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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


After Xie Sen led the fans into Zone 4-5. The contract beasts came running towards them aggressively, and the live viewers watched in awe.

As the audience watched nervously, all the contract beasts stopped abruptly two meters away from Xie Sen. Their aura instantly pulled back, and they communicated with each other in a low roar.

[This is too neat, right? I suspect they are deliberately scaring people!]

[The anchor is so powerful, standing there like a natural soother, ah!]

[I feel like the teacher of a kindergarten class. The skinny kids will be good when they come to the teacher.]

The giant tiger beast, unaware that it was being treated like a toddler, opened its big mouth and roared towards Qiao Shao. Obviously, it still remembered Qiao Shao. In the forest, Qiao Shao tried to bond with it, but failed.

After it roared, the giant tiger beast lifted its paw, and reached out to Xie Sen.

Xie Sen’s hand gently touched its paw, and the giant tiger beast’s healthy voice immediately sounded in his mind, “Except for two people, the rest of them are not bad.”

Xie Sen looked back, immediately understood which two people he was talking about, and couldn’t help but laugh, “They are the lucky audience people. They came to see you because they like you guys, not to be your beast masters.”

The giant tiger beast cocked its head, lowered its front paw and gave two low barks.

Little Spot heard its message, waved its tail, and scampered to the two lucky viewers who were both excited and scared. It turned its body sideways, and bent its tail nimbly to rub the wrist of one person.

The pop-ups instantly exploded, [Ahhhhh, so jealous!]

[The giant spotted leopard beast is a little angel! It actually deliberately soothed the scared people!]

[So smart! Ah, why didn’t I get a ticket!]

The boy whose wrist was rubbed was young. His eyes shone, and he looked at Xie Sen expectantly, his voice excited as he asked, “Can I touch it?”

Xie Sen smiled. “Yes.” The boy then cautiously touched Little Spot’s tail with a satisfied look on his face.

Xie Sen pointed to the center area that faced the camera, and said to the contract beasts, “It’s too crowded here. Go to the center.”

The contract beasts moved back to their usual position during the live broadcast, forming a half-arc to sit down, while Xie Sen moved to the middle with the visitors.

The viewers in the live streaming room shouted, [The anchor finally has a sense of the camera!]

Xie Sen looked at the top eight guardians and Sun Mao’s friends. All of them had their eyes on the contract beasts that matched their own beast patterns. Each looked excited, but they weren’t making risqué moves.

He laughed, “You came here, so besides looking at the contract beasts, you must have other ideas. However, before we play, let’s first measure the synchronization rate with the contract beasts!”

He nodded towards Sun Mao, who took out a synchronization rate tester. “Come to me if you want to measure the synchronization rate.”

Except for the two lucky spectators, the rest went to Sun Mao’s spot. The contract beasts were already prepared and they were very cooperative, even the giant leopard beast, who wasn’t ready to make a contract, also gave a good face and went to measure.

The results of the synchronization rate soon came out. All of them were above fifty percent, and there were two more than seventy-five percent.

One was Huo Feng, who had a synchronization rate of eighty percent with the giant wolf beast, and another was Sun Mao’s friend, the giant rhinoceros beast master Zhao Hao, who had a synchronization rate of seventy-six percent with the giant rhinoceros beast.

“Generally speaking, the ability is closer given the higher synchronization rate, so the stronger they all are.” Maine explained to Xie Sen.

The pop-up screen instantly exploded, [Oh my God, there are actually two beast masters with high synchronization rates at once! If there is a bond, how much more powerful it will be!]

[As far as I know, Huo Feng is the president of Guangyao Robotics. Who is the giant rhinoceros beast master?]

[He feels very powerful, and is also the oldest inside, right?]

Xie Sen scanned the pop-ups and immediately remembered that Sun Mao had mentioned that his friend, the giant rhinoceros beast master, was over forty years old.

He looked at Zhao Hao, who had a lean build, slightly curly black hair, bronze skin, and textured features. He was standing silently to the side in a black battle suit. His eyes were fixed on the giant rhinoceros beast, like he was a fierce beast himself, hunkered down in the grass just waiting for prey.

The giant rhinoceros beast was lying not far from him, and seemed to feel a strong enemy, its front paws scratched on the ground. It gazed at him, a dark survey.

