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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xie Sen paged Adam, who quickly replied, “Sen, what’s wrong?”

Xie Sen immediately told him of the success with the pepper plant but how the tomato failed.  Puzzled, he said, “The red energy was recovered, but a corresponding red plant can’t be planted?”

Adam explained, “Yes. The tomatoes are not System-exchanged plants. Their vitality isn’t as strong as System-exchanged plants, and the soil here isn’t suitable for the growth of edible plants.”

“Then how did the tomatoes grow in the wild before?” Xie Sen wondered.

“The place where it grew was close to the red energy, but there’s no red energy in the location where it’s cultivated now.” Adam said.

Xie Sen wrinkled his eyebrows, “So, except for the edible plants redeemed by the System, the rest can’t be grown?”

“No, as long as the soil quality is changed.”

Xie Sen sighed, “Brandt Star has so few edible plants, if the soil quality could be improved, it would have been improved long ago. It seems that we can only slowly exchange for System’s plants. Wild plants can not be relied on.”

Adam said, “We can grow wild plants. The System’s plants correspond to each kind of energy, and can improve the soil quality after being planted in the ground,” it could not help but sound smug. “The System’s plants are cultivated by my five elements of energy, and it’s very powerful.”

Xie Sen was surprised, “So powerful?”

“Of course. When you used to grow vegetables, didn’t you find that they all grew very well? You didn’t take care of the garden at all, but it was always a great harvest.”

When Xie Sen thought back on it, that was true. During the last days, he had only activated peppers and potatoes, but in his vegetable garden he had planted a lot of vegetables, and they all grew very well. He ate vegetables every day until he dreamed of eating meat.

And now it was the complete opposite situation.

Instantly, he hated it! “Why can’t we synthesize it?”

Adam reminded him again, “The System’s plant improved soil will be more suitable for the same color of plant growth, but of course, the soil quality change will take time and is diffuse.”

Xie Sen mused, “That means the closer the soil is to the System’s plants, the sooner it will improve?”

“Yes, Sen is so smart!”

Xie Sen smiled, “Thanks Adam,” he looked at the remaining energy, 388/400. “I have good news for you, the fourth plant will be activated today!”

“Really?” Adam’s voice rose with excitement, “A’Sen, you’re fantastic! I’m going to take a break. Call me when the plant is activated.”

Xie Sen hmmed in his mind, and turned his head to look at Maine. He met Maine’s gaze as he stared at him.

Maine’s eyes changed slightly. He turned sideways, and kissed him several times on the corner of his lips.

Xie Sen grabbed Maine’s arm. His own eyes were tinged with laughter.

The speed of energy collection was a few days faster than he expected, which was mostly  Maine’s doing. After the two established a relationship, Maine would give him back seven energy every morning, and from the day he put on the anklet, the daily energy became eight.

It had been ten days since he retrieved the red energy. He’d gathered a total of more than two hundred and sixty energy, at an average of twenty-six per day and Maine accounted for almost a third.

When he woke up every day and saw the energy reminders, he was very touched. He knew quite well that this represented Maine’s feelings for him. He sometimes felt lucky that with the System, he didn’t have to doubt Maine’s feelings at all.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Maine left Xie Sen’s lips, then his hand brushed the back of Xie Sen’s head. He pressed Xie Sen’s head against his shoulder, and whispered in Xie Sen’s ear in a low voice, “I want to press you down and take you so hard. To leave my marks on every part of your body.”

Xie Sen’s ears were red, and his heart was burning. He didn’t dare to look at Maine.Hhe patted Maine’s arm, lifted his head from Maine’s shoulder and tilted his head to look out the window. “Here we are. I’m going to work first.”

Maine looked at the side of his reddened face, his eyes deep. His fingers twisted lightly on his ear, then slid to his chin. He used a light force to turn his head, and kissed him hard. He let go only after half a second, but Xie Sen was breathing unsteadily, as he held his shoulder while one hand covered his ear and he glared at him. “Stop it!”

The wounds on Maine’s body hadn’t fully healed in the past few days, so the two of them had been mostly stopping at nothing, though occasionally they would have a good time once, but Maine really seemed to be holding back.

Xie Sen mentally sighed. He was really at the age of blood and vigor.

Maine looked at him deeply, his body moved back slightly as he reached out and lifted the hem of his shirt to reveal his firm abs. “The wound has completely recovered.”

