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Chapter 49: Advantages of the Wang Fu Identity

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


At noon, An JinYuan accompanied Lin Mo to have lunch in the palace, and then went walking with him in the palace. Lin Mo seemed to be in poor health, with little blood on his face and a thin body. An JinYuan felt that a strong wind could blow him away.

An JinYuan thought in his heart, that when he dropped by again in a few days, he would have to take those nourishing herbs from his storehouse. Before, when Imperial Brother had nothing to do, he liked to reward him with these things. An Jinyuan could not use that much of them himself. It was a waste to keep them in storage. Now, he could put them in use by giving them to Fifth Brother

An JinYuan accompanied Lin Mo to stroll around the palace again, explaining things to him on the way. Now Lin Mo also had a general understanding of the terrain of the palace. After walking, they went back to the main courtyard.

“It’s about time I go back to the Palace. I will come to see you later.” An JinYuan stopped and looked at Lin Mo.

“Cheng Yan should be returning soon. Won’t you wait for a moment?”

“No, Fifth Elder Brother often goes to the palace to see elder brother and I get to meet him when he’s by elder brother’s side. Now I won’t disturb you two.” An JinYuan said with a smile.

He knew that Fifth Brother was protecting Lin Mo like a rare treasure, and how he would become eager every time he was about to leave the palace. When Fifth Brother returned, his attention would all be on A-Mo. An JinYuan knew he would surely be hung aside here. It was better to go back to the palace.

“I wanted to come here alone today, but I met Su Qingran halfway. After a few polite words with her, she followed me. I can’t refuse her in public, but her words were so inappropriate…”

An JinYuan suddenly thought of this matter, and said it to Lin Mo. Su Qingran had spoken ill about his Fifth Brother, and not to mention, in front of Fifth Brother’s husband.

An JinYuan didn’t want to let Fifth Brother’s husband misunderstand that Su Qingran was brought by him.

“Su Qingran is the Prime Minister’s daughter?” Lin Mo asked, but he had confirmed in his heart that she was originally called this. The name was a good name, but the person was not necessarily the same.

“Mn, that woman’s means are not on the table. You don’t need to pay attention to her. If she comes to visit the Royal Palace again, you’d better turn it down. If she comes here for no reason, there won’t be any good in the end.” An JinYuan reminded him.

As the first daughter of the Prime Minister’s office, she couldn’t hide her emotions in front of others. Ever since she hit her head, the high ranking daughters who had got along well with her before began to alienate her.

Also, as a girl to be married in the boudoir, she was ambiguous with many men and had a bad reputation. Naturally, other people would not stay in contact with such people.

What An JinYuan worried about was that Su Qingran would take the idea to Fifth Elder Brother. Su Qingran was the type who would see a good-looking man and try to seduce them.

Imperial Brother was okay. After all, he was the current Emperor. Even if the woman wanted Imperial Brother, the Prime Ministerwould not let his daughter and the present Emperor be involved in any bad rumors. After all, the reputation of Imperial Brother’s ruthlessness was known to all the people in the country.

“Mn, but is Su Qingran so close to many men that the Prime Ministerdoesn’t care?” Lin Mo asked, after all, she was a legitimate daughter. It was not good for the reputation of the Prime Minister’s office, was it? Did the heroine’s aura lower the Prime Minister’s IQ?

An JinYuan thought about it and said, “The Prime MInister, that old man, is very serious. Who knows what he thinks. However, Su Qingran is not that stupid. Although the men around her had a good experience, they were all the family’s children who could not be shown outside their house. I guess as long as there is nothing bad going on, the Prime Ministerwill probably keep his eyes open.” 

The Prime Minister’s mind was really heavy. The previous Lin family was implicated during the Prime Minister’s rebellion. As for the men around Su Qingran, Lin Mo dare not look down on them. As the harem was concerned, their strength was not too bad. Now they were not out in the open, and may not necessarily be in the future, perhaps they deliberately camouflaged it?

However, if Su Qingran came uninvited, Lin Mo could only think of one possibility, that is, the woman had begun to spy on his people.

Lin Mo’s eyes were dim, his lips were slightly hooked, and the coldness in his eyes was fleeting. If anyone dared to spy on him, let him taste the taste of death again. Lin Mo had a picture of the dungeon in his dream floating in his head, his fingertips quivered slightly, and the blood in his body began recovering.

Seeing Lin Mo’s silence, An JinYuan thought he had some concerns, and began explaining, “There are not many people in Fifth Elder Brother’s mansion, but their mouths are tight. You don’t have to worry about what you can say and what you can’t. Fifth Elder Brother just came back. He doesn’t know much about things in the Imperial City. If A-Mo wants to know something else, he can ask the maids around him or Uncle Fu.” 

“Mn, I know.” Lin Mo returned to his senses and nodded.

An JinYuan thought about it and said in a low voice, “If you really don’t like her, you can ignore her. That woman is still useful to Imperial Brother, but she won’t jump for long.” 

Before that, Fifth Elder Brother told him that he didn’t have to hide anything from Lin Mo. He trusted Wang Fu. It was no big deal that he said these words to reassure him.

“Mn, I don’t leave the house often. She can’t come in, and she won’t hinder me.” Lin Mo looked the same, laughing.

Was she useful for Imperial Brother? Perhaps the Emperor was already wary of the Prime Minister’s actions. After all, it was the Emperor and he must be suspicious. Some people’s minds were impure, and he could see it.

