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Xie Sen smiled awkwardly. Naturally, he couldn’t translate Tuan Tuan’s words completely, so he just said vaguely, “Nothing. It’s teaching the giant lynx beast. The giant lynx beast wants to find its beast master, and also wants to help the beast master to take revenge.”

The tall middle-aged doctor smiled, looked at the giant lynx beast, and then looked at the instrument display. “They should have been autonomously bonded.”

Mu Lin said, “Looking at the reaction of the giant lynx beast, it must be the case.” He frowned. “It’s emotionally out of control and needs a tranquilizer.”

This was the first time Xie Sen didn’t have a calming effect on a contract beast. He looked at the giant lynx beast, whose growling voice had become much quieter. It was already injured and unbonded from its master, so its physical and mental condition was particularly poor.

Just now, it had been arguing with Tuan Tuan, which consumed too much energy.

Xie Sen looked at the giant lynx beast. At the same time, the giant lynx beast’s blood-red eyes turned towards him. The giant lynx beast, after a pause, leapt at the transparent wall as it tried to attack Xie Sen.

Obviously, it still remembered that it was injured by Xie Sen before.

Xie Sen was startled, and subconsciously took a step back.

Tuan Tuan flew in front of Xie Sen, “Bastard, back off! Who are you scaring? If there’s a door here, I’ll come in and peck you to death. Look at your unlucky appearance now, why are you so fierce?”

The giant lynx was blocked by the wall, dizzy from hitting it, and even more dizzy from being yelled at by Tuan Tuan. It slid down the wall and stared at Tuan Tuan while it leaned it.

Xie Sen looked at Mu Lin. “What should we do with it?”

Mu Lin said, “We still have to negotiate that. It’s impossible to let it out.”

Xie Sen nodded. With the giant lynx beast in this state, the degree of danger if it were released was too high. Also, since it was bent on its beast master, it may try to save the beast master.

The staff got the giant lynx beast and its beast master out of the way, then continued by replacing it with another criminal pair.

It was almost lunchtime when the middle-aged doctor said, “That’s it for today.” He looked at Xie Sen. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Xie Sen shook his head to indicate that he was fine, said goodbye to the people, declined the invitation to join them for lunch, and followed Maine out of the Institute and back home.

While Maine was cooking, Xie Sen went to see the contract beasts. Some of them were lying down and chatting, while others were playing with each other, and all were happy.

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth curved up, and his mood became much better.

During the uncouplings, in addition to the giant lynx beast, there were two contract beasts that had a particularly strong reaction after the uncoupling. Their owners were criminals who had committed serious crimes, but they weren’t the same as the kangaroo. There was no good and evil. Their beast master was in the right, they didn’t think they had done something bad, and they wanted to save and avenge their beast master.

Little Spot came over and rubbed against him. He reached out and stroked the side of Little Spot’s leg. Little Spot happily wagged its tail and ran to the play.

Now that he thought about it, the contract beasts he knew were very simple. They may not know good and evil either. Just who was their friend without understanding sides.

This was also very normal. Even people couldn’t determine absolute right and wrong.

He figured that lunch was almost ready, and was preparing to go back home when a gift broadcast came through.

[‘Grass’ gave the anchor a watermelon rain. Congratulating the anchor on his license! Wishing the anchor a happy new marriage and a hundred years of good luck! When will you hold the wedding? I want to attend the wedding!]

Xie Sen raised his eyebrows. It had spread so quickly? When he heard the audience’s blessing, he was particularly warm and happy. He was about to open his mouth to say thank you, when the sound of gifts being broadcast came one after another.

At the same time, there were also the cries of various contract beasts.

“A’Sen, you got your license!”

“Oh, married! Married!”

“Congratulations A’Sen, that’s great!”

Black Leopard ran up to Xie Sen, his voice serious, “Human marriage is a very important thing, it must be a big wedding.”

Big Tiger echoed, “Yes, invite lots and lots of friends. Hilarious!”

The contract beasts gathered around Xie Sen. They kept giving their blessings, and talking about the ideas they came up with in passing.

There were also the people who kept sending gifts while asking the contract beasts what they were doing, in addition giving their own blessings.

[Happy wedding to the anchor! What are the contract beasts doing around you?]

[They heard the anchor received his certificate before running over. They must have just gotten the news from the broadcast room as well and are wishing the anchor well!]

[Yes, yes. Agree with the previous idea, they heard about getting the certificate before running over!]

