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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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Xie Sen reopened the live stream and anchor interface, still with the screen split left and right, and reassured the giant rhinoceros beast who was looking at him expectantly and ready to get up. “Wait a minute, it’s your show soon.” He thought about it and reminded, “If someone sends gifts again, control your screams.”

As he raised his hand to reopen the live broadcast, his eyes wavered over the left pop-up and the corners of his mouth twitched.

[The beasts were not able to control their excitement. Look at the reaction of the spotted giant leopard beast before, the anchor is usually super fierce!]

[Wow, come on out. You can’t be mean to them!]

Xie Sen was speechless. These viewers’ brain circuits were too strong, right? He hadn’t even thought about it. How could these big guys be trained by someone? Besides, where was he being mean?

He clicked on the live button, and the contract beasts immediately appeared on the left screen, their excitement had worn off, and they were honestly laying in place, as they wagged their tails.

“Sorry, the signal was bad, and the live broadcast was interrupted,” Xie Sen said in a serious manner.

[Lying anchor, attention!]

[That’s a terrible excuse. Who would believe it? But it doesn’t matter, just let me see Contract Beasts.]

[Hahaha. Just rewarded so the boss should be depressed. Sent a big gift, and the live broadcast was cut off.]

Xie Sen checked the gift record and then said, “Thank you ‘Feng’ for a shower of watermelons, thanks.”

He looked at the first place of the gift list ‘Feng,’ it was empty after the name. He thought about  the previous live event, and considered getting the live room a contract beast guardian title, preferably with a contract beast avatar badge.

This way people who sent gifts would have badges and titles in front of their names, and they could choose their favorite contract beast as their avatar badge. After he finished his words of thanks, he continued, “Thank you to the two giant elephant beasts for a wonderful show, and next the giant rhinoceros beast will present a power show.”

The giant rhinoceros beast stood up from the far right of the back row and ran to the right, disappearing off camera for a time. After a while it pushed a metal plate in, which was set up on a base like a screen, and pushed it all the way to the very middle before it stopped.

Xie Sen watched its movements in case something went wrong, while he monitored the pop-ups.

[Shouldn’t the staff be doing the preparation of the props? Why are they doing it all by themselves?]

[This is too smart, they can prepare props by themselves!]

[The anchor is too stingy. Hire a few staff, ah.]

[If there is recruitment please be sure to send a notice. I want to apply for the job!]

[I also want! I also want!]

Xie Sen thought to himself, applying for a job was fake, looking at the contract beasts was real. Especially when the contract beasts met corresponding beast masters, the purpose wasn’t pure.

The giant rhinoceros beast placed the metal plate in the position Xie Sen had previously given, then called in the direction of Xie Sen. Xie Sen nodded to it, and said, “The rhinoceros horn is an important weapon for the giant rhinoceros beast. Now let’s see how far it will dent the metal plate when it hits it with the horn. This time look directly. Next time I’ll start a competition.”

The giant rhinoceros beast took a few steps backward, and when he finished, the giant rhinoceros beast slightly lowered its head and ran toward the metal plate. The rhinoceros’ horn directly hit the metal plate.

“Dang…” A sound, the metal plate by the giant rhinoceros beast’s rhinoceros horn was punched  right through.

The giant rhinoceros beast froze, and kept the posture of hitting the metal plate, but turned its head to look in the direction of Xie Sen. After a while, it took a step back and pulled its horn out of the broken hole of the metal plate.

“Moo,” it barked towards Xie Sen. Its tail drooped. It knew the metal plate was bought and paid for, but now it was broken.

[Hahahaha, it didn’t dent! It broke straight away! Fortunately there is no competition, otherwise I have to suspect that the anchor wants to pass?]

[This metal plate, I know of it. It has the highest hardness and toughness on the market. The giant rhinoceros beast can actually directly attack through it, too powerful!]

[Cool! If my contract beast is so powerful, who else could I be afraid of?]

[Why do I feel that the giant rhinoceros beast is aggravated? The anchor is not in a position where we can not see his face But it’s a metal plate, no murdering it!]

[Give you a gift. You go buy another one, do not be mean to it!]