Xie Sen was a little amused by this explicit hint! He reached out to touch, and then quickly withdrew his hand. He opened the shuttle and was about to get out, when Maine grabbed him by the waist, pressed him into the seat, and kissed him fiercely before he was released. Maine’s voice whispered in his ear, “I’ll pick you up this afternoon.”

Xie Sen’s body heated up slightly. He nodded his head carelessly, and quickly pushed the door to get out of the vehicle. If he stayed any longer, he would need to take a leave of absence. He pulled the hem of his wrinkled clothes as he walked towards the male department. Sun Mao suddenly reached out from behind and patted his shoulder, as his eyes swept over his lips playfully. “Young man, you have good energy!”

Xie Sen coughed dryly, and changed the subject decisively. “Good morning, Manager Sun. Didn’t you say earlier that you had some friends who wanted to try to see if they could make a contract?”

Once Sun Mao heard him mention this, he \ stopped teasing him, and nodded his head. “Three. Can you let them meet with the contract beasts?”

Xie Sen said, “Yes. There are also ten people coming together from the live room.”

“I know, I’ve been watching your live stream.” Sun Mao said, “They don’t need to send gifts, but at least give me a ticket. How much is the ticket?”

Xie Sen originally didn’t quite feel like asking for a ticket. After all, he was Sun Mao’s friend, but hearing him ask, he didn’t hesitate. The contract beasts proposed to ask for a ticket. He thought about the ranking on the gift list and asked tentatively, “Do you think 10,000 is okay? If it’s expensive, it can be less.”

“Haha! It’s too cheap. You don’t need to be embarrassed to ask for money. Charge 100,000,” Sun Mao laughed. “The first eight of your live sending gifts had spent at least 500,000. To be honest, they told me two days ago that they had prepared 500,000 thinking it was not enough.”

“Then one hundred thousand. It’s Saturday morning at 8:30 am, and we meet at the entrance of the joint area. Will you come?” Xie Sen asked.

“Of course,” Sun Mao nodded. “I will help you to measure their synchronization rate, right?”

Xie Sen said, “That would be great.” The synchronization rate needed to be over fifty percent before there was further contact, otherwise even if they were compatible, they wouldn’t be able to form a bond.

Xie Sen thought about how his activation of the fourth plant was still a little short of energy, and said, “Manager, I’ll take the full tasks today. After the last few days, people who have other ideas now know that I don’t take simple work, and I shouldn’t encounter them again.”

Sun Mao decisively agreed to his request.

After the job content changed, Xie Sen received a lot more work, but it took very little time. Most of it was very simple work. It was close to twelve o’clock, and he had just bandaged a greyhound beast, then returned it to its owner when the 1 Energy prompt appeared in front of him.

Immediately after that, a warmth came to his mind, and the hard-backed green book slowly unfolded in his mind, and a golden plant – rice – slowly appeared to float on the fourth blank page.

“Congratulations, Master, activate plant rice, each two (600) rice requires one energy, sharpness by your own decision.”

Xie Sen looked at the golden rice. The rice ears were empty of anything, and he thought about how the rice looked. Sharpness? This was to let him use the rice for a needle fight?

It seemed that in the future not only could he storm pearly pepper powder, but also storm pearly rice needles!

Xie Sen couldn’t help but laugh. He thought it sounded quite hilarious, but also quite powerful. If he used both attacks at the same time, the chili powder would affect the opponent’s vision, then the rice would be more likely to hit the opponent.

And one, two, six hundred grains! You could eat it all at once, or if you fought, with so many rice attacks at the same time, it would pierce the opponent into a sieve, ah!

“Thank you.” The beast master rubbed the gray canine beast’s head, and said again with gratitude. “Are you not feeling well?”

In his opinion, although Xie Sen had a smile on his face, he was in a trance. He felt that something wasn’t quite right.

Xie Sen came back to his senses, and turned off the System. “Nothing, thinking about work.”

The beast master said, “That’s good,” his eyes glowed slightly. “It’s almost twelve o’clock. Are you going to start the live broadcast? I need to hurry home to watch.”

Xie Sen was a bit surprised, and looked at the greyhound beast. “I thought it was all the beast owners who didn’t have a contract that were watching the live broadcast!”

“Of course not. I have to learn from you how to get along with my contract beast! And the contract beasts in the live stream are strong and cute. It’s very enjoyable.”

