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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


When Xie Sen woke up in the morning, his hand subconsciously touched the opposite side of the bed but it was empty. He immediately opened his eyes.

“It’s still early. You go back to sleep.” Maine’s voice came from beside the bed.

Xie Sen turned his head, and saw Maine sitting on the sofa bench next to the bed as he held Bao’er in his arms and fed him formula. It had been a week since he returned home, and Maine had gone from being nervous and panicky, to calm and collected when he fed Bao’er. He had the same hair color as Xie Sen, but his features were close to Maine’s. He was a very beautiful baby.

Bao’er was quiet, and was very good when he drank milk. His hand lifted up, and touched Maine’s wrist, while his eyes focused on Maine.

Maine immediately withdrew his gaze, and moved his hand slightly with Bao’er’s head to prevent Bao’er from bumping into him.

Xie Sen instantly woke up, climbed up and sat on the edge of the bed. He squeezed Bao’er’s little hand, shook it gently and looked at Maine. “No more sleep. I’ve slept well. When did you wake up?”

“I haven’t been up for long. Bao’er woke up first.” Maine’s voice was unusually soft. Since Bao’er was born, whenever Bao’er was there, he would talk like this, as if he were afraid to scare Bao’er.

Xie Sen sighed in his heart. His man was really good. He got up and said, “I’ll cook breakfast.”

“I’ll do it. It’s been less than a month since you had Bao’er. You need more rest.” Maine waited for Bao’er to finish drinking, then he put the bottle aside and carefully patted Bao’er to burp.

Xie Sen leaned over, and kissed him on the cheek, “How can you cook when you’re taking care of Bao’er? I’m recovering well, and I’m not tired after cooking.”

“Bao’er needs to rest after eating,” Maine said. “You go wash up. I’ll make breakfast.”

Xie Sen felt helpless. “You’re Superman. You do everything. If you keep this up, I’ll get lazier and lazier.”

Maine laughed lightly, “You won’t, you just watch Bao’er later.”

Xie Sen went to the bathroom to wash up. When he came back to the bedroom, Bao’er was already asleep on the bed.

Maine waited until he heard him come out before he took his eyes off Bao’er. “You watch Bao’er, I’ll make breakfast.”

Xie Sen, “Okay.” He went to the bed and looked at Bao’er. He couldn’t help but kiss him. Bao’er frowned a little, and he immediately didn’t dare move again. He took a set of loose clothes from the closet, and changed into them.

It didn’t take long for Maine to get breakfast ready. He went to the bedroom to call Xie Sen then carried Bao’er out, and put him in the high chair next to the dining table.

Both of them were new parents with no experience of caring for a child. They learned from the Starnet and doctors, so they were careful to make sure at least one of them was with Bao’er at all times, no matter what.

After breakfast, Xie Sen’s bracelet rang, and he opened it before he remembered. “Today is the care day for the contract beasts.”

Maine said, “Mn. I’ll contact Sun Mao later, and just have the caretakers come directly.”

Since Xie Sen often visited the contract beasts, once he passed six months of pregnancy, Maine had the Gold Medal people bathe the contract beasts regularly to remove bacteria, as recommended by the doctor.

According to the doctor, Bao’er’s body would be strong after he turned half a year old, and they wouldn’t need to be so careful then. There weren’t many contract beasts living in the accommodation area now. Black Leopard and Little Spot were back in the forest, and often came back to visit, while all the contract beasts from the lab, except for Second Bear, had left. The rest had made contracts.

Therefore, the three caretakers only had to spend three hours before everything was complete.

Before Bao’er was old enough, Xie Sen’s life was comparable to that of a rice worm. It was more boring than when he was pregnant. At least when he was pregnant, he could occasionally cook and still have some activity at night.

From the time Bao’er was born to the full moon, Maine wouldn’t let him do anything. He attempted to try cooking several times, but was stopped. He even rarely let him hold Bao’er, while at most, he let him watch while he was cooking.

During this time, the only thing he could do was to go online, read the news or read books, but not for more than two hours at a time. He was deeply bored, and took the opportunity to read a lot of books about early childhood parenting. He discovered that children on Brandt Star grew faster than modern children.