Xie Sen listened to a flurry of gift announcements, reluctantly accepted his fierce persona, and smiled when he saw the giant rhinoceros was still standing there blinking at him. “The giant rhinoceros is fantastic. Having seen him perform, I don’t think anyone would ever want to challenge his rhinoceros horn.” He said to the giant rhinoceros beast. “You go back and rest.”

The giant rhinoceros beast heard the compliment, was reassured and steadily pushed the metal plate to the screen outside, and then went back to lay down in its original position. The audience saw the giant lion beast and the giant wolf beast were very professional, as they gave their excited low screaming applause.

[I want to watch it again! It’s so cute!]

[Every time they perform they are like this. Even the sound was similar. This is deliberate right!]

[It’s also too smart. The timing is just right.]

Gift broadcast, [‘Feng’ gave the anchor a watermelon rain.]

Xie Sen’s live screen immediately exploded with watermelon rain fireworks, and the special effects on the screen were very shiny.

[The anchor’s hand is steady. Don’t break the broadcast again!]

[Gather around the tycoon!]

The contract beasts also cheered and shouted, but the sound was restrained. Xie Sen said, “Thank you for the gift of Feng, thank you. Next for you, we bring the giant tiger beast attack performance.”

As soon as his words fell, the rest of the contract beasts, except for the giant tiger, stood up and plopped down in two teams to the left and right edges of the live room, leaving the middle area empty.

The giant tiger beast stood up, retreated to the farthest point that faced the camera, then ran up steeply, and jumped high, to reveal the hard muscles on its whole body. In the blink of an eye, all its body muscles tensed as it landed. The neck tilted with the head slightly lowered, as it opened its mouth towards the camera, and revealed sharp glittering teeth as it roared violently.

The sound was full of killing and fierceness.

Xie Sen was prepared and lowered the sound in advance with the anchor panel, but even so, with this primitive fierce roar, under the dual stimulation, visual and auditory, the people in front of the screen couldn’t help but have their hearts palpitate.

It was too real. The giant tiger beast flew close from a distance, as if it was running towards them from the screen. Especially for some viewers for a better view, the live interface was expanded into a whole wall, so such visual effects simply made people suspect that next the giant tiger beast would bite their own neck.

The pop-up screen was quiet for a moment.

After a roar, the giant tiger beast opened its mouth to make a gnawing action, while it lifted its claws and slapped them toward the ground, which made a violent impact sound. It didn’t feel anything, and the body agile twisted, its tail was taut like a whip as it smashed into the ground, and caused another loud sound.

It performed the usual predatory moves. They weren’t fancy, but full of strength, which made people’s blood boil. The claws swung through the air for a moment, and cut a bright white silver line. Just from looking at it, anyone could see that their sharpness was exceptional.

“Awoo!” half a sound. It finished the performance, stood on all fours, crooked its big head, then lifted the right foot towards the camera, as it shook and shook it, like a beckoning cat.

It instantly changed from a fierce beast to a cute thing.

[Ahhhhh! Oh my, this is too foul! I was watching it with fervor, why is it suddenly so cute!]

[This is simply a dream love beast. It’s awesome!]

[I was holding my breath, and this last one almost took my breath away.]

Xie Sen smiled. The last action of the giant tiger beast was something he deliberately added. Mainly because he thought that since the live crowd was set to everyone, getting too violent wasn’t good, so the last move sold cute, in case there were children watching, this would also appease them.

“Thank you giant tiger beast, go rest.”

All the contract beasts moved and re-lay down according to the initial formation. The giant lion beast and the giant wolf beast lay down and cheered and clapped as usual.

Xie Sen patted his head, as he thought that the staging here was a bit raw, but when he looked at the pop-up screen, the audience didn’t feel that way in the least bit. It was all hahaha and praise.

[Hahahaha! I see, they are just holding the show. The show is over, get down and applaud.]

[Smart! Lovely! Adorable! From today onwards I am their fan. Anchor, when will you arrange a fan meeting?!]

[Yes, yes, yes! I’m a fan too, a rabid fan, a fan meeting!]

Gift broadcast, [‘Feng’ gave the anchor a watermelon rain.]

Watermelon rain bloomed on the live screen once again, and a flurry of [rubbing dirt] and [hugging dirt thighs] immediately appeared on the pop-up screen.