After the greyhound beast left, Xie Sen went directly to Zones 4-5, and once inside, he saw the giant tiger beast and giant lion beast were lying on their backs with huge alloy balls, one on each side, rolling around after the ball.

The two giant leopards were lying next to each other on the soft cushion, their eyes closed as they idly waved their tails. The two giant elephants were happily playing with the water spray, and the giant rhinoceros was lying near them, as it allowed them to sprinkle water onto it. Everyone was enjoying themselves.

The giant wolf beast was lying on a soft mat, as he waved his big fluffy tail, and watched them from a short distance away. His front paws were pressed against a huge, white, bone-like toy. He was the first to spot Xie Sen, and flew over to rub against him. Xie Sen rubbed the side of his neck, spoke to the rest of the contract beasts, and then turned the live stream on.

[It’s on. Happy!]

[Anchor, just leave it on twenty-four hours, okay? You don’t have to care anyway, we can just see them whenever we want.]

[Yes! Twenty-four hours!]

Xie Sen looked at the pop-ups and explained, “They also need to rest. The contract beasts are more sensitive than humans, so if it is on all the time, they can’t rest well.”

Seeing that the contract beasts were fine, he left after the broadcast started, but kept his bracelet on to keep an eye on it.

He bought lunch, ate it, went back to the lounge and then paged Adam.

Adam’s voice was excited and full of energy, “Sen! You were great! I haven’t felt this energetic in a long time! I’m going to search for the rest of the energy now!”

Xie Sen, worried about disturbing him, said “yes” then didn’t say anything else.

It took a while before Adam spoke again. This time his voice was much weaker than before, “I sensed the earth energy on a planet in the west. Pull up the map.”

Xie Sen hurriedly opened the interstellar map in his bracelet. There were many planets of different sizes around Brandt Star, some with names, some without.

The peony on his shoulder was getting hot, and before long, Adam said, “The third planet. There.”

Xie Sen looked at the third planet to the west. “Mining Planet A? Look at the sign. It should be a resource planet.”

“It’s right there,” Adam said, “I can’t sense the rest of the energy because of the interference of the earth energy, so they must be further away than this Mining Planet A.”

Xie Sen looked at the large and small spheres on the interstellar map, and Maine’s handsome face came to mind. He clenched his fist. He would find all the energy! He thought about it and said, “In that case, does it mean that unless the two energies are together, you can only feel the location of one energy at a time?”

“Yes,” Adam said. “The closest energy is too strong, and will interfere with me, but it’s okay. Even if I find the location of two energies, I still need to find them one by one.”

“You’re right.” Xie Sen smiled and marked Mining Planet A. “I’ll go to the mining planet as soon as possible.”

“Sen, cheer up. I just used up a lot of energy, so I’ll go rest first. By the way, earth energy dominates gold and yellow. According to the presumption of the influence caused by the red energy, in the location where earth energy is located, there must be a lot of these two colors.”

When Xie Sen heard this, he thought, Red energy is in the palm of red, and earth energy is in the palm of gold and yellow. Doesn’t that correspond to peppers and potatoes?

He asked, “Is there a relationship between the plant I activate and the energy? Peppers, potatoes and watermelons are red, yellow and green respectively… Does rice count as white or gold? And no, watermelon flesh is red, does it belong to green or red?”

“Huh, didn’t I say that? Each activated plant is one color of the five relative elements. Every five is one round and there are different colors each after activating one. Only after activating the duplicate color, do off-colors appear. The main color is calculated according to the combat power. Watermelon and watermelon vine belong to the wood system which is green. Rice is gold and belongs to the white system, so the fifth plant must be the water system or black!”

Xie Sen, “You didn’t say, but it doesn’t seem to matter if you know. Anyway, they are randomly activated.”

“Hahahaha, that’s right!” Adam laughed. “I’m going to take a break. Call me if you have any questions.”

Xie Sen stared at the interstellar map for a while. He looked up how to enter Mining Planet A, but when he saw the search results, he couldn’t help but frown.

Mining Planet A was a resource planet under the jurisdiction of the government and managed by the military. Part of the mine was used for official government business, while part was sold to major companies and was an important source of government revenue.

Therefore, public ships couldn’t just go there. They had to have a permit. Only three kinds of people could go: one was military personnel, the second was mining personnel, and the third was company personnel who cooperated with the government.

Did he have to apply for a job as a mining officer? He looked at the requirements for mining personnel. You had to have a mining license.