No wonder he felt that Bao’er grew fast. He had thought it was because of the energy he absorbed.

After the full moon, Bao’er was much bigger than when he was born. He was so cute and chubby that his wrists looked like lotus roots, and Xie Sen couldn’t stop kissing him.

The guests invited to the full moon party were similar to those invited to the wedding. 1 According to “Chinese culture believes that following the birth, both the mother and baby are in a weakened state, and are susceptible to falling ill. For this reason, both mother and child are to rest at home for one full month. During this confinement, the mother will eat special restorative foods such as nutritious broths to build up her health. These will include yang foods such as pigs’ feet, eggs vinegar and ginger to restore the balance of qi in the mother’s body.”

Regarding the full moon banquet: “Modern celebrations tend to be banquets held in a restaurant by the family. Guests will bring gifts of money in red envelopes, or sometimes jewelery and gold, if the baby is a girl. In return they are treated to a banquet and presented with plates of red eggs and pickled red ginger. If it’s a boy, you give out an odd number of eggs, and if it’s a girl, you give out an even number of eggs. The colour red is associated with luck and happiness, and the rounded shape of the eggs symbolises harmony, unity and new life. The ginger is served for the same reasons that mothers eat it following the birth, as a yang food to balance the qi in the body.” [/efn-note] Bao’er was very popular and wanted to be hugged, but Maine was indifferent and refused, so he could only look around.

In order to protect Bao’er, the full moon banquet wasn’t broadcast live, but many [wait for Bao’er to grow up] people remembered the full moon day, and had left messages in the live room with rewards, and also deliberately wrote private messages that pleaded for the release of baby photos.

Bao’er’s full moon party somehow made the headlines, and the comments were a bunch of responses about teaming up to steal Bao’er.

That night, Xie Sen kept grumbling while he watched the news. “You want to steal Bao’er?”

The next day, he began to train his plants. He exchanged each plant one by one to carefully figure out the attack method, or defense method of the plant.

Maine held Bao’er as he sat against the side of the sofa, and from time to time gave him some suggestions. Bao’er also watched with open eyes, but they didn’t know whether he understood.

Tuan Tuan flew in through the open floor-to-ceiling window. He now stood over one and a half meters tall, and if it weren’t for the huge window, he wouldn’t have been able to fly in at all. He gathered his wings, walked over to Maine, stared at Bao’er, and then turned his head to look at Xie Sen. “A’Sen, Bao’er is so cute!” 

He couldn’t help but spread his wings forward, as if he wanted to hug Bao’er.

Maine’s eyes swept over it. “Close them.”

Tuan Tuan whimpered. “Chirp…” and obediently brought his wings together.

Xie Sen smiled and reassured it. “The feathers on your wings are too hard now. If you touch Bao’er, it will cut him.”

Tuan Tuan stood still and lowered his head to the front. “Is it okay if I touch him with my head?”

Xie Sen continued to smile, but paused his training, walked over to Maine and grabbed Bao’er’s chubby hand. He told Tuan Tuan to continue to walk forward, and then let Bao’er gently touch his white head feathers.

Bao’er laughed and laughed, and his five fingers closed. He grasped the feathers and laughed constantly.

Only when Bao’er let go of his hand did Tuan Tuan back up, and raise its head. Its voice was excited, “Bao’er likes me a lot, chirp!”

Xie Sen chuckled, “Mmm.”

Bao’er absorbed a lot of energy in his belly, and was born with a high affinity, so all the contract beasts liked him very much. But because Bao’er was so small, he wasn’t quite sure if Bao’er could understand the contract beasts.

His thoughts turned to this question, and he couldn’t help but ask Adam in his mind. Adam said, “Of course he can understand. He has energy in his body!”

Xie Sen rubbed his fingers against Bao’er’s soft face. “That’s good. Bao’er can also make a lot of contract beast friends in the future.”

In the afternoon, he received a financial statement from the farm’s finance department. The statement was so carefully done that even though he had never studied finance, he could still understand the various inputs and expenses.