[I know who he is! He’s a special operations team coach! I’ve seen him before during the drills!]

[Right! That’s him. He’s very good in combat, but he never had a bond, so he stayed as a coach and didn’t make captain.]

[I’ve seen the video screen of him and Qi Shao practicing. He always keeps a low profile, I didn’t expect to see him here.]

“Woof!” the giant wolf beast ground barked. Xie Sen’s eyes shifted from the pop-up screen, and he looked towards the giant wolf beast.

Huo Feng slowly approached it, and it seemed to be a bit restless. It flicked its tail anxiously, and barked low and short.

Xie Sen shouted, “Mr. Huo,” Huo Feng turned his head to look at him, and he continued, “Your synchronization rate with it is too high, it will be instinctively repulsed by you. Don’t get too close.”

He promised Huo Feng to give him the opportunity to make contact with the giant wolf beast, but only if the giant wolf beast didn’t reject it. He walked to the giant wolf beast, reached out and rubbed its neck. The giant wolf beast’s ears twitched, and it tilted its head to rub against him, but its eyes looked at Huo Feng, as it sized him up.

“He’s very powerful,” the giant wolf beast’s voice sounded in Xie Sen’s mind.

Xie Sen asked in his mind, “What do you think?”

“His proximity to me stirs my body’s battle intent,” the giant wolf beast blinked its beautiful turquoise eyes. “If I were in the wild, I would have already lunged at him.”

Xie Sen knew very well that this was the instinctive reaction of a contract beast to meeting its master. It was difficult for a contract beast to willingly submit to its master.

The giant wolf beast paused and said, “He and I have a high synchronization rate and are very compatible. I am quite satisfied with him. I want to find a companion, so if his character does not disturb me, I am willing to bond with him. What do you think?”

Xie Sen said, “I support your idea. Do you think he can make you submissive?”

“No.” The giant wolf beast raised his neck confidently. “My ability grew a lot in the forest. This beast master can’t be my opponent, and the same goes for the giant tiger beast and the others. But with you around, there’s no problem in forming a contract. Didn’t the Flying Rhinoceros successfully form a contract?”

Xie Sen couldn’t help but sigh, “You’re too smart, remembering that.”

“The intelligence of senior contract beasts is not low, but humans gradually came to look down on us as pets or combat tools. Humans forget that they also evolved from beast form.”

This was not the first time Xie Sen had heard of humans underestimating contract beasts. The giant wolf beast waved its tail proudly. “And I’ve been affected, so my IQ is higher, and I’m smarter than many people!”

Xie Sen rubbed its head. “Mn, you are all very smart indeed.”

He looked at the rest of the beast masters and contract beasts that were secretly fighting each other. Several of them didn’t look very good. Their synchronization rate was lower than the rest of the beast masters who had the same contract beasts.

Suddenly, the giant rhinoceros beast that had been lying down stood up. At the same time, various contract beasts whimpered. The giant wolf beast swept its tail over Xie Sen’s body. “The giant rhinoceros beast is going to test its beast master.”

At the same time as the voice of the giant wolf beast sounded, the giant rhinoceros beast walked towards the open space in front of it, and Zhao Hao stood in the position opposite it with an astonished face.

The rest of the beast masters moved to the side. Their eyes watched the scene in the center with envy and excitement.

Maine stood beside Xie Sen, and casually wrapped his arm around Xie Sen’s waist. Xie Sen turned his head, smiled at him, then looked to the middle.

The giant rhinoceros beast and Zhao Hao stood opposite each other. A raging aura emanated from them with a biting fury. The atmosphere in the live room instantly became stern and murderous.

[Wow! Even though I am not there, I can’t help but hold my breath!]

[It’s so cool! I never dreamed that I would actually see the scene of bonding with a high-level contract beast inside the live broadcast!]

[It would be even more awesome if they could make a contract, I haven’t seen the scene of a high-level contract beast making a contract yet!]

The audience was excitedly discussing things, but the scene seemed to be frozen, Zhao Hao and the giant rhinoceros beast were both staring at each other motionlessly, as if the only thing left in the world was each other.

Only the sweat on Zhao Hao’s forehead let people know that there was actually some change.

After a long time, Zhao Hao’s bronze skin could not hide the pallor of his face. He still stood straight, and he had a calm and steady temperament, as if he could stand until the end of time.