Xie Sen looked at the name of the document, guessed that it was a passing license and thought it was not very difficult, so maybe he could try. He inquired about the content of the mining qualification exam, and within a few moments withdrew with the words ‘sorry to bother you’ on his lips.

The exam covered the appearance of various ores, combustible points, bursting points, characteristics, usefulness, and the most scientific method of collection, and you also had to have a mine car driving license!

This would be too difficult, so he decided to give up on the method of applying as mining personnel.

As he watched, Maine’s message came through, [It’s time for your lunch break.]

Xie Sen froze, and subconsciously replied, [How do you know I haven’t taken my lunch break?]

[Your account is live. Take care of your rest,] Maine replied, then added another message a short while later. [Waiting for you to get off work.]

Xie Sen smiled, and exited the live stream. [Mn, I’m taking a break now.]

Xie Sen collected a total of nine energies in the afternoon. He checked on the contract beasts at the end of the day to make sure they were okay, and left. He met Maine as soon as he departed.

Maine pulled him to the parking lot and let him sit directly in the back of the shuttle. The moment the door closed, his whole body was on top of him. His fingers seemed to be electrified, as they slid down the corner of his forehead, followed by his lips.

Xie Sen was helpless and amused as he took him by the neck. “Let’s go home first.”

“I can’t stand it.”

Half a dozen times later, Xie Sen was semi-prone and nearly unclothed in the back seat. He looked at Maine in the driver’s seat, as he panted slightly and brushed his fingers over his hot lips. His heart was beating wildly at the thought of what had happened earlier. It was so exciting and refreshing.

Before he could get over it, the shuttle had already pulled into the parking lot. Maine picked him up directly across his back, He moved his feet, very embarrassed. “Put me down! I’ll walk by myself.”

Maine was quick on his feet. “It’s okay. No one can see you.”

Back at the apartment, Maine took him straight to his room, and it was another three hours before he got his belated dinner.

The next Friday, Xie Sen came back to his apartment from work, had dinner with Maine, then opened the anchor console, got two raffles going, and selected the two lucky viewers to participate in the meet and greet.

[Ahhhhh! I’m jealous of Emperor Ou!]

[Can’t draw tickets! For what use do I need this hand?!]

Xie Sen looked at the pop-ups and couldn’t help but smile as he spoke, “Thank you all for your support. Once twelve o’clock arrives, the arrangements for tomorrow’s meet will be automatically sent to the top eight guardians and lucky viewers, while the meet will be broadcast live tomorrow morning.”

He looked at the fan column. The first one was still Huo Feng, next was Qiao Shao, and the rest he didn’t know. However, the lowest fan value was more than seven million, that was to say, they sent more than 700,000 star coin gifts.

He looked at his account balance and exclaimed, “Live streaming is really profitable!”

Maine smiled lightly as he embraced him, “That’s because you’re popular.”

“It’s not me, it’s the contract beasts.” Xie Sen corrected, as he pointed to the fan section. “Do you know the people here?”

The first eight were using their real names. After all, every gift would have their name read aloud, and the contract beasts had a high IQ, so at least they could be familiar.

Maine nodded, “They are all celebrities, basically they are all family members or presidents of well-known companies. The fifth place, Cuomo. He’s Cox family, and a giant lion beast master.”

Xie Sen turned his head to look at him, and Maine said, “I’m not familiar with him. His grandfather and Han Zheng are blood brothers.”

Xie Sen nodded. He thought of the president of that company, and his eyes lit up. “Are there any family members that have business with Mining Planet A?”

Maine, “Most of the companies that need to use mining materials are manufacturing companies. Huo Feng’s robotics company is one, but I’m not sure where he gets his materials from. I work with him, but I’m only responsible for the software.”

Xie Sen said, “Ask him.” Huo Feng was half an acquaintance. If he could help that would be the best, if not, then he’d ask the rest of the people.

Maine would hardly refuse Xie Sen’s request except for the matter of closeness, so he pressed down his doubts and dialed Huo Feng’s communicator.

When the other party picked up, Maine asked directly, “Does your company cooperate with Mining Planet A in purchasing mining materials?”

Huo Feng’s tone was low, with a sense of indifference from having been in a position of power for a long time, “Mecha’s main material, gold crystal ore, is procured from Mining Planet A. But have you seen the news about the massive reduction of minerals on Planet A? I told you that the first batch of robots will be halved because of the lack of supply from Mining Planet A.”

