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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Yu Ze woke up from his nap, straining his ears to listen for movement, but it was quiet outside, so he pressed the switch and climbed out of the coffin. He walked out of the room. The living room was not lit, the light of dusk that shone through the curtains looked a little dim. He was about to go to the guest room to wash up when a small noise came from the study, he froze.

He went to the study door and saw Ayr with his back to him, holding a small notebook in his left hand and leaning over to study the computer.

“Did you sleep well, little one?” Ayr was very sensitive, heard his movement and turned around to ask.

Yu Ze nodded. His eyes fell on the digital screen on the desktop when Ayr had turned around, and was a little surprised, “When did you buy that?”

Ayr said, “I just bought it not long ago, I had it expedited. But I’ve been following the instructions for a while, and I still can’t figure it out.” He shrugged his shoulders, “I wanted to install it before you woke up, but you should do it. I’m not good at electronics.”

Yu Ze was touched. He wanted to buy it after he woke up, but he didn’t expect Ayr to be so thoughtful, “Thank you.”

He walked to the desk. After seeing the sign of the digital screen, his expression stiffened slightly. He had checked the information, this type was at least five figures. The tools he used to use for painting were all top of the line and he never cared about the price, but this time he was borrowing money to buy it. Originally, he was only going to buy a cheap digital board. Now he couldn’t equate his painting with the digital screen, and silently wrote down the price, adding a debt to himself.

Ayr handed him the manual, “Here, you can see how to install it.”

Yu Ze’s mouth curved slightly, “No need to look, I can do it.”

Ayr moved aside. Yu Ze quickly put the digital screen in place, opened the painting software that had been downloaded yesterday and looked at the screen with full of familiarity.

“This is also for you, bought together.” Ayr reached out, holding a silver and white phone in his hand.

Yu Ze wanted to refuse, “It’s too expensive and I can’t use it.”

“How can you not use it? When I am working, you can contact me in time, and besides, you young people like cell phones the most. I bought the most popular one on purpose, and my contact information is stored in it.” He said, taking out a black model and shaking it, “I just got a new one too.”

Yu Ze had to take the phone and silently added nearly five digits again to the debt, “Thank you.”

Ayr rubbed the top of his hair, “What a polite little guy, but we already know each other very well so there’s no need to be so polite.”

Yu Ze tilted his head slightly, not waiting for him to say anything. Ayr naturally moved his hand away. Yu Ze then didn’t say anything, he was very weak at this point. Ayr was so nice to him because he thought he was a newborn vampire.

But he wasn’t!

He pursed his lips and made up his mind to work hard to earn money and to leave as soon as his independence was recognized by Ayr. Otherwise, he was sure that the longer he stayed, the more he would owe.

“Come on, let’s go eat.” Ayr patted him on the shoulder and turned to walk out of the study.

After eating, Ayr went out to work and Yu Ze went to his study to draw. Although he decided to pay Ayr back, he still remembered what he had promised, and the first painting was for Ayr.

Painting was a delicate job, and he painted so carefully that he completely forgot the passage of time.

When Ayr returned from work, he was still painting. He didn’t stop until Ayr called him to eat breakfast.

Originally, he would go to wash up after breakfast and then go to bed, but this time, after washing up, he went straight to the study. Ayr didn’t interfere with him and went to bed first.

Yu Ze almost didn’t go to bed until noon. Two days in a row he did the same and finally finished drawing. He was in a relaxed mood, which made him feel sleepy. Looking at the time, it was almost eleven o’clock. He was alert enough to save the drawing, went to wash his face again, and when he was ready to go to bed, he passed by the living room.

The living room curtains floated under the sunlight with a warm yellow glow. He stopped in his tracks, he was too greedy for sunlight. The thought of going back to sleep in the coffin, his heart immediately rose to reject the idea.

In the last world, he loved sunlight. This world, he could not look directly at the sun, let alone come in contact with it. He looked at the ‘storage room’, at this time of the day, Ayr should be sleeping most soundly. He moved two steps towards the window, thought and paused, restrained the urge to lift the curtain and lay down on the sofa to sleep.

This feeling was completely different from the coffin, the sofa was soft and warm. He was already tired and fell asleep.

At five o’clock, Ayr got up, walked out of the room, keenly aware of someone on the sofa. His eyes moved over and saw a head of soft, slightly curly hair. He raised his eyebrows and moved to the couch.

The little one was sleeping on his side, holding a cushion. His slightly puffy face was pressed against the sofa, making his mouth naturally open. His skin looked fairer against his dark hair, cute and clean.

Ayr’s eyes narrowed. He was a little surprised that he would use this word to describe a vampire. But looking at the little one, thinking about the little one’s big eyes, he felt that this word was too appropriate.

While Yu Ze was in an ordinary person’s body, his consciousness after the last world became more sensitive and perceived something around him. His eyebrows moved and his eyes instantly opened.

He saw nothing but a black shadow, his heart jumped. He sat up, threw the cushion in his hand at the black shadow, and shouted, “Ah!”

Ayr reached out to catch the cushion and couldn’t stop laughing at his action.

The sound of low laughter came, bringing Yu Ze back to his senses. Glaring at Ayr, his face was full of accusation. Someone standing over someone else would scare anyone, okay?

Oh, Ayr was a vampire, so it was even scarier.

After two seconds of staring, he couldn’t bear it and moved his eyes away.

Ayr was still wearing pajamas, a pure black v-neck shirt. Because he had only just got up, his clothes were a little loose, and the natural formation of the V-neck collar opened to show his chest below. The thrown cushion was slightly covering him and Yu Ze stared for a second.

Ayr stopped laughing when he saw this, looked down at himself and raised his eyebrows meaningfully, “Why are you sleeping here?”