The peppers had been harvested twice during his pregnancy, and now the peppers in the ground would be ripe in another month. The plants that were currently ripening on the farm were tomatoes, eggplants and watermelons.

In addition to the report, his finance department also sent a sales plan. As usual, it was still a regular public IP sale on the Starnet. Xie Sen thought about it, signed it, and then sent a message back, asking the staff to keep two hundred watermelons, and four hundred pounds of tomatoes.

After he sent the message, he cut to the live room and sent an announcement, [In order to give back to the live audience and compensate for the suspended meet and greets during the anchor’s pregnancy, a lottery will be opened from eight to midnight tonight. Two hundred viewers will be selected to each receive a watermelon and two pounds of tomatoes!]

Currently the most produced food on the market was rice and chili peppers. The Institute vigorously promoted rice cultivation, all districts had built rice bases, and strived to allow everyone to eat white rice as soon as possible.

Chili peppers, on the other hand, were the first vegetables to be grown in cooperation with agricultural companies. They had many seeds, were easy to plant, and had a high yield.

Even though it was a high yield, that was only relative to the previous numbers and it was still far from enough to let everyone eat it.

As for the rest of the plants, especially the fruit, the production was even less. Regardless of watermelons and fruits with many seeds, in addition to eating, the seeds were sold to produce companies or research institutes, but also to get a small amount of money, not too much. They were worth two hundred star coins, which was an average person’s daily wage.

Of course, more people were reluctant to sell. After all, every time there were goods online, even if there were tens of thousands of pounds, that would disappear in seconds. If someone was a little slow, they simply couldn’t grab it.

As soon as his announcement was made, the chat was filled with [thank you anchor], [anchor the best.]

Xie Sen smiled, closed the anchor panel, and opened the farm’s monitor to check the status of the watermelons and tomatoes.

Five employees were driving the machine to harvest the fruit. Xie Sen watched for a while. The watermelon was big and the tomatoes were red. Both were growing very well.

He immediately switched his thoughts. From pregnancy to Bao’er’s full moon, excluding his time in the hospital, the number of times he had gone out could be counted on one hand. Now he wanted to go out for a stroll.

Maine was definitely not at ease if he was too far away, so going to the farm was just right. He tilted his head towards the side and looked at Maine, who was designing a program with his head down. He glanced at Bao’er on the bed from time to time, and his eyes were particularly soft. He grabbed Maine’s neck, and kissed him on the side of his face. “Now you’re a baby lover.”

Maine looked up, cupped his chin and kissed him, then let go and smiled softly. “Jealous?”

Xie Sen, “No, I’m not jealous of Bao’er. Besides, you’re not ignoring me.”

Maine grabbed his hand, squeezed it lightly, and looked at the sleeping baby. “Children actually have memories very early. When I was a child,” Maine paused. “I was always alone in the corner of a dark room. Dad was always absent. At that time, I wished Dad could accompany me every day.” Xie Sen hugged him, and Maine laughed. “It seems so long ago now that it’s not even real.” He kissed Xie Sen on the lips. “I want someone to be with my baby for as long as he can remember.”

Xie Sen, “Mn. Bao’er will definitely feel happy later.”

He realized that Maine’s love for Bao’er was inseparable from his childhood, and Maine wanted to ensure that Bao’er wouldn’t experience all the bad encounters he had. And the way he treated Bao’er was what he had dreamed of getting when he was very, very young.

Xie Sen hugged Maine. Maine wasn’t emotionally strong, but his muscles were firm and developed. He was a very powerful man, but at that moment, Sen’s heart ached for him.

Maine rubbed his hair, and rested his forehead against his. “I’ve forgotten the old days. I’m happy now. Don’t have a sad expression, I’ll be heartbroken.”

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth curled up and he muttered, “You’re getting more and more sophisticated in your love language now.”

Maine laughed, “These words are all instinctively spoken by me.”

Xie Sen was amused, and kissed him on the cheek, “Okay. It’s very nasty, but I like it. I’ll make dinner today. First I’ll go to the farm, and pick some vegetables.”

