and successfully became a kryptonian.

So every night now, the entertainment of King has become a game. Xie Guanze is holding a tea cup and watching Xie King rooting in his seat after eating, he feels his chin and says: “Da Wang, are you recently fat? ”

Xie King was excited when he was wearing headphones, he didn’t hear it at all.

Xie Guanze shrugged his shoulders and imagined the original form of King. With his current shape, the big white cockatoo will become round and a little cute.

Just don’t know how high you can fly?

Speaking of which, King was more and more adapted to human identity, and had rarely changed back to its original shape.

Xie Guanze finished his tea and sat down in front of his computer to start his daily work summary report. Now that he has become a habit of writing, in addition to his work, he still has the leisure to write his own diary to record daily new discoveries in life.

When he finally finished his diary and stretched happily, Xie King finally ended a game over there, and excitedly put down his headphones and shouted to Xie Guanze: “My team is particularly powerful and has now entered. Do you want to join the professional competition?”

Xie Guanze:? ? ?

“I won’t.”

He didn’t try to play the game with Xie King, but he was too good at the level.

“I can take you.” As soon as he had finished speaking, Xie King suddenly thought of one thing and immediately repented, “Oh no, you are a person, you can’t join.”

Xie Guanze: …I couldn’t think that one day; I would even be discriminated against because of my human identity.

Xie King turned off the computer and turned his head to explain: “No, we are holding a pet man game competition, and humans do not meet the requirements.”

Pet University is equivalent to a fast-track vocational university like Hongxiang New West. It only has a learning cycle and no summer vacation. Just like Xie Guanze’s work does not have a summer vacation, Xie King still has to work, and his work schedule is very regular, and he has not forgotten to practice Xianxiu just because of playing games.

Moreover, Xie King, who was on the right track, had become a salary family. Now the computer was bought with his own salary, and he also knew to buy some small gifts for Xie Guanze.

Xie Guanze kept his diary and shut down and asked smoothly: “Is there still a pet man game?”

“Of course!” Xie King was proud. “After all, our hand speed is really fast, and we are cheating with humans. We have to start the game alone. ”

“When will the game start? I will cheer for you.”

“Okay!” Xie King said a date, “The day is remembered, as a family member, I can get you a free ticket when the time comes.”

Xie Guanze opened the calendar smoothly . Checked, it happened to be a Saturday, he would have a holiday if he was not on duty, he could also take a break with his colleagues in advance, so he nodded decisively and agreed.

“What’s your team’s name?”

“Curse your team.”

Xie Guanze: “Why is this name weird?”

“Oh, because our team is all parrots.” Xie King touched his crown when he was excited. He laughed , “You know, parrot eloquence is good.”

Xie Guanze: … he got it. Scolding your team is very appropriate.

Pet Man’s competitive game is not a professional game, it is all non-professional players, and it is the first time. When Xie Guanze went on the day, he found that there were not many onlookers. After sitting on the seat and talking with the neighbors, he realized that this time the audience and the sports meeting basically all came from the owners of pets.

Although King himself felt that pets are fast, in terms of overall layout and other aspects, the IQ is still no match for the old human players. In addition, the organizer is also a pet owner. The competition is purely self-motivated, and there was not much publicity. There were not many pure players on the scene.

——It looked like a kindergarten’s literary and artistic performance, a children’s performance on stage, and the encouragement of parents looking up.

The requirements for the contestants were not high, just had to sign up.

Xie Guanze didn’t like playing games. He looked at the game battle screen on the big screen projected on the field, and could only look at the gossip according to the team name.

For example, the team that is now fighting against Xie King, just by looking at the name, Xie Guanze doubts whether the organizer is a team matching the name.

Xie King’s team is called “Chorus your team”, and their team is called “Beat your team”.

Boil you, how do you cook, boil soup?

The computer screen blocked the player’s face, and it was not clear whether there were any ethnic characteristics on the body.

Xie Guanze picked up his phone and searched for “Beat your team”, but no information was found. An old grandpa next to him saw it and smiled: “Oh, are you curious about this team?”

“Almost, this name is kind of interesting.” Xie Guanze smiled, looking at the old grandpa’s good communication with good eyes and good eyes, and quipped, “My pet bird is scolding your team, this name makes me think of boiling broth.”

“Haha Haha! That’s not what it means!” The grandpa laughed at his thigh.

“It’s a group of internet addicted turtles that is killing your team, playing games day and night. The technology is not very good, but the endurance is excellent. It is called that because even if you can’t win, you can still kill the opponent.”

Xie Guanze’s mobile phone showed the information he searched out:

‘Torture your team: it is famous for its excellent endurance and excellent level.’

For a while, the skills were poor, and you were exhausted and negligent, but the opportunity was taken to get things done.

Most importantly, this is a group of “old age” teams.

“The leading captain is fifty years old?!” Xie Guanze was stunned.

“I’m going to be old and strong!” The grandfather smiled and said: “Old? They are still young in their race, after all, they are Galapagos tortoises.”

Xie Guanze had always known that turtles live long, and now he couldn’t help searching how long they lived.

Simple information on the Internet showed that most water turtle and box turtle species, if properly reared, can reach 30-40 years of life. The life span of sea turtles is more than 50 years, and some land turtles have a longer life span. Giant tortoises can easily live up to a century or more.

There is even a Galapagos tortoise named Harriet, who lived 176 years old and eventually died of heart failure.

This is a typical example of a pet that can be well-endured.

“Look, this is my turtle Afu, the captain of the team. My wife died of illness, and now he is my wife!” The grandfather smiled and used his mobile phone to pull out a picture of his turtle and showed it to Xie Guanze.

“However, he is more energetic than me. The thief playing games is still a strong guy!”

Xie Guanze watched the little turtle grow from the size of a palm to the size of a washbasin.

At this time, the two fighting teams heard loud noises.

The parrots who scolded your team are out of their way!

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