Xie Sen once again said thanks as he looked at the number one ‘Feng’ on the fan list and secretly guessed what kind of contract beast beast owner he was. When he found that the popularity of the live room was almost four million, he froze. This speed was too fast. His eyes lit up and he smiled, “Thank you all for your support. You can click to follow, and then download the live platform. From now on, it will be fixed here live.”

Immediately there were a bunch of pop-ups asking about the live time. Xie Sen said, “The live time is not yet determined. When it is determined, I will send an announcement. What do you want to see next? The show is currently this.”

[But the rest of the contract animals have not yet performed?]

Xie Sen smiled, “The giant lion beast and the giant wolf beast performance project haven’t yet been thought out. Currently they only know how to please the audience. If the audience thinks that they did well, hit the like button.”

A series of 1’s appeared at the top of the screen. The giant lion beast and giant wolf beast stretched their necks to look at Xie Sen, with looks of expectation. Xie Sen laughed. “All 1’s. The audience agrees with you.”

Gift broadcast, [‘Feng’ gave the anchor a watermelon rain.]

The pop-up screen of the system’s gift had a shiny reminder box. After the gift logo were the system’s own words to cheer the anchor. Before ‘Feng’ gave the gift with the system’s default words, this time all of them were changed to 1.

Xie Sen raised his eyebrows. It seemed to be for the giant lion beast, or the giant wolf beast. He said thanks as usual.

His eyes rolled. There was no program, how about a proscenium? He let the two brother giant leopard beasts come to the front of the room to show the  beauty of force. The two walked for a while to make a scene, then ran past the camera left and right, extremely fast, like phantoms.

[My God, this speed is too fast!]

[Spotted leopard so good at pampering!]

[Ah ah ah! Want to rub, want to touch. The anchor recruiting people? I’ll go to give you a hand and feed them too!]

“Me, me, me! Look at me! I can do everything!]

Xie Sen refused with a smile. He said that he wasn’t looking for anyone for the time being, and switched the camera to the global view at the top. He said to the contract beasts, “You guys can play whatever you want. This is the end of the show, but the live broadcast will continue. If you don’t want to be filmed, let me know and I’ll turn off the live broadcast.”

Various contract beasts screamed, they rose from the ground and ran straight at Xie Sen. Xie Sen was standing at a dead end, so all the viewers saw the contract beasts huddled together, which revealed most of their bodies, but not their heads.

Xie Sen’s mind was filled with various queries, “A’Sen, did I do well?” 

“A’Sen, how much money did we make?” 


Xie Sen complimented them one by one, said they all did great, then looked at the backstage and opened his eyes wide in shock. “I made a lot of money. Almost 200,000 after splitting it with the company.”

The giant rhinoceros beast said, “Half of it is Sen’s. We have 100,000.”

The giant tiger beast asked excitedly, “A’Sen, can we buy the big round ball now?”

The spotted giant leopard beast, “Can I buy the oversized soft pad now?”

Each of them asked if they could buy what they wanted, and Xie Sen said, “Yes, you can buy them, so don’t worry, we’ll buy them online, one by one.”

[Anchor! Your camera sense is too bad, show their heads!]

[Anchor, what are you doing? Go to the middle. You can’t even see them all.]

Xie Sen looked at the pop-ups, thought about it, and stuck near the giant tiger beast towards the middle. They were tall and he was surrounded in the middle, so the audience couldn’t see his face at all.

[The anchor is too happy, too!] Many people exclaimed.

Xie Sen looked at the screen, sat down in the middle of the group. The rest of the contract beasts kept their heads towards the middle around him and lay down. He adjusted the top view camera, his back to the camera, so the audience could see him, but couldn’t see his face.

After the camera adjustment he said, “I’ll buy them something, and you can help with the reference.”

He rubbed the meaty paw of the giant tiger beast. “First, we’ll buy the giant tiger beast’s big round ball.”

The giant tiger beast excitedly waved its tail, lowered its head and rubbed Xie Sen. Xie Sen was rubbed hard and his body lolled to the side. He laughed lightly. “Stop rubbing.”

The giant elephant beast stretched out its trunk to support him. He touched the elephant beast’s trunk. “Thank you, little elephant.”


[I’m sour!]

[Ahhhhh, the anchor is too good! Why does it feel like raising a contract beast is like raising a pet? Can I raise it with you?]