“There are still dishes in the kitchen, or someone can bring them over.”

Xie Sen wrinkled his nose. “No. My main purpose is to get some air,” he said with a scowl. “I’ll go even if you say no. I haven’t been out for a long time!”

Maine also knew he had been suffocating him for a long time, and kissed his nose affectionately. “It’s hard for you, I get it, but if you go out, have Tuan Tuan follow you and contact me if you need anything.”

Xie Sen raised a bright smile. “Okay.”

He went to the contract beast accommodation area, called Tuan Tuan and flew the shuttle to the farm. Tuan Tuan flew side by side with the shuttle. Xie Sen opened the window, and the wind hit him. He let out a long, happy whistle, and felt a strong sense of well-being.

Just as he reached the edge of the farm and was about to land, he saw from afar four people were running away from the fence on the right side of the farm, while another person was straddling the wall. He panicked and withdrew his hand as he pointed at the shuttle, then jumped down from the wall, and ran after the others.

Xie Sen’s first thought. They were thieves!

His eyes narrowed, and he flew the shuttle after them.

Tuan Tuan was even faster, and landed directly in front of the frontrunner of the fleeing five.

It was a tall, dark-skinned male, who saw Tuan Tuan and stumbled over his feet. He took out a long knife and looked at it warily. When his companions saw this, they all took out their knives and waved them at Tuan Tuan.

The dark-skinned male shouted. “We’re the good guys! Don’t attack!”

Xie Sen, “…” How dare you move your knife in front of Tuan Tuan!

Tuan Tuan gave a short, sharp cry, and with a flap of his wings, he attacked the dark-skinned male as if it were a black shadow.

The male subconsciously waved his hand to attack, but Tuan Tuan didn’t rush him in the end. Instead it temporarily pulled up, waited for the knife to swing through, then swooped down to grab the male’s shoulder, and threw the person more than two meters to the ground.

It’s throw was especially accurate. The male fell right in front of the shuttle.

Xie Sen opened the door to the shuttle. The dark-skinned male rolled on the ground with a cry of pain. But after he stopped and turned his head to see Xie Sen, he called out in surprise, “Xie Sen!”

After the shout, his eyes rolled. He got up from the ground with his knife and rammed it straight at Xie Sen.

Xie Sen frowned and summoned vines to tie the man up, as he contacted the police to catch the thief.

“No, don’t!” The male twisted his body, sliced the vines with his knife, and continued to charge. “Don’t call the police!”

Xie Sen continued to summon vines to bind the man then summoned a potato, which fell from a great height onto the male’s wrist, and caused a huge impact that knocked the knife away. The potato rolled backwards as the man’s accomplice swooped in, and grabbed it. “It’s a potato!”

Several people’s eyes glowed, and they summoned two contract beasts to fight with Tuan Tuan, while the other three attacked Xie Sen. “When you fight back, hit me with potatoes!”

Xie Sen, He hadn’t met some psychos, had he?

Tuan Tuan shouted worriedly. He ignored the contract beasts, and landed in front of Xie Sen to block him from the attackers. “A’Sen, you go first!”

Xie Sen said, “It’s okay.”

He summoned an acacia, tied everyone with branches, then used the potato to attack the wrists of the people with knives, and knocked them down one by one. Then he gave the contract beasts a chili gift bag.

The scene instantly became peaceful. Not long later, the police came to take the people away. When one person left, they tried to pick up the potatoes, but he was kicked by the police officers, and then the police officers very decently took the potatoes away, in the name of confiscating weapons.

Xie Sen went back and talked to Maine about the need to strengthen the guards on the farm, otherwise it would be burglarized.

Tuan Tuan said, “I asked my little friend to keep watch, and anyone who steals anything in the future will be caught!”

This little episode once again aroused the interest of netizens who wanted to cut a deal with Xie Sen.

Xie Sen was particularly excited. He was about to practice, but he still had plants he hadn’t yet finished understanding.

Five days later, Xie Sen had studied all his activated plants. Many of them had similar attack capabilities, but their attack power and flexibility differed because of their different shapes.

