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Christmas Special: Prince Snow White and The Seven Dwarves

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Once upon a time, twelve dwarves lived in a tranquil forest.

The twelve dwarves all had individual rooms, everyday they would happily go logging and at night they would sleep soundly without a care in the world.

No-one expected that a huge tempest would soon befall this serene land.

——The old and still single Evil Source stood in front of a mirror, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

The god of mirror took a peek at the Evil Source’s appearance and nearly broke because of how ugly he was; he couldn’t but comment before leaving, “Being ugly is not your fault, but using the mirror is! Snow White is the fairest of them all. Hahaha! In your face!”

And so, the Evil Source was furious.

Prince Snow White knew that the Evil Source was planning to shred him into a million pieces, so he fled into the forest.

The slim Snow White walked and walked, feeling tired and thirsty. Out of nowhere, a huge wooden lodge appeared in front of him.

He was overjoyed. At long last, there was hope, he thought.

Inside the lodge, there were twelve rooms; he politely knocked on the first door, hoping for food and water.


The door opened; the owner was an adorable boy in a puppy outfit. He stared at Snow White with big puppy-dog eyes while waving his fluffy white tail behind him.

“Do you need something?” the puppy asked.

“Ah…” Snow White returned from his daze and answered, “I’d like to have some water and bread.”

“Oh…” the puppy replied while pouting a little, “Then please come in.”

At the beginning, everything seemed normal. The prince tactfully refused, “It’s fine, you don’t have to feed me.”

Very soon after, the prince’s tone changed, “Don’t eat my… Umm… Stop it… Ah…”

The puppy hung his head low, under the prince’s rejection he revealed a hurt expression.

The prince buried his head in his palm as he conceded defeat, “… At the very least… don’t bite… so hard…”

At long last, the prince left the room blushing all over, his clothes in a complete mess. Yet after all that, he didn’t get a single bite of food, instead he was completely eaten by the puppy.

However, the prince was not going to give up easily and so… Knock… knock, on to the second room.

A cool-looking male wearing a wolf outfit answered the door.

“Ah… Can I… borrow some water…”

“Water!?” The wolf scanned the prince intently; fixing his gaze onto the hickey on the prince’s neck, he replied with an agitated voice, “Ha… Sure, I will squeeze all the liquid out of you right now!”

“Ah… Ah… So mean…”

The wolf worked extremely hard, he only stopped until Snow White’s behind was filled to the brim with liquid.

The prince clawed out of the second room and was a little disheartened, “Third time’s the charm! I can’t be that unlucky!” Hence, he knocked on the third room.

Wow… The third room housed a beautiful male in a bird outfit; his beauty shocked the prince.

But as soon as he set foot in the room, the prince sensed a flowery scent and fainted. The prince felt as though his body was trampled by a horse over and over again during his dazed state.

He finally regained consciousness due to hunger; the birdy next to him was wearing a new outfit. He was even more alluring than before. However, unfazed by his beauty, the prince left the room.

T/N: Poor Snow White, he didn’t even get the chance to ask for food this time.

Struck by hunger and coldness, the prince entered the next room. He still believed that eventually there would be food.

The fourth room’s owner was a scary and sadistic person. He didn’t even say a word and tied the prince up, whipping him mercilessly. He even shoved beads up his backside.

“Are all of you idiots? It’s my mouth that’s hungry, not my butt!” the weak but angry prince screamed before he fell unconscious. Snow White’s savior finally decided to make an entrance.

A man in a butterfly outfit floated into the room, “Stop! Do you have a screw loose or something? You can’t break him yet.”

The butterfly carried the prince into the fifth room where a shiny little silver horse resided. (Qian Lü: Get out! I am a unicorn!)

The little horse taught Snow White the Begone Pervert Fighting Style, the prince was full of confidence and immediately went to the next room to try it out. However, who would have thought that the prince would be beat to a pulp without being able to land a single hit.

The one who defeated the prince was a very bad little snake; he tied Snow White to a bed and ate him in whatever way he liked. Because the snake had a very odd-shaped member, each thrust into the prince was like that from two people; it tortured the prince to no end every time.

T/N: This one is probably a real snake, not a person in a snake outfit. The author didn’t go into detail, so let’s think of this one as a real snake.

After that the prince encountered a few more masked men (Author: The rest of the Xiao Gongs [i] haven’t appeared yet, so they are masked men for now.), so would the prince be able to live happily ever after with all the dwarves?

Fast-forwarding, let us have a look at a certain Christmas night “N” years later.


“Prince, have you decided on a proposal yet?”

The prince remained silent as he thought, “What proposals? They are all the same!”

“Won’t you look at them again? We came up with these three peaceful proposals together,” the little puppy said as he nibbled on Snow White’s ear.

Proposal 1: Each Xiao Gong will have 2 hours of alone time with the prince every day; during then, others cannot interfere.