Zhao Hao’s shirt was wet with sweat stains down his entire back, and his body began to shiver slightly uncontrollably.

[Oh my god, this is too strong! His spirit actually hasn’t collapsed after such a long confrontation!]

[What a pity, it seems to be a failure. Zhao Hao is so powerful but he can’t even make the giant rhinoceros beast submit. The strength of the giant rhinoceros beast is too terrifying.]

[I’ve seen the giant rhinoceros beast before. It doesn’t feel so powerful, I don’t know if it’s an illusion, I always feel that the IQ and combat power of these live contract beasts are higher than the usual contract beast.]

[The same feeling. Not blowing not black. My son is not as smart as them!]

Not only them, but the beast owners on the sidelines also had a feeling. They subconsciously looked at Xie Sen. Was it related to him?

Maine coldly looked them over one by one, and his eyes carried a heavy warning. The beast masters looked at him with a slight change in their eyes. This bastard son of the Cox family, his luck was too good!

Xie Sen sensed the change in Maine’s aura, frowned and looked to the side. The beast masters had long since retracted their eyes, as if they had been looking seriously at the center and hadn’t moved their eyes away.

“What’s wrong?” he asked in a small voice.

“Nothing.” Maine hid the coldness in his eyes, and replied in a gentle voice.

“Moo…” Zhao Hao endured to the extreme. Just when he was about to stand down in the next second, the giant rhinoceros beast’s aura tightened. It twisted its head towards Xie Sen, and called out.

Zhao Hao’s tense body abruptly relaxed, his left hand propped up on his knee, as he panted heavily. His right hand went through his hair, his eyes stared at the giant rhinoceros beast and  glowed with incomprehension.

Under normal circumstances, the contract beast would always do its best to confront the beast master, overwhelm him with its aura, and make him collapse until he gave up the idea of forming a contract.

If the contract beast’s aura was weak and overwhelmed by the beast master, the beast master would be able to directly enter the contract.

The reaction of the giant rhinoceros beast was obviously neither. Its aura was stronger than his. If it had been just a little longer, he couldn’t have held on, but the giant rhinoceros beast suddenly withdrew its aura. That didn’t make sense. Animals were by nature warlike and strong. There was no reason why they would let go of their opponents the moment they were about to win.

The audience had the same doubts as he did. The pop-up screen was full of question marks and countless copies of, [What does this mean?]

[I do not understand. Is there a contract beast professional to explain?]

[How can this be explained? Completely unconventional, ah! Zhao Hao can’t make the giant rhinoceros beast submit, but the giant rhinoceros beast was this way, as if also did not reject Zhao Hao.]

[Anchor! Come out and explain!]

Xie Sen didn’t look at the pop-ups. When he saw the giant rhinoceros beast looking towards him, he patted Maine’s hand. Maine let go of him, and he walked directly to the giant rhinoceros beast, raised his hand and gently stroked its neck.

“He is very strong and tough, with a calm temperament. My ideal beast master. I want to bond with him,” the giant rhinoceros beast said, its head tilted towards Xie Sen, “But my ability in the forest improved a lot. He cannot make me submit. If we are forced to bond, I will not be able to restrain the impulse to hurt him. I need you. I need your help.”

The situation was exactly the same as when Yan Qi made the contract.

Xie Sen said, “Yes, but it will have to be later. The live feed is on now. It’s not good for too many people to know that I can make a bond with you and a beast master.”

“Okay.” The giant rhinoceros beast twisted its head, and looked at Zhao Hao. Then it pushed Xie Sen, who returned to the middle of the group of contract beasts with its force.

The contract beasts kept discussing. The giant tiger beast said, “The giant rhinoceros beast has a good eye. It’s very powerful.”

The giant black leopard beast lifted its eyes, “Not bad. Not as good as the giant rhinoceros beast.”

“Brother is the most powerful!” Little Spot rested its head on its neck.

Xie Sen shook his head in amusement, and changed the subject to today’s themed meet and greet, “Have you seen a fan meet and greet scene when you watched TV before?”

“Sure, pictures, autographs, and performances.” The giant black leopard beast was brief and concise.

Xie Sen said, “You guys have to interact with them too.”

“Fighting?” The giant lion’s big head looked at the beast masters.