[The contract beasts are still so smart! Will they attend the wedding? I feel super excited just thinking about it! I want to go to the wedding.]

Xie Sen was surrounded by contract beasts, and did not look at the pop-ups for the time being. He smiled, and calmed the contract beasts. “Thank you for your blessings. The wedding is still being planned, and won’t be big. But friends will be invited, and you are all my friends.”

The contract beasts cheered, and Black Leopard reminded him, “There has to be time to prepare the gifts.”

The rest of the contract beasts echoed, “Yes, yes, yes! You have to give gifts to attend the wedding. I have to think about what to give to Sen!”

Xie Sen looked at the group of large beasts as they talked. They really couldn’t think of what they could give as gifts. Should they go to the forest to hunt, and give him prey?

The giant tiger beast from the lab group pointed out that the recovery of their bodies was good, but their mental condition wasn’t suitable for hunting. If they really went out, they would inevitably encounter danger.

Xie Sen thought about it, and quickly said, “No need to send gifts. You guys just participate. You have earned a lot of money, and with that money I can buy anything I want, so what gift is better than that?”

[‘Hong Hong’ gave the anchor a watermelon rain. Wow, they are discussing how to give the anchor a gift? Anchor don’t refuse, ah. Curious about what they will send!]

[‘Ayi’ gave the host a watermelon rain. Yes, I’m curious! Let them do it!]

Black Leopard roared, “When I say give a gift, I will give a gift. I must give a gift!”

“Sen is getting married. We have to show it!”

The voices of the contract beasts rose and fell, and the audience kept urging them to send gifts. Xie Sen smiled helplessly, “All right, go ahead and send them. I’m looking forward to it.”

The contract beasts cheered again, and the black leopard wagged its tail. “I can’t let you know about the gift, otherwise there will be no surprise.”

After it finished, it led the contract beasts to the front corner of the dormitory area, and the group of contract beasts began a discussion.

Xie Sen stayed where he was. He wanted to laugh when he saw them with that look, but he also felt a special sense of expectation. He was just as curious about what the contract beasts would give him. He opened his bracelet to look at the pop-up screen, and saw the audience was begging to attend the wedding. He told them, “The wedding will be live, so we won’t be drawing lucky audience members.”

[Ah, ah, ah! Must be notified in advance when the wedding will be held, ah! I do not want to miss a thing.]

[Super look forward to it. Fans not going to the scene is also quite good. The anchor just encountered the danger, caution is better.]

[Yes, yes. Everything is safety-oriented. We will be squatting and broadcasting at the time!]

[The anchor must check the equipment in advance. Do not cut off the network, or have equipment failure!!!]

Xie Sen couldn’t help but laugh at the three exclamation marks, and said with special sincerity, “My equipment and network here are really good. Forget about the past, those were accidents, not getting disconnected.”

[I won’t believe it unless the whole wedding is uninterrupted!]

[Yes, we only believe in facts.]

Xie Sen said, “Okay, okay, okay. After the wedding, don’t mention disconnection again! Let’s go eat lunch. I’m going to eat too.”

Xie Sen turned off his bracelet, pretended not to see it, and went back home to eat.

During the meal, he and Maine chatted. “Someone just sent us a gift to wish us well. The contract beasts heard it, and said they wanted to give us a gift.”

Maine looked out thoughtfully. “We’ll know when we get there.”

Xie Sen nodded. “Mn, it’s actually kind of nice to have something to look forward to.”

During the next few days, Xie Sen went to work every day as a human tranquilizer and helped Mu Lin and the others uncouple the major criminals. Faced with the mixed reactions of the uncoupled contract beasts, he no longer found it hard to just be a spectator, and stopped asking Mu Lin about their results.

By the end of August, the research team had come up with a targeted sedative, and Xie Sen no longer had to help.

On the last day of August, the Plant Research Institute held another launch event, this time featuring tomatoes and their discoverer, Li You. The official announcement from the Institute was followed by simultaneous news coverage.

The public’s reaction was even stronger than the chili launch. If the chili introduced them to a new plant and the concept of an edible plant that could be grown in large quantities, the appearance of the tomato made them believe that Ma Qun’s previous words might not have been a pie in the sky.

The day when humans could eat vegetables and fruits every day was something to look forward to, not a dream.

Xie Sen gave Li You a hand, and attended the launch as a chef. For the launch of a new species, according to the process they had to show people how to eat it. This demonstrator was generally the plant discoverer.