On this day, Xie Sen was playing with Bao’er by blocking his stroller when Long Teng and Bai Jiao stopped by.

Long Teng’s voice came before anyone else’s, “A’Sen, I’m here to see Bao’er!”

When Xie Sen looked at the door, Long Teng jumped down from the back of the flying dragon beast with Bai Jiao in his arms. The flying dragon beast was lying on its back at the door, peeking its head in to greet Xie Sen, while it tried to squeeze in to see Bao’er.

The flying dragon beast opened its mouth to show a fierce look, as it looked towards the stroller. “I will come back after I take a bath!” After it said that, it turned its head and flew towards the contract beast accommodation area, where there was a huge bathhouse.

Long Teng jumped over to the stroller, and looked at Bao’er with delight. “Ahhhhh! He’s so cute. I’ll wash my hands and come back to touch him.”

Maine came over with a bottle. “Don’t touch him even if you’re clean. You’re too strong.”

“I can control my strength!” Long Teng raised a smile, and quickly ran to the guest room to wash his hands and face.

Xie Sen asked Bai Jiao, “Did he just come out of the ring again?”

Bai Jiao nodded, as he gently held Bao’er’s waving hand and shook it. “He doesn’t seem to be really interested in fighting anymore.”

Xie Sen raised an eyebrow. “I thought he was going to fight for the rest of his life.”

After graduation, Bai Jiao joined the Pharmacy Research Institute, but Long Teng was not in any hurry to find a job. After receiving his diploma, he began to fight everywhere, from Sun City and Moon City back to Star City, as he constantly challenged masters from all over the planet. Long Teng was always a fighter, had been looking for a fight every day for more than half a year, and was happy to do so.

Xie Sen thought he would have to fight for a long time.

Long Teng wiped off his hands and face, and came out of the guest room. “There’s no point in fighting anymore. I’ve challenged all the champions in big and small tournaments and official private sparring.” He raised a smile. “Maine is free to play with me, right?”

Maine nodded. “Sure.”

Long Teng, “That’s great, I also have a date with Yan Qi, Zhao Hao and the others, I’ll just play with you guys when I’m free, and we’ll see when there’s a new champion.”

Xie Sen laughed and said, “When are you not free?”

Long Teng said, “I’m going to start my own business, so I’ll be busy.” When he saw Maine bend down to pick up Bao’er, he said immediately, “I’ll carry him!”

Maine put the bottle into his hand, which stopped his movement, gently picked up Bao’er, sat on the sofa, adjusted Bao’er’s position and reached out.

Long Teng put the bottle back in his hand, squatted down and stared at Bao’er. He couldn’t resist pinching Bao’er’s fat, half-exposed little leg, “Hahahaha! So tender.”

Xie Sen gave him a blank look. “You look like a weird uncle, you know?”

Bai Jiao lost his smile, patted Long Teng’s shoulder, and pointed to the sofa opposite. “Sit down for a while. You keep an eye on Bao’er here. He tends to drink milk inattentively.”

Long Teng obediently sat down on the sofa, and continued to stare at Bao’er from a distance.

Xie Sen was speechless. The males here were like baby staring demons. Not to mention how careful Maine was with Bao’er, even the deep type like Zhao Hao, and the handsome type like Mu Lin. Every time they came to his house, they would stare at Bao’er.

Xie Sen sat down next to Maine and joked, “If you like kids so much, have one yourself!”

Long Teng was stunned, and looked down at his stomach. “Can I have a baby?”

Xie Sen couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Bai Jiao hooked a tuft of white hair between his fingers and rubbed it, as he sighed helplessly. “You’re stupid.”

Long Teng looked up, and stared at Bai Jiao, “A’Jiao, are you calling me stupid? I’m very smart!”

Bai Jiao, “Is that so? Then what did Sen mean by that?”

Long Teng rubbed the back of his head, and laughed. “It’s for me to get married and have children.”

Bai Jiao laughed lightly. “Not too stupid.”

Long Teng angled his head so he was face to face with Bai Jiao, while his eyes shone brightly at Bai Jiao, “Then will you marry me?”