Maine sat on the pilot seat of the shuttle, and watched Xie Sen as he picked out toys with the contract beasts, his eyes soft and amazed. He tapped his finger on Xie Sen, then withdrew his hand, put his finger on his lips and licked it.

Yan Qi’s voice came out of the headset. “I see him.”

Maine’s eyes instantly focused hard. He looked intently at the live broadcast, then turned off the bracelet, and dialed a communicator. When the other party answered, he lowered his voice and said, “The giant lion beast is in the eastern part of the forest. Soria has arranged for someone to catch it.”

“Who are you? Why are you telling me?” the other party asked in a surprised tone.

“The person who is helping you. Julos killed my brother in the training camp. I want to take revenge.” Maine’s voice took on a cold tone.

The fact that Julos had harmed his companions at the training camp, and was sent back was known to many families. However, the exact details had been hidden by the Cox family.

“What do you want to do?” The other party’s voice was a little agitated, and a little frightened.

Maine’s mouth curled up in a cold smile. “You don’t need to care what I do. You don’t have to do anything, just go to the forest to find the giant lion beast. Good luck with the contract.”

The other party was ready to say something, but Maine had already ended the communication. His hard eyes stared at the number on the screen, as he sneered. After his investigation of Cuomo Cox, he knew that he definitely wouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity!

He listened to the movement in the headset, and sent a message, “It’s ready.”

It didn’t take long for Yan Qi’s voice to come through the headset again. “Rohat, what are you doing here?”

“A’Qi,” Rohat greeted with a smile. “Didn’t I tell you yesterday? I’m going to visit Julos today. He’s been locked up for a few days, and he must be bored. I’ll buy something to bring him.”

Yan Qi was surprised, “Is he still at home? Wouldn’t that be…” He said, then suddenly used his radio.

Rohat wondered, “What’s wrong?”

Yan Qi hesitated for a moment, and whispered, “A giant lion beast has appeared in the east part of the forest. I heard Cuomo has rushed there. Maybe he can make a contract on the spot.”

“Ah?” Rohat was surprised, and also whispered, “Cuomo has been with Lieutenant General Meyer all this time. If he succeeds in forming a contract, then Julos–”

Yan Qi said, “It may not be successful. I have to go back to the army first.”

“Oh, okay. Come out and play together sometime.”


After Yan Qi finished speaking, the headset was noisy with people’s voices. After a while, the sound of the shuttle door opening and closing came. The headset was quiet for a moment, and then he heard as Yan Qi said, “Did you hear?”

Maine sent a message, [Good. Throw out the wiretap. Thanks for the cooperation.]

Yan Qi reached into his breast pocket and took out the bean-sized bug, opened the window and threw it out. He closed the window, deleted all the message records, looked firmly ahead and started the shuttle.

Maine switched the monitor, and the sound of Soria and Meyer arguing came from it, along with a series of complaints about him after Meyer left. He leaned back in his seat with an expressionless face, and turned on the live feed again.

Xie Sen was still picking out the big round ball for the giant tiger beast. He pointed to the various vendors selling toy round balls on the bracelet screen. His tone was helpless.

“None of these work, so what do we do? You guys are right. Hard rubber products under the claws of the giant tiger beast, it’s estimated that it won’t last a minute. In that case, you can only buy iron balls, but they also have to be solid, or I’m afraid that, like the giant rhinoceros beast, a claw could punch right through it.”

“Okay, I’m afraid that we can’t buy this for the time being. I’ll find someone to custom build it. Is there an audience member who knows a factory that can make a large iron ball? Huh, ‘Feng’ you know? Add me as a friend, and private message me.”

Maine stared at ‘Feng’ and frowned. He opened the live management panel, directly searched for the IP, and started tracking it. He looked at the familiar address, hesitated for two seconds and gave ‘Feng’ a secret chat through the live room.

“Huo Feng?”

“You are?”

“Maine, the anchor is my man. Don’t think of him,” Maine’s expression was dark. “Or don’t blame me for not being polite.”

“I’m not interested in him. My purpose is the giant wolf beast…I think we can work together happily. Please introduce your man to me. I want to meet the giant wolf beast.”

Maine, “You’re a beast master of the giant wolf beast?”