However, Li You couldn’t cook, so he contacted Xie Sen and asked him how to cook tomatoes. Xie Sen subconsciously replied, “The shortest answer is tomatoes and eggs scrambled together. It’s just a few minutes to prepare.’

Li You heard him say ‘easy,’ then asked him to help. Xie Sen didn’t refuse. He had been at home for a little over half a month, and wanted to get out and about. Plus it was good for him to collect energy by making food.

As soon as Xie Sen and Maine appeared backstage, Li You greeted them and said gratefully, “Thank you so much. I’ve never cooked anything other than fried meat. It’s really hard for me to use tomatoes.” He gave them an embarrassed smile. “And with so much popular demand, I was worried that I would be nervous because of the large venue and the large audience at the launch, so I figured you were the only ones who could help me with this.”

Xie Sen laughed. “You’re welcome. I like to cook.”

He had been to a launch once before, and was familiar with the process. He sat in the background and listened to Ma Qun’s opening remarks. He was more excited than last time, as he introduced the tomatoes, then revealed that many more plants had been successfully bred and would be announced in two months.

The audience, both live and in the broadcast room, were in high spirits because of this statement, and had great confidence in improving their daily diet.

Xie Sen was very calm while he cooked, and the tomato scrambled eggs were ready in a few minutes. As the aroma wafted through the air, many people silently gulped.

Xie Sen said, “There are many ways to eat tomatoes, but this is the easiest way. You can also make a very good soup with a little bit of sourness, and you can also cook with meat, such as beef brisket.” After his presentation, he asked Ma Qun, “Want to try it?”

Before Ma Qun could say anything, the audience shouted in unison, “Yes!!!”

Ma Qun laughed, “Let’s try it. If I take it backstage and eat it alone, the audience will start fighting with me.”

Xie Sen laughed. “Then let Uncle Li do it.”

Ma Qun thought that was a good suggestion. “Now we will start selecting the lucky audience members, who will be given a taste by the food discoverer, Researcher Li You.”

Xie Sen retreated backstage, while Li You walked to the front of the stage. The audience saw Li You, and that set off a cheering frenzy.

Xie Sen looked at the red-eyed Li You on the screen, thought of the scene when he met Li You, and felt very emotional. Li You almost lost his life for the tomatoes, and now he was getting all the praise and glory he deserved.

These days, Xie Sen stayed at home and read a lot of plant related books. He especially focused on the history of plant cultivation.

Brandt Star was located in a system that once suffered a natural disaster comparable to the end of the world. After that catastrophe, many plants disappeared. Due to the environmental impact, the surviving plants were also difficult to cultivate. Compared to that period, the current plant species seemed plentiful. Rice, cabbage, and potatoes but almost no edible wild plants.

For those plants, batch after batch of plant researchers went over the mountains to find them. Some even went into the crevices of glaciers to find residual fruit, and then slowly cultivated them.

During that long process, many people lost their lives. Even though he disliked the taste of the nutrient solution, there were many people who paid for it with their lives.

After the disaster, because of the lack of plant nutrients, humans developed many diseases. The scientific researchers came up with the idea of a synthetic nutrient solution in order to improve the situation.

It was only that many of the remaining plants had mutated, so most of them were toxic, and in the forest, many people lost their lives in order to collect the plants.

After the success of the first generation of nutrient culturing, various diseases no longer appeared in newborns and human life returned to normal. The difference was the food was mainly meat, and people needed to regularly replenish their nutrient solution.

As Xie Sen watched the audience that was jumping up and down because they ate a small piece of tomato, his eyes were tinged with laughter and his heart was spirited.

One day, people would take vegetables and fruits for granted, just like modern people did.

After the launch, Xie Sen exchanged the energy collected that day for 100 sweet potatoes, 100 rice plants, and ten each of various melons for Ma Qun.

The former was a staple food, while melons had more seeds and were more suitable for mass cultivation.

Ma Qun was very excited, and thanked him over and over again, while Xie Sen repeatedly told him he was welcome.

When he returned home, Xie Sen habitually turned on his bracelet to check the status of the farm. Since his plant was revealed, he exchanged seeds and planted all the rest of the open space on the farm.

Now the ground had all sprouted. It looked green and especially beautiful. Most of the land was planted with peppers. They were the first to be planted and since they had already been bred by the Institute as seedlings they had already grown twenty centimeters high.

After he looked at the farm, he tilted his head and saw Maine was staring intently at his bracelet.

Xie Sen took him by the shoulder. “I should ask you what you’re up to. You’ve been so secretive these days, what are you doing?”