Bai Jiao avoided his eyes, reached out and pushed his shoulder. “Back off. Don’t joke.”

Long Teng followed his force, and backed up until his back was against the sofa, while he still looked at him, “I’m not joking! I always think of you. I’m happy with you and I want to be close to you when I see you. You said, ‘that’s like.’ I like you, and want you to be my partner.”

Bai Jiao sighed and blushed slightly. He really didn’t understand how Long Teng could say these words in front of others. He felt embarrassed, but his expression remained calm. He decisively changed the topic. “Didn’t you start a business to ask Sen for help?”

Long Teng stared at him, a bit unhappy, while Bai Jiao said, “First, let’s get down to business.”

Xie Sen sensed Bai Jiao’s awkward mood, and smiled as he said, “What are you going to do for your business?”

Long Teng’s eyes left Bai Jiao, and his expression instantly became vivid. “I want to open a restaurant and sell food! Didn’t you say before that you weren’t going to open a big restaurant and only develop dishes? I’ll buy your dishes and sell them in my restaurant.”

Xie Sen said, “Okay. If you don’t have a source, I can also sell you vegetables from my farm.”

Long Teng raised his smile, “That’s what I was going to ask you to help me with.”

Xie Sen said, “Have you talked to Uncle Long?”

“Yes, the address of the restaurant has been chosen. I am going to personally design and decorate it. After it opens, you, Maine and Bao’er must go, ah.” Long Teng smiled. “I’ll arrange a private room for you, so no one will find out.”

Xie Sen thought about it, we can’t stay at home every day after Bao’er was born, and it would be at least a month until the opening. “Okay. Just let us know when the opening is set. I’ll take some time to write down the recipes I remember.”

“Thanks, Sen.” Long Teng smiled especially brightly.

Xie Sen thought of one thing. “You’ve had a lot of sparring sessions. Do you have a good sparring venue to recommend?”

Long Teng thought for a moment. “Yes, there are some good training gyms that have a ring inside the gym, that are specially for customers to spar.”

Xie Sen smiled. “Send me the address.”

Long Teng, “Oh.” He opened his bracelet to send the address, then looked up sharply after sending two. “You’re going to spar with someone?”

Xie Sen nodded. “Mn, to practice. I’m not very good at real combat.”

Long Teng’s eyes lit up. “How about a fight with me? I’m very careful with my hands. I’ll get to the point.”

Xie Sen thought about it. “Sure, I’d like to practice my defense.”

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April 20, 2022 2:55 pm

Long Teng is utterly disarming and devoid of any filter! I love him 😁 When will Bai Jiao accept him?
Happy family life, yet still marred by occasional idiots.
I feel a bit sad that so many of the beasts have left and what feels like so suddenly.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Sue R
Sue R
April 20, 2022 5:36 pm

🥰🥰 Bao’er is cute baby.
People on this planet was so poor they tried to steal plants coz plants are so rear and expensive.

April 21, 2022 3:41 pm

Thanks for the chapter! Think about this Bai Jiao, if you marry this guy, you’ll get an extremely silly, strong & honest partner, lol. As long as you grab his ear so his silliness doesn’t get him too far, you’ll have a joyful life.

April 24, 2022 9:44 pm

Another gem in my favs list. I’m going to miss this novel. A’Sen handled things on point, gave Maine a chance and was well worth it. You guys don’t disappoint, the translation/editing on point and the choice on the novel I’m grateful. 👏 I enjoyed the read, my heart melted I wished was a second part with Sen and Maine babys and the senior beast.
Thanks for your hard work! 🙏👍

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When Bai Jiao moved his hair and said stupid reminded me of the “You’re stupid i like that in a man” meme. 😂 but it would seem that LT’s sincerity, honesty, and boldness are slowly opening Bai Jiao’s heart.

December 20, 2022 2:25 am

It’s very annoying when people take advantage of him in a fight and try to steal his plans I know it’s just leftovers but it’s still annoying hopefully in a couple of years when plants aren’t so rare everyone will calm down😮‍💨

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Weird that the thief said they were the good guys.

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