“No, we can’t fight, it would be bad if we hurt someone,” Xie Sen thought for a moment. “Just play with them, like I usually do with you.”

“It’s comfortable to be next to you. They will repel us.” The giant wolf beast swept its tail against his feet.

Xie Sen said, “I’ll arrange it. You guys pay attention. Make sure you don’t hurt anyone when you play. If someone tries to go too far, call out.”

“Do you want to live here?” The giant black leopard beast said dominantly.

Xie Sen rubbed its neck heavily. “Don’t learn lines from TV shows!”

He looked at the puzzled beast masters, “Next, let’s play with the contract beasts. Because the contract beasts will reject their beast master, in order to ensure safety, the beast masters have to choose one other than their own contract beasts to play together.”

The contract beasts got up, and went back to their own playgrounds. They played with balls, sprayed water, chewed bones and rolled on the cushions.

The beast owners looked at each other, their goal was their own contract beast, and now they were told to play with other contract beasts? They don’t have the childlike spirit!

With happy faces, the two lucky spectators ran to the two giant elephant beasts. The young boy tilted his head, and looked at the beasts expectantly, “Can you lift me up?”

He had seen Xie Sen being lifted up, and was eager to try it out.

After he finished, he was worried that the beast didn’t understand, so he raised his hand and tried to gesture, but just as he raised his hand, he was suddenly swept up by the elephant’s trunk and his body slowly rose.

“Hahahaha!” He held the elephant’s trunk, and laughed excitedly. “You’re great! So clever!”

His companion was looking at him enviously, then the next moment he was picked up by another giant elephant beast. Two giant elephant beasts, one on the left and one on the right, the two of them right in the middle, overhead side by side.

The two raised their hands in the air and cheered, as they wildly praised the giant elephant beasts.

The pop-up screen instantly exploded, [Aaaahhh! Envy!]

[I’m a lemon spirit today!]

[Ah, why am I poor and dark, otherwise I could go too!]

[Anchor, open an amusement park! I’m willing to buy tickets!]

[I’m willing too!!!]

Xie Sen was infected by the cheers of the lucky audience, glanced over there and turned his head to the rest of the beast masters who were standing still, “You don’t want to play with them?”

Huo Feng stared at the giant wolf beast lying not far away, as it gnawed on the bone toy, “I want to play with it.”

The rest of the beast owners also expressed their desire to play with their own contract beasts, Zhao Hao walked next to Xie Sen.He wanted to say something, as he glanced now and then at the giant rhinoceros beast.

Xie Sen shrugged his shoulders. “If you guys play together, you will definitely fight. It’s too chaotic.”

“I want to try the bonding.” A blond, white-skinned man couldn’t help but say. Xie Sen had recognized all of them when he named them, and he remembered this one most clearly. Cuomo Cox.

Xie Sen said, “What if it fails?”

“I’ll just leave,” Cuomo said. “You should know very well why we went for the fan list. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the contract.”

That was pretty straightforward. Xie Sen asked the rest of the group, “Is that what you all think?”

Huo Feng said, “If I can make a contract, the giant wolf beast is too perfect. I mainly want to see him.” The rest of the beast masters didn’t say anything, they were in agreement.

Xie Sen thought about it. “You guys wait.”

Pop-ups, [Wow! These people are so annoying. I don’t want to make a contract, I want to play with them!]

[I hope I can’t see them after the contract. I hope the contract fails!]

Xie Sen asked the contract beasts one by one, and the giant black leopard snorted,”I don’t think so. I’ll go first.”

The giant tiger beast also leapt forward, “They want to be my beast master, but they aren’t good enough, let them see my power!”

Soon, the scattered contract beasts came together again, as they lay on their sides in a circular shape, and left a place in the middle.

Cuomo first walked to the middle. His eyes excitedly examined the giant lion beast, which waved its tail and steadily walked across to him. Its golden mane shone brightly, and its aura was biting.

Within two minutes, Cuomo fell to his knees with a pale face, as he looked at the giant lion with glowing eyes, “That’s amazing!”

The giant lion beast didn’t pay attention to him, just went to Xie Sen and rubbed against him, “He’s a rookie.” Then it went back to lay on the side.

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth twitched. He thought that it was a good thing he was the only one who could understand, otherwise Cuomo would have been traumatized both physically and mentally.