Maine pinched his earlobe. “Nothing.”

Xie Sen scowled, grabbed his hand and pretended to glare at him. “Don’t touch.” He laughed. “Nothing’s wrong. You’re making wedding plans, right?”

Maine looked at him with a smile. “Are you sure you want to know, and don’t want to be surprised?”

Xie Sen thought back to modern weddings. “We have to rehearse before the wedding, so you still have to tell me in advance.”

“No.” Maine held his hand. “You can just follow me when the time comes. We won’t have a rehearsal.”

“In that case, don’t tell me yet. It’s the first time you are getting married, so you can still keep it a surprise.” Xie Sen made a decision and didn’t ask about the wedding. There was nothing for him to do but design the invitations, then he had to organize the list of people to be invited and fill in the invitations.

He did all that work in the second floor workroom. When he was there, Maine would always avoid him. He wouldn’t sit on the other side of the table, but instead he went to the area where the contract beasts were active.

He suspected that Maine and the contract beasts were working together on something, and was very tickled. He couldn’t help but turn on the workroom monitor, only to find that he needed to enter a password. He was wondering what the password might be when Maine’s message came through.

“Curious? Want me to tell you?”

Xie Sen thought of what he had said, and immediately replied, “No!”

The monitor couldn’t be watched, but he was becoming more curious, so he tried to ask Tuan Tuan. Tuan Tuan changed from his usual shrewd look, and behaved like a silly bird, when it answered his three questions.

Xie Sen leaned back in his chair, and asked hopelessly, “Didn’t you see what they did?”

Tuan Tuan shook his round head, “No.”

“And when you played with the leopards, didn’t you hear them talking?”

Tuan Tuan continued to shake his head, “No.”

Xie Sen stared at the fluffy white feathers on top of Tuan Tuan’s head and wanted to pluck them. “Tsk, you usually talk so much. Why are you so tight-lipped now?”

Tuan Tuan stood on his palm, lowered its head and rubbed his arm. “Maine said, if you knew, there would be no surprise.”

Xie Sen smiled. His heart was touched and he stretched out a finger to rub its head feathers. “Thank you. You’re awesome. You’re doing a great job of keeping secrets.”

Tuan Tuan chirped excitedly, and Xie Sen looked at it. “Have you grown again?” Before it was less than the size of his palm, but now its paws were almost the size of his palm.

Tuan Tuan nodded its head. “Yes. The bigger I get, the faster I grow,” it said. Then its voice dropped. “I won’t be able to step on Sen’s shoulders and hands anymore.”

Xie Sen soothed, “It’s okay. When you grow up, you can stand on the ground and talk to me face to face.”

Tuan Tuan chirped excitedly, “Chirp! Sen is so smart. But when I grow up, I’ll be on my back with my head down to talk to you face to face. You’re too small.”

Being called small by a bird that was standing on his hand, instantly made Xie Sen’s feelings extraordinarily complicated.

When he thought about the size of the flying eagle beast, he calmed down again. When Tuan Tuan said this sentence, it was very cute. When he thought about the tiny Tuan Tuan, he was looking forward to seeing how Tuan Tuan would look like when he grew up.

On September 5th, Xie Sen held a fan meeting as promised. This meeting was mainly for fans to visit the flying eagle beast and the contract beasts that had undergone surgery.

Only six of the contract beasts brought back from the lab were left now. The other five had bonded with the Special Forces. They had all recovered well, so the fans didn’t have to be careful. The fans’ two-hour meet-and-greet experience was similar to that of a two-hour thrill ride.

High-speed flight, free fall, running and jumping…There was also hilarious dancing and natural water spraying activities.

Fans left with fond feelings and the live stream audience was green with envy as they wished everyone good luck for the next meet and greet.

At night, Maine embraced him in bed. “I have a wedding date in mind. September 23rd.”

When Maine took him to the hospital and knew he was one month pregnant, he was curious and asked Maine, who said it had been a whole month.

The 23rd of September, was exactly his third month of pregnancy.

He leaned over Maine, and kissed him on the lips. “Have you been thinking about it for a long time?”

Maine stroked his back, “The month isn’t fixed. I was planning on having a big event, but September is not necessarily too late.”

Xie Sen smiled, “I like September.” He had read a lot of information about pregnancy, and after three months, his belly would begin to change.

The wedding date was set, and Xie Sen calculated that it was only a little over half a month away, so he sent out the invitations one by one.

He also thought that the August meeting he had promised his fans should be moved to September, and after discussing it with the contract beasts, he opened a second lottery for September and held another meeting on the 15th.