Proposal 2: A pair of Xiao Gongs will share the prince for one week day, another pair will share the prince for the next week day and so on. For weekends, the prince will spend the time with everyone.

Proposal 3: Make it a competition! The one who can make love with the prince for the longest time can spend the whole day with the prince.

“All of you are savages!” the prince screamed and barricaded himself in his room.

The twelve Xiao Gongs looked at each other and after a while decided to go comfort the prince, “Dear prince, today is Christmas day, so please don’t be mad.”

Sob… Go away~~”

“We baked bread just for you.”

“… really?”

“Baked bread is best when fresh and warm!”

The prince slid the door open to form a tiny gap. In that moment, all the Xiao Gongs rushed in together, pinning Snow White onto the bed.

“Ah… Don’t tear my clothes… Ugh… Isn’t there food? Ah…”

The puppy bit on the prince’s left nipple, replying as he sucked on it happily, “We are eating.”

“Don’t come in the bed together, it might break!”

“Why do you think we go out logging everyday?” the wolf asked while having fun with the prince’s right nipple, “We used the best material for the bed. You don’t have to worry, it wouldn’t break even if twelve more people got in it.”

A slimy slender thing glided its way up the prince’s leg, sending chills up his spine, “Ah!! No snakes!”

“I don’t like snakes either.” The little butterfly pulled out the snake who went in between the prince’s butt cheeks, he didn’t waste any time and flung the snake to a corner, leaving the curled up snake to cry alone.

“Ugh… don’t come in together! Peacock! Crow!”

The peacock and the crow replied, “We are both birds, so of course we’d get along.”

In the beginning, the little horse only observed. He clenched his fist and mumbled, “I don’t like him, I don’t like him, I don’t like him…” However, in the end, the horse couldn’t but join in the battle when the prince moaned alluringly.

Under the bed, there were a few squashed masked men, “Though we haven’t made an appearance yet, please don’t pick on us and…”

“Ah… Ah… Ah…”



Gu Ting Yu woke up from his dream; Bai Zhi Ao was on his left side, hugging his arm and sleeping sweetly.

Come to think of it… Bai Zhi Ao kept pestering him to read the tale of Snow White yesterday night. They’d only turned off the lights and called it a day after midnight, that must have been the reason why he saw that weird dream, he thought.

“Da Shu… Um…” Bai Zhi Ao turned his body, saliva dripping from his meaty lips as he turned.

Gu Ting Yu smiled at the scene and decided to get up. He felt pain at his behind as he moved; turning around, he found Xiu Er was hugging him around his waist. Moreover, his huge member was still buried inside Gu Ting Yu.

“…You!” Gu Ting Yu raised his leg, wanting to kick Xiu Er off the bed, but that action only made Xir Er’s cock slide further in. Xir Er, who was still deep in his dreams, bucked his hips, draining all strength from Gu Ting Yu.

Beside Gu Ting Yu’s crotch lay the sleeping Qing Que, breathing peacefully next to Gu Ting Yu’s burning member. Dried up white cum still remained on Qing Que’s pretty lips; Gu Ting Yu covered his face in shame. God… Last night…

Gu Ting Yu carefully propped himself up; something pulled at the tip of his nipples as he moved, and he groaned softly at the pain. Staring down at the source of the pain he found shiny rings piercing his swelling nipples.

“Damn it… Haven’t I prohibited him from putting these things on me?!” Liang Yue, who was slumbering at the end of the bed sensed Gu Ting Yu’s cursing and fluttered his eyelids a bit, but in three seconds he fell back asleep again.

Gu Ting Yu got off the bed while supporting his waist with his hand, he thought as he moved away from the bed, “I was thinking of giving them Christmas presents, and what about them? They were just coming up with ways to trick me to bed… Well, in their defense, if I were in danger, they would risk their lives to help me… Also, if I were sad, they’d try their best to comfort me in their own clumsy ways…”

He sighed and opened the bedroom door.

A few men were lying messily in the living room, each of them clutching a piece of lottery paper with a number written on it. Huan Sheng heard the footsteps, climbing up from the sofa he asked tiredly, “Um… What time is it…”

When he saw Gu Ting Yu standing in front of him in a trance, he laughed in a mischievous manner, “It’s my turn now, right…”

“No! I still haven’t made breakfast… Um?” Gu Ting Yu’s mouth was held shut by Huan Sheng; he picked Gu Ting Yu up and held him on his shoulder, kidnapping him into another bedroom.

Huan Sheng started undoing his own clothes as soon as the door was closed, “You have the right to remain silent, I don’t want the others in the living room to share the fruits of my labor.”

“Before that I just want to say one thing…” Gu Ting Yu peeked at Huan Sheng’s member and said softly, “You cut in line.”

Afterwards, there came the familiar ensemble of moaning and panting.


[i]: The Chinese for seme.

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