The giant tiger beast moved swiftly, and jumped to the middle. He looked at Qiao Shao, and then looked at another person. There were two giant tiger beast owners today.

Qiao Shao smiled with a gentle face, and said to the other, “You first!”

“You first,” the other person immediately replied.

Xie Sen said, “For the sake of fairness, the same contract beast will not confront different beast masters consecutively, and will diverge in the middle.”

This time neither of them pushed back, and Qiao Shao went on first. Not long after, he fell to his knees with a miserable pale face and failed.

Except for Zhao Hao and Huo Feng, the nine beast masters all soon failed one by one, the worst being Cuomo and the beast master of the giant black leopard beast. Neither of them lasted for even two minutes.

[It’s too mind-blowing! Their strength may not be weaker than S class, right? That’s too powerful.]

[Yeah, the giant tiger beast faced off with beast masters twice in a row and won cleanly. Handsome.]

[Even the usually soft and cute Little Spot is super powerful. The momentum is completely different when confronting. Fierce and cute, so cute!]

[Yes, as soon as it was over, he ran to the giant black leopard beast to rub and pamper, simply too cute.]

Xie Sen looked at the nine pale men. “Unfortunately, you are not able to make them submit.”

Cuomo said, “I’ll try again when I’m stronger.”

The rest of the contract beast masters nodded in response. It was clear that none of them were willing to give up. They deeply felt the power of the contract beasts here, so they were even more eager to bond with them.

Xie Sen thought to himself that he wasn’t even sure where they would be in the future.

The nine failed beast masters knew it was hopeless and they left cleanly, so only the two lucky spectators remained, along with Zhao Hao and Huo Feng.

The contract beasts were very good to the two real fans. They lay on their backs and let them rub, lifted them high, they carried and flew, squirted water and other activities without fail. The live viewers watched with envy.

The two were young and bold, and really liked the contract beasts. They praised with words and without money to throw out, while the contract beasts listened to them heartfully.

Xie Sen watched them for a while, and then heard Zhao Hao ask, “What did the giant rhinoceros beast mean just now?”

Xie Sen looked at Sun Mao, and then at Huo Feng. He didn’t say it directly, just laughed, “You are the giant rhinoceros beast’s master, you should better understand its meaning.”

Zhao Hao frowned. Sun Mao saw Xie Sen look at him, knew it was inconvenient for him to be there, and smiled. “I still have something, so I will go first. Old Zhao, if something happens, contact me again.”

Zhao Hao nodded. Sun Mao thanked Xie Sen again and left Zone 4-5.

Huo Feng stared at Xie Sen thoughtfully. Xie Sen looked at him. Did he want him to leave like Mao?

Maine stepped forward to stand between the two, and looked at him warningly.

Huo Feng raised his eyebrows. “I told you, I’m not interested in your man.”

[Reported! The main anchor feeds dog food online!]

[Wow, the anchor’s boyfriend is so handsome!]

Xie Sen coughed dryly and said to the live audience, “That’s it for today’s broadcast, thank you for your support.”

[Is the anchor shy and going off air?]

[No, I’m not going to report it! This dog food, I can eat it?]

Xie Sen was amused, but still decisively shut down the live broadcast. The next process wasn’t appropriate for live broadcasting. He greeted the remaining few people sitting on the side, then watched the lucky audience members and the contract beasts play. Half an hour later, he informed the lucky audience members that it was time to end the meet.

The two had a good time, reluctantly said goodbye to the contract beasts, and thanked Xie Sen, who looked at the two 2 Energy prompts, smiled and sent them to the door.

After Xie Sen sent the lucky audience members away he said to Huo Feng, “Mr. Huo, you come with me,” and walked towards the giant wolf beast as he spoke. Huo Feng immediately followed behind him.

The giant wolf beast felt Huo Feng’s approach, loosened its bones and raised its head. A low growl came from its throat, and Huo Feng subconsciously stopped in his tracks. Xie Sen reached out, and rubbed the neck of the giant wolf beast. It gradually relaxed its tense body, and looked at Huo Feng with a tilted head.

Huo Feng gave Xie Sen a surprised look and approached again, but this time the giant wolf beast didn’t react in any way, just kept staring at him. He stopped in front of the giant wolf beast with admiration in his eyes, “It’s beautiful.”