Huo Feng, “Yes, I have my eye on it.”

Maine, “I’ll go back to him and talk about it. I warn you, he treats the contract beasts as friends, so don’t get any bad ideas!”

Huo Feng, “I can’t believe that you would think so highly of someone. Don’t worry, I won’t mess around. I’m confident in my abilities and patient enough.”

“That’s good. When will the finished product come out?” Maine asked about the work in passing.

“No surprise, end of May. I’m looking forward to your new product.” Huo Feng said.

At that moment, Rohat’s voice came from the headset, so Maine didn’t continue the conversation. He switched the live stream to look at Xie Sen, then turned it off and listened to the conversation on the headset.

Rohat greeted Soria, and after a few words of small talk with Julos, he soon couldn’t resist explaining about Cuomo going to the contract beast. Julos got excited and said, “What? He went by himself?”

The sound of scattered footsteps came, which was probably Julos as he paced anxiously. After a while, Julos said, “No. I have to go to the forest, or Cuomo will get one ahead of me.”

“Didn’t your father forbid you to go out?”

Julos, “It’s okay. He’s not home right now.”

Soria frowned when he heard Julos’ words. His first reaction was disapproval, but Julos’ tone was firm, “Dad, Cuomo is going himself. He must be ready to make a contract in place!”

“He may not make it. I’ve arranged for someone to arrive before him.” Soria said.

“Father must have told him how to force the contract!” Julos sounded anxious. “Dad, I have to go. Father is ready to train Cuomo. If he makes a contract, Father and Grandfather will definitely think more highly of him.”

Soria hesitated for half a second. “Here are the contact details of the people I arranged. There are four of them, and they are all very skilled. I will let two continue to look for the giant lion beast, the other two will pick you up at the edge of the forest, then two bodyguards will take you there.”

“Thanks, Dad, I will definitely be successful with the contract!”

Rohat said, “What a pity. I have something to do later, otherwise I would have gone with you and watched you make the contract myself.” With that, he excused himself and left.

Maine listened to the series of arrangements that came from the headset. He sat expressionlessly, estimated the time and started the shuttle.


Julos arrived at the edge of the forest with a face full of excitement. He contacted the two men who had come to pick him up, but after two consecutive attempts with no response, he said angrily, “Why are you so unreliable?!”

The bodyguard said, “We confirmed the location before, could they have encountered some danger?”

“What danger is there at the edge of the forest?” Julos disdained. “Let’s follow the location of the giant lion beast and head in. Maybe we’ll come across it. If we dawdle like this, even if we find it, we’ll be slower than Cuomo.”

The bodyguard reassured him, “Madame has arranged for someone to keep watch, so Cuomo won’t get away that easily.”

As the three in Julos’ group walked inside, the bodyguard kept attempting to contact the people who had picked them up, but the message was lost.

Maine stood behind a bush not far from the trio. There was a left hand at his feet, exactly where the bracelet had been. His eyes were cold, his expression tinged with mania as he dropped his eyes and raised them again. He moved gently to the right front side of the trio, then made a movement.

“What is it?” The bodyguard looked alertly to the location of the sound.

Maine limped and stumbled out from behind a tree, glanced towards them in panic, and then rushed inside.

Julos looked at Maine covered in blood. He was surprised for a moment, then his eyes flashed with ruthlessness. Without thinking, he moved his legs and chased after Maine. “After him! Don’t let him get out alive!”

The bodyguard hurried to follow him. “Young master, be careful.”

Maine ran all the way inside, keeping a distance of five or six paces from Julos, until he reached the planned position. Maine abruptly stopped and turned around. He took out the knife in his backpack, and the blade stabbed quickly towards Julos.

Julos was desperately trying to catch up with Maine, but he was too fast. He hadn’t anticipated Maine’s sudden movement at all, and ran straight into the knife. Being stabbed caused him intense pain. His eyes widened in disbelief, “You…”

Maine’s eyes were deep, cold and chilling, “This knife tastes good, doesn’t it?” He pulled the knife out violently. It brought out a bright red line of blood, which dropped immediately to the ground and stained the fallen leaves.

Julos stared at the knife. It was the same knife he had cut Maine with earlier during the league. The same knife he had used in the fight with him in the parking lot, where it had been picked up by Maine.