Yu Ze sat down on the sofa, his bare feet tucked into his slippers, without looking up, “I finished drawing and was too sleepy, so I fell asleep without realizing it.”

Ayr asked, “Finished drawing?”

Yu Ze looked up with glowing eyes, “Mn, do you want to take a look? If you are not satisfied, I will change it.”

Ayr looked at his big eyes and nodded, throwing the cushion to the sofa, “Let’s go and have a look.”

Yu Ze turned his head sideways, his tone was not very nice, “There is no need to rush, you just got up. Do you want to go wash up first?”

Ayr gave a low laugh, “Little one, you are not honest.”

He said this but did not let Yu Ze stay embarrassed. He took a change of clothes and went to the bathroom. Yu Ze also took the opportunity to clean up a bit, and when he saw Ayr again, Ayr was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and jeans of the same color, looking cool.

Yu Ze opened the digital painting, turned it to full screen, moved it to the side, then turned the screen towards Ayr. He waited for Ayr’s reply nervously and expectantly.

Ayr looked at the screen and his eyes moved slightly.

In the digital painting, he was sitting on the wicker chair on the balcony, his right foot on his left knee, his left hand holding a book on his right knee. His right hand was resting lightly on a small table. A vase of flowers was in the corner, the roses in the vase were bright and brilliant. A hint of warm yellow sunlight slanted to the balcony. The light fell on the desk, only a slight millimeter away from his right hand, as long as his fingers unfolded, he could touch the sunlight.

As soon as he saw the painting, he felt a long-lost sense of warmth.

He was slightly stunned before he focused on the figure in the painting, which had only the side of his face, drawn very similarly, with a faint smile on his lips, looking idle and casual.

He looked at Yu Ze, met Yu Ze’s eyes and said with a light smile, “Little one, you’re still nervous after such a good drawing?”

Yu Ze was busy asking, “Do you like it?”

Ayr nodded, “I like it a lot.”

Yu Ze breathed a sigh of relief and his big eyes curled up, “That’s good.”

The hint of sunlight was added unconsciously by him, and only when he came out of the world of painting did he realize that it was not quite appropriate, after all, vampires were averse to sunlight.

But he didn’t know why, he didn’t want to delete it, probably because of the feeling Ayr brought him, too warm. Now that he heard Ayr liked it, he was genuinely happy.

Ayr pointed to the painting, “I want to frame it, can I?”

Yu Ze nodded, “Yes, just print it out and buy a frame.”

Ayr asked again how to print it, Yu Ze explained and Ayr wrote it down.

Ayr looked at the picture again and patted Yu Ze’s shoulder, “Have you not slept well these two days?”

Yu Ze had a feeling of being lectured by his elders about work and rest, and was inexplicably vain, “I’m well rested.”

Ayr laughed, “I’ve taught many new vampires, you are the most nerdy one,” he paused, “and the most well-behaved.”

Yu Ze’s heart fluttered, was he acting too conspicuous among the vampires? He asked nervously, “Is this bad?”

Ayr thought of the newborns who used to scamper out in various ways, his tone was sure, “It’s good, but it’s also time to relax. I’ll take you out tonight.”

Yu Ze wanted to refuse, but he was worried that he would attract Ayr’s attention by being out of place, so he said, “Thanks.”

At 8 p.m., Ayr took Yu Ze to the race track on his motorcycle. From a distance, he could see the bright white lights of the track and the lively sound of people coming from the track, and then he was close.

As Ayr’s bike pulled in, Yu Ze felt the noise stop for a moment, and then it became more enthusiastic again.

A bright red motorcycle came from the back, almost brushing Yu Ze’s feet, and then made a handsome turn in front, suddenly stopping and facing Ayr. Yu Ze could not see what was in front of him, but he could hear the sound of tires scraping the ground and the screams around him, and his heart snapped up.

Ayr took into account that Yu Ze had a shadow of a car accident. The bike was not very fast, and he could react very quickly to brake. The two bikes almost faced each other with the front wheels next to each other.

He had braked too fast, and Yu Ze’s body hit Ayr’s back because of inertia, and his hands swung forward, inadvertently holding Ayr’s waist. Ayr’s waist tightened, muscles subconsciously tensed before they quickly relaxed down. He turned his head to ask Yu Ze, “Are you okay?”

Yu Ze’s heart was beating wildly, he calmed down a little and moved back while answering, “Yes.”

A man got off the red bike and walked up to Ayr’s bike, taking off his red helmet while saying, “Ayr Stra, your speed tells me you’re getting old.” 

Yu Ze’s body shifted sideways and looked at the man. The man was tall, in a black power suit that showed a glimpse of strong muscles. He had short black hair, wheat skin, stern features, and a kind of hard-core handsomeness.

Ayr gave a low laugh, “Hogg, your words tell me you’re still as naive as ever.”

Hogg grunted heavily.

Ayr ignored him and inclined his head, “Little one, get off.”

Yu Ze hurriedly got off the bike and stood obediently with his head down, trying to reduce his presence.

Hogg, the werewolf boss of Yuncheng, Ayr’s old rival, had to compete with Ayr in everything.


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Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
February 4, 2022 1:01 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

February 4, 2022 10:14 pm

I’m really enjoying this.
Friendly rival, I hope. It would be nice for a vamp and werewolf to get on and be friends.
Will Yu Ze become an object in this rivalry though? 😏
Thanks for translating and editing.

February 5, 2022 2:41 am

Yu Ze is talented and his first commissioner like the painting.

With how Hogg entered the scene, I hope they are friendly rivals not mortal enemies, and that he won’t try targeting Yu Ze.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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