The meeting was a great success, and Xie Sen was happy that everything was done, so he just had to wait for the wedding.

On the morning of the 16th, he woke up with a start. There were floor-to-ceiling racks of clothes all over the room, filled with all kinds of men’s clothes in all colors.

Maine went to the bed, leaned over, and kissed him on the cheek. “Go wash up and have breakfast. We’re taking wedding pictures today.”

Xie Sen scanned the room. “So many clothes?”

Maine, “Pick what you want to wear. The wedding outfit will also be from the selection. Do you see anything you like?”

Xie Sen was so excited that he went back to his room after breakfast to try on the clothes. All the outfits were in pairs, and the smaller one fit him perfectly. He looked at Maine in surprise. “These are all custom-made?”

Maine smiled as he undressed, and asked, “Do you like it?”

Xie Sen couldn’t resist. He grabbed his collar, stood on tiptoe and kissed him. “I like it a lot.” He originally thought that when Maine designed the wedding, that meant he’d only design the decoration and set-up of the wedding site. He hadn’t expected that even the clothes would be specially prepared by him.

Maine deepened the kiss, and let go only after half a second, his voice slightly muffled, “It’s good if you like it.”

Xie Sen put on an outfit, looked at himself in the mirror, and praised the clothes. The style of the suit was simple, but the effect on his body was particularly good. It made him look tall, with long legs and a thin waist. It was especially beautiful.

The two spent the whole day taking pictures, and the contract beasts also participated in the shooting. They posed a lot, and many of the photos had more ambience, warm and happy because of their inclusion.

The next afternoon, the photos were processed, and Xie Sen spent the afternoon looking at them. Then he picked out a white suit to wear for the wedding.

On the night of the 22nd, instead of staying at home, Xie Sen and Maine stayed in a hotel suite.

On the morning of the 23rd, Xie Sen was kissed by Maine in a daze. He squinted at the window, but the curtains were drawn, and he couldn’t see the sky. “What time is it?”

“It’s still early. You go back to sleep.” Maine kissed his face. “I’ll pick you up.”

Xie Sen mumbled. He knew what the schedule was after they spent the night at the hotel.

When he woke up again, Maine was no longer in the room. The curtains in the room were still drawn, he couldn’t see the sky, so he hurriedly looked at the time. 7:30. He immediately sighed in relief.

He called out to Maine, but no one answered. After a while, there was a knock on the door, and Bai Jiao’s voice came. “A’Sen, are you awake?”

Xie Sen got up. “Yes.”

Bai Jiao came in with breakfast. Xie Sen knew Maine had made it. “What are you doing here? Where is Maine?”

Bai Jiao smiled, “He’s not here. He has to pick you up, and bring you back home later. He asked me to watch you finish your breakfast.”

Xie Sen was a little embarrassed. “Thank you, I’ll go wash up first.”

After breakfast, Xie Sen went back to his room to change into his suit, and returned to the outer room, where someone did his hair and makeup.

Xie Sen looked at the mirror and saw that he could not see any real evidence of makeup, so he didn’t mind.

He couldn’t help but ask Bai Jiao. “Have you been home?”

Bai Jiao shook his head, “No. Maine told me two days ago that I should come over this morning to keep you company, so I came straight here.”

Xie Sen could only continue to be confused, and from that confusion, a sudden mood of belated panic arose. He got up, straightened his clothes, pulled his hair back, and looked seriously at the mirror. Handsome.

He moved his toes. His shoes fit well. He walked around again, and moved normally without any falters or stiffness. His body was comfortable, there was no problem.

So, he definitely won’t fall during the wedding!

Bai Jiao laughed from the side. “Don’t be nervous. You didn’t invite outsiders, it’s all close friends, and you and Maine are so familiar with each other. It’s not like you met on a blind date.”

Xie Sen rubbed his ears in embarrassment, and sat down next to Bai Jiao. “I don’t know, I’m suddenly a little nervous. Maine didn’t tell me anything.”

Bai Jiao laughed. “Since you don’t know anything, you’ll remember today even better.”

Xie Sen said, “You’re right.” He glanced at the door. “What time is he coming?”

Bai Jiao said, “Usually it’s ten o’clock when the males pick up the females.”

As Bai Jiao said, once ten o’clock arrived, there was a knock on the door. Xie Sen jumped up from the sofa, but Bai Jiao pressed on his shoulder. “You sit down. I’ll open the door.”


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