Huo Feng thought he was concerned about the production, and added, “The new head of Mining Planet A, Sotoko was reported as corrupt, and the relevant departments are investigating him. If we can find the hidden gold crystal ore, and make a timely purchase, the production will not be affected.”

When Maine heard Sotoko’s name, coldness flashed in his eyes, and he looked at Xie Sen, “What else do you want to ask?”

Huo Feng was wondering what he meant by this when he heard a familiar voice, a voice he had heard often during the live broadcast.

Xie Sen said directly, “I want to go to Mining Planet A. Do you have a way to arrange it? I can refund half of your gift money.”

The other half was for the contract beasts, and he wasn’t making decisions for them.

Huo Feng, “This is a small matter. Our procurement department is going to go to the field to better understand the specific situation. We have already sent a group of people there, so if you want to go, we can arrange for you to come along at any time. The gift doesn’t need to be returned, just give me the opportunity to try to make contact with the giant wolf beast.”

Xie Sen, “If it doesn’t reject you, no problem.”

“That’s fine, when are you going to go?” Huo Feng didn’t wonder why he was going, just asked the date directly.

Xie Sen, “I’ll let you know when I’ve thought about it. and we’ll meet tomorrow for more details.”

“Okay.” Huo Feng ended the communication immediately.

Maine looked at Xie Sen, who didn’t wait for him to ask, and said, “The next energy I’m looking for is on Mining Planet A.”

Maine said, “Then let’s go as soon as possible.”

Xie Sen looked at the calendar. Tomorrow was Saturday. He had to get to the meeting in the morning, but he had time in the afternoon. He only had 9 energy left from that afternoon, and even with the 8 Maine would give back tomorrow morning, he would only have 17.

The situation on Mining Planet A was unknown, and with Sotoko there, although he was being investigated, he had to be guarded. There was too little energy. If something happened, he would be too weak to defend himself.

He thought it over. “We’ll go next Friday the 15th. I’ll work overtime tomorrow so I can take three days off in a row next week. If it takes longer, I’ll take another day off.”

Maine had no problem with that, “Okay.”

Xie Sen set a timed message in the anchor interface before going to bed, and sent it to the two lucky viewers and the top eight guardians. “Saturday at 8:30 am. See you at the entrance of the Gold Medal branch in An Guang District.”

The next morning, when Xie Sen and Maine arrived at the Gold Medal parking lot together, there were already several luxury shuttles of the latest models parked in the parking lot.

Xie Sen raised an eyebrow, “Looks like a lot of people are already here.”

Maine said, “It’s normal to be so aggressive when you want to meet a contract beast.”

Xie Sen shook his hand. “You will definitely find the flying lion beast.”

Maine looked at him. “Yeah.”

Xie Sen looked at the number of security guards, which was three times more than usual, and apologized to the head of security, “Sorry for the trouble.”

“It’s okay.” The captain looked at the beast masters who were big names in the business world and the important families at the entrance. “Are you sure you’ll let them all in?”

Xie Sen said, “I’ll confirm their identities first.” He said. Then he asked in order of fan value from highest to lowest, “Feng?”

“Here.” A low and detached voice came, Xie Sen looked over, it was a tall, dark-haired, dark-eyed man with hard features. A very high and cold president.

Maine nodded, and Xie Sen went on to ask the rest of the people, identifying the live room accounts through their personal bracelets, confirming their identities one by one. After the guardians were confirmed, he used the same method to identify the lucky viewers.

At that moment, Sun Mao came over with his three friends. “A’Sen. I’m not late, am I?”

Xie Sen looked at the rest of the people’s reactions. No one expressed dissatisfaction. He sighed in his heart. It was true that they all weren’t ordinary people. They were used to things like going through the back door.

“No, just fine.” He smiled at Sun Mao, and gestured to the head of security. The door of the combined area was opened, and he walked in with the rest of the people, while he also turned on the live broadcast.

Once inside, all kinds of exclamations of admiration came from behind him. Xie Sen looked at the contract beasts as they dashed towards him. He was helpless and wanting to laugh. They hadn’t welcomed him like this for a long time.

This kind of imposing look was clearly to test the fans.

[Wow! Is this being welcomed?]

[Oh my, there’s not going to be any gory images, right?] There was a shriek on the pop-up screen.


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