Maine kicked him to the ground, saw the way he trembled, raised his left hand and sneered, “Why do you think I lured you here?”

Julos looked at the no signal bracelet. His eyes wide to the extreme, as he spat out a large mouthful of blood. He breathed weakly, and gasped for air. At this moment, he deeply knew the feeling of a life gradually passing.

No, he was still so young. How could he die?!

“I was wrong. Save–”

Maine ignored him and looked at the bodyguard who was following Julos’ side. He was shocked and frightened at the moment, and without any words. He moved quickly and harshly with the knife and rushed up.

Half a second later, the sound of the fight ended. Maine expressionlessly pulled the knife out of the bodyguard’s body, and walked to Julos, who had lax eyes full of panic. Maine bent down, and thrust the knife vertically into Julos’ left palm. Julos’ eyelids moved faintly.

“I can tolerate you trying to lay hands on me, but you should not hit him. You tried to hurt him with this knife, so now you have the memory of dying under this knife.”

Julos’ eyes widened abruptly, filled with hatred. He obviously came to kill Maine. He even thought he would be sure to get him this time, but he never thought he would be tricked by Maine. His fingers moved and stopped abruptly, as the last faint breath disappeared.

Maine finished in a cold voice, without even looking at him. He took back the signal isolation devices placed around the area in advance, took off his clothes soaked in blood, then looked at the wounds on his waist and arms and frowned. He wrapped them with bandages, and changed into a clean black T-shirt.

He erased all traces. He didn’t look back, got directly on the road, and left the forest from the other side.


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February 25, 2022 9:23 am

Oof. Not often you get a ML who takes out threats to their mate so quickly and ruthlessly. Not that Julos didn’t have it coming. He would have gladly killed them both and anyone else who got in his way.
I’m just more used to karma taking out the bad guys than the protagonists.

February 25, 2022 1:08 pm

Well hot damn, Maine. Good for you.

If he hadn’t of dealt with Julos right now then XS would be the one suffering later. Julia and Soria would have continued to capture XS, maiming him in the process more than likely. Or, Julos would have followed through with his attempted rape, and make it even worse by passing him around to other powerful families. Ugh. I’ve read too many books like that so I’m glad this one didn’t go down that road.

February 25, 2022 6:56 pm

Maine is so scary! Although I understand why he did it, but killing people ruthlessly with cold blood is not right. Hope he won’t go down the wrong way. What will Xie Sen do if he knows? I sure hope Maine wouldn’t get caught and punished, but it’s worrying me.

February 26, 2022 2:09 am

Love the beasts getting appreciated
Bye Julos ~ won’t be missing you. Soria will be devastated, but they brought it on themselves.
Maine will always protect Xie Sen (he touched a screen and licked his fingers, after all! 😏)
Thanks for translating and editing.

February 26, 2022 2:34 am

Wow, Maine… ruthless move but in this situation it’s either you or him… one threat to Xie Sen destroyed… are there any other? And if Soria hadn’t errased the survaillance from that parking lot, he actually might have been cought but now… no evidence.

Xie Sen’s livebroadcast was a success, the previous live platform must be really regreting it now.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

March 5, 2022 5:01 pm

Why i have the feeling that Julos has not died yet when Maine left the scene🤔🤔🤔

March 11, 2022 12:29 am

I don’t have a single punce of pity for that Julos hmph. Dasurv.

April 3, 2022 9:04 pm

I love this ML! About time he died to. The minute he tried to rape the MC I was hoping this guy would die. The only thing I’m worried about is if he gets caught.

July 20, 2022 6:41 am

Wow! Julos died right away. Wish didn’t die but suffer all his life, regretting. Anyway, thanks for the chapter

December 18, 2022 4:26 am

I wish he suffered a bit more¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ seemed a bit abrupt

March 22, 2023 4:31 am

😮 I did say I support his measures, but usually the villains are dealt with through political or social means, with them ending up in prison or done in by, as someone else mentioned, karma. This is different! Shocking, but refreshing. Honestly he did the Cox family a favour lmao. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Hopefully he won’t get harassed over it too much.

April 18, 2023 5:17 pm

That was unexpected. Reminds me of Boss who would do anything to keep Momo safe.

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