He raised his hand to touch its neck. He stopped halfway up, and when he saw that it didn’t react, he gently put his hand on it and then rubbed it, lovingly.

“Very cautious and careful,” the giant wolf beast said.

Xie Sen inexplicably felt that the giant wolf beast was observing the other side in such a way, as if it wasn’t picking a beast master, but its other half. When that thought surfaced in his mind, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“You are…” Huo Feng looked at Xie Sen and paused to find a suitable word, before he opened his mouth, “Very special, I’ve heard that your affinity is very strong. I didn’t expect it to be strong enough to appease the contract beast’s rejection of a beast master.”

Xie Sen said, “No. It’s because most of all, while may instinctively reject you, it doesn’t in thought and reason.”

Huo Feng’s eyes glowed as he looked into the giant wolf beast’s eyes. “May I make a contract with you?”

The giant wolf beast said to Xie Sen, “I need the company of the beast master. Ask him for me if he is usually busy, and if he has patience.”

Xie Sen said to Huo Feng, “The giant wolf beast is a pack race, so it doesn’t like to be alone. If you just want a partner in battle, it might not be willing.”

“I don’t need a partner in battle,” Huo Feng said. “I just want a companion who is absolutely loyal, and I think there is no one more loyal than a contract beast. Especially a wolf contract beast.”

It finally dawned on Xie Sen, “Is that why you’re looking at it?”

“No,” Huo Feng looked at the giant wolf beast with admiration. “I’ve seen the other giant wolf beasts, and it’s the only one that I want to make a contract with.”

Xie Sen asked the giant wolf beast, “What do you think?”

“Yes, he’s not lying.” He rubbed his head against Xie Sen, stood up, and raised his paw to Xie Sen. “I will come back to play with you, my friend.”

“Anytime.” Xie Sen squeezed its fleshy paw pads.

Huo Feng was puzzled. “What’s wrong?”

“Congratulations.” Xie Sen said.

The next thing that happened was very smooth. Under Xie Sen’s appeasement, Huo Feng and the giant wolf beast, then Zhao Hao and the giant rhinoceros beast, all successfully formed contracts.

After the contracts were made, they heard the voices of their contract beasts, and both of them were surprised and overjoyed.

Both of them said to Xie Sen at the same time, “Thank you.”

Xie Sen waved his hand. “It’s you who have won their approval. I hope you can keep the matter of the contract secret.”

Huo Feng said, “I’m afraid there will be speculation.”

“Speculation is not certainty. It can be delayed for a while.” Xie Sen laughed. Unless he didn’t help the contract beasts to form a contract at all, it would be exposed eventually, but the later the better.

“Okay.” The two replied.

Zhao Hao asked, “Is the price of the deed for you, or Gold Medal?”

Xie Sen hesitated. The giant rhinoceros beast rubbed against him, “A’Sen, you take the money. As a thank you from us.”

The giant wolf beast also said, “Yes, you take it. You have helped us a lot. I am very happy these days. If you had not brought us out of the forest to resettle, we would probably be in danger.”

Xie Sen said, “One million. Just give it to me.”

Xie Sen looked at his account balance, and felt a sense of unreal wealth overnight.

The rest of the contract beasts gathered around. They knew that the giant wolf beast and the giant rhinoceros beast would leave after the deed was done, so they said goodbye.

Giant tiger, “Come back and play with us sometime!”

Giant black leopard beast, “If you are bullied, come to me. I will teach him to be a man!”

Little Spot, “I’ll help you guys teach them a lesson with my brother!”

The giant lion nodded in agreement.

The giant elephant beast rubbed its trunk against the giant rhinoceros beast, “Remember to tell us if you come across any delicious grass.”

After the farewell words, they immediately came together to discuss the future division of territory.


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I love the animals so much. I would 100% camp in a live stream to see a giant wolf or lion play around.

So with XS helping all these high profile guys bond, he’s making allies that will help him out in the future. ‘Cause as happy as all of this is wrong just know there’s some big bad plot line heading our way. XS and Maine will need all the help they can get.

March 2, 2022 2:15 am

The more allies the better and it’s all done willingly by the beasts. This is a stark contrast with Julos and probably many other who forget about the beast’s will and force the bond with drugs. Well they still have to go for the trip to recover the energy!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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What a lovely read that chapter was. I felt quite envious myself!
Thanks for translating and editing.

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