He just didn’t know how the Prime Ministersucceeded in his treason in the last life. It was a pity that Eldest Brother didn’t live to the end. Otherwise, he could know who was behind the Prime Minister, and he could also give an early warning.

“Mn, I really need to go back to the palace. If A-Mo feels bored staying here, you can come to find me in the palace.” An JinYuan blinked at him and said with a smile.

“I’ll see you when I have time. Be careful on the way.” Lin Mo said with a smile.

An JinYuan nodded and left. Lin Mo stood by and watched An JinYuan leave, waiting until he didn’t see the person before turning back. Although they met for the first time today, Lin Mo was very fond of An JinYuan. Just because he didn’t like that witch, Lin Mo’s first impression of An JinYuan was good.

Seeing Wang Fu coming back, the maid waiting in front of the door said respectfully, “Wang Fu, the customized jewelry and clothes have been sent over the past few days. Would you like to have a look?” 

“No, just put it away.” Lin Mo shook his head.

An JinYuan left and Cheng Yan had not yet returned. Lin Mo was bored and went to the study to find some books. Cheng Yan’s study was full of military related books and so on, but there were a few idle books.

Lin Mo glanced at the desk in the corner which was piled with some letters and memorials on it. He thought that recently, Cheng Yan often left early and returned late. Maybe there was some news from the border area. Lin Mo was a little upset. Maybe soon, Cheng Yan would go to the border. Maybe they would be seperated for a year and a half.

Lin Mo took a deep breath and pressed down his restlessness. He went to the bookshelf and took down a random book, and then sat down to read. It was hard to read traditional Chinese characters. Some of them had to be guessed. However, Lin Mo learned a little from Lin Xing and Lin Chen before, and now he couldn’t understand only a few.

At the thought of learning, Lin Mo thought of his Second Brother, who should still be on his way?

“Shadow Three, are you still there?” Lin Mo was a little uncertain. Previously, Cheng Yan said that he had arranged for the shadow guard to protect him in the dark, but Lin Mo didn’t call him out.

“Yes, sir.” Shadow Three, in the dark, heard Wang Fu calling him. He appeared instantly, kneeling on one knee and bowing his head respectfully.

Cheng Yan asked Shadow Three to protect Lin Mo in the dark, and with Cheng Yan’s order, Lin Mo was now the owner of Shadow Three. However, in order to distinguish the names of the Prince and Wang Fu, Shadow Three called Wang Fu master.

Seeing a man in black in front of him, Lin Mo had prepared in advance, but he was still startled at his sudden appearance. Lin Mo lifted the book up and covered half of his face.

“How many days until my Second Brother arrives? Has news come from the other shadow guards?” Lin Mo asked.

“Responding to the Lord, Young Master Lin will arrive at the Imperial City in ten days.”

“Is there any danger to Second Brother?”

“At present, two groups of assassins have tried to ambush them on the way, but they were intercepted by other shadow guards.” Shadow Three thought in his heart that the master didn’t seem to want Wang Fu to know this, but since Wang Fu asked, he, as the shadow guard, could not help answering.

“Assassins?!” Lin Mo heard it and sat up straight in a flash.

When Lin Mo wanted to ask something more, he heard the footsteps outside the study, and knew Cheng Yan had come back.

“Master……” Shadow Three naturally heard the other’s footsteps and looked up slightly at Wang Fu in front of him.

“It’s all right. You can leave first.”

“Yes, Master.” Shadow Three respectfully said, then returned to the dark place to continue to guard.

Cheng Yan pushed the door in and saw a dark shadow flash by. Cheng Yan stepped in, closed the door and walked over. “Is the person who just left was Shadow Three?”

“Mn, I asked about Second Brother’s situation.” Lin Mo put down his book and looked up at Cheng Yan.

Lin Mo knew how good Cheng Yan looked. When he was in Daling Village, although his clothes were rough and dark, they still couldn’t cover up his light. However, at that time, Cheng Yan had not recovered his memory, and his temperament didn’t show much.

Now, his memory had been restored, and his identity was back

To be missed by Su Qingran, the Emperor must be handsome. As the Emperor’s own brother, Cheng Yan was no better. Lin Mo looked at him and worried. If the woman saw Cheng Yan, she would definitely get involved.

“What’s the matter?” Cheng Yan went over and sat next to Lin Mo, holding the man, chin on his shoulder, and his voice a little low.

“… What do I do if others think you look good?” Lin Mo turned around, reached for Cheng Yan’s waist, lay in his arms while pretending to be worried, but with a smile in his eyes.

“Huh? Have you heard about the Prime Minister’s daughter? What did A-Yuan tell you?” When Cheng Yan’s mind moved, he knew what Lin Mo was worried about.

Lin Mo heard this and he put his forehead on Cheng Yan’s chest and rubbed it every now and then. He didn’t speak. 

“Don’t pay any attention to that woman. Although she’s useful for the Emperor, if she offends you… Momo, you don’t have to worry about anything, just fight back.” Cheng Yan gently stroked his back and used a soft voice.

“That’s the Prime Minister’s daughter. I’ll fight back if you say so? Besides, how can you be so sure that she will offend me? I’m not that unreasonable of a person…” Lin Mo reached out his hand and poked him in the chest.

However, for Su Qingran, Lin Mo had no stance of being reasonable towards her. As early as knowing that the Lin family was forced to be involved in the rebel plot due to Su Qingran in the previous life, leading to no good ending of the Lin family, he and Su Qingran’s death feud had been formed.

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