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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


He was tall and thin, with dark skin like his father, his black eyes were particularly bright and he ran all the way to Sun Mao after he entered the door. His tone was incredulous and excited, “Manager Sun. The information you sent me. Is it true?”

Sun Mao nodded his head. “Yes.”

Jay looked at the giant lion beast, and then at Maine, not uncomprehending. “It’s so great. It’s simply the ideal contract animal for every giant lion beast owner. You really didn’t bond with him?”

“Yes.” Maine said.

Sun Mao patted Jay’s shoulder, and shook his head regretfully. “He can’t help it. With your family’s abilities, you should already know about Julos, right?”

Jay nodded. He felt very sorry for Maine, and wanted to comfort Maine but didn’t know what to say.

Maine looked unchanged, and reminded him, “What you need to consider now is whether you can make it submit, and make it willing to make a contract with you.”

Jay looked cautious. His aura became sharp, as if he was on a battlefield, ready for a fight.

Maine pulled Xie Sen to the side. Sun Mao also walked to the side. This left the field to Jay and the giant lion beast.

Jay walked towards the giant lion beast, which roared at him, but he kept walking, as he looked determined. He continued to approach, his eyes fixed on the giant lion beast as if he was fighting with it.

The giant lion beast stood up from the ground. The front half of its body pressed down, there was a low and sharp warning sound in its throat, and its whole body was tense, as if the next moment it would pounce.

Jay’s face turned red, he clenched his teeth heavily. A layer of cold sweat instantly appeared on his forehead, and he stopped in his tracks. The low growl in the throat of the giant lion beast became faster and faster, and suddenly it opened its mouth wide and roared violently.

“Jay, back up!” Sun Mao shouted.

Jay backed up with a gloomy face. The sweat on his forehead kept slipping down, and matched his lost expression. He looked extraordinarily frustrated.

Xie Sen exhaled lightly, the atmosphere was just stagnant, and he subconsciously had held his breath. Obviously Jay and the giant lion beast hadn’t fought, but he felt like they had a big fight.

The giant lion beast roared. He even thought the next second, it was going to pounce on Jay.

Xie Sen went over to it and patted its leg, and it fell to the ground again, like a giant cat, its fierce look completely gone.

Sun Mao shook his head at Jay. “No. Its rejection reaction is too strong, and completely unexpected. Under normal circumstances, even if the contract beast is unwilling, there will be a trial process. He isn’t giving it a chance at all. It’s likely to be the sequelae left by the forced bonding.”

Jay looked at the giant lion beast that had calmed down, and looked enviously at Xie Sen who was leaning against it. “Is he its caretaker?”

“No, it doesn’t have a special caretaker,” Sun Mao shook his head, and laughed. “His affinity is natural, and I envy it.”

Jay looked at the giant lion beast very reluctantly, clenched his fist and made a request, “I want to try it once more.”

Sun Mao pondered for a moment, then nodded. “Yes, but you have to pay attention to safety. If it’s the same as the situation just now, remember to back up in time to show weakness.”

Jay nodded cautiously. He had learned a lot of knowledge of the contract. He knew very well that in that situation if he didn’t back up, the giant lion beast would really pounce on him.

A contract beast was like this, if the aura of the beast master couldn’t make it submissive, and still wanted to continue to try to make a contract, then the contract beast would not hesitate to do it. The beast master would be beat, with no strength to laugh at the whims of the beast.

Of course, the beast master who was confident in his fighting ability could totally fight with the contract beast, and if he won, he could also make the contract beast submit.

It was just too difficult to beat a senior contract beast above A class.

Jay’s aura changed again, he stared at the giant lion beast and approached it.

The head of the giant lion beast that was laying on its claws was raised, and it looked at Jay, all its body muscles instantly tightened up.

Xie Sen was about to stand up straight and walk to the side, when he sensed this reaction and reflexively rubbed its neck.

The giant lion beast wagged its tail, and turned its head to look at Xie Sen. Its big eyes blinked, then its head tilted to the left, as if inquiring, and as if puzzled.

“This?” Jay looked at this scene with surprise, and turned his head to ask Sun Mao. “What does this mean?”

Sun Mao was also full of surprise. He stared at Xie Sen. His eyes were amazingly bright. When he saw Xie Sen ready to step aside, he hurriedly said, “Xiao Sen, you calm it. Jay, you continue.”

Jay remained the same as before, with a sharp aura as he gradually approached the giant lion beast. The giant lion beast didn’t look at him, but tilted its head to look at Xie Sen, until Xie Sen rubbed its neck again, then turned its head to look at Jay.

Jay quickly walked to the giant lion beast, and the giant lion beast didn’t even stand up. It’s eyes stared at him, and a low growl was in it’s the throat.

Xie Sen leaned against the giant lion beast, as his hand gently grasped its mane. The giant lion beast’s two reactions were a stark contrast, and somehow he seemed to understand. It previously tilted its head, as if asking him if this beast master in front of him was good or not.

He rose, inexplicably moved by this guess, and felt extraordinarily heavy.

For the contract beast and person to form a contract, it meant to serve that person as its master, and it was a contract beast to that master as a lifetime commitment. But still it asked him. He rubbed its neck, understanding. In his understanding was his affirmative answer, so it no longer rejected Jay, but tried to feel Jay.

Jay’s expression was excited as he reached down, and unzipped his shirt to reveal his chest. Gradually, the beast pattern of a giant lion beast emerged on his chest. He took out a dagger from his spatial pack, and without hesitation made a vertical slash in the middle of his chest, which ran the length of the entire beast pattern. A vertical line of blood appeared on his chest, while bright red blood flowed down.

Xie Sen was stunned, and was about to speak, when the giant lion beast turned its head to look at him again.

He hesitated to make a move, more sure that his previous suspicions were true. He looked into its eyes, his hand gentle next to its body. “Do you like him? Would you like him to be your beast master?”

The giant lion beast still looked at him, and swept its tail.

“It trusts you completely!” Sun Mao said from the side, his tone full of incredulity. “As long as you approve of Jay, he will gain its approval.”

Seeing Xie Sen hesitate, he said seriously, “Its current condition is unstable. Bonding is the best choice for it. When the beast master and the contract beast have more than fifty percent synchronization rate, there is a common sense between them. A beast master can help it recover at the fastest speed.”

Xie Sen looked at Jay, and although he already knew the answer, he still asked, “Will you be good to it?”

“A beast master regards the contract beast as a brother, loyal for life!” Jay looked awe-inspiring, and spoke in a firm tone.

Xie Sen looked at the giant lion beast that still had its head turned to look at him. He smiled, reached out and touched its neck. “Thank you for your trust. Get well soon!”

He never wanted to see the giant lion beast in a frenzy again.

Xie Sen moved two steps to the side, and watched its next move.

Jay took another step forward, at such a distance that the giant lion beast could open its mouth and swallow him into its belly. The giant lion beast opened its mouth, stretched out its huge tongue, and licked from bottom to top. It swept across Jay’s chest, and swept the blood from his chest.

Jay raised his hand and put it in the middle of the lion’s forehead, and closed his eyes. His voice was loud and firm, “Swear to Beast God for life.”

A strange flush appeared on his face, which did not take long to dissipate. He opened his eyes and looked at the giant lion beast with delight, as he hugged its head and rubbed it affectionately.

Xie Sen looked at him, and felt that his eyes were brighter and more luminous.

“Congratulations.” Sun Mao came forward, and said sincerely.

Jay said, “Thank you.” He looked at Xie Sen. “Thank you. You are really amazing. I thought I wouldn’t make it.”

Xie Sen shook his head, to indicate that no thanks were necessary. He rubbed the neck of the giant lion beast. He didn’t want Jay’s attention to be on his affinity. “It’s probably because I handled its injuries several times, so it has extra trust in me.”

Jay looked at the wound on the giant lion beast’s head, and said heartily, “I’ll take care of him.” He hesitated. “You give it a name!”

Sun Mao smiled at Xie Sen. “The name of the contract beast is almost always given by the beast master, but this time the situation is special. It’s appropriate for you to give it a name.”

Xie Sen rubbed the neck of the giant lion beast, thought of several names in his head but felt that they weren’t good, and looked torn. “I can’t think of anything, you should name it!”

Jay cautiously said, “You naming it is more suitable. Three days from now, I will hold a bonding banquet. You can decide on a name then, and can take your time to think.”

Xie Sen hesitated for a moment and nodded. “Okay, I’ll think about it seriously.”

Jay paid the bill to Gold Medal, gave Xie Sen a tip of 200,000, and went home satisfied with the giant lion.

Sun Mao put his hand on Xie Sen’s shoulder. “Suddenly I feel like I’ve picked up a big bargain by transferring you to my place.”

Xie Sen laughed, “So does today count as overtime?”

“Yes, of course,” Sun Mao raised his eyebrows. “You have done a great service to the company. I’ll apply for a bonus for you. Without you to calm the giant lion beast, there would have been a lot of trouble that followed.”

Xie Sen thought of the words ‘shot down,’ and was also thankful.

“What you just said to Jay was good, and your affinity is too special. It’s best not to let others know that you can make senior contract beasts agree to the bond.” Sun Mao reminded him with a serious face.

Xie Sen blinked. “I’m telling the truth, Manager Sun. What I don’t understand is what you said later. I’m not that capable!”

Sun Mao laughed lightly. “I said the wrong thing. Well, you and your boyfriend go on a date!”

Xie Sen deflated, waved his hand, and dragged Maine out of Zone 4 as fast as he could. He didn’t want to stay and let Sun Mao keep teasing him.

When he got back to his apartment at exactly five o’clock, his and Maine’s bracelets went off almost simultaneously.

One was a reminder of the remittance of 50,000 cash from the championship prize, one was a logistical reminder of the B class contract space buckle, and one was the results of the tournament sent by the league organizer. The message only contained the specific list of the top three squads, and there was also an attachment with everyone’s results.

Xie Sen sat on the couch, and poked his head over to see Maine’s message, “Are you also three?”

“Remittance, A class contract space buckle, deduction logistics, and tournament results.” Maine said.

Xie Sen secretly lamented. He should have known that Dean Mu would write his contract beast into the B class, ah. A or B class space buckle, the price difference was 200,000! He asked, “What are you going to do with your space buckle?”

“Sell it,” Maine didn’t hesitate to look at Xie Sen. “Keeping it is useless.”

Xie Sen subconsciously lightened his voice. “Your beast pattern changed. Does that mean the contract beast has changed?”

“Yes,” Maine nodded. “I’ve seen it explained in extracurricular materials about beast tattoos. It’s a second awakening. A rare occurrence.”

Xie Sen hurriedly asked, “Does it affect your body?”

Maine smiled at his worried look. “My physical quality will become better. The second awakening is similar to the sudden appearance of ancestral phenomenon.” He paused. “Currently in all the big families, the ancestors are almost all S class contract beast masters, but it’s not necessarily inherited. In the Cox family, only the current family head, Admiral Cox, is a flying lion beast.”

Xie Sen put his heart down, and couldn’t help saying, “If they know, they might start looking for you.”

“I won’t tell them!” Maine said indifferently.

Xie Sen immediately promised. “I won’t tell anyone!” he said and opened the forum. “Julos…this person is so bad. I will post now, and let others know about his evil deeds. I don’t know if it will help, but I’m not happy if I don’t do anything.”

As soon as he entered the forum, and before he could create a new post, he saw Julos’ name on the thread title that was floating in red at the top.

[Shocker, the league side didn’t give the Cox family any face. Julos Cox was notified by the league!]

“Wow, he’s been notified of the league’s criticism.” Xie Sen cut to the big screen, and moved closer to Maine, who looked at his bracelet’s virtual screen.

Xie Sen clicked into the post. At the top was a screenshot of the notice at the top of the league’s results attachment, [The following students have violated discipline of the league, and are hereby notified of the criticism. They are given a one-year ban from participating in the league and a demerit.]

There are only four names in all, the first of which is Julos Cox.

[Front row eating melon, does anyone know the details?]

[The audacity is really big, as far as I know, this year Qi Shao is the invigilator. They actually dare to do small action!]

[… The championship list and the briefing list together. Suddenly a little want to laugh, how? An abandoned son, can no one see it…]

[Can I make an ophthalmology ad now?]

[Then I’ll make a brain ad!]

[The two upstairs are ruthless people, cover with a vest!]

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth curled up, and he suddenly found the netizens very cute. He looked at Maine with his head high, “Do you mind if I tell them about the situation?”

“Of course not.”


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Hoping the GLB will be well treated and looked